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Midnight Lullaby

Chapter 6: Midnight Lullaby…Sleepless Nights

The next morning, they still had yet to reach the island. Everyone had just finished breakfast. Nami was in the observation room. She was seated at her desk sketching a map. She turned and looked down. Luffy was lying on his stomach with a pacifier in his mouth. He had some of his toys in front of him. He was looking at them and playing with them. She had gotten used to the squeaky noises they made. She watched as he stared at them as he sucked on his pacifier. He was actually being quiet for once. She had layered a few blankets for cushion on the wood floor. She wanted to make sure the floor wasn't too hard for him. If it was, he didn't seem to notice.

She smiled and then turned back to her map. She dipped her pen and continued her sketch. After about ten minutes, Luffy began to talk. She looked down at him. He was looking right up at her. He was jibber jabbering through the pacifier in his mouth. As soon as she looked down at him, he smiled. "You sure do smile a lot…but I guess you always did, huh?" she said to him. No matter what, he was always smiling. Nami turned in her chair and bent down. She lifted Luffy and sat him on her lap. He continued to talk through his pacifier. Then he smiled and reached up and began to pat her face.

"LAND-HO!!!" Nami jolted up straight at that announcement. She stood up and quickly made her way to the deck. Zoro was climbing down from the crow's nest. Nami made her way up to the front of the ship. She could see a small island in front of them. Luffy was pulling on her shirt. She slowly looked down at him. He looked up at her and smiled through his pacifier. She felt a small tug on her heart. He would be back to normal soon.

They docked the ship and cautiously climbed down. They could see the same pirate ship that had raided them a few days ago. It appeared to be empty. Chopper ran up to everyone. "Here, drink this!!" he exclaimed. Everyone looked down at the weird smelling stuff he handed them.

"Chopper…what is this stuff?" asked Nami as she eyed it.

"It's just in case they try and gas us with sleeping gas again. It will prevent you from falling asleep." he said as he downed the one he had for himself. "You might want to get Luffy to drink some." he said as he finished.

Nami looked down at Luffy. She held the cup to his mouth. He took one whiff and then turned his head away. "Come on Luffy…Drink it…" she said softly. He turned his head away a second time. "He won't drink it…" she said as she frowned. Then she looked back down at him. He was looking right up at her. "Please Luffy…drink it for me…" she said as she smiled. Then she took a sip and had to stop herself from making a face. "Mmm…it's good." she said. She brought the cup back to his lips. He looked down at it. She tilted it up and surprisingly he drank it. Then he started to cough. He frowned up at Nami. Nami giggled and then drank the rest.

Then Nami looked up at the rest of the crew. "We have to be prepared. We have to assume they have some traps set up just in case." she said as she began to head deeper into the island. She had Luffy securely strapped in his carrier. They cautiously and quietly made their way up the path. Nami had put a pacifier in Luffy's mouth to keep him quiet. As they continued to walk down the path, they began to hear many voices. They all ducked behind the trees next to the path. After awhile a few men walked past them. Zoro and Sanji flew out from behind the trees and quickly took out the men before they even realized what was going on. Then they dragged their unconscious bodies into the forest to hide them.

The crew continued through the forest to remain hidden. They followed the path. They finally came upon an encampment. In the middle of the encampment was a building. The building looked fairly old. Nami looked over at the guys. They were all looking toward her. She nodded. Zoro grinned and nodded. He put Wadō Ichimonji in his mouth and quickly stepped out from the brush. He and the rest of the crew began to take out the pirates. Nami stepped out and pulled out her Clima Tact. It had been agreed she only fight if she had to. Suddenly, several canisters were tossed towards them. Gas began to hiss out from them. The pirates began to laugh with their masks on.

"The fools! I guess they forgot we had those!" one of them yelled as he laughed. Suddenly, Zoro came rushing out at them from the smoke. "What the…?!" he exclaimed. He didn't finish his sentence. Zoro took him down and contiuned to tear through the rest of them.

"They're some how immune to the gas!!" another pirate yelled before running towards the old building. He didn't get far.

"Namari Boshi!" yelled Usopp as he shot the man with Kabuto. The crew made quick work of the weak pirates and made their way to the building. Nami hadn't had to lift a finger. They made it to the stairs of the building and cautiously made their way up. Suddenly, four men walked out of the entrance.

One of them the same man that had turned Luffy into a baby. "I can't believe you actually found us…" he said as he glared down at them.

"Well, unfortunately for you…we are used to functioning without our Captain…" said Nami as she glared at the man. The man's eyes shifted down to Luffy. Nami unconciously turned to the side to protect Luffy. The man shifted his eyes to her and smiled.

"Get them!!" he finally yelled. The three men ran down the stairs toward them. Sanji, Zoro and Franky ran past her to meet the opposition. The man, who is obviously the captain, turned and walked back inside. Nami ran up the stairs and past the men.

"Oi, Nami-san!" yelled Sanji. Then his opponent swung at him causing him to looked back towards the man. Sanji dodged the blow and then kicked the man. Nami ran inside the building. As soon as she ran through the door way she stopped.

'What am I doing…?' she thought to herself as she looked around. She was in a large room with another set of large stairs in the middle. She looked up. The man was sitting in a chair at the top. She brought her Perfect Clima Tact up at the ready. "Turn our Captain back to normal." she said quietly. Robin, Chopper, and Usopp ran up behind her.

"W…w…what are we doing?! What do we do?!" asked Usopp nervously.

"Robin…can you make sure he doesn't try to turn any of us into babies?" asked Nami.

"Hai." she replied.

Usopp shakily lifted Kabuto and aimed it at the man sitting before them. The man grinned and stood up. They could hear the loud noise of the fighting going on outside behind them. "So…you want me to turn your Captain back to normal…?" he said more than asked.

"That's right!" replied Nami. Luffy was silent. She glanced down at him. He was staring up at her with a serious expression. She shifted her eyes back up to the man standing above them.

He started to laugh. Nami glared at him. "I guess I should introduce myself. I am…"

"I really don't care who you are!" yelled Nami angrily. "We won't ever meet again." she said in a low voice. The man grinned down at her. Nami shifted her eyes down to his wrist. He was still wearing the ornate bracelet. She quickly looked up again before he noticed.

"Alright…fair enough…" he said. Then he raised up both his arms in a defensive stance, which caused every one to get into the defensive. "I give up…" he said.

"Nani?" questioned Nami in surprise.

"You've taken down all of my men…I'm sure the three outside are about to end their fights…I've lost…I'll turn your Captain back…" he said in a less than pleasant voice.

Nami glared at the man and then cautiously began to walk forward. "Oi, Nami, are you sure about this?" asked Usopp in a hushed voice. She ignored him and kept walking towards the stairs.


Zoro stared at his opponent with Wadō Ichimonji tightly clenched between his teeth. His opponent was fairly strong, but Zoro had this fight. Zoro slowly lifted his swords and brought them up behind his left side. His opponent narrowed his eyes and charged him. "Santōryū…" he said in a low voice. Then he stepped forward towards the charging enemy. "Tora Gari!" he yelled as he swung all three of his swords diagnolly to his right, slashing his enemy. The man cried out and fell forward. Zoro sheathed his swords and turned toward the others.

It seems they were just finishing their opponents as well. "Mouton Shot!" yelled Sanji as jumped into the air delivering a poweful kick to his opponents stomach. The man went flying into a tree. He fell to the ground and didn't get back up. Sanji took a drag of his cigarette and blew out the smoke. Then he turned to Zoro and nodded. Then both turned to Franky. He was already walking up to them. His opponent was lying unconcious some distance away. Then they heard a gun shot. All three quickly turned to the building and ran up the stairs.


Luffy opened his eyes and began to blink to clear his vision. He could faintly hear voices around him. He sat up and looked around. It was dark…very dark. He couldn't see anything. Then he turned behind him. He could see a scene. He slowly got up and walked towards it. He brought up a hand. He felt resistance. He brought up his other hand. It was like there was a glass window there. He couldn't go past it. He looked beyond. "Nami?!" he called out. He could see Nami walking towards some stairs.

He stood still and just watched. He looked over and could see Robin, Usopp, and Chopper. They all had concerned expressions. He turned back to Nami. "Is Nami in danger?!" he said out loud. He watched as she slowly made her way up the stairs.

"You promise you'll turn him back, right?" he heard her ask.

"That's right…" replied the man on the top of the stairs. Luffy didn't like the sound of his voice. He sensed danger.

His eyes widened. "NAMI!! YAMERO!!" he yelled. Suddenly, the baby Nami had in front of her started to cry. "NAMI!!" he yelled again. The baby's cries became louder.

"Shh, it's alright, Luffy…" he heard her say.

"NO!! NO IT'S NOT!!! YAMERO, NAMI!!! DON'T GO NEAR HIM!!!" he yelled frantically. He felt a panic rise inside of him. He began to bang on the invisble barrier. "NAMI!!!" he yelled as he stepped back. He began to punch the barrier, but to no avail. He could hear the baby screaming now.

Nami looked down at Luffy. He was crying loudly. 'What is wrong with Luffy?' she thought to herself. He suddenly, started crying and his cries were getting worse. He was staring up at her as he cried. Nami felt a shiver run down her spine. She looked up at the man and began to step backwards. She realized Luffy probably sensed something she didn't. As soon as she started stepping back, a gun popped out of the man's sleeve.

"NAMI!!" cried Usopp, Robin, and Chopper. It was too late. The man aimed and shot.

"NA-MI!!!!!" yelled Luffy.

'Luffy…' Nami had just enough time to turn her back. She wrapped her arms protectively around Luffy and closed her eyes. Luffy let out a deafening cry. Then she felt it hit. She cried out as her eyes flew open wide. She felt a burning pain throughout her body. She fell to her knees. She kept her arms wrapped protectively around Luffy. His deafening cry stopped. He stared into Nami's face as he cried. "Luffy…" she whispered as she looked down into his face. She could feel the warm liquid speeing through her shirt and down her body.

"NAMI!!" yelled Usopp and Chopper as they ran toward her.

Robin had used her power to restrain the man and take the gun away from him. Zoro, Sanji, and Franky ran through the door way. "What's going on?! What happened?!!" yelled Sanji.

Chopper ran to her before she fell forward. "NAMI!!" he yelled as he lifted her up to examine her.

"NAMI-SAN!!" yelled Sanji as he ran to her.

Nami grit her teeth and shut her eyes tightly from the burning pain. Zoro stared down at Nami. He looked behind Nami. He could see blood on the floor behind her. He shifted his eyes to the man just above the stairs. Robin had a hold on him. 'So that bastard shot Nami…' he thought as he glared at the man.

He unsheathed his swords and slowly began to approach the man. "Zoro?" questioned Usopp as he looked over to Zoro.

Nami opened her eyes and quickly turned to Zoro. "Matte, Zoro!" she yelled. Zoro stopped and turned to her. She gently pushed Chopper away from her.

"Nami?!" questioned Chopper as he furrowed his brows. Nami slowly stumbled to her feet. "Nami, you musn't move!" yelled Chopper. Nami turned to the man and slowly began to climb the stairs. The man was glaring at her. Everyone watched she climb the stairs, a trail of blood following her.

Luffy continued to watch helplessly from behind the barrier. He made a noise of frustration. "Nami, why did you do that?! I would have been fine!" he said out loud. He watched as she finally reached the top and approached the man.

Nami reached the man and then reached out and grabbed his wrist. She pulled up his sleeve and slipped off his bracelet. "Yamero! Give that back!" he yelled. Nami brought the bracelet up to examine it. There was some writing etched into it.

She looked up at the man. "How do I use this?!" she yelled at him. She ground her teeth at the pain in her shoulder, neck and arm. The man only glared back at her. "How do I use it?!!" she yelled louder. Just then the hold on the man tightened and he cried out. Nami turned to Robin. She was staring up at them with her arms crossed. Nami turned and looked back up at the man.

"Alright…alright…I'll tell you…" he said in a strained voice. The hold on him loosened. "There's a switch…Just switch it…and it should turn him back to normal…" he said still in a strained voice.

Nami looked down at the bracelet. She saw the switch and flipped it. Then her eyes shifted back up to the man. "If your lying to me…and something bad happens to him…I'll kill you…" she said in a deathly quiet voice. The man stared up at her wide eyed.

"I promise! It will turn him back! I swear!" he yelled. Nami nodded.

She slowly knelt down and removed Luffy from the carrier. He was hiccupping from his crying as he looked up at Nami. She removed his shirt and diaper. Then she pulled a blanket from the carrier. She wrapped him in it and laid him down on his stomach. Luffy lifted up on his elbows as he looked over at her. Nami stepped back away from him. Luffy start to pout and whine as she stepped away from him. She smiled down at him. "It's going to be okay now…" she said softly. She lifted the bracelet towards him. She clicked the button on the inside.

Suddenly, Luffy's eyes opened wide and he began to grow. Nami's eyes widened. He really was going back to normal. Everyone made noises of surprise as they watched Luffy grow back to normal. Luffy finally stopped growing. He slowly began to lift himself up on his elbows. His hair was draped down his face concealing his eyes. "Luffy!" cried Nami as she stepped forward. "Are you okay?!" she asked. She stopped as he slowly began to lift himself up, and the blanket began to slowly slip off his body. Nami blushed and kept her eyes on his head.

He slowly brought up one knee and then the other as slowly stood up, the blanket completely slipping off of him. Nami blushed further. "Lu…Luffy…?" she called. He slowly turned to her. "Luffy?!" she cried out in concern. His eyes appeared glazed over.

"Na..mi…" he called quietly as he stepped forward. He looked down at her shoulder. The one that had been shot from behind. He reached up and tried to grab for it. "You…shouldn't…" he started to say as he slowly stumbled toward her.

Nami's blush returned. "Lu…Luffy…?" she questioned as she furrowed her brows. Then suddenly, his eyes went blank and he began to fall forward. "Luffy!!" she cried as she stepped forward and reached out for him. He fell into her arms and then they both sank to the ground.

"Luffy!!" cried Chopper and Usopp as they ran up the stairs. Nami laid him down and quickly reached for the blanket. She covered his lower half. Chopper ran up next to her and began to look him over.

Chopper sighed in relief."He's fine…he just passed out." he said. Then he turned to Nami. "Let me see your shoulder." he ordered as he stood up and walked around her. Nami ground her teeth as Chopper tried to look over the wound. "I can't dress it here." he said as he wrapped a bandage over her shirt. Nami nodded and stood up when he was done. Chopper stood up and walked over to Luffy. He bent down and gently lifted him up into his arms.

Zoro walked up the stairs and hit the guy with the hilt of his sword knocking him out. "That's for Luffy and Nami…bastard…" he said as he turned back down the stairs. "And so you don't follow us…" he contiuned. He looked down at the bracelet Nami left on the ground. He brought up his foot and stamped down on it. Everyone turned back to him. He ground the thing until it was just pieces. Then he turned and contiuned down the stairs.

Everyone made their way back to the ship. Chopper looked over at Nami. She had her other hand on her injured shoulder. "Nami…" he called.

"Hmm?" questioned Nami as she looked over at him.

"Why did you take the bullet? He could have killed you…Luffy could have deflected it." he said with a serious tone.

Nami furrowed her brows and looked away. "I know…I…I didn't want him to get hurt…I…just kind of acted without thinking…" she replied quietly.

Everyone made a throaty noise at her reply. "But Nami…you could have died! Luffy could have protected you! I think he was trying to tell you you shouldn't have done that!" exclaimed Chopper.

Nami inhaled quickly and her eyes widened as she turned to Chopper. Then her eyes shifted down to Luffy. 'He was trying to tell her she shouldn't have?! Did that mean…he was aware?!' she thought to herself. Chopper made a small noise of realization. "Do you think he was aware of what was going on?!" he asked her.

"I…I don't…know…" she replied unsure.

"If that's the case……he might…remember…" he said.

Nami's eyes quickly shifted back to Chopper and she stopped walking. She stared at Chopper wide eyed. " You don't really think he…?" she started to say in a whisper.

"I don't know…We won't know until he wakes up…" he replied as he continued walking, Nami following him. 'I hope not!' she thought to herself.

The crew made it back to the ship. Chopper took Luffy into the infirmary, Nami followed behind him. He gently laid Luffy down onto the bed and then covered him with the blanket. Then he turned to Nami. He switched back to brain point. "Sit here and remove your shirt." he told her. Nami nodded, removed the bandages, and then removed her shirt. She sat down on the chair. Chopper approached the desk and dropped his bag on it. He shuffled around until he found what he was looking for. He walked up to Nami and stood onto a stool. He gently began to clean the wound. "The bullet is still inside…I have to remove it…" he said remorsefully.

Nami shut her eyes and then she nodded. Chopper jumped down and began to rummage in a drawer. He pulled out some tools and then disinfected them. He went back to Nami and began to work on her. Nami clenched and ground her teeth and then cried out in pain. "I'm sorry…Nami…" apologized Chopper.

"It's…okay…It's not your…fault…" she said through clenched teeth. Chopper removed the bullet and then began to reclean her wound. Then he threaded a needle and began to stitch her up.

There was a knock at the door. "Is everything alright with Nami-san?" asked Sanji.

"Everything's fine! Just don't come in!" called Chopper as he contiuned to stitch up Nami.

"Okay…" replied Sanji as they heard him walk away from the door. After Chopper was done stitching her, he began to wrap a bandage over her wound.

"Just don't use this arm for awhile, okay?" he said as he finished.

"Hai…" she replied as she put her shirt back on. She got up and looked down into Luffy's relaxed face. It seemed like so long ago since she had seen this face. An image of the baby now gone floated into her mind. She sighed to herself and then walked out of the infirmary. Chopper scooted the chair over by Luffy and hopped on. He looked down into Luffy's face. He smiled to himself. He had missed Luffy.


Nami made her way to her room to change her clothes. She had gotten blood all over them. She walked over to the sink in her room and began to clean off the blood as best she could. She walked back into her room and changed her clothes. She walked back out on deck and gave the boys a direction to head in. Then she made her way back to Chopper's infirmary. She quietly walked inside. Chopper wasn't inside. She sat down in the chair next to the bed. She watched Luffy as he slept, and of the rise and fall of his chest.

She reached up and grabbed her shoulder. She had instinctively wanted to protect him. She had also made a promise that she would protect him. She couldn't allow any harm to come to him…at least…not while he had been like that. 'Had he really seen what had happened? Had he been aware?' she thought to herself as she furrowed her brows. She slowly lifted up an arm and extended it toward him. She leaned forward and gently placed her hand on his forehead. He felt warm. She stood up and grabbed a bowl from Chopper's cabinets. She filled it with water and grabbed a clean rag. The rapid growth in his body must of done a number on him. She sat back down and began to bathe his face with the cold water.

Luffy's eyes twitched and then he slowly opened them. "Luffy?!" she called as she leaned forward. Luffy moved his eyes to look over at her. Then he tried to sit up. "Luffy! You shouldn't get up!" she exclaimed in concern. He sat up and turned to her. The blanket slipped down to his waist. Nami blushed as her eyes shifted down and then quickly looked back up. "Uh…you really don't wanna do that…" she said nervously.

Luffy just stared down at her. She stared right back at him. She felt herself blush a deep red. 'Why is he just…staring at me?' she thought to herself. Then Luffy slowly looked ahead of him. Then he looked down. He seemed to realize he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing under the blanket. He grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around his waist. Then he swung his legs over the side. Nami stood up quickly. "Luffy, where are you going?!" she called in concern. He jumped off the bed and slightly stumbled. He grabbed the edge of the bed to steady himself.

"Luffy?" she asked as she furrowed her brows.

Luffy turned and looked at her with an expressionless gaze. "I'm going to put some clothes on…" he said as he walked past her. Nami blushed and watched him leave. Then she followed him out.

"You shouldn't be walking around, Luffy!" she called as she walked after him.

"Why not?" he asked without stopping.

"Uh…well, because you've been through quite a bit over the past week…" she replied.

Luffy suddenly stopped walking and turned to her. "The past week?" he asked as he lifted a brow at her.

Nami furrowed her brows at him. "Un…please tell me you don't remember…" she said in exasperation.

"Why shouldn't I remember?" he asked as he tilted his head.

"Do you…remember…?" she asked.

Luffy stared at her with a blank expression for awhile. Nami blushed under his gaze. First of all…he was nude under that blanket. He only had the blanket wrapped around his lower half, so his bare chest was visible. Second, that's a very uncomfortable thought if he did remember, and he being practically nude right in front of her while he was staring at her. "Nope…" he finally replied as he pursed his lips. Then he turned and continued walking. "So what happened in the past week?" he asked as he made his way downstairs to the deck.

Nami sighed in relief. "Uh…just change first…" she said as she glanced down at the blanket.

"Okay…" he replied as he made his way to the men's quarters.

"LUFFY!!" cried Usopp and Chopper happily as they ran up to him.

Luffy grinned at them. "Yo!" he exclaimed.

"Oi, let him put some clothes on first!!" yelled Nami from the stairs. Usopp and Chopper's grins faded as they turned to Nami. Then they turned back to Luffy, who only had a blanket around his waist. Both Chopper and Usopp burst out laughing.

"Oh yeah!!" they both exclaimed as they laughed at Luffy.

Luffy began to laugh with them. Then the blanket began to slip off. "Ah!" he exclaimed as he quickly grabbed for it. Nami squealed and quickly brought her hands to her face. Luffy just laughed again. Nami lowered her hands and ground her teeth.

"LUFFY GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!" she yelled angrily with shark teeth. Luffy laughed again, continued walking to the front of the ship and disappeared into the men's quarters.

"I thought you were used to looking at him though…" came a very unpleasant reminder.

Nami ground her teeth and closed her eyes as a blush crept up her cheeks.


Luffy walked out of the men's quarters dressed in his usual red vest, jean shorts, and sandals. His hat had been on his bed. He stopped short and stared ahead of him with wide eyes. Zoro was in a mutilated pile on the ground. "What happened to Zoro?" he asked in confusion as he scratched his head.

"He opened his big mouth…" said Usopp as he glared over at Zoro. Luffy turned to Usopp and then just shrugged.

Then he looked around. "Where's Nami?" he asked.

"Nami?...She went to the observation room after she made quick work of Zoro." replied Usopp.

"Why are you looking for Nami?" asked Chopper.

"She was supposed to tell me what happened over the past week." he replied.

"Nani?! You really don't remember?!" both Usopp and Chopper yelled.

"Nope…" he replied as he scratched his head. "The last thing I remember was that weird guy boarding our ship…" he said as he pursed his lips and scratched his head.

Usopp and Chopper exchanged looks. Then they both turned to face Luffy. "Well, Nami did say something like that...I just didn't actually think you...I think maybe you should sit down…this is gonna take awhile…" said Usopp.


Nami was seated at her desk. She knew she had turned tail and ran, but she couldn't help it…She didn't want to be the one to tell him anything…She couldn't help but feel a little embarrased about the whole thing. She had warned Usopp and Chopper not to mention the baths and the…late night awakenings. She had also warned Zoro before she had beat him down. She knew Sanji, Franky, and Robin wouldn't say anything. She dropped her head onto her desk. "Ow…" she whispered.

She was just glad he hadn't remembered anything. She had honestly thought he wouldn't...He had been a baby after all…She didn't realize there was a possibility that he might be aware of anything around him. She took a deep breath. Suddenly, she heard laughter. She quickly lifted her head. She turned to the closed door of the observation room. She made a face of exasperation. 'They better not be laughing about me…' she thought to herself. She sighed as she turned back to her map. She stared down at it awhile without moving. She looked down to her right. The blankets were still there from earlier that morning. She felt a slight tug at her heart. She closed her eyes and turned back to her map. She finally lifted her pen and began to sketch.


Two hours later, Sanji called for lunch. Nami stood up and made her way to the dining room. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper were waiting at the door. Sanji was holding them back with his foot. "I said ladies first!!" he yelled.

"But Sanji, I'm hungry!!" whined Luffy.

"It's okay Sanji-kun. Just let them in…" she heard herself say as she walked over to them. Sanji stared at her in surprise. Luffy only stared at her with an expressionless face. Sanji lowered his foot and they all laughed and ran inside. Sanji stepped aside and let her pass. She sat at the table and began to eat. While she was eating she lifted her eyes to Luffy. He was stuffing his face with whatever he could get his hands on. She sighed and contiuned to eat. At least she didn't have to wait to feed him first before she could eat.

She looked over at the kitchen. There was a bottle sitting on the bar. She found herself staring at it. She closed her eyes and turned back to the table. She opened them and looked back at Luffy. He was looking at her. She narrowed her eyes at him. He looked away and continued to eat.

After lunch everyone went back to whatever they may have been doing.


That night, Nami was in here room getting ready for bed. She found, it was way too quiet. She had gotten used to Luffy talking to her as she prepared for bed. She walked over to her bed and lifted up the covers. She laid down and closed her eyes. After a few minutes she opened them again. She couldn't sleep. She sighed and got out of bed. She put her shoes on and made her way to the observation room. She walked in, closed the door and made her way to her desk. She sat down and immediately began sketching another map.

After about two hours, she set her pen down and stretched. 'I better at least try and get some sleep. It has to be around midnight by now…' she thought to herself as she got up and walked out of the observation room. She made her way toward the deck. Then she heard something. She furrowed her brows as she quietly approached the rail. She could hear someone humming. She furrowed her brows deeper. Then she began to recognize the tune and the voice behind the humming. Her eyes widened as she finally reached the rail and looked down. Luffy was sitting on the grassy deck and staring up at the sky in front of him.

He was humming her lullaby. Suddenly, he quickly turned to her. "Oh…hi Nami." he said quietly.

"Hey…" she replied quietly.

"Can't sleep?" he asked.

"No…" she replied quietly.

Luffy turned back to the horizon. "Me neither…not sure why though…Also…I got this melody stuck in my head and I don't know where it came from…" he said as he furrowed his brows at the horizon in front of him.

Nami stared down at him. 'He remembers the sound of my lullaby…but doesn't know where it came from.' she thought to herself. She found herself smiling. She closed her eyes and quietly began to sing the lullaby. Looking back…she wasn't sure why she did…

Luffy immediately turned to her with wide eyes.

Yuki ga furu

Shizukana Lullaby utau awai yokogao

Toji komerareta chiisana heya wa

Ai to yoberu kiga shiteiru

Luffy's eyes widened further as he inhaled sharply. '"No!! Yamete!! LUFFY!!!"' '"You don't understand! He's important to me! It's not what you think!"' '"LUFFY!!"' '"I'm so sorry…I'm so sorry…"' '"I promise you…Luffy…I won't ever be careless with you again…I promise…I will protect you…"' '"You're always so forgiving…I guess, I need to just forgive myself, huh?"' '"You know…I think I'm going to miss you when you become yourself again…"' '"I won't leave you alone……I promise, Luffy. I will never leave you alone."' '"I will protect you, Luffy. I promise."' '"That's right, Luffy. I'm right here. I will always be right here……I will always be here for you…Luffy…"' '"Maybe I should tell you…how important you are to me…"' '"I have to admit…I really do miss you…Luffy…"'……'"I…I love you…Luffy."' Luffy blinked rapidly as he brought a hand to his head. Then an image of her smile came into his view. He slowly looked up at Nami. He remembered…everything….He stared up at her wide eyed as she finished her song.

Yuki ga furu

Shizukana Lullaby Sotto yoru wo uzumete

Kanashii kotowa shiritakunaino

Dakara zutto utatteite

Yoakega kurumade

Zutto kono mama

Nami opened her eyes and looked down at Luffy. He was staring up at her wide eyed. She felt herself blush. "Bellemere used to sing us that lullaby…Sorry…I sang it to you at night to get you to go to sleep…" she said quietly as she turned away from him. Then she looked back over to him. He stared at her wide eyed for awhile before he began to blink and then he slowly looked away. She furrowed her brows and made her way downstairs. She made her way over to him. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Luffy quickly looked up at her. "Uh…aa…I'm fine." he replied quietly. "That…that was the melody I had stuck in my head…" he said softly.

Nami sat down beside him. He jumped slightly. Nami furrowed her brows and looked over at him. He looked nervous and jumpy all of a sudden. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked with frown.

Luffy began to laugh nervously. "Aa! I'm fine!" he replied as he continued to laugh nervously.

Nami watched as sweat beaded down around his face. "Luffy…what's wrong?" she asked.

He stopped laughing and looked at her wide eyed. "Na…nan demo nai!" he replied.

"Lu-ffy…" she called in a low menacing tone. She watched as he swallowed hard and his face took on a nervous expression. She clenched her teeth. "Lu-ffy…" she called again through clenched teeth. Even though it was dark, she could see his face pale in color. He slowly looked away. "You remember everything don't you?!" she yelled. Luffy quickly turned and attempted to get up. However, Nami reached up, grabbed his vest, and pulled him back down. He cried out and fell back on top of her. Nami pushed past him and pushed him to the ground. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him up. "LUFFY! Do you remember everything?!" she yelled again.

He looked terrified. "I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to!!" he cried as he covered his face with his arms and closed his eyes.

Nami's face dropped as she stared at him wide eyed. Then she felt her entire face grow hot as she blushed. "I don't believe this…" she whispered. Luffy opened one of his eyes and looked up at her. "Then…you remember…the baths…" she whispered as her expression turned to exasperation and she closed her eyes.

Luffy made a throaty noise in surprise. He remembered the bath…but not like how she thought. He looked up at her with a serious expression. "Nami…" he called quietly.

Nami opened her eyes and looked down at him. "About…what happened to me…in the bar…it wasn't your fault…Also…you never should have tried to protect me…That man could have killed you…I would have never been able to forgive myself…if anything had happened to you…" he said quietly.

Nami stared down at him wide eyed. She closed her eyes and slowly moved away from him. She sat down and stared off into the horizon. Luffy sat up and turned to look at the horizon. "I'm really sorry about that…Luffy…it was my fault…I was really careless with you…I almost lost you so many times…I…" Nami stopped talking and quickly looked over at him. She felt herself blush again. 'He remembers everything…which means…he remembers everything I ever said to him…' she thought to herself. She slowly closed her eyes and lowered her head as she brought up a hand to her head. She turned back to the horizon.

"You were right about what you said...but to me there's nothing to forgive…you really should forgive yourself…Nami, I'm just glad I was able to protect you." he said quietly.

Nami quickly turned to him. "Luffy…" she whispered. Then she frowned slightly in sadness. She lowered her head and looked away. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and stared straight up. "Alright…I will…" she said quietly.

Then she narrowed her eyes. "I can't believe you were able to remember all of that…" she whispered as she turned her head to look at him as she had it leaned back. He only grinned at her nervously. Nami narrowed her eyes in exasperation as she looked away. Then she sighed. "Well…it's not like you've never seen me before…Also I had to change your diaper…so I guess we're even." she said in a low tone as she turned to him. He was staring at her wide eyed with a blush across his face. Nami smiled with her head still leaned back. Then she turned and stared back up at the stars. She heard him as he turned toward where she was facing. Then she heard him plop down. She lowered her head and turned to him. He was laid out on the grassy deck and staring up at the stars.

She smiled and then she lay down next to him and over his outstretched arm. He turned his head to look at her. "This has been one hell of a week…" she whispered.

He continued to stare at her. "Nami…" he called quietly.

"Hmm?" she hummed.

Nami turned to look at him. He was staring into her eyes. "Arigato…" he said quietly.

She narrowed her eyes. "For what?" she asked in a low voice.

Luffy chuckled and looked back up at the sky. "For taking care of me when the others wouldn't." he replied quietly.

Nami made a throaty noise in surprise. Then her face relaxed as she continued to stare at him. "Luffy…" she called him softly.

"Hmm?" he asked without turning to her.

"Why did you only accept me over the others?" she asked softly.

Luffy turned to look at her. He stared at her for awhile before looking back up. He stayed silent for a long while. Nami furrowed her brows. "At first…it was because…I kind of remembered your face. I remember thinking…'She looks nice…'. When you handed me to Zoro, I remember thinking, 'Suge…he's scary…'." Nami giggled. Luffy smiled. "Then as I kept getting passed around…All I could remember was your face…and thinking…'I want to go back to her…'." Nami stopped smiling as she looked at him. "When I saw you again…I was happy…" he said quietly. "Actually, I started to get used to everyone else as well…but…they weren't as fun and nice as you…I do remember though…when you hit me…I remember feeling sad…" he said as he narrowed his eyes. Nami made a noise and face of exasperation.

"Uh…sorry about that…" she said as she laughed nervously as she blushed. Luffy turned toward her and felt himself blush. He remembered why she had hit him.

Nami turned onto her side. "Luffy…about…all the things I said…I…was going through a lot of…things and…" she stopped talking. She wasn't really sure how to explain herself.

Luffy just smiled gently. "It's okay…" he said softly.

Nami's face relaxed as she looked into his eyes. She sighed and then scooted over. She placed her head on his shoulder and looked up into the sky. Luffy stared at her wide eyed. Then he turned his head up to the sky. Suddenly, he felt sleepy…really sleepy. His eyes slowly began to hood. He looked over. Nami had fallen asleep. He felt himself smile. He brought up the arm she was laying on and wrapped it around her. Then his eyes slowly began to close.


The next morning, Sanji woke up and swung his legs out of his bed. He yawned and scratched his ribs. He looked over at Luffy's bed…It was empty. He furrowed his brows. "That bastard better not be trying to get into my fridge!" he seethed quietly as he stood up and put on his shoes.

Suddenly, the rest of the guys also began to awaken. Sanji walked over to his locker and pulled out his jacket. He threw it on and walked towards the door, the guys following along behind him. He threw open the door and began to walk out. However, he quickly stopped in his tracks. Everyone bumped into him. "Oi, Sanji, why did you sudd…en…ly…stop…" complained Usopp until he looked ahead of Sanji. Lying on the grassy deck in each other's arms, were Luffy and Nami. Luffy had an arm under and around her, while his other arm was thrown over her torso. Nami had one of her arms over his torso and a leg over his leg. Both were out cold.

All of their jaws hit the deck. "What the hell?!" yelled Zoro.

"Luffy…YOU BASTARD!!!" yelled Sanji as he stomped over toward them.

Luffy's eyelids fluttered as he slowly opened them. Then he squeezed them shut as he brought the arm that had been around Nami's torso to cover his eyes from the bright light. Nami began to stir in her sleep. She didn't seem to want to wake up just yet. She made a sleepy noise and tightened her hold on Luffy. Suddenly, Luffy's eyes flew open and he looked down at Nami. "Na…Nami?!" he exclaimed.

Nami opened her eyes. Then she closed them again."Nani…?" she said quietly. Then her eyes flew open and she shot up. "LUFFY?!" she yelled as she looked down at him. Then she looked downward. She had a leg thrown over his. She quickly removed it and scooted back from him as a blush crept up her cheeks. "Wha…what…what are we…?" she stuttered.

Luffy sat up and stared at her wide eyed. Then he quickly turned to the others. Nami's eyes widened as she noticed him look behind her. She felt as the blush deepened. She slowly turned her torso around. All of the guys were staring at them wide eyed, or angry in Sanji's case. "Luffy…you bastard…" he seethed quietly as he lowered his head, concealing his eye with his hair.

"Ma…ma…matte, Sanji, it's not what you think!!!" yelled Luffy nervously has he held up a hand as he backed away with the other. "We couldn't sleep and then we were just talking!! It was an accident!! We just fell asleep!!!" he tried to explain.

Sanji began to slowly descend upon Luffy with a dangerous aura around him. "You'll pay for violating Nami-san like that…" he seethed quietly. Then he began to run at Luffy.

"MATTE!!" yelled Luffy in a panic.

Nami sighed and closed her eyes. Just as Sanji was running past, she stuck out her foot. Sanji tripped on her extended foot and fell flat on his face. He quickly leaned up on his elbows and turned to her. "Nami-san! Why did you do that?" he asked in a betrayed voice.

"It's not his fault…" she said as she opened her eyes and glared at him. "I fell asleep first…" she said. Then she stood up and dusted herself off. Everyone stared at her completely wide eyed. Then she turned and made her way upstairs. Everyone watched in wide eyed surprise as she disappeared into her room.

Sanji slowly turned and glared at Luffy. Luffy just continued to stare at her closed door. Sanji closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. "Che!" he exclaimed in annoyance as he stood up and dusted himself off. Luffy looked over at him. Sanji walked past him and continued toward the kitchen. Luffy turned back and continued to stare at her door with a serious expression.

"What the hell happened, Luffy?" asked Usopp as he and Chopper approached him. Zoro and Franky stayed where they were as they watched them.

Luffy slowly looked toward them. "I couldn't sleep last night…so I had come out here to look at the stars…After awhile, Nami came out from the observation room…I thought everyone was asleep…She told me she couldn't sleep either…I had…I had this melody stuck in my head…It turned out to be a lullaby Nami sung to me while I was…a baby…She started to sing it…and when she did…I remembered…everything…" he explained.

All three of them made throaty noises. "So…so then…you remember…e-ver-ything? Even…the bath…and the…diaper changes…?" asked Usopp.

Luffy felt himself blush as he looked away. "Aa…" he replied quietly.

"Does Nami know?!" exclaimed Usopp.

"Aa…she knows…" he replied quietly.

Suddenly, Zoro and Franky made nervous noises. Luffy quickly turned to them. Franky and Zoro had nervous expressions, while Usopp's faced paled. "Are?" questioned Luffy as he rose up a brow. Chopper looked over at them in confusion. Then suddenly, his eyes widened as he made a noise of realization.

Luffy looked over at him. "Ah, that's right! Nami did say you guys would regret it if Luffy some how remembered anything!" he exclaimed as he looked over at them. Luffy made a throaty noise as he looked over at them.

Then he remembered Nami saying that to them. "Ah! You're right! I remember that!" he exclaimed. "Sorry…" he said quietly.

All of their faces fell. "Do you think…she will remember?" asked Usopp.

"You better believe I remember…" Usopp squealed as everyone looked up at Nami. She was glaring down at them. Luffy looked up at her with slightly parted lips. Then he watched as she turned and made her way down. He made a pained expression as he slowly turned away. He cringed as he heard screams of pain and bones cracking. Chopper ran over to Luffy and hid into him. Suddenly, the screaming stopped. Luffy slowly turned around. Nami had her eyes closed with a stitch just above her left eye as she dusted her hands off.

Luffy looked down. All three of his Nakama were in a bloody, messy pile on the deck. Luffy gulped. Nami opened her eyes. Luffy made a nervous noise as he backed up. Nami sighed deep as she walked past him. He watched her nervously as she walked by. Then he looked after her wide eyed. He hadn't been sure if she would do anything to him or not. However, he realized, if she were going to…she'd have done it the night before. He stared after her with a blank expression.

Chopper looked up at him in confusion. Luffy just looked down at him with his blank expression. Then he stood up and made his way to the kitchen. He walked inside. Nami didn't turn to him. He walked over and sat down. Robin was already inside drinking coffee. Chopper walked in after him and sat down. Sanji looked over at the door. "Where are the other morons?" he asked Chopper.

Chopper looked over at him wide eyed. Then his eyes shifted toward Nami nervously. Nami had her eyes closed and brows furrowed. "Luffy…remembered everything…" he replied cautiously.

Sanji made a throaty noise in surprise. Then he ground his teeth and glared at Luffy, who was only staring at him with an expressionless gaze. "Lu…ffy…you…"


Sanji made a surprised noise as he looked over at Nami. She was glaring at him. He stared at her in wide eyed surprise. She was actually defending him…or rather…protecting him… Nami closed her eyes and turned away. Sanji looked back over at Luffy. He was staring at Nami with an expressionless gaze. Sanji grit his teeth and continued to cook breakfast.

After awhile, the three injured crew members came lumbering in. Sanji stared wide eyed at their poor state. Nami was glaring at them. They all sat on the opposite end of Nami.


That night, Nami lay awake in bed. Again…she could not sleep. She rolled over on her side and stared at the empty space next to her. She closed her eyes and sighed. She slowly reached a hand up and placed it on the empty space. She had gotten used to the extra little body next to her. She slowly sat up in bed. She could not longer sleep without him. At least…she had to get used to him no longer being there. She sighed again and swung her legs over the side. She slipped into some shoes and made her way outside into the cool air. She walked up to the rail and looked out ahead of her. Then she heard a noise.

She looked down and into the eyes of her Captain. He had his head leaned up as he stared up at her wide eyed. He was sitting against the cabin wall. Nami stared down at him for awhile before closing her eyes and then making her way down. She approached him and then slid down the wall next to him. "Can't sleep again either, huh?" she asked as she stared out ahead of her.

"Aa…" he said quietly as he also stared ahead. "For some reason…when I lie down …I just can't sleep…" he said quietly.

"Un…me too…" she replied. She refused to tell him why she couldn't sleep.

Nami sighed. She found it relaxing to be near him. "I had been scared…"

Nami's eyes widened and she turned her head to Luffy. "Na…nani?" she asked with furrowed brows in confusion.

"Both times you had been shot at…I remember…having a dream of when those people tried to take me and when that bartender guy shot you…I remember being stuck behind something…and watching the whole thing…I couldn't get to you…I couldn't help you…That was the most horrible feeling…All I could do was scream out for you…I couldn't move…" he said in almost a whisper. Nami inhaled sharply. 'Scream?!' she thought in her mind. Luffy had had a bad dream a few days ago. Also multiple times…Luffy had cried out in a deafening cry. "Then…in the dream…you were in the bathtub…you were crying…I remember trying to tell you it was okay…I didn't want to see you cry…I remember…feeling pain…I didn't…I didn't want to watch anymore…" he whispered.

Nami stared at him wide eyed. 'Luffy had cried with me then…I thought it might have been from the bruise on his back but…had he done all of that because…he had been slightly aware…?' she thought to herself.

"Then…when you were climbing the stairs…back on that island…I remember my consciousness waking up…I saw a scene in front of me with darkness everywhere else…I saw you…and then I saw Usopp, Robin, and Chopper…They looked worried…I got scared…I looked back over at you…and then I heard him talk…I could hear it in his voice…He meant you harm…I remember screaming for you to stop…I remember trying so hard to get past the barrier, but I couldn't…I couldn't do anything…I couldn't protect you…" he continued to whisper. Nami couldn't believe what she was hearing…Luffy had started crying at that time…She remembered he had looked frantic. He had been screaming as he cried. That's how she had known something wasn't right. "When he shot you…I remember screaming…I wanted to kill him…I thought…I thought…" he couldn't finish what he was saying. He looked down.

Luffy had cried out in his deafening cry the moment she had been shot…He must have seen everything that had happened…So then he had been aware as a baby…and the baby had reacted to how Luffy reacted…If it weren't for Luffy…She just might be dead…His cries had warned her. "You did protect me…Luffy…" she whispered. Luffy quickly looked over at her in surprise. "I heard you…Luffy…I knew something was wrong when you were crying…I didn't notice at first…but I did notice. I knew you were trying to tell me something." she said as she looked into his eyes. Luffy stared at her for awhile before slowly turning away from her. Nami sighed and then leaned her head onto his shoulder. He made a small noise and then looked down at her. "Arigato, Luffy." she whispered.

Luffy watched as she slowly began to close her eyes. Then she was asleep. Luffy turned away from her and smiled. Then he felt sleepy…really sleepy. His eyes began to hood as he tried his hardest to keep them open. He felt as he leaned his head down onto hers and then he felt nothing.


Luffy slowly opened his eyes and quickly shut it to the bright light. 'Bright light?!' Luffy's eyes shot open. Then he immediately looked down. He was sitting against the cabin and Nami was sleeping with her head on his lap. She was curled up against his side. He reached down and shook her shoulder. "Oi, Nami! Wake up!" he said. Nami's eyelids began to twitch. Then she moaned and curled up further. "NAMI!" he exclaimed in a loud whisper.

Nami's eyes immediately shot open at hearing him and sat up. "Shimata!!" she exclaimed as she looked over at him. "We did it again…" she remarked quietly.

"Aa…" he replied.

Nami looked down and put a hand to her forehead. "We can't be doing this…" she whispered. Luffy only stared at her. Then she lowered her hand and looked over at him. "We can't come out here at night…If we do…we might just fall asleep again. So tonight…no matter how much we want to, we have to stay in our cabins…" she said.

Luffy just nodded. Suddenly, the cabin door to the men's quarters opened. Luffy and Nami turned to it quickly. All the guys walked out and immediately turned to them. Luffy and Nami were staring at them wide eyed. "Did you fall asleep again…?" asked Zoro with a look of disgust.

"N…no, of course not!! We just woke up and since no one was awake we sat down to talk!" rambled Nami.

"Ri-ght…" replied Zoro with a smirk. Then he closed his eyes and turned toward the kitchen. Nami glared at his back with clenched teeth. All the other guys just gave them odd glances before continuing to the kitchen. Nami took a deep breath and stood up. Luffy did the same as they both followed them to the dining room.


That night Nami lay in her bed. She was rolled onto her side and staring at the wall. She had been laying awake for two hours now. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes. 'I wonder if Luffy is having trouble sleeping as well…?' she thought. Then her eyes opened as she furrowed her brows. 'Why am I wondering that?!' she yelled in her mind before sighing again and closing her eyes. Nami sat up in bed and started to get out of it. Then she made a noise of frustration as she fell back down onto her bed and threw the covers over her face. "I will not go out there!" she said out loud. 'Besides…he's…probably not out there…We did promise…' she thought. She made another noise of frustration. "I wasn't going out there for him!!!" she screeched in a loud whisper to herself. She made a third noise of frustration as she turned to her side and stared at the wall again with a scowl.

Nami started to fall asleep. She closed her eyes and dozed off, but then she woke up and began to reach for Luffy…He wasn't there. Nami felt her heart skip a beat as she sat up and frantically looked for him. "Where is he?!" she yelled in a breathless panic. Then reality kicked in. She rolled her eyes and fell back into her bed. 'Nami…what is wrong with you…?' she thought to herself as she stared at the ceiling. She looked over at her clock. It was now 3:36 am. She had only slept for an hour. Nami made a loud noise of frustration as she lay awake for another hour before finally falling asleep.


Luffy lay awake in his bunk. He was staring up at the bunk above him. No matter how much he tried…he couldn't sleep. He turned on his side and stared over at Sanji's back. All he could think about was the time when he had been a baby. He was remembering every little thing she said…every little thing she did. He remembered her smile…the smile she had always given him while he had been a baby. He remembered had warm and happy it had made him feel. She had looked happy…but now…she didn't…He furrowed his brows. However, when she was with him alone…she seemed more at peace.

He frowned. When he was alone with her…he was also more at peace…He remembered he had spent a lot of time alone with her while he was a baby…It was so relaxing. He had been…content…He felt tired, but every time he closed his eyes. He saw her laughing and smiling…He saw her screaming and crying…He sighed quietly as he rolled over on his other side. He stared at the door, but he could only see past it…He closed his eyes. He could only see her…He slowly opened his eyes. He sat up in bed and swung his legs over. He sat for awhile before sliding off and sitting on the floor. He promised he wouldn't leave his cabin. He leaned against his bed and just stared at the door.


The next morning everyone made their way into the dining room. Nami was already inside. She had her head on the table with her eyes closed. She slowly opened them as she heard the guys come in. She looked toward Luffy and then turned and put her head back down.

"Are you alright, Nami-san?" asked Sanji concerned.

"I'm fine…" she replied tiredly.

Luffy slowly made his way and plopped down in a chair. The guys had all noticed he hadn't been in bed when they had woken up. He had been on the floor and staring at the door. He had lazily looked up at them as they had awoken. He had gotten up and followed them out. He laid his head down on the table too and closed his eyes. Suddenly, they all heard snores coming from him.

Everyone stared at him wide eyed. "What the hell?" asked Zoro as he stared at Luffy. Then everyone turned to Nami. She was asleep.

"Uh…did they just fall asleep at the table?" asked Usopp with a raised brow.

"Aa…I think they did…" replied Franky.

Once Sanji had finished with breakfast, they had woken them up. Everyone stared wide eyed as Luffy ate…slowly…He had bags under his eyes and both were hooded. They all turned to Nami. She didn't look any better. "What the hell is going on with you two?" asked Zoro as he furrowed his brows at him.

"Hmm?" they both questioned not really paying attention. Everyone just blinked at them.

"Nami-san…are you having trouble sleeping?" asked Sanji.

"It's not a big deal…I'll get used to it…" she replied quietly with furrowed brows.

"Used…to it?" asked Chopper in confusion.

"Navigator-san…did you get used to having Senchou-san sleeping with you?" asked Robin with a curious gaze.

Nami looked over at her in half surprise. Everyone turned to look at her, except for Luffy. He continued to eat. She stared at there questioning eyes for awhile before looking away. "It's not a big deal…I just freak out in the middle of the night because he isn't there…I wake up and forget he's not a baby anymore, is all…Its no big deal…I've slept alone for a lot longer than when he was with me…" she explained with furrowed brows in annoyance.

Then everyone turned to Luffy who was lazily continuing to eat. "What about you?" they asked.

"Hmm?" he hummed as he seemed to not be paying attention to them.

"Why can't you sleep?" asked Zoro annoyed.

"I just can't…" he replied as he continued to eat. Everyone furrowed their brows at him. Nami stared at him as he ate. 'He just can't…' she thought to herself.

As soon as everyone was done with breakfast, they either went on deck, or disappeared into the ship. Nami sat at the table she and Robin shared and just leaned her head back onto the chair. She felt so tired…but she just couldn't sleep. Luffy finally made his way out of the dining room. It had taken him twice as long to eat. Nami turned her head to look over at him. He stopped walking and looked over at her. They stared at one another for a long while. Then Luffy turned and walked over to her. Nami furrowed her brows as she watched him approach.

He made it to her and then fell to his knees. "Luffy?" she questioned. Robin looked over at him curiously, as did the rest of who was on deck. He was staring up at her face. Then he looked down and just laid his head on her lap. Nami looked down at him wide eyed and a slight blush crept up her cheeks. She could hear his snores. Everyone looked at him wide eyed. Suddenly, Nami felt…sleepy…very very sleepy. Her eyes started to hood and then they closed. She had fallen asleep.

"Oi, Luffy, what the hell do you think you're doing to Nami-san?!" yelled Sanji angrily.

The crew walked over to the two. Sanji was fuming down at Luffy. "O-kay…Someone tell me what the hell this means?" he said as he rose up a brow.

"It means…they cannot sleep, unless the other is near…"

Everyone looked over at Robin. "Nani?" they questioned with raised brows.

She smiled. "They have gotten used to the others presence when asleep…Now, they can no longer sleep, unless the other is near." she explained as she looked down at the two.

"Are you trying to tell me they need to be together in order to sleep?!!" yelled Sanji in anger as he glared down at Luffy.

Robin smiled with closed eyes and tilted her head. "Hai…" she replied.

Sanji's jaw hit the deck. "NANI?!" he yelled as he pulled his hair.

"Well, can't we just get them used to not having to sleep together?" asked Chopper.

"AA! That's what we will do!!" yelled Sanji as flames emitted from his body.

"Well, we should let them sleep for now…They need it." said Chopper as he turned away.

"Are you serious?!" yelled Sanji. Zoro closed his eyes and turned away. Usopp just shrugged and walked away. Sanji stared after them with his mouth and eyes wide opened. He turned to Robin. She only smiled and tilted her head at him. He clenched his teeth and scowled as he looked back down at Luffy. Then he turned and stomped off deck.


"Okay, Luffy you take this. Nami you take this." said Chopper as he handed them each an article of clothing.

"Are you sure about this?!" asked Nami as she eyeballed one of Luffy's shirts in her hand.

"It's worth a try…unless…you want to go on sleeping together…" smirked Zoro. Nami turned and glared at him with clenched teeth as a blush crept up her cheeks. He only chuckled.

Luffy stared down at Nami's shirt in his hand. He looked up at Nami. She looked back at him with pursed lips and a frown. Luffy shrugged and then went into the men's quarters, the guys following him. Nami stared after them until the door closed. She sighed and made her way upstairs. She closed her door behind her and made her way to her bed. She laid down and brought the shirt up and brought it close to her. She breathed in it's scent…It smelled like Luffy. She opened her eyes and looked down at it.

It smelled like him…but it wasn't…him. She felt a tug at her heart. She frowned. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. All she felt was an empty space next to her. Her face turned slightly sad. She slowly opened her eyes. The shirt and his scent was only making it worse…because she knew…he really wasn't here…She sighed and slowly sat up. She scooted over and leaned against the wall, bringing the shirt to her chest. She brought up her knees and leaned her head down on her knees with the shirt hugged to her. 'This is crazy…I have slept alone for a long time now…He was only with me for a few days…I didn't have any problem getting used to him being here…Why can't I sleep without him…?' she thought to herself.


Luffy cradled the shirt to him as he lay with his eyes open. He had to lower it to keep her scent from reaching his nose. The smell only seemed to make it worse. He closed his eyes. He remembered her smell every time they would sleep. Having her smell and shirt were not the same…He was very much aware that she wasn't here…He clenched his teeth down hard. He felt restless. He turned over onto is side and stared at the door. He brought the shirt up. He slowly closed his eyes.

He slowly and deeply breathed in the scent. He slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't sleep…He sat up and swung his legs off the bed. Usopp rolled over and looked down to the bunk below. Luffy was sitting over the side of his bed. 'So, he still can't sleep…' he thought to himself.

Luffy slowly and quietly got up and walked out with his blanket dragging behind him. Usopp frowned at the door as it slowly closed. Luffy turned from the door and walked to the side. He plopped down on the grass and then covered himself with the blanket. He stared up at the sky above him. Then he watched as Nami peeked over the side. He stared up at her wide eyed. "Nami?" he whispered. He watched as she frowned and disappeared over the side. He turned his head towards the stairs. After awhile, she made her way down and over to him.

He watched her approach and then he opened the blanket for her. She plopped down next to him and then he wrapped the blanket around her. She leaned against him and laid her head on his shoulder. They just sat in silence for awhile. Suddenly, the memory of the second to the last night he had slept with her before he had been turned back to normal came to his mind. That night had been one of the main reasons he couldn't sleep at night. He had slipped into consciousness that night.

He had kept his eyes closed as he listened to her talk. She had whispered the words, 'No' and 'Baka'. He had wondered what she had been talking about. Then, she had whispered the words…'" I…I love you…Luffy."' He shifted his eyes down to her. He remembered opening his eyes after awhile and looking over at her. She had been asleep when he had. Nami was staring off ahead of her. He shifted his eyes back ahead of him. It was bothering him…Had she really meant what she said…?

"Nami…" he called quietly. Nami furrowed her brows. Luffy's breathing had suddenly quickened and was a little ragged.

"Hmm?" she finally replied.

"About…about the second to the last night…before I was turned back to normal." he started to say. Nami's eyes widened and her heart began to race. She had said a lot of things that night. "You had said I was important to you…You're important to me too…Nami…" he said softly.

Nami felt relief wash over her. 'He was asleep when I said…those words…of course he didn't hear them…' she thought as she closed her eyes.

"Nami…about…what you said……I heard you…and…not just as my baby self…I… heard you…I was awake…" he whispered.

Nami inhaled sharply as her eyes widened. "What…what are you talking about?" she whispered breathlessly.

"You know what I'm talking about…Did…did you mean it?" he whispered.

Nami's heart was pounding. She slowly lifted her head and turned to him. He slowly turned and looked her in the eyes. 'Did I…? Did I mean it?' she thought to herself. 'Why did he want to know?' she thought to herself as she furrowed her brows. They stared at one another for a long time. Nami slowly looked away. "Why?" she whispered.

She noticed him look away from the corner of her eye. "Ne…never mind…" he whispered. Nami turned to him quickly. He had his eyes closed. Nami's heart was still pounding. 'Why did he want to know…?' She could tell he had been nervous about asking. She stared at him for awhile. Then she slowly laid her head against his chest. She felt him tense up and stiffen. His heart was pounding. Her eyes widened as her lips slightly parted. 'Did he…?!' she thought to herself. She quickly raised her head and looked into his face. He was staring back at her.

'Does he…?' she started to think. She couldn't help but smile. He had been the one to ask her, yet she had cheated and gotten an answer from him instead. He quickly shifted his eyes away and leaned his head to the side. Her smile widened. She sat up and crawled over his extended leg. Luffy made a noise of surprise and turned to her quickly. She pushed his other leg over and sat in between his legs. Then she leaned her back against his chest. She snuggled up close to him and pulled the blanket over her and him. Then she relaxed. She felt so at home…right here…She smiled and closed her eyes. She felt Luffy begin to relax. Then he wrapped an arm around her torso.

Her heart began to pound harder as she felt his hold tighten. She slowly opened her eyes. She turned her head to the side. She could hear his pounding heart. She smiled. She pushed off, turned and leaned on her elbows on his stomach as she looked up into his eyes. He stared down at her wide eyed. She slid her arms to his sides and onto the floor. She leaned up and brought her lips to his. He stared down at her wide eyed as he made a small throaty noise. He still had an arm around her. He tightened his hold as he closed his eyes and pulled her closer to him. He felt as she slid her arms back up his chest and then around his neck as she leaned against him.

He reached up his free hand and slid it behind her head. All the anguish and helplessness he had felt during his time as a baby as he had to watch her suffer washed over him. He had been afraid he would lose her and now here she was in his arms. He grabbed a hold of her hair and turned her head as he deepened the kiss. He heard her make a small noise in her throat as he brought his tongue into her mouth. Her hold around his neck tightened. He hugged her tighter to him. She made a small noise as he teased her with his tongue. Both of their breathing became ragged. Nami finally pulled away from him. He looked down into her face with hooded eyes.

Her eyes were glazed over. They stared at one another for awhile. 'What was that?' she thought to herself. She hadn't intended for it to go that far. She hadn't even realized he could…kiss…like that…Nami smiled. He slowly smiled down at her. She released her hold on his neck and slowly turned and leaned against his chest and stomach on her side. She cuddled against him and closed her eyes. She felt his other arm slid up her stomach and wrap around her. She smiled as she began to slip into sleep. She didn't care…She didn't care if the others found them like this in the morning. She didn't want to leave this spot. She didn't want to leave him…

Luffy leaned his head back against the cabin wall and slowly smiled as he closed his eyes. He had never done anything like that before. It had been exhilarating. He had not even known he could do that…When he thought of those feelings, his instincts had kicked in and he had wanted to do it. He felt himself falling asleep. He felt at home here with her in his arms. He was pretty sure the others would find them in the morning. However, if she didn't care…then he sure as hell didn't.


Sanji woke up and turned to Luffy's bed…He was gone. "What the…?!" he exclaimed as he stood up. Everyone else woke up at his exclamation and began to get out of bed. They all made their way outside and stopped as they noticed something from the corner of their eyes. They all made a noise of disbelief at what they saw. Nami was lying and was fast asleep in between Luffy's legs. They were both covered with a blanket. Nami was snuggled up against his chest. They could also see that Luffy had both his arms around her from under the blanket.

Sanji was staring down at them wide eyed and mouth wide opened. Zoro scoffed. "I give up…if they wanna sleep together…then whatever." he said as he continued toward the kitchen.

"Should we wake them?" asked Chopper.

"Nah…just leave them alone." said Usopp as he walked towards the dining room.

Franky pat Sanji on the back before also making his way to the kitchen with the others. Sanji pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a long drag as he stared down at the embracing pair. He sighed deeply before turning and making his way to the kitchen.

Nami slowly opened her eyes. "What do you think?"

"I don't know…" she whispered in reply. "What should we do?" she asked.

She felt him shrug slowly. She closed her eyes and snuggled up closer to him as she buried her face in his chest. She felt him squeeze her gently. She smiled. She looked up leaning her chin on his chest. He looked down into her face and smiled. "It would suck if it rained…" she whispered.

"Aa…" he agreed quietly. Nami sighed and laid her head back down on his chest.

She slid her arms down his stomach and sides and wrapped her arms around him. "Luffy…" she called.

"Hmm?" she heard him hum from inside his stomach as she leaned her ear on it.

"I meant it…" she whispered.

The End…

Translations and Explanations Corner…

1: Namari Boshi translates to Lead Star. He is basically shooting a pachinki ball at people. XP

2: Wadō Ichimonji is the name of Kuina's sword that Zoro wields in his mouth. It's the white one. XD

3: Santōryū translates to Three Sword Style.

4: Tora Gari translates to Tiger Hunt.

5: Yamero is the male version of 'Stop' or 'Stop it'.

6: Matte means wait.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed this story…I know it was short, buy hey, he can't stay a baby for 17 chapters! XP ROFL! XD I really do hope you all enjoyed it. Please review and let me know what you thought of my over all story! XD Oh and of this chapter…o.o