Under Alien Skies

Title: Under Alien Skies

Author: Razz

POV: xo with Roswell and Stargate SG1

Pairings: CC couples with Jack/Sam from SG somewhat AU

Spoilers: Possibly but nothing specific. Sheriff Valenti is aware of the Aliens within Roswell.

Summary: Wormhole X-Treme meets Roswell. A convention in Roswell with Martin and Wormhole

X-Treme. Max is working the convention. This is with Brody at UFO Museum. General

Hammond asks SG-1 to follow up with the convention. Timeline…well Daniel Jackson has

Descended. Dr. Frasier is alive as well from SG timelines. Max and the Pod Squad are still in

Roswell. Alex is alive and well. Tess adjusted to life in Roswell. This will be their senior year

Coming up. This is before Max and Liz are arrested out of state. They have met the Dupes,

Nicholas and Whitaker. Copper Summit did take place. EOTW was different in this

Timeline, so the Kyle/Liz did not take place.

Rating: Teen/Mature. Not sure where I am going with this…

Disclaimer: I don't own either Roswell or Stargate SG-1 or their respective companies. No monies

Changed hands.

Chapter 1


Brody sat at his desk typing away on his keyboard answering emails as Max Evans entered the private office of Brody Davis. Brody looked up at his staff of one. "Hey Max. Are you getting everything ready for the convention?"

"Yeah, sure Brody. I have the tables set up for tomorrow with their displays. Then I have the books and other paraphernalia for the visitors as well as programs for the conventioneers. How many have requested passes for the weekend?"

Brody flipped screens to the spreadsheet on the computer, "We've got over 500 tickets pre-sold for this weekend. But I think we'll end up with more than that. Wormhole X-treme is still very popular even though they aren't making new episodes. I hear they keep wanting to make some sort of movie. Kinda like they did with Star Trek. We have the two luncheons with the actors of the series, Friday and Saturday, plus the Saturday night dinner. We have that sold out. So if anyone is asking to attend, take names in case we have cancels. There is the costume contest on Saturday morning breakfast. Plus all the panels which are scheduled, it will be a very full weekend! I think we are almost home with this one, Max." Max nodded. "Anything else you want me to do yet tonight before I leave?" Max hung by the doorway waiting for Brody to answer.

Brody looked up from the computer display. He seemed slightly off kilter to Max tonight, making Max wonder if perhaps a visit from Larek was in the offing. He would tell the others tonight at the meeting which was planned for at the Crashdown after closing.

"No Max, but prepared to be here early. I have a couple of VIP's coming in for the convention. The producer for Wormhole X-treme, Martin Lloyd is coming. He rarely makes an appearance. He's also bringing the rest of the cast of Wormhole X-treme as you know. That should be pretty good for starters in terms of meeting some aliens, huh Max? They are also bringing some of the recurring character aliens from the show, too." Max sensed that Brody was pretty excited about the convention. It was the first time that this particular convention had asked Brody to host it here in Roswell at the Museum. This was a regional conference. There was going to be a national one next year because of the anniversary of the show. Conventions were always good for business, but it gave them another link to the aliens, even television ones. It amazed Max; he had done this for several years now and how people resurfaced with these conventions. They shared a laugh together as Brody continued, "Plus the technical advisor from the Air Force is coming too. Are their reservations set and accommodations for everyone else been made?" Brody smiled at Max, acknowledging Max's nod. "We have a busy day tomorrow for this Meet the Aliens Conn. Can you be here by 6A.M?"

"Sure, no problem, I'll be here. Did you say that the Air Force was coming?" He hadn't meant for his voice to go up a full octave, but the fear of the White Room still paralyzed him. That still haunted his dreams periodically. He wouldn't wish that on anyone…though Nicholas and his crew might be the exception to that. Max didn't want to test that idea no matter what. Once was all it had taken. Max didn't want to press his luck any further on that. Air Force or Special Unit…it didn't really matter.

They all represented the Federal Government as far as he was concerned and he was considered an unfriendly. Max had no way of knowing that would change before the weekend was over.

Brody looked up at his friend, "You okay Max?" His voice indicated his concern for him. Brody noticed how pale Max had become, so quickly.

"Yeah, I just got something caught in my throat." Max thought oh yeah, he had something caught in his throat all right, his heart! He could feel the beat of his heart thumping away while he tried to catch his breath and stop his heart from running away, with him right behind.

Cheyenne Mountain…

Back in Colorado at Cheyenne Mountain, General Hammond was about to attend a briefing with his premier team, SG-1, as he was about to hang up the phone the team filed into the room. He looked up and motioning with his hand, requesting them to sit down as he finished the call. The team could hear the remnants of the conversation. "Yes sir, Mr. President. I am sure the Colonel won't mind. No sir. I'll be sending them out first thing in the morning."

O'Neill looked around at his team, comforted with the knowledge that they really had grown together. O'Neill recalled that first briefing he attended 7 or so odd years ago. His gaze turned naturally towards Major Samantha Carter.

The merest of grins crossed his features as he recalled that arm-wrestle that had gone by the wayside, but definitely not forgotten. Nope, no sireebob…definitely not forgotten. He wondered who would have won that little tournament if they had arm-wrestled. One thing is for sure, he knew he would have had to work up a sweat! If she arm-wrestled like she played pool, it would be tough. O'Neill's attention turned towards Daniel Jackson…the archeologist turned explorer. He had really grown…of course having married and widowed and ascended and descended …those were events that changed a person, not to mention all the intervening events between all those other events. Then there was the final member of the team, Teal'c. He certainly had been right about the man…or the alien. He had proven his loyalty over the years.

Suddenly he realized that all the people were looking at him, including General Hammond. Oops. He was caught, deer in the headlights expression across his face. "Yes, sir. Sorry sir. You were saying." He had the graciousness to actually look ashamed. Hammond wasn't fooled, but he continued anyway.

"As I was saying, Colonel, you and your team are going to Roswell, New Mexico first thing tomorrow morning. You are attending the convention as the technical advisor to Mr. Lloyd's Wormhole X-treme."

"What's ol' Marty up to these days, sir?" O'Neill smiled. He had to admit he liked the alien turned entrepreneur. Though Marty's fellow aliens were something else to be reckoned with from time to time, must be something to do with them. He couldn't help but wonder if they would be following him to Roswell….. Wait a minute… "General, did you say Roswell?"

Hammond was normally a patient man. He had since accepted that Jack O'Neill would always be a wild card. "Yes, Colonel. Roswell, New Mexico. I see you've heard of it."

Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter looked up from their folders, to look first at O'Neill then to Hammond. It was always interesting to watch the two of them discuss orders. Teal'c just watched everything, taking in everything and everyone. He would later check out the reference to Roswell, New Mexico.

"Brody Davis, owner of the UFO Museum in Roswell is hosting a convention Meet the Aliens Convention. They are bringing in the cast to Wormhole X-treme, plus I understand some of the show's other alien characters." Hammond continued on about the convention. "You will all leave tomorrow morning. I want you there bright and early. And you will stay for the whole weekend, Colonel. You and your team should be prepared to leave by 0500. Follow up with Mr. Lloyd upon arrival. Make sure nothing untoward is going on there."

Daniel piped up, "You know that these convention goers go dressed up in costume. Should I go as Dr. LeVant, the young brilliant linguist?" He watched everyone's reaction. Sam was smiling as she listened to Daniel tease O'Neill.

Teal'c eyed everyone closely, particularly O'Neill and Daniel, "DanielJackson, I do not wish to be Grell the robot. He never says anything!" O'Neill grinned at his loquacious friend. If you didn't know Teal'c you wouldn't be able to tell if he was joking or not. But no doubt about it, he was getting this humor thing after all this time.

Hammond continued not the least disturbed by these comments, "And by the way, Colonel, the President also asked if you would get him autograph pictures from the main characters of the show. I didn't think you would mind. You have the rest of the day to get prepared for the event. Use the time wisely; I suggest you watch the episodes." There were assorted groans coming from all of them, but mostly O'Neill. Why couldn't have been the Simpsons, he wondered. It never failed that this would hit him in ways he had yet to contemplate.

The team sat there a moment, each one eyeing the others, finally O'Neill spoke, "I guess we'd better watch the episodes. What say we meet at my place, in an hour, while I scrounge up the DVD's? We can order pizza. You guys can bring the Guinness…" He looked at his team…

"Uh sir, Colonel?" Carter looked at him cautiously, because she knew what she was about to admit will invite a LOT of teasing… A LOT.

"What Carter?" Once O'Neill had a plan, he didn't like to deviate. "You got something you want to share? Or did you want to add some dessert?" The grin on his face was a give away… Maybe this wasn't for naught. "Go ahead."

"Sir, we can go to my place, I have the whole set of the DVD's from both seasons, plus the unaired pilot." Samantha Carter looked like she would rather endure torture at the hands of Anubis himself than admit all that. But she said it.

O'Neill had the look of the cat that swallowed the canary, "The unaired pilot, Major?" Sweet, this would give him ammunition for a very long time. "Well okay, your place in an hour. I'll bring the Guinness and we can order pizza from your place."

"Or we could bring in those great hoagies and stuff from that great deli on the way over to my place." Sam looked at everyone else to see if that appeared a better idea. No one said no, so that was how the plans were set. Just as they were exiting the conference room, the Gate geared up. Hammond was already in the Control Room, Sergeant Harriman at the console; a couple of gate techs were already leaving the Gateroom as the SF's entered it.

Harriman looked up to General Hammond, "Sir it's the Tok'ra." He seemed relieved. But then he rarely got out of the Control Room.

Hammond gave the order to stand down and to open the iris. A moment or two later, Jacob Carter strolled down the ramp followed by Anise. As Jacob and Anise got to the bottom of the ramp, Hammond and SG-1 arrived into the Gateroom.

"Jacob, good to see you. What brings you into the neighborhood?" The soft Texas twang reflecting on the shared memories of the two men.

"Can't an old friend stop by to say hi? See his beautiful daughter?" Jacob reached out to hug his daughter who smiled her greeting to her father and returning the hug.

Anise eyed O'Neill like he was prey, "Colonel O'Neill it is good to see you." She looked at him with one thought in mind. He knew exactly what that word was too, but that wasn't something he wanted to dwell on…ever!

O'Neill looked like he wanted to shrivel up…well maybe not literally, but… "Anise…" There was a lot of woman/alien there, uncovered. What was it about the Tok'ra? The clothes they chose always seemed to be brief… Anise was semi covered with a sarong styled 'dress' that barely covered her. It molded to her body as if it had been painted on… O'Neill wondered if that was indeed how it held up. "Jacob, it's always good to see you. What can we do for you? Come to borrow a cup of sugar? Get some clothes here for Anise?" Always the flip response anytime, but everyone was use to Jack's humor and sarcasm. Hammond looked like he was about reprimand or remind the Colonel that the Tok'ra were the allies, but waited to see what Jacob Carter had to say.

Jacob looked at his friends and daughter. "I really just came to visit with Sam for a few days. I thought I might be able to talk George into letting her have a few days off to spend with her ol' man." He smiled at his daughter.

"Sorry Jacob they are going on a mission. They leave tomorrow morning for Roswell, New Mexico."

Roswell…Crashdown…after closing

Michael had finished cleaning down the grill in the kitchen while Maria and Liz had swept and mopped the diner. Meanwhile Isabel and Alex got several tables and put them together. There was meeting. Max had wanted to get everyone together before the convention. He recalled the last couple of conventions. There was never a dull moment. The first time of course was when Liz was shot 3 years ago. Everett Hubble. That had been a disaster. That had been before Sheriff Valenti knew about them as such. Now he had come through so many times.

Kyle, Tess and Sheriff Valenti walked into the diner. They are joking and talking. It's hard to imagine that nearly year ago, Tess had gone to live with them. Max didn't think the Sheriff knew all details of Kyle's and Tess' relationship of late. He also didn't want to be the one to enlighten him. Notwithstanding, he was relieved that Tess had accepted that he loved Liz Parker. There was only room in his life for her. He couldn't imagine what his life would have been if Tess had continued to pursue him. He knew it would have ended badly though.

"Hey Lizzie, the 'touri' are already starting to pour into town. It was busy tonight. And I didn't see many locals. Even the jocks took a night off! They were conspicuously absent." Maria danced around as she cleaned the counter area. She winked at Space boy.

"Yeah, my dad is already looking into having the diner stay open longer the next few days to help with the convention, so be prepared to work later the next few nights. He even added a couple of menu items for the weekend for Wormhole X-treme. We now have Col. Danning Cristo. Its ham, cheese, and chicken in a battered sandwich. It's not bad. He had Mom and I try it for dinner one night. Then there is a Cosmic Wormhole Kawoosh. It's a smoothie. It's blue and purple. Ugh. I think he's planning something special for the Saturday lunch with the actors. I haven't heard exactly. He's being very secretive." Liz grinned.

Maria looked up, "That's nothing, she has been doing inventory the last week, ordering and reordering supplies for the shop. I think that she even cancelled a date or two with the Sheriff here!" Jim Valenti so did not want get into a conversation about his personal life with Amy DeLuca…or in this case the lack of personal life with said person! "Oh look, I can make him blush too!" Maria squealed with delight at that prospect. Kyle and Tess said nothing. They certainly weren't going to call any attention to anyone about anything. Not if they wanted to keep their personal lives silent. Kyle realized everyone suspected, but he wasn't going to confirm or deny anything, if they asked. However, they forgot to send Maria that memo, Wonder if it's son like father?" Liz looked up slyly to see her friends blush too! Score two for Maria.

Alex looked at his long time friend, "Uh, Liz? Can I just say Ewweeeu! Blue and purple? Where did he come up with that color combination? And more importantly how did he give it that name? I know though that your Dad has always gotten into the theme of things with these conventions. I can't wait to find out what it is!" The girls laughed. Jim Valenti laughed at the antics of these not quite adults. They had proven to be very responsible adults, but still be teens in between the chaos they had experienced.

Liz smiled as she recalled her father and his recipes, "He actually sat and watched a couple of the episodes to get ideas for the convention. He found out when he went to a couple fan sites that that the Kawoosh was the noise or something the wormhole made or something. I never really understood that. You should have seen him in the back."

Michael piped up, "No thanks, I have. Let me tell you while he was creating that sandwich, he must have tried that several times when I wasn't here, because it took awhile for him to get the right amounts of batter and meats."

Liz, nudged Max, "So is there anything to report on any surprise aliens, Max?" She smiled at him…teasing him.

"Nah, not really. It's the Wormhole X-treme group this time. And they seem to be bringing a big group. I never realized how much their fans are into the series. We're really pre-booked for this convention! I have some other news though that you all need to be aware of. Let's get started." Max turned to his friends as they finished up their closing. Maria had already got a tray of sodas and snacks to pass around. Michael came around from the kitchen to join the group.

Sheriff Valenti looked at these kids and realized how much they had grown in these past few years. "So Max what have you heard?" He looked concerned that there might be an incident.

"Brody told me this evening that Martin Lloyd, that's producer of the series, that the Air Force technical advisor is coming along too. Not sure what that entails, maybe just to be apart of the Q & A on the round tables, but I want everyone to be aware. We can't afford any slip ups. Of any kind."

Michael looked at his friend, "Should we call Cal?" He watched Max blanch at Cal Langley's name. Max shook his head, "Not if we don't have to. This producer could know Cal. I don't want to add anything to this if we can help it."

"Well we should be aware of what we're saying so that if we're overheard, it doesn't cause us problems down the road. No references then to our abilities… And no demonstrations people. If anyone hears something, make sure you find out who the person is, Alex can take their picture, then Isabel can dreamwalk them later. Michael, I know you'll be pretty much here cooking, but if you hear anything make sure you tell Liz or Maria so they can get message to Alex or me. Tess, I need you to be on the look out for our not friendly dupes. This would be the kind of place they could just show up and blend in or just be us. Kyle, you'll need to blend in the background and keep her protected. Sheriff, I know that Brody has asked that you keep a high profile to make sure nothing illegal is going on. That will give you a way to go anywhere during the convention. Isabel you will need to go between here and the Museum during the convention. You told Mom and Dad you were going to hang out here, right?" Isabel nodded to her brother. It was at moments like this that she realized how much Max and Liz were so alike. Right down to these details. But then she looked to the young man next to her. She couldn't imagine what life would have been like without him. He was kind and gentle. She knew he would do anything to help their cause or anyway help them know more about their alien side.

In Colorado Springs, at Sam's place….

Anise looked around the house; it was the first time she had been allowed off base. So this is where Jacob had lived. It seemed odd to think of him being closed up in the house. Sam had taken her father and Anise home with her while Daniel, Teal'c, and Jack came in his truck picking up the sandwiches, and beverages.

Jacob, as he looked around his old place, "Sam you really haven't done much to change the look here kiddo. Are you doing okay?" He looked at his brilliant daughter.

"Sure Dad. I just am not here much of the time, as you well know. It works. You are staying the night right?"

"You bet! I wanted to spend some time with you. So what is this mission George has sent you on? Anything that we need to be concerned about?"

Sam smiled as she thought about explaining Wormhole X-Treme to her Dad and Anise. That actually had her grinning from ear to ear. Jacob looked at his daughter and began to wonder.

"Sammy?" Jacob said in a warning tone that he couldn't believe what he saying at this stage… He knew something was up. The last time he saw something like that was when Mark and Sam were younger. They must have been in at least junior high school. Sam had managed to do…what was it? Something with Mark's sports. Inside his head, he heard Selmak respond, 'Jacob you really should be more attune that!' Sam recognized that look across her father's face. He was having a conversation with Selmak. Jacob laughed out loud, "That's right, you had Mark's team keep him out of the way while you glued his ball to the glove!"

"What brought that up, Dad?" Sam asked.

"Your expression. What are you plotting, my girl?" Jacob hooked his arm into his daughter's and walked her back into the living room. They were just sitting down as the door opened and in walked the rest of SG-1 carrying food and Guinness.

"No need to get up!" O'Neill announced to everyone. "We have food. Now where are those DVD's Carter?" He was already getting mileage out of this because he could see her squirming on the sofa next to her father. "So Jake, what's new for you these days? Seen anything you can talk about here? Or maybe we better get to work." Oh yeah, some times life could be so sweet! "I don't suppose you have the blooper reel or the one with commentary on it?" Suddenly the room was silent as one by one they all turned to stare at Jack O'Neill… He outted himself about Wormhole X-treme. Oops… Again he wasn't paying attention. He needed to watch that. That could easily be a lethal mistake.

Jake Carter couldn't decide whether to burst out with laughter or make a couple of snide remarks. Jacob had heard all about this TV show from George. They had watched it couple of times with excellent cigars and aged scotch. He'd never tell Sam, or Jack for that matter, but they had gotten royally wasted one night watching the series shortly after Jack had been there to prevent any major snafus. It had been old times, just the two of them drinking and carrying on. However both he and George had commented on Colonel Danning and Dr. Stacey Monroe and two other individuals. (George had verified that nothing inappropriate was going between them. But without a doubt Jack had more that a passing interest with a certain major and George was certain the feelings were reciprocated. Lucky for George Hammond both the Colonel and the Major were professional enough to not have any incident. He just wondered how long it would be before they resigned themselves to their fate with each other.)

"Well sir, let's watch the series first, and then go to the blooper reel. There's commentary for each episode on the disc by one the cast. It's pretty cool how they did it." Sam smirked at her C.O. She couldn't make eye contact with anyone because she knew she would burst out laughing for sure.

Daniel realized they needed to bring Jacob and Anise up on what they were doing. "Jacob, it's good to see you again. We were going to watch this because we're going to the convention tomorrow in Roswell, New Mexico. Wanna come?" That had just come out. He hadn't really expected any answer.

"It's good to see you too, Daniel, Teal'c. And you know I wouldn't mind seeing Roswell again. I haven't been there in years! I use to know some of the locals. Wonder if they are still around? So what's this show got to do with Roswell?" Jacob looked at each of them when none of them responded, "Will someone please tell me what this show has to do with Roswell?"

O'Neill looked to Carter who finally explained the situation, "Well Dad, General Hammond asked the team to go as the technical advisor to the show. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Yes, I would like to go. But what about Anise?" They all looked at Anise. "I'll have to call George and do some pretty fancy talking, but I am thinking she should come." Anise for all of technical abilities and Tok'ra know how seemed to be excited to see this place of Jacob's home. She didn't understand the references to Roswell, New Mexico. But that would come soon enough.

Roswell…Liz's balcony…

"You know I should go…it's getting very late. I told Brody I would be there at 6 Friday morning. That's in a little over 5 hours." Max kissed her again down her neck and then a quick peck on the lips.

"Max if wasn't for the fact that you have to be at work in than five hours, I would feel really upset. That has to be the poorest kiss you've ever given me. Besides, I think your watch has stopped." Liz looked into his deep amber eyes with a pair of chocolate ones aimed right back. How could he leave her with a kiss like that? With that he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.