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Midnight Lullaby

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Change

The Straw-hat crew was sailing along the Grand Line in Thousand Sunny-Go. Usopp, Chopper, Franky, and Luffy were sitting and enjoying a game of cards on the grassy deck. Zoro was leaning against the rail taking his after breakfast nap. Sanji was in the kitchen cleaning up. Nami and Robin were sitting at the table, both reading. Nami set her book down and stretched. She grabbed her shoulder and began to massage it. She looked over to the guys and watched them play cards. Then she looked up at the cloud formation, still seemed okay. Then she looked down at her log pose, still on course. They should reach the next island later on in the day. She stood up and stretched further.

Robin lowered her book and looked over at the Navigator and smiled. They had been sitting for a few hours already.

Suddenly, Sanji came out of the kitchen. "Nami-swaaan, Robin-chwaaan!!" he called to them in his love-love state as he pranced over to them. "I have made you a delectable tropical drink to cool you ladies down from this horrible heat!" he exclaimed as he stopped next to Nami and bowed to her with the tray held out to her. Nami smiled and took one off the tray. Sanji moved on and lowered the tray for Robin who also smiled and took one.

"Oi, SANJI! I want something to drink too!!" yelled Luffy with a frown.

"Get it yourself, kono yaro!" he yelled at Luffy in annoyance. "My love is for Nami-swan and Robin-chwan only!" he exclaimed with his love-love eyes as he looked towards Nami and Robin.

Luffy glared at the Love-cook and pursed his lips. "Oi, I want one too!!" yelled Usopp.

"Me too!!" yelled Chopper.

"Che!" replied Sanji as he mumbled to himself and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Yahoo! Sanji! Sanji! Sanji!" the three chanted in happiness with huge grins on their faces.

Nami smiled at the three and then took a sip of her drink. "Mmm…' she hummed to herself as she took another sip. Sanji's tropical drinks were always delicious.

"Well, aren't you a cozy bunch?"

Everyone quickly looked up toward the voice. There was a man standing above the kitchen. None of them had even noticed his presence. Zoro quickly brought a hand to his sword. Everyone else stood up.

"What are you doing here?! What do you want?!" asked Nami cautiously. Sanji walked out of the kitchen and stood next to the others ready for anything.

"I am but a pirate just like you. I saw your ship and thought I'd come and say hi." he said with a smirk. Another pirate ship pulled up along beside the Sunny.

"Just came to say hi, huh?" mumbled Nami.

Luffy grinned and began stretching, "Came to say hi, huh? Well, nice to meet you! I'm Monkey D. Luffy!" he greeted as he stopped stretching and continued to grin up at the man. Zoro and Sanji grinned at Luffy's words. Nami glared at him.

The man's smile widened, "Monkey D. Luffy, huh? I've heard about you. They say you're very strong." replied the man still with his smirk.

"That's right!" exclaimed Luffy.

"Good…" replied the man as his smirk turned into a grin. He raised an arm towards Luffy. Zoro and Sanji got into stance. If he tried anything, they would be ready. Nami noticed an ornate and thick bracelet on his wrist. Suddenly, Luffy made a throaty noise as his eyes went huge. Then he cried out and brought his hands to the side of his head as he doubled over.

"Luffy!!" the crew yelled in alarm. Luffy began to shrink until he was only a pile of clothes on the grassy deck. The crew stared in disbelief at the pile that was their Captain.

"Kisama!!" yelled Zoro and Sanji as they both turned to the man. Then they both made throaty noises in surprise. Everyone else also turned to the man. He was wearing a mask as well as the other pirates on the other ship.

"Nan da?!" yelled Zoro. Suddenly, an object was thrown onto Sunny's grassy deck and instantly smoke came hissing out of it. The crew began to cough and choke on the foul gas as they fell to their knees.

"A crew can't function without their Captain!" exclaimed the man as he laughed.

'Clearly…you don't know our Captain…' thought the crew to themselves as they choked on the foul gas.

"Don't worry, it's only sleeping gas. You'll wake up in about thirty or forty minutes. We'll just help ourselves to your treasure and supplies and then be on our way!" laughed the man as he jumped off onto the grassy deck. The other pirates began to board the ship and tear through it.

"Noo!" yelled Nami as she reached out for them. Then, she fell over forward unconscious as did the rest of the crew.


Nami woke up in a daze. She sat up and brought a hand to her head. 'What…happened?' she thought to herself. Then her eyes flew open as her memory came flooding back. "LUFFY!!" she yelled as she turned toward the pile of clothes. She began to crawl towards it. "Luffy…" she whispered in disbelief. Suddenly, there was movement underneath his vest. Nami gasped and sat back unsure of the movement. She stared at his vest for awhile. There was more movement and then she heard a muffled sound. She slowly crawled the last few inches to the clothes and slowly reached out a hand. Another sudden movement made her jump and yelp as she quickly brought her hand back. There was another muffled sound.

"What the hell…?" she whispered. She leaned back over toward it and cautiously reached out her hand a second time. She slowly grabbed the vest and pulled it back. She gasped and fell over backwards as a hand flew to her mouth. There under his vest, and staring right back at her, was a tiny baby. Not just any baby…this baby had a scar under its left eye. "Luffy?" she whispered as she stared wide eyed down at him. The baby giggled and began to coo at her in return. He seemed pleased she was talking to him. She slowly reached down and lifted him up with his vest. He kicked his legs and brought his hands together in excitement as she did. He smiled at her and continued to coo at her as she held him at arms length. "You have got to be kidding me…" she said as she stared at the now happy baby. She reached down and picked up his hat, placing it on her head. 'Better keep this safe…' she thought to herself as an afterthought.

She looked over where the other pirate ship used to be. It was gone. She stood up, bringing Luffy closer to her as she walked to the rail. She looked to their front and back, nothing. "This can't be happening…" she whispered. The baby continued to coo, talking to her in return. She looked down at him with a pained expression. He stared at her for awhile before getting excited and happy and kicking and waving his arms at her with a smile on his tiny face.

Zoro opened his eyes and blinked a few times. Then he sat up quickly, "Luffy!!" he yelled as he looked toward the pile. Only his jeans and sandals were there. Sanji also woke up and sat up looking towards the pile. Then they heard a noise and looked over. Nami was standing near the rail with her head lowered with Luffy's hat on her head. "Oi, Nami, you okay?" asked Zoro. They only heard a small whimper come from her.

"Oi, Nami-san…It's going to be okay…We'll figure out what those bastards did to Luffy…" comforted Sanji.

They watched as she slowly lifted her head and then slowly began to turn toward them. "What the hell?!!" they both yelled as their eyes lay on the small bundle in her arms.

"Nami-san…is that….is that…a…a baby?!" exclaimed Sanji in disbelief. Pained expression still on her face, she nodded once.

She looked back down at the baby. He was staring up at her with a blank expression. She narrowed her eyes at him, "You even do that as a baby?" she asked in exasperation.

They frowned at her words in confusion, and then they noticed the red vest. "Cho…chotto matte, is that…LUFFY?!" yelled Sanji. She nodded again.

The rest of the crew began to wake up. "Luffy!" yelled Usopp as they turned to the pile.

"Your joking right?!" yelled Zoro. Everyone turned to him in confusion. Then they turned where he was facing. Nami was standing by the rail with a baby in her arms.

"Where'd that baby come from?!" yelled Usopp as his eyes bugged.

"Are you sure, Nami-san? Is that…is that really Luffy?" asked Sanji in disbelief.

"Luffy?! That baby is Luffy?!" yelled Usopp as his jaw dropped.

Nami nodded. "He has…the scar…" she replied quietly. Everyone got up and walked towards her to see for themselves. Sure enough, just under his left eye, was a scar.

"This is unbelievable!! They turned Luffy into a baby?! Why?!" yelled Usopp in a panic.

"That's a good question…" replied Zoro.

"Is the vest the only thing you have on him, Nami?" asked Usopp.

"Un…why?" she asked.

"Well…he's a baby…what if he…?" he started to ask.

Nami's eyes widened in alarm, "Here, take him!!" she yelled as she shoved the baby at Zoro.

"Oi, oi, I don't want him!!!" yelled Zoro as he made a loud nervous noise. Nami didn't give him much choice. He held Luffy at arms length. Luffy stared at him with a blank expression. Zoro raised a brow at him. Then Luffy began to frown. Zoro made a nervous noise. Luffy's frown deepened as he began to pout. "Oi, oi!" exclaimed Zoro. Then Luffy's face scrunched up and he began to wail loudly.

Sanji chuckled, "I don't think he likes your face, Marimo…" teased Sanji with a smirk.

"Then you take him!" yelled Zoro as he shoved Luffy at him.

Sanji's eyes went huge, "Oi!" he yelled as Luffy was shoved at him. Luffy stopped crying to look at Sanji, but then continued to cry. However, it wasn't as loud of a cry as he had for Zoro.

"Oi, be more careful with him you idiots! He may be Luffy, but he's still a baby!!" yelled Usopp.

"Here, you take him then!!!" yelled Sanji as he handed Luffy to Usopp.

"Oi, oi, oi!!" exclaimed Usopp as Luffy was handed to him. He looked down at Luffy nervously. Luffy looked up at him and calmed a little, but still continued to cry quietly. Usopp began to make faces at him, but he still continued to cry. Usopp turned to Chopper.

Chopper backed up and held up his hooves nervously. "I can't hold a baby!!" he yelled.

Then Usopp turned to Franky. "Ow! Ow! Not me!!" he exclaimed as he began to run from Usopp.

Then Usopp turned to Robin. Where she had once been standing was now unoccupied space. "Oi!" yelled Usopp as he turned toward the stairs. Robin was already climbing up them.

She turned and smiled gently at him. "Gomen nasai, Long Nose-kun, but I'm not good with children." she said politely and continued up the stairs.

Usopp immediately turned around and shoved Luffy back at Nami, "OI! Chotto matte!!" she yelled. It was too late. She was back with Luffy. He looked up into her face and stopped crying. As a matter of fact, he smiled, giggled, and started cooing at her. Everyone made throaty noises in surprise. Nami stared at him with wide eyes.

"Yare, yare…" said Robin quietly from the rail above.

Usopp quickly turned and glared at her, "Oi, I thought you were leaving!" he exclaimed accusingly at her.

She only smiled gentle at him. Usopp pursed his lips at her with a frown.

"It seems he views you as his mother…so to speak…" remarked Robin quietly.

"Nan da tou?!" yelled Nami in disbelief.

"Well, you were the first one he saw…" she said with a gentle smile.

"SO!!" she yelled. "UGH!" she exclaimed as she looked down at Luffy. He was staring at her wide eyed. Then he giggled and kicked his legs in excitement. Nami's shoulder's and face drooped as she looked at him. "I don't believe this…" she said quietly. Then her eyes went wide as she quickly looked up. "Chotto matte!! I can't change him!! I mean…He would be…" she exclaimed as she blushed.

Zoro raised a brow at her as she looked at him, " Don't look at me…" he said and turned and walked away.

Nami turned to Sanji. "Gomen, Nami-san…but these hands are for cooking only…" he said with a nervous smile.

Then she turned to Usopp. Usopp fell to his knees, "I think I've contracted cannottchangeababydiaper-itis!!" he said as he doubled over.

Then she turned to Chopper and Franky. Chopper held up his hooves again. "I can't hold a baby!!" he yelled again.

"You can change into Heavy Point!!" yelled Nami.

"Yeah but then my hands would be too big and I might scare him!!" he protested.

"My hands are too big too!" yelled Franky as he held his hands up.

Nami looked up at Robin who only smiled at her nervously, "Gomen nasai." she said gently.

Nami looked at everyone disheartened, "You have to be joking…minna…" she whispered. Then she made a noise of frustration as she blushed, "FINE! Get me something I could use as a diaper and MAKE IT FAST!" she yelled toward Usopp and Chopper.

"Ryokai!!" they both called before running off. Nami laid Luffy down on his vest on the grass. If he did 'leak' at least it wouldn't be on her. About three minutes later, both Usopp and Chopper came back with things to use as a temporary diaper.

"This should prevent anything from leaking through the diaper. I use it to keep blood from seeping through the bandages." said Chopper as he handed it to a nervous Nami.

"I found this cloth. It should be big enough to wrap around him. No one's used it, and I have a pin to hold it together." said Usopp as he handed it to Nami.

Nami made a pained face as she looked back down at Luffy. He was staring back at her as he kicked his legs and had pulled his vest into his mouth. She slowly reached down and grabbed a hold of the vest. She blushed profusely. She closed her eyes. 'I can't do this…I can't do this…' she thought to herself as sweat beaded down her face. "You all are so going to own me a lot of bellis for this…" she said quietly and threateningly. Then she looked down at Luffy, "You especially…" she whispered. He only giggled and kicked excitedly in return.

"I'd rather pay than change that Ahou's diaper…" remarked Zoro from his napping spot.

Nami looked up and glared at him. Her face turned pained as she looked back down at Luffy. He was cooing through the vest in his mouth as he stared at Nami. She put the diaper together and then turned away as she lifted up the vest and slide it under him. Then she brought it up and turned back down to him. He still had his vest in his mouth as he stared at Nami with wide eyes. She pinned it together and then let out her breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She hadn't had to…look…at him.

Zoro chuckled. She looked over at him. "What's so funny?!" she yelled at him.

"The fact that sooner or later…he's going to dirty that thing…you'll have to look then." he replied with a smirk.

Nami blushed as she clenched her teeth, "Urusai!!" she yelled at him. She slide here hands under Luffy and lifted him up into her arms. She stood up and carried him to her chair. She sat down with him and began to resituate his vest to better cover him up with it. He whined a little at her taking his chew toy away. "Shh…shh… no crying now Luffy. You're supposed to be strong, remember!" she stated to him. He stared at her awhile before throwing a slight tantrum. She sighed. "We're going to have to buy him some things for now." she said to Robin who was now sitting next to her.

"Ee…some clothes as well as other essentials." replied Robin in a gentle voice.

Nami began to bounce him on her knee to try and make him stop crying. He only pouted a cute pout and hummed his whine. She sighed. She cradled him in one of her arms and then removed her ringed bracelet. "Here, now stop your crying!" she said as she handed him the ring. He stared up at it cross eyed before clumsily grabbing for it and immediately sticking it in his mouth. He blew raspberries through it as he jibber jabbered and began to drool.

Robin giggled next to her. "Senchou-san is adorable as a baby. He doesn't even have teeth yet." she said with a warm and gentle smile on her face.

Nami smiled a lopsided smile, "Un…I guess he is…a cute baby, huh?" she replied. Luffy took the ring out of his mouth and waved it around excitedly as he blew raspberries. Then he brought it back to his mouth. Both women giggled at him.

"Oi, oi…they are starting to scare me…" whispered Usopp to the others.

"Aa…me too…" replied Zoro quietly as he eyed both women.

"Well, I better find something that we can use to feed him temporarily. Even though he's still a baby, I'm sure he will still eat a lot. I should also start making him some baby food. I also need to see if those bastards even left us anything." remarked Sanji as he walked towards the kitchen.

"That's a good idea Sanji-kun!" replied Nami who was in the process of tickling Luffy. He was giggling happily as she did. Robin was laughing beside her. "Oh, so you're ticklish are you? I didn't know that, shishishi, but I do now!!" she said with a devious laugh as she continued to tickle him.

Zoro had a brow raised, while Usopp's jaw dropped. Sanji stared at the three of them wide eyed, before finally snapping out of it and walking into the kitchen. Franky watched the three with a grin on his face. Chopper was also smiling as he walked up to them. They seemed to be the only two not bothered by the scene. Chopper laughed as he approached Luffy and tip-toed to see him laugh. He too began to giggle along with Luffy. Luffy looked over at him and smiled. "Hoo, he likes you Chopper!" exclaimed Nami as she smiled down at the little reindeer.

"Really?!" he exclaimed excitedly. His talking seemed to make Luffy happy. He giggled and blew raspberries as he looked at the little reindeer. Then Luffy reached out and grabbed Choppers antler. "Ah! He likes my antlers!" exclaimed Chopper as he laughed. Luffy laughed as he tugged on Chopper's antlers. Chopper laughed with him as he pulled on it.

Franky approached the three with the grin still on his face and looked down at Luffy. Luffy tilted his head back to get a better view of Franky. Luffy's eyes got wide as his little mouth took on the shape of an 'O'. "Oouuu…Ooouuuu." he cooed softly as he looked up at Franky. Franky chuckled.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" asked Zoro as he still had a brow raised at them all. Usopp crawled over to them and looked down at Luffy.

Luffy shifted his eyes over to him with his head tilted back, eyes wide, and mouth still in the shape of an 'O'. "Ooouuu…oouuuu." he cooed softly. Then he clumsily clapped his hands together excitedly before giggling. He seemed to be enjoying all the attention.

Despite himself, Usopp smiled down at Luffy. "He is kinda cute…ain't he…?" he said. Then suddenly, Luffy's hand shot out and grabbed Usopp by his nose. "Ahhh!!" screamed Usopp as Luffy's grip tightened. "He's got my nose!!!" yelled Usopp who sounded nasally. Luffy giggled as he pulled on Usopp's nose. "Ahhhh!!! Get him off!! Get him off!!" he yelled in a panic.

"Calm down Usopp! You're gonna scare him!" yelled Nami as she reached for Luffy's hand and pulled it from Usopp's nose. Luffy giggled and clutched onto her finger instead. "Matakun…" she exclaimed in exasperation.

Usopp lay on the ground, his nose red and bent to one side. "He…has a strong…grip…" he said quietly. "It hurts…" he whined.


After about two hours of keeping Luffy entertained, Nami began to smell something less than pleasant. "Shimata!" she cried as she lifted Luffy at arms length.

Robin looked over at her with her brows raised. "What is it Navigator-san?" she asked, curious.

Sweat beaded down Nami's face as she took on a pained expression. Everyone turned to her questioningly. She groaned and looked down. "I think…I think he needs a…diaper change…" she said quietly.

Zoro smirked huge and chuckled. "I told you…" he teased.

"Urusai!!" she yelled at him. She stood up with Luffy still at arms length as he chewed on her bracelet. "Usopp get me something to clean him with and I need a new diaper. Meet me in the bathroom." she said in a strained voice.

"Ryokai!" he called as he got up to get the needed items.

Nami began walking towards the back of the ship with Luffy still at arms length. "This really sucks…" she whispered to herself. She made her way to the bath house and went inside. She removed his vest from around him and laid it out with one arm as she held him in the other. Then she laid him down on top of it. Nami blushed as sweat poured down her face. She was extremely nervous. "I can do this…I can do this…I can do this……I can't do this…I can't do this…" she kept whispering to herself as she became more and more nervous. After about five minutes Usopp came in with the needed items and handed them to her. "Here, wet these for me…" she said as she handed him the cloth that would be used to clean him.

"Ryokai!" he said as he ran to the sink and began to dampen them.

Nami, blush still staining her cheeks, took multiple deep breathes as she removed the pin holding the temporary diaper together. More of the awful smell escaped. "Ugh!" she cried as she covered her nose. Usopp came back and handed her the damp clothes. Nami groaned again as she became anxious. "I can't do this! Usopp…" she turned but Usopp was already behind the door frame just watching from there. She clenched her teeth and glared at him. "You guys really suck and owe me BIG for this!!" she yelled at him. He only gave her a thumbs up. "Argh!" she cried as she turned around.

Blush deepening on her face, she shakily reached a hand down and went to lower the cloth. Then she pulled her hand back. 'Come on Nami…you can do this! He's just a baby…He's just a baby…It's not the same…It's not the same…' she chanted in her mind as she attempted to reach down again. Her hand was shaking so bad she almost couldn't grab a hold of the cloth. As soon as she removed the cloth she threw a wet one down over him. She pulled her shirt over her nose to keep some of the smell from reaching it. "Eww…" she said at the mess he had made. She folded the cloth under and began to…clean him. "I'm going to be sick…" she whispered as she continued to clean him. Backsides she could some what handle…but the other…

'Okay…I can do this!' she thought to herself. She may have covered him, but she still had to clean him there as well. She reached down for the damp cloth that was covering him. "Oh…geez!" she cried again while squeezing her eyes shut tighter as she cleaned him…there. "THERE! He's clean!" she cried. She removed the dirty diaper from him, put it down next to her, and then put the other one on all without looking. She opened her eyes and looked down at Luffy. She pinned it up and then wrapped him back in his vest. Luffy had been talking to her the whole time she had been changing him. He was still jibber jabbering away as she lifted him up.

"Here, take him. I need to clean this off and then hang it out to dry." she told Usopp with a cold glare as she handed Luffy to him. Usopp took him nervously and then left. She could hear Luffy whining as he went downstairs. She took the dirty diaper and dumped the contents in the toilet and flushed it. She gagged but kept her cool. She brought it to a wash bucket and began to scrub it clean.

After she was done cleaning and rinsing it off, she took it outside to hang it out to dry. She could still hear Luffy's cries from the front of the ship. She sighed to herself. Then the crying began to fade. She turned toward the front and then headed over to it. She reached the stairs and looked down. Everyone but Zoro was huddled around Luffy and trying to make him happy again. He was still kind of whining, however, a giggle would escape him every now and then when someone made a face at him or tickled him.

She watched awhile longer. She couldn't help but to smile. Sanji wasn't even smoking. He was talking to Luffy while Luffy had a hold of his finger. Robin was smiling down at Luffy as was Chopper, Usopp and Franky. Luffy began to whine again, it wasn't really a cry, but it was definitely not a happy sound. Nami sighed and then headed down the stairs. Everyone looked up as she approached. 'I wonder if I really am the only one Luffy seems to accept…' she thought to herself. Everyone parted from Luffy as she approached.

She looked down at Luffy once she reached him. He looked up at her threw his tears…and smiled. He kicked his little legs in excitement and began to jibber jabber away. She smiled despite herself. It was almost like he was telling her all the horrible things that had happened to him since she had been out of his sight. Nami's smiled widened as she knelt down, wrapped the vest back around him, and then lifted him up. He cooed, jibber jabbered away, and kicked his feet excitedly as she did. She walked over to her chair and sat down with him.

Everyone smiled at the two. "Nami-onesan seems to be taking this pretty well." remarked Franky quietly to the others.

"Aa…you think Luffy really only accepts her because she was the first one he saw?" asked Usopp.

"Honestly…I'm not sure…Usually that theory only works with animals." replied Robin. Everyone looked over at her in surprise.

"Nani?!" exclaimed Usopp.

"Well, Luffy is pretty animal like…" remarked Sanji. "Well, I better start getting lunch ready. I'll get Luffy's ready first for you, Nami-san. They left us with enough supplies for a day." he continued.

"Arigato, Sanji-kun." she replied without taking her eyes off of Luffy. She listened to him as he continued to talk her ear off and blow raspberries at her. 'I wonder why I'm the only one he doesn't cry with…Is it really because I'm the first one he saw…?' she thought to herself.

Ten minutes later, Sanji emerged from the kitchen and walked over to Nami. Nami looked up at him as he handed her an object. Nami looked it over. It was a combination of Sanji's many cooking items. It resembled a bottle. "It will have to do until we can buy him a real bottle." he said. "AH! That reminds me! Nami-san, they took all our treasure!" exclaimed Sanji

Nami quickly looked over at him. "That's right…They did, didn't they…Well…I had some hidden just in case something like this happened. It should be enough to buy more supplies and to buy him some things." she replied. Sanji nodded.

Nami took the make shift bottle and then brought it to Luffy's mouth. He eagerly and clumsily attempted to latch onto it with his mouth. He began to whine when he couldn't immediately do it. "Hush now. Calm down." Nami said quietly to him as she helped him latch onto it. He greedily began to drink from it. Nami used his vest to clean his mouth when the milk would spill out from the sides of his mouth. Luffy grabbed onto the bottle with both hands and stared up at Nami as he drank.

Sanji smiled before returning to the kitchen to resume making lunch. Luffy kept his eyes on Nami during his entire meal. He drank every drop. Nami pulled the bottle out of his mouth. He immediately began to whine. "Shhh, I know, I know, you're still hungry." she said in a quiet soothing voice as she pulled his vest over her shoulder. She brought him up to her shoulder and began to pat him on the back to get him to burp. He started to cry as she did. She started to rock him as she patted his back to get him to calm down. 'Even as a baby…you still eat a lot…I guess Sanji was right…' she thought to herself. She finally got him to burp. She might not now anything about babies, but she did know they needed to burp after drinking. She smiled in satisfaction at hearing his.

Sanji came back out of the kitchen. "Lunch is ready!" he announced. Then he turned to Nami, "I also have some baby food prepared for Luffy." he said.

"Good…because he's still hungry." she replied as she stood up with a crying Luffy on her shoulder.

Everyone piled into the dining room and sat down at the table. Sanji placed a bowl of mashed food next to her. "Arigato, Sanji-kun." she said as she lifted a spoon from the table.

"Hai, Nami-swaan!" he said in his love-love state and then went back to the kitchen. Luffy began to calm down as soon as she brought the food to his mouth. She smiled as he smiled and became excited at having more to eat.

"Just like Luffy…Even as a baby…he still eats like a pig…" remarked Zoro.

"Aa…" replied Usopp, Chopper, and Franky.

Luffy ate the entire contents of the bowl. Nami cleaned his mouth of with a napkin. "Are we satisfied now?" she asked him. He smiled and jibber jabbered away in return. "I'll take that as a yes…" she said with a smile. Then she started to eat her lunch.

To Be Continued…

Translations and Explanations Corner:

1: Kisama is another way of saying "Bastard" or You bastard".

2: Nan da translates to "what is it?" or "what the-?" (informal).

3: Gomen nasai is a formal and more polite way of saying "I'm sorry".

4: Chotto matter translates to "Wait a minute" or "Hold on a minute".

5: Yare, yare is like saying "Oh, my" or "My, my". I could also be translated as "Whew!, "Oh well", "Good grief", "Oh brother", etc.

6: Nan da tou translates to an extreme version of "what", sort of like "WHAT?!". I have also seen it translated to "What did you say?!".

7: Minna means "Everyone".

8: Ryokai means "Roger". It's basically a confirmation. :)

9: "This should prevent anything from leaking through the diaper. I use it to keep blood from seeping through the bandages." said Chopper as he handed it to a nervous Nami. (This is purely made up. So just go along with it, ne:D)

10: Urusai means noisy, annoying; when said to someone sharply it takes on the meaning of "shut up!" or "be quiet!" (literally you're telling them that they're noisy; the "shut up" part is implied).

11: Senchou means "Captain" or more specifically "Captain of the ship". It's what Robin calls Luffy.

12: Matakun is like say "Geez…" in exasperated manner or even a way of sighing. Nami uses this word a lot in the anime. :P

13: Shimata translates to "Oh no!" or "Crap!" (or the other word I refuse to use because I don't curse…)

Author's Note: I had a lot of translations, sorry:P I also had one explanation. XD I hope you all enjoyed my first chapter and you're looking forward to my next one! It may take me longer to get these out. I'm typing them straight from my mind and don't even have chapter 2 typed out, also because I'm also still working on Phoenix. So bear with me, ne?! XD Thanks for reading and please review! XD