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He stared at her tombstone, expecting to see her before his eyes.

It was Halloween. The day never held any special meaning to him like it did other children. Today was a day full of pretending to be someone else, indulging on chocolates, and scaring people for a thrill. No. Today was a day of remembrance and the crossing of borders. To Jacob, today was a day where miracles were possible.

Some said that right belonged to Christmas, but Jacob knew better. Halloween was a day where the deceased could cross the boundaries between the dead and the living. Every Halloween, Jacob would visit the same grave, always expecting.

Though like every Halloween, he was left disappointed.

It was not as if he thought some big celebration would occur—no—Jacob had left childhood long ago. He wanted something more. After all, he was not able to spend much time with his mother.

Everyone said that he took after his mother. Quil would tease him and say that she was the reason Jacob looked so gangly and fragile, but Jacob did not care. Though he lost his mother long ago, she was still a part of him. Her blood was his blood. Her eyes were his eyes. Her heart was his heart.

She was a compassionate woman, always caring for her family and others. She was selfless, as Billy put it. The gentle woman always put everyone else before herself. She made a lot of sacrifices for her family, and in the end, the heavens saw fit to take back their angel.

Jacob thought of his mother as that; an angel. She was watching over him, consoling him, mourning for him, like any mother would. Though she could not actually nurture her child, she was Jacob's world. Her touch was the caress of the wind. Her tears were the raindrops in a storm. Her hug was the warmth from the sun.

But just once, Jacob wanted a sign. He wanted to know that she was actually doing those things for him. He wanted to know that he was not wasting his time on being such a child. Jacob had already endured heartbreak, deceit, pain, and all in a short span of time. He left behind his days of fun and childish banter; Jacob grew up too fast.

So he waited. He stared at her grave, his head resting against his paws, a helpless glint in his eyes. If anything, he needed his mother more than ever at the moment. He needed her guidance and support. No one could do him any justice but her.

Dusk approached another day, signaling yet another Halloween in vain. A deep whine escaped his mother as the fog grew heavier around the field. He howled out his agony, hoping that she could hear him from the heavens, pouring out the contents of his heart. He was about to leave when he heard it.

A soft, affectionate howl pierced his ears. The faint silhouette of a pure white wolf appeared in the mist, a loving expression on the animals face. Her eyes glowed, burning with a motherly tenderness and longing. She lowered her head, the ghost of a spirit apologizing to her son for the prolonged meeting.

After years of praying and waiting, Jacob's miracle had occurred. With a single look from his mother, he knew that everything would be okay. Some day, his heart would heal, and he too would move along.


Authoress Note: Just another little one-shot. My fingers are feeling better, and I am working on the next few chapters for Love in Affliction and Sacrifice so no fear! I hope you all enjoy this small piece.