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Twilight Rose2

Yes, this one is about Yue... Have fun reading. No flames please, I didn't exactly like how this oneshot turned out. Maybe next time.

Being blind never bothered me. I was born this way, and I was willing to accept it. It wasn't like I had ever lost anything in the first place. Being blind was (and still is) a gift.

Even though I was born blind, I never had a problem seeing. I see with earthbending.

Katara sighed. "The sky sure is beautiful tonight."

"I agree," said Sokka.

"I love he way the stars twinkle!" Aang said in his all-too cheery voice.

Sokka turned to me, as if waiting for me to say something about the beauty of the sky.

"Yup. Same as always. Black."

Aang cracked up at this, and even I gave a little smile to acknowledge that I was making a joke.

"It's getting late. Aang, we should get to sleep," said Katara.

"Okay," Aang said (when has he ever thought for himself?)

"Sokka, you coming?" he said.

"Nope, I'm gonna stay here a little longer."

"Okay," Aang replied.

The two lovebirds got up and left promptly, but Sokka, I could feel, was staring up at something.

It was silent or quite a while.

"Sokka, what are you staring at?" The curiosity was getting to me.

"The moon."



I could tell he didn't want to be asked about the topic, but I pressed him on.

"Why?" I bended a little rock to stick into his back. I could feel the ever-satisfying vibrations of him jumping up in surprise, and rubbing his back to ease the aftershock. Once again, I asked. However, this time, it was brutally.

"Tell me why or I will squish you in between a foot wide rock sandwich." I clapped my hands together for emphasis. I could feel him tensing.

"Okay, okay. Just... No squishing please."


" Well... I'm... I'm sort of..."

"Spit it out!"

"I'm in love with the moon."

I let out a loud and hearty laugh at this.

"You're in love with a ROCK IN THE SKY!? That's just rich Sokka. Rich."

"There's a story."

I became quiet at this.

"Let's hear it."

"Well... Once upon a time... Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name was Yue, after the moon. She was saved as a baby by the moon spirit. She was beautiful, her hair was long and white, and she was the bravest woman I have ever met."

"THE bravest?"

"Fine. Second bravest. She was the princess of the Northern Water Tribe. And I loved her. One day-"

"Ohhhh no. Here comes the "One day something bad happened crud again, huh."

"One day, a man named Zhao-"

"General Zhao? The one with the fuzzy beard?"

"Yes, that's the one. Zhao killed the moon spirit."

I gasped. Although I was never one for caring, I knew sprits were not things to be toyed with.

"Then what?"

"If you would let me talk, then I could tell you!"


"Yue gave the life the moon spirit gave her back. And-"

"She died?" I asked softly.

"Yes. She died."

I could feel Sokka's breath becoming sharper. He was crying.

"It's okay."

"I suppose it is," he said, his head turned away from me. I put my hand over his. And through the earth, I could feel the corners of his mouth slightly turn up.

"Thanks Toph."

I snickered, and pulled my hand away. with three quick movements, I shot a rock pillar from the ground causing Sokka to painfully be in the upright position.


Aang came out of the bush with his hand sheepishly behind his head.

"Sorry. Wondered what took you guys so long."

"I know you;re lying Twinkletoes."

I made myself a tent, and closed the "door". Ah, private sanctuary.

"Way to ruin the moment, Toph." thought Aang.

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