Secrecy XXVI

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Warning: boy/boy (Harry/Severus) Do Not Read If This Offends You.

Twenty years later….

"Ah, just like how we first got into Hogwarts, eh Harry?" Ron asked as he, Harry, Hermione, and Severus were standing by the Hogwarts Express with their children.

"Where's Draco?" Harry asked with a frown as he looks around for his friend. At the age of thirty-eight, he didn't seem he had changed at all except for his height though.

"Probably still after that girl," Severus murmured as he was now around in his sixties but he didn't seemed like a day old.

"You mean Ginny, Severus. I'm sure they are coming soon," Ron said with a smile.

"Ron, where's Rosie? I lost sight of her," Hermione said worriedly as she looks around at the crowded area.

"Rosie is probably with her friends until the whistle blows to see us of," Ron replied.

"Anybody has seen Albus and Lily?" Harry asked as both of them had named there children after the previous headmaster of Severus and Harry's own mother.

"They are probably with Rosie and the rest of the other children going to Hogwarts," Ron said.

"I see Draco and Ginny," Severus said as he waved to go his godson and his wife.

The two went towards the group with their children at tow. "How are you Will and Elizabeth?" Harry asked with a smile.

The twins smiled at him as they were just an hour apart from birth. "I'm excited to see Hogwarts," Elizabeth said as she has Draco's hair, Ginny's eyes and personality.

"Father, may I see my friends?" Will asked as he was the complete opposite of Elizabeth and he is like the copy of the old Draco that was twenty years ago about.

Draco nodded as he watched his son go towards to some of the unknown first years as Will introduced himself to them.

"I'll go and see Rosie," Elizabeth piped up as she saw her and she quickly went before her two parents could say anything to her.

"How is Remus going Severus? Have you've seen him lately at Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"I give credit for the wolf in being a good headmaster. It amazes me that his kid is training to become one of the teachers at Hogwarts as well," Severus said.

"Robert is going to be a good Defense against the Dark Arts teacher," Harry said with a smile as he was the godfather of Remus kid.

"Did Remus say we are going to have a reunion soon?" Hermione asked.

"We just had one ten years ago," Harry said as he still remembers it.

"I think his planning on a Christmas party for the class of 1998," Severus said slowly.

Harry was about to say something as the group suddenly heard the whistle blowing from the train as he knew it was exactly eleven o'clock.

"We'll be off father!" Albus and Lily piped up as Harry and Severus both gave them hugs and kisses before setting them off onto the train.

"Take care of your sister Will. Even if she won't be in Slytherin," Draco said as he has a sinking feeling that Elizabeth might end up in Gryffindor like her mother.

Will didn't say anything but nodded to his statement.

The parents watched their kids' board the train as they waved out the window until it was out of sight from there eyes.

"Things are going to be much quieter," Harry observed as he walked beside Severus along with Ron and Hermione as Draco and Ginny were in front of the four.

Severus nodded, "that would be good now that I have some peace on working on my novel," he said with a smile.

Harry glares as Ron chuckled, "you two will always remain the same," he said as Harry didn't say anything. All he knows is that, nothing will tear him and Severus apart until the very end of there lives and he would protect Severus with all his strength as he had promised with Draco many years ago with the Unbreakable Vow.


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