Chapter 5

The evening before the convention officially starts…

Roswell looked like a scene from any sci-fi Hollywood B-movie from 1950. Between the series stars, the fans in costume with Brody's theme of the weekend-Wormhole X-treme, Roswell looked ready for the camera. The added security because of the convention just made it more surrealistic and glitzy. The only thing missing was a flying saucer (with or without strings), dipping over the streets of Roswell for added kitsch! The lasers on the flying saucer were shooting outward onto the city while people ran, screaming in horror… with a title shot under the whole scene. Sunrise or sunset, it would be a sight to behold with all the "aliens" walking about town. With that 'extreme thought' though would be who would be more surprised about aliens? Max and his friends? Well they do know aliens exist. The fans? They want to believe. SG-1 with Teal'c, Anise, and Selmac notwithstanding? Well they know aliens exist too. Really when you think about it, aliens weren't such a novel extreme experience in Roswell, New Mexico … Really, they'd been here 50 years earlier…at least. Who knew how much earlier? But that's another story too.

Deputy Hanson had the unlucky honor of working the graveyard shift during the convention. He started the duty shift surveying the streets in front of the Sheriff's Department. People and cars wound their way through the downtown streets of Roswell. Twelve hours of unrelenting science fiction staring him straight in the face. He sighed in resignation. He should have been use to it. He had grown up here, but somehow the town seemed excited and lit up for anything. For some reason though the 'town's sense's' seemed heightened. Everything… no everyone seemed ready to ignite. Hanson crossed over the streets passed by the museum and over and down the sidewalk. The street lights casting a yellowish glow…the parking meters appeared as if they were gothic roman candles lit up…all they needed was a mirrored glass ball filtering the flickering lights. He wondered for a nanosecond, if perhaps there was something "alien" going on. The irony was even in his thoughts, he seemed susceptible. Hanson even put quote marks within his own thoughts. How weird was that?

Over the last few years there had been some equally unusual situations that occurred. Hanson began thinking back on all of them in the last few years. He remembered there was the shooting at the Crashdown which elicited interest from the Feds. Then there was a run on odd break-ins around town, including the Evans' home. There were the other conventions held in town. Everett Hubble showed up and that seemed to change things again, along with his death. Then there was the meteor shower out in Frazier Woods. That sparked- - no pun intended he thought- interest again in the Alien Capital of the United States. Then there were some rather puzzling events when Sheriff Valenti and the Feds who were investigating something. Who or what it was never seemed to be determined exactly. It was all obfuscated by other things-again never really resolved. He recalled though that Valenti nearly lost his job over it. He remembered that female agent who had disappeared, Katherine Topolsky…no Kathleen Topolsky. And then there was that instance when all the kids were in and out of his office. Of course Kyle being the Sheriff's son, it made some sort of sense…but there were still some pieces missing…yet.

The mental list that Officer Hanson had compiled increased so quickly he stumbled on the sidewalk as he realized that he had quite a list going. He tried to shrug off that feeling he had. What was there to be concerned about? They had always celebrated the Crash Festival and it was bigger than this… although…looking about he began to wonder. He couldn't help but speculate what the town would look like the last night after the convention. He shook that thought away. No sense borrowing trouble. That seemed as if it was months away instead of 3 days away. It was going to a long weekend.

Maybe after this was over he and his girlfriend could get away to Santa Fe for a fun weekend. That made the evening seem a little lighter than it had a few moments earlier. It was a good thought as he wound his way around town. They both liked Santa Fe. It was relaxing… Oh yeah… He would make reservations now for next weekend. With that settled in his mind, he focused on the mingling groups of fans that now made up "his street." The quotes reappeared… hmmmm….

Though technically the convention would start tomorrow it was already busy. Traffic jams appeared everywhere. Downtown Roswell was congested with people stopping, milling about the Museum and the Crashdown as two likely places to see and be seen. They waved to others chattering away or as people passed that they recognized. Some of the local establishments had taken advantage of the influx to add some regional bands for entertainment; so some of the bars and restaurants were already booming, particularly the exotically themed ones, including the Crashdown. Though Sheriff Valenti had been clear to be as passive and friendly as possible with all of this going on about town, Deputy Hanson wondered how nice, nice was, as he surveyed the people, cars and excitement that normally was only there during the Crash Festival. Now it looked like the Crash Festival had imploded on Wormhole X-treme convention and this was the result. Deputy Hanson tipped his hat as he passed several conventioneers jostling each other as they talked about the stars they had met. He overheard snatches of their conversation. He shook his head. He couldn't believe how many people had come already. He hadn't realized how popular this show was to its fans.

The Wormhole X-Treme convention brought people from everywhere to be apart of the first reunion since the show had gone off the air. The motels were packed as were the restaurants where the conventioneers and fans gathered. Many of the fans turned friends who had met in on-line groups, were meeting for the first time. Friends discussed elements from the show, from fan wish lists, the stars, to having petitions for more episodes, movies or new production of the defunct series. Any fragment was worth talking about with fans, and some of the locals that were involved with the working end of the convention joined into the conversation.

Felger and Coombs were no exception; they had invited two women whom they had met while waiting in line and struck up a conversation with them. Women had not come up when they planned this weekend. It wasn't that they weren't typical men, but they were so focused on connection with the show that possible hooks up never came up. Though the two scientists were agile in their own fields, they were somewhat less experienced chatting with women in a social setting. Eventually though they did get around to asking the ladies to join them for dinner. Who knew what was floating through Jay Felger's mind flashes of … Bond, James Bond… Felger, Jay Felger, dressed in tuxedo and a Walther PPK in one hand and a drink in the other. Martini-shaken not stirred in a British accent. Or perhaps mirrored sunglasses with a military uniform with medals emblazoned on the jacket, with a red, white and blue cape flaring behind him. Who knew with Jay? The expression he wore indicated to Simon that something was going on there. He shuddered. He really didn't want to know. They went to the Crashdown's competition, Area 51. It was still very alien themed but more adult oriented in its décor and they served alcoholic beverage-albeit alien themed ones. They sat down with drinks; something called an Alien Probe that had a 'Roswell Gray' on a swizzle stick and chatted while their server cleaned the booth as the previous occupants vacated the booth when they had been seated.

Simon felt obligated to stick with Jay since he certainly had a tendency to talk about the show so closely that he might say something that could get them both in hot water. That treason section loomed in their contracts kept triggering painful thoughts for Simon. So he definitely wanted to be as low key as possible. And that asterisk at the end of the biographies was just as painful.

It was fun though to talk science fiction with some others who obviously enjoyed the show. The women were from San Antonio. Mimosa LeGrange was a Human Resource Manager. She worked with Ashling Josland who was Quality Assurance Manager at the same place. Mim and Ash were fans when the show first aired. When the convention was first planned they had decided it would be fun to come. Both women were intelligent and bright. Simon was feeling better than he had when Jay had said they were going to this. Of course, he didn't want to feel disloyal to his own friends from the "other" sci-fi fandom. But that was another story altogether. He didn't really like the fact that Jay had told the women that they were associated with the show… but that was so Jay, no matter how many degrees they were really from participating with it. Of course Mim and Ashling were already excited about the show. Now they thought they were going to get inside info about the series and the stars because of Jay! Simon just shook his head. He would never learn.

When the young women asked about their work, there was a long pause. They stared at each other slightly confused. This hadn't come up in their private conversations prior to the trip. They were caught off guard. No two ways about that. It was Mim and Ash's turn to feel confused. They were just making conversation.

Mim looked at Ash and then to the guys, "Guys, really… you're kinda freaking us out here!" Ash softened expression as she looked at Simon.

"Yeah, we just wondered what you did for a living. So now you're going to tell us that you're government spies and you're here to see if aliens really do exist." Simon choked. Jay looked somewhat paler. Well it wasn't true that they were spies. But they work for the Air Force. That was apart of the government. And yes they did know that aliens did exist.

Simon took the lead with his voice returning, although it seemed to be a higher octave now than it was 5 minutes ago, "Jay and I are scientists. We work in Colorado for NORAD. Nothing very exciting, basically pencil pushers who happened to be scientists." That part of their job wasn't secret, however the part that they got to play with millennia old technology was. And most people had heard of NORAD, so that wasn't a secret exactly. He nodded to himself knowing that while not completely true, it was definitely made them men of mystery. The women though began asking leading questions about extraterrestrials and the like. It was difficult to keep things general. Maybe he should have hedged the truth when they had asked. Simon redirected the conversation towards the defunct series and smiled as it took hold. The girls began talking in earnest about the different episodes.

The two couples spent the evening talking about the show, the various episodes with the different characters and the actors too. It didn't help though when Jay started telling their dates about a "mission"… and it was Colonel O'Neill and SG-1's mission not Colonel Danning's. A drop of perspiration dropped from Simon's brow when he heard those words as Jay started talking about that wayward mission. When the girls said they didn't remember the episode, Simon felt his whole being shift. Jay covered it up by saying that he must've been thinking of another show. Jay being Jay couldn't stop there, he offered the girls an opportunity to meet Nick Marlowe. Jay said the words before Simon could even stop him…or hit him or anything, like the table or the chair. There it was the huge glaring problem that Jay had started. Before the end of the convention, they would have to do something.

This was shaping up to be a major disaster. Along the lines of Apocalyptic proportions and Colonel O'Neill would not be so generous. Simon knew Colonel O'Neill was the forgiving type…NOT! Maybe Major Carter could be enlisted into helping them get to meet Nick Marlowe. Simon didn't want to have to be dodging these women for the entire convention. They seemed nice and frankly they were more interesting than some of the women he had met at similar conventions. It turned out that Mime had written some fan fiction and had posted on one of the many websites dedicated to the show. Ash was a hobby artist and had made some drawings that she had posted. Simon enjoyed good fanfic. It was guilty pleasure and one he didn't share with anyone… No one… Not even Jay knew that he would sit at home with his laptop and read some of the stories fans wrote about their beloved show.

Simon's attention had been wandering, wondering when Jay had been so bold at talking with women. He knew that with Major Carter he could bumble he was through things all things science, but social… not so much! Coombs knew that Jay was still very close with his mother. Chloe too for that matter, though even he realized that Chloe would like to be more than his assistant. He didn't think that Jay realized how much Chloe would like to be closer. Jay had to know that while Major Carter accepted him as a fellow scientist, she would never consider him more than that. You would have to be blind to see how the Colonel and the Major responded to each other. Though he knew they would never do anything inappropriate, it was still easy to see them together. He hoped some day they could be. But Jay was his friend even though- - if was hard to remember why when Jay did things like that.

Ashling looked at Simon, "What Simon? You don't agree?" She grinned at him.

Simon sputtered, not really wanting to admit that he hadn't been paying attention to the situation. On the other hand, he had no clue as to what they had been discussing. "I'm sorry. I lost the last bit." Mim smiled at him. She had taken a liking to this intelligent man. He seemed very different from the men she worked with in San Antonio. He wasn't overwhelming. Mim decided she even like Jay, even though she could tell he wasn't as worldly as he would have them believe. She had a feeling that maybe he lived in the basement of his parents' home… He just seemed like the poster boy for the comment about 'get a life' ages ago… She smiled at that thought.

"That's all right, Simon. We were discussing some of the explorations that they travelled to on the show. Which was your favorite?"

Jay jumped in, "I was telling them, it was the one with the huge palace, and the scientists saved the team. The team gave the two scientists an award ceremony for saving the day." Jay paused when he had realized that he had done it again. Simon blanched at the description of their adventure with SG-1. It certainly didn't remind him of any episode from Wormhole X-treme. It did however sound vaguely familiar with Colonel O'Neill.

"That must've been when Grell managed to get Dr. Levant and Stacy Monroe had been captured." Mim said.

"Yeah, I missed the ending of that one each time it's on." Ashling said. There was a definite sigh of relief from both men. Simon gave Jay a glare that could have matched any solar flare that could've come off the sun. They didn't need to create anything with these girls. They were fun and were enjoyable to be around.

"That must be it. I think it was like the fourth episode or something." Jay lied, meekly looking over to Simon. He couldn't believe he was beginning to tell them about their adventure. He saw Coombs expression. He knew he would hear about that later. But these women were nice. He wondered vaguely how he would be able to introduce them to Nick Marlowe, but that was for later on.

Simon had been listening, but the scientist in him was functioning on his surroundings. Something seemed off. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was amiss. He quietly and without a lot of attention he turned and surveyed the area. That's when he saw several men in dark suits. Men in Black… Ha! These were navy suits, but they might as well have something inscribed in neon to announce their presence. He couldn't remember Malcolm Barrett by face. But he knew he was NID and none of the men he saw right now looked like any fan he had seen…anywhere… At least of any sci-fi show that he was acquainted with and been to. And he had been to the X-files con. They didn't even look like that! That made Simon curious as to why the NID would be showing up here. He wondered if there was something going on. He had seen General Carter with that Tok'ra woman. This made him think that perhaps something was going on at this convention. He knew Martin Lloyd for who and what he was. Or was it because Teal'c, the Tok'ra woman and the General were off base and someone had been sent to spy on them? He also wondered if Colonel O'Neill knew anything about them being here. Simon knew instinctively that this was not a good thing. He wondered how he could strategically get the girls, as well as himself and Jay out of here without looking like a scared rabbit.

Even Jay and Simon had managed to appear apart of the flotsam in some way known only to the participants to belong with the group. That alone freaked Simon out. These agents or whomever didn't seem to be very interested in the show, but they did really take an interest in their fellow convention-goers. At one point when the young women excused themselves, Jay looked at his friend, "Simon, what do you think you're doing? They're going to think we aren't straight!" Simon seemed surprised… It hadn't been what he was expecting.

Simon quietly told Jay about the two men over in the corner observing everything. They really didn't look like fans of the show. In fact, they looked like Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith…Men in Black. They had a somber expression and certainly out of place for the convention. "Jay, we really should let Colonel O'Neill know that there are some really different government types here." Simon looked tired and beaten. It was apparent even to his untrained eye that they were here for something else. He felt it like the Jaffa beating down the door on him [again]. No way he'd ignore those feelings again! He could still hear the stepping of the Jaffa as they marched into the throne room on the Ha'tak. The memories were still very much in the present.

"Look, Simon," Jay sighed, "We're having some fun. We aren't doing anything wrong. And for all we know, those guys are here with security or something. They haven't done anything really." Jay for a change was trying not to be rash, even though he hadn't really paid attention to the men in question. Men in black or navy, it didn't really matter the color of the suits. They weren't Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith. He also didn't think they would have any BIG ASS GUN in their coat jacket. While they did look out of place, he didn't think they could just go over there and ask them. Even if they were here because of aliens, he doubted they'd admit it. The dark haired one seemed calm, but his partner seemed more edgy. Rats, another reason not to just blow them off. Jay tried to be calm; he really wanted to impress the women they were with at the moment. They were fun, attractive and seemed to be interested in them.

"Jay, just watch what you're saying. You know you nearly blew it a couple of times when we were talking with the girls. We can't say any thing… about you know what… Promise me." Simon waited for Jay to nod before he continued, "I know that you want to impress them, but let's be careful. And let's see if that guy shows up any other place. He did remind me of one of those guys from NID." Simon knew that he sounded whiny but he truly enjoyed working at Stargate Command. Notwithstanding he knew that somehow this was all going to backfire on him and Jay. It was just a feeling he had, like being trapped on a mother ship… Oh yeah this was going to big. This wasn't going to end on a positive note. He knew it. It was like watching an accident. You stared as everything started to collide with each other and see where the pieces landed.

If they had known was going to happened they never would have come to the convention in the first place. Worse yet, he knew that when the cataclysmic event did happen, Colonel O'Neill would be right there in the middle screaming their names. Maybe he should just send a thank you note to the Colonel right now and get it over with because there wasn't any way that this was going to end on an upbeat note. This was going to end badly.

The men in the navy suit definitely had their own agenda. He was there following orders. He knew there was more to the crash story. They still had some of the original evidence hidden away in some warehouse somewhere, for little good it them. There were some additional pieces he had found, and lost. Who knew where they were? They could be on one of that cuckoo's table over at the museum for all he knew. He tried to snoop, but even this afternoon the crowds were everywhere… What he needed was some alone time with all of that junk.

Pierce had said there was more, but he had disappeared before anything else had been sent or catalogued. He didn't say what the pieces were but he'd bet even money that the Evan's kid knew where and what it was. Probably same place that they disposed of Pierce's body. And God only knows what happened to him. Pierce had already sent a report about the young Evans' kid. He had returned to Washington only to go back out to Roswell a few months later. Then Pierce disappeared…permanently. Nothing. No messages. Nothing was there to find. In fact that was apart of the investigation. The previous agents couldn't even find a fragment of detail left by Pierce. No clues as to what happened to one of their own. It was as if he disappeared off the face of the planet. That thought jolted him. You don't think the kids sent him out into space? I mean they don't have that kind of power do they? If they did why didn't they just go back to where they came from in the first place? Too many unanswered questions.

Now there was a whole group of them, not just the Evans' kid. There were Evans' kids, plus their friends and unbelievable the Sheriff's kid was there too. Plus their friends, at least eight of them, doing something illegal. He had that gut feeling. It was beginning to look like a conspiracy…and just where they didn't need it, in Roswell, New Mexico. Home of the Alien Invasion and any other crackpot theory around, that was presently being passed around as cover-up and such! There had always been weird problems in Roswell beginning in '48. Agent Burns should have known that he would end up here at some point. It just figured. He looked around and figured that tomorrow they would need to blend in better. Those nerds over there talking with those women seemed to have made him and his partner. He wasn't sure how or why, but now even more so their activities would need to be careful. Plus a little background check on them is in order. He heard their names… Jay Felger and Simon Coombs. How hard would that be to find out what those two are up to? Other than they were hoping to get lucky with those two women. Maybe see if one of the other agents here could get close to them. Surely they would do better with the ladies than those geeks!

Burns had a hunch if things went south with this project that there wouldn't be crack small enough to hide in. He had seen that Air Force Colonel and General. He knew their names. He knew O'Neill had been black ops for many years. That had a way of making you see the world differently. He'd steer clear of them just for that reason alone! He also knew O'Neill was as hard assed as you can get. That General, who he thought had retired a few years ago, was still involved with projects. Guess he hadn't retired after all. He didn't recall what post he worked while he was serving, but did recall the medals he had on his jacket the last time he ran into him in Washington. And you didn't get them by talking with the politicians.

Since O'Neill was apart of this circus staying out of sight might be a challenge. It was interesting that they had engaged the Air Force for technical advisor for the show. Plausible deniability was a very useful tool when used with subterfuge. He would check with his sources outside the main, and see what else popped up. There had to be more than that for them to be there. Ferreting out information was the name of the game. He had learned to play the game better than most. They would have to be careful. Disclosure wasn't an option, neither was failure. They should have thought to monitor fringe groups like this early on. You never knew when or where your source could be.

When Pierce disappeared, the Special Unit had flagged Roswell. The section waited and watched to see what developed. They were sure something would. And this convention was too tempting for people not to use this as a cover. He had noticed the NID too and wondered what brought them out of the woodwork. He knew some of the names…Maybourne…Makepeace, he thought was among them too. He had read some confidential memo about alien technology that they had gotten their hands or something. He knew there was a lot more to that, but he had his own alien problems, he figured there was enough to go around. There were other names he'd read in association with the Air Force. But those were the two that topped the list. He figured Barrett would see him soon enough and could cross that bridge when it happened. Those guys were just as paranoid as they came, just like the Special Unit. Of course if they had Robert Kinsey in their back pocket like they did, he figured he might be even more paranoid that he was… They would 3 days and nights to see what really was going on here in Roswell and with fringe groups. Burns turned his attention to the series stars. He had followed them around earlier just to see if they turned up anything…they hadn't, but it's always good to rule out people and be able to fully focus on your target. They were just as boring as hell and that actor guy was a piece work!

Nick Marlowe and Yolanda Reese had ended the evening with dinner. They had sat and brought each other up on what had happened with them recently in terms of acting and their personal lives. It was at the restaurant that some of their fans had caught sight of them along with the Special Unit detail. Nick hadn't been paying attention to agents as he was to Yolanda and the fans. He had tried to date her back when they were filming, but she claimed she was already involved. Yolanda Reese on the other hand had been watching two very strange men that had followed them into the restaurant. They had followed them from the UFO Museum and until they ended up here with them. Yolanda was impressed the lengths Brody Davis had gone to, to provide everyone connected with the show and fans alike, but those two didn't seem like body guards.

After dinner, Nick escorted Yolanda back to their rooms. They joked about that-but they were separate rooms. It was when Nick closed and locked his door that he recognized "the suiter" that he had seen at dinner. Now he had followed them up to their rooms. Nick was sure which was of greater concern: were they here to sabotage the convention or worse do some physical harm to someone? At first he thought it was some rag tag rumor mongering newspaper ready to spread the cheesiest gossip, but then he got to thinking about what Yolanda had said at dinner. Or worse, it would just make up some crappy news blurb that would be buried on the back page. How would that look? Or worse could they make into some twisted report of what didn't happen? Oh yeah, he would have to talk with Martin in the morning about this.

As the fervor died down, the night shadows came out. There were still some fans out hoping to see one of the stars from the series, and others who were searching, looking for evidence of any kind that could be linked up to anything else that locals would like to forget or at least put to rest. Even though you might have used this for your living, at some point you just want to move forward and forget.

It was after midnight, people were settling in for the evening. People had slowed down. They were gearing up though for the convention tomorrow morning. Even the campsites around Roswell were filled up with young fans of the show. They shared nearby grounds and sat by the fire they had created. Yes they were fans, but others had joined the group for other reasons than Wormhole X-treme. Several kids there had their own agenda too.

The young woman looked over to the guy there, "You been to these before?"

"Yeah sure. Though this time I'm here in a different way. You?" He was tall and lean and the beginnings of what he might become. He looked over at her, with her two watch dogs… She was definitely beautiful, but trouble. No doubt about it. He usually didn't go for brunettes, but there was something about this one… He had a thing for blondes. He knew it was one special blonde, but that was in his past. He hoped that he did get that blonde… if not now, sometime. Maybe he'd have a talk with Jack down the road to see about his options. Nah…it'd be like having the sex talk with your dad… He shook with disgust. Not going to happen.

"Nope, this is the first one we've been to…ever. So what happens next?" For a change, she was trying to enjoy herself despite or in spite of her situation. To think they had come back here, but the convention gave the three of them the perfect opportunity. She did like New York. And it didn't help that those two guys were being jerks. "I'm Lonnie." "That's Rat…Rad and that's Nick." She smiled at him. "D'ere like my brothers..." definitely a heavy east coast accent there. "You know always looking out for me. They think I need protection."

"Jon." He waited. He wondered what the deal was with those three. The short one was already a pain in the ass! And he only just met him. They looked like they were apart of the show. Jon tried not to listen, but he couldn't help it.

"If youse…" Lonnie caught herself, "if you both want to get some rest, I'm fine." Lonnie turned towards Jon. The two guys looked at each other… it was nearly a telepathic conversation where Lonnie confirmed she would be all right with him. It was Jon's voice that made them jerk in surprise.

"Look guys, I just met you, I'm not going to do anything here but talk." Jon had a feeling this might not have been a good choice to come, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. He started to get up and get another cup of coffee, but as he stood, his knees did a little popping sound. Mumbling to himself, 'Ya' think he could have fixed that knee thing while he was messing around with my DNA.'

"What did you say?" Lonnie tried to be focus on Jon.

"Nothing. Just my knees. From playing hockey." He smiled. Well it was sorta true.

They didn't know why, but they knew that this one was different. There was something about him, which set him apart from the rest. He may have been about their age give or take a year or two, but there was an authority there that they didn't have even with their street savvy. They acted like he was invading their turf. Jon shook his head. They were twerps! Oy, even though he looked 18 now, he felt every one of his 56 years in his mind.

Jon realized that something else was going on here. He had seen Barrett in his car driving around town. And some department had agents here… forcryingoutloud! This was a TV show that wasn't even on the air anymore! What's up with that? He wondered if Carter knew he was here. That guy was always sniffing around Carter. Not that he blamed him, much. But… Carter was under his…well 'his' protection. Barrett shouldn't even be here. Not that gave him something else to think about.

He too realized that there was something about these three that didn't meet the eye. He had learned quickly to rely on "his" past experiences and knowledge. It had kept him going on more than one occasion. Now he wanted to find out what their deal was. They actually didn't strike him as fans of the show. Jon didn't know it yet, but there was going to be such a finale to all of this…that would make the show's history. Too bad not many people would know the whole story. He would wait and find out. After all he was well known for his strategic planning. Plus he had an inside to this whole mess.

At the motel with SG1…

The rooms occupied by SG-1 were all strangely quiet. Teal'c was kelnoreeming. Daniel had fallen back asleep. He could hear from the Colonel and the General's room the light noises that they fallen back asleep too. He didn't know what was disturbing him, but something was telling him to remain on alert. Attributed to his training with Master Bra'tac, he knew that whatever this was, was not just the Gao'uld. It was something else, but just as dangerous. Teal'c's meditation continued into the night.

Jon and Lonnie said their goodnights, each returning to their own tent. Lonnie entered the one she shared with Nick and Rath/Rad who grunted when she entered. "Do youse have to be so gross? All I was trying to do was have a little fun. He seems nice. He's been to these conventions before. And I get the feeling that there is a lot more to him than meets the eye."

"Did you have to flirt with him so much?" Rath/Rad asked jealously. "And why did you have to change my name? I like my name." He looked at her somewhat hurt. He began grumbling, 'at least it's not Michael.'

"Shut UP both of you! I'd say get a room, but that isn't going to happen. We don't want the others to know right off the bat we're here in town. We need that granolith. And we need to use the convention as a cover." Nicholas spoke. He was the general after all. He had been a general when Khivar took Antar. He was a general when they podded the eight of them years ago. He was still a freaking general…even if he didn't look like it. He'd still be one when he returned to Antar. "Enough talking. Get some sleep. We'll have a busy day. I saw Zan around town with his girlfriend while I was checking out this circus. I even saw Isabel and Michael along with their Ava. So get some sleep…NOW." He was tired of being the one looking younger and yet knowing his was at least 2 generations older!

Rath sullen at the direction this was going turned his back on Lonnie. Lonnie curled up in her sleeping bag and ignored both Nicholas and Rath. Sheeshhh…all she wanted some fun. And that Jon seemed funny and liked he'd been around awhile. Slowly, she drifted off leaving a very irritated general between her and Rath.

Deputy Hanson had made the rounds through downtown and had cruised around all the motels and campgrounds. It had quieted down. People were settled in for the rest of the night… Looking at his watch in the glow, it was 4 A.M. He would end up at the Crashdown. They opened early any way. This way he could get a fresh cup of coffee and end his shift. Looking about it felt like the calm before the storm.

To Be Continued…

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