If Miracles Were Real

An Uchihacest poem made by GlisteningRain.


If miracles were real, there would be no fears.

There would be no anger, there would be no tears.

At least not with me, there wouldn't be.

Many nights before I silently drift off to sleep,

I pray for this miracle.

That one day, somehow, against all fate,

We can be together.

That you would be safely locked away in my warm embrace,

Forever and for always.

My love for you, my little brother, means more to me then our whole family.

I know you despise me.

That night I did those terrible things.

I called you worthless.

It must have hurt, I know.

And I am so sorry for that.

You never talked to me since then,

Nor did you spare a passing glance in my longing direction.

Only hated me,

Sought your revenge that one day,

You would kill me by your own two hands.

Every word striking me like tiny needles through my already broken heart.

It turned black since then.

I now wear the colors to match it.

I was a broken mirror whose shattered pieces could never be mended.

The love you once gave me was torn from my chest and cast aside like a child's toy that was long since forgotten.

I was forced to leave you,

The one I love,

And watched as your bright soul began to grow more and more dim,

Only to let it slip away through my bloody fingers,

And into the darkness I had tried so hard to keep you from.

When I heard you had left,

I knew I had failed,

My duty as an older brother.

One that would have took care of you and never let the harsh world inside.

You left behind everyone you held dear,

Just too seek that revenge you wanted.

I know it is my fault,

That you ended up like this.

And I will find you.

Even if it takes the rest of my life,

Even if I die in the process,

I will bring you back into the light,

And our hearts will forever be full.

Mine will no longer be broken.

Those shattered peices will soon mend with our love.

I will shelter you in the arms of my loving embrace,

And I will make you see

That miracles can be real.

A/N: Well, that is my poem. In case you didn't know, it was Itachi's POV. I left little hints in there that told you that. Well, if you did like it, please reveiw. I will accapt any positive or negative feedback. It helps my writing. Thank you!