Title: Mother Moon

Rating: T

A Naruto/Sailor Moon crossover

Has anyone noticed how Naruto's Sexy technique looks a bit like Usagi? What if there was a reason for that similarity?

Chapter 1

Usagi was in tremendous pain as she lay on her hospital bed desperately trying to give life to the child within her womb. There was a sense of urgency knowing that the hospital could soon be under attack by that horrific tailed-beast, the Kyuubi. Looking into the mid-wife's eye after a push Usagi could see the fear that resided in the mid-wife's heart. If the woman had the ability to look back on her life and not focus on the immense pain she was currently in she would have been surprised at the route her life had taken.

Konoha was not her native town; in fact the world she was living on was not even the world of her birth. Eight years ago she had been caught in the explosion caused by the destruction of Pharaoh 90. When she had awaken in the Konoha hospital she was told that a genin team lead by their jonin sensei had found her washed up on the shore surrounded by the wreckage of things they couldn't identify.

She then had met with the team that had found her and that's where she met him, Minato Namikaze. The two of them had a few minutes of conversation before Minato offered to let her stay with him for a few days until she could, "get back on her feet." At the time she didn't know why but that night she revealed to Minato the fact that she was from a different world. Minato was shocked for a moment but then just smiled and accepted this as a fact.

Minato explained to Usagi that, while he believed her, most of the people in Konoha wouldn't believe her and call her crazy. That night the two of them stayed up crafting a cover story for her. In the end they decided to say that she was on board a ship from a country across the Eastern Ocean that sank. To explain away her unique abilities Minato said that they would just say that it was a bloodline limit. Everyone accepted the story except for the Hokage who they told the truth to.

Over the years she and Minato kept in close touch until three years ago when Minato asked her to marry him and she accepted. They were married just six months after the end of the Leaf-Rock War and two months before Minato became the Fourth Hokage. When she had found out that she was expecting a child she and Minato couldn't be happier. However, for the past two weeks she had been ill and was bed-ridden in the hospital in order to make sure that her and her child would be safe. Then that blasted fox had to appear and her child decided to come out NOW of all times.

The pain of giving birth was beginning to be unbearable for her, her son seemed stubborn in wanting to come out even though she had gone into labor. After one last push she heard the crying of her child taking his first breath in the world. One of the mid-wife's assistance came next to her and said, "You have a healthy baby boy Usagi."

Sarutobi silently cried as he looked at the little baby sleeping peacefully in his arms. The little boy was only a few days old, but sadly most of the civilians in Konoha harbored a deep hatred for the little babe. They blamed little Naruto for the sins that the Kyuubi had wreaked on Konoha even though the two were separate persons.

When Sarutobi thought about the situation he let out a curse towards his predecessor, "Damn you Minato. I should have been the one to use the seal not you. As a result of your stubborn determination your only son is now an orphan and hated by the village we've sworn to protect. At least our ninjas respect your skills enough to know that your son is not the Kyuubi."

Sarutobi stopped his gripping when he saw a furry black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead moving quietly along the corners of his office. Sarutobi then spoke up and said, "Hello Luna; is there something I can help you with?" Luna turned her head to look at Sarutobi before she walked near and jumped onto his desk.

Luna looked lovingly at the little babe resting in the old Hokage's arms before speaking, "Yes there is something you can help me with. You can tell me your plans are for my prince." Sarutobi almost chucked when he looked at Luna as she spoke to him. It always made Sarutobi smile when he saw Luna and Usagi's good cop, bad cop routine. Although the little advisor was always overly paranoid in his mind, one could tell how much she cared about Usagi and now Naruto.

In his wise old grandfatherly voice Sarutobi said, "Don't worry your little head Luna. You know that I loved Usagi like she was my own daughter, just like almost everyone who knew her. Besides, I owe Minato quite a lot and the village is sadly just increasing the debt owed to Naruto's family. I've gotten the Council to leave Naruto alone, but I can't adopt him like I would have liked to do. I've arranged for you and Naruto to have a small cottage on the edge of one of the quieter edges of town. Sadly, Naruto can't live in his parent's house until he can claim his father's name and we both know the conditions for that to happen."

At this point both Luna and Sarutobi bowed their heads in thought. Naruto would have to have his true name hidden to protect him until he became a Chunin, he reached 18 years old, or he married. Luna's face grew firm as she spoke, "I may only be able to be in my human form for 1 hour out of 3, but I WILL take care of Naruto. When they really needed help, I couldn't help his mother or his grandmother. I WILL NOT fail Naruto now when he needs my help." Sarutobi just nodded his head and thought that maybe Naruto's luck was about to change.

Almost 12 years latter…

In a meadow on the edge of Konoha, as the sun was casting its evening light, a little boy could be found. Naruto Tuskino, the future Hokage according to him and 'that demon brat' according to some of the nastier villagers, was hard at work practicing his martial arts. Naruto didn't know why most of the older villagers hated or ignored him, but he wanted to change that. He wanted to become Hokage to protect the few people that were kind to him and to show the others how wrong they were about him. Sweat was starting to run down Naruto's face as he finished his rough kata. The kata was choppy and had a lot of holes in it, but it was coming along fairly well and in a few days should be his 7th custom kata.

At the ninja academy, the martial arts instructor seemed to have a grudge against him and would only teach Naruto the minimum. It had been about 4 years ago when, just a few days into the academy, Naruto noticed that some of the kids were better in that particular class and were using different styles. Determined not to be outdone, right then and there Naruto had silently vowed to create a powerful family style for the Tuskino family. Over the past three years Naruto took his minimal academy training, his observations of chunin practicing, and his own gut instinct to slowly form the Gintuskiken (Silver Moon Fist) style of martial arts.

It wasn't just his own observations that he used in creating and refining the Silver Moon Fist. Whenever he could, Naruto would go to the local library to read about ninjas. Those books had been a godsend to Naruto whenever he was stuck on something. The most blaring example of this happened a year ago when he was trying to get a basic framework for the Silver Moon Fist together. Naruto was on the verge of giving up and going to old man Sarutobi for help when he read that some martial arts schools were based on the movements of animals. Ever since then Naruto had adopted the feline movements of Aunt Luna.

Suddenly Naruto's practice was interrupted by a voice yelling, "Naruto get in the house now! Supper's starting to get cold." After yelling that he was coming, Naruto started to walk back home where Aunt Luna was waiting for him. Naruto might have thought it strange that his 'Aunt' was a talking cat who, on occasion, could transform into a human, but he just took it as a fact of his life. Luna and Naruto loved each other dearly; even a blind man could see that about the aunt and nephew.

One thing that Naruto liked about Luna was the she supported him in everything he did. She never claimed that something was out of his reach if he worked hard enough at it. While Sarutobi and latter Iruka cared deeply for Naruto and he cared for them, they just weren't there 24/7 like Luna was with him. When Naruto had said, at age 5, that he wanted to become Hokage Luna had told him that he would have to work hard to get there and she would help him. When Luna taught him what she could about being a ninja she made sure that he paid attention and heaven help him if she found out that he had been slacking at the academy.

Naruto walked through the door of the small cottage to see Luna waiting on the dinner table in her cat form for him. After Naruto sat down at the table the two of them began to eat. It was a simple meal that Luna had prepared for them as even after 12 years of practice she could only make simple meals. The meal was eaten in silence as Luna was too busy eating her meal and Naruto was, for the moment, tired out.

Once dinner was over and the dishes taken care of, Naruto hurried upstairs and then hopped out of his bedroom window onto the roof. It was a warm evening with clear skies granting Naruto the full view of the heavens. Ever since Naruto could remember, he was fascinated by the heavens. There was something about the stars and the moon that just seemed to 'call' to him. Naruto knew the names of all the stars and their locations throughout the year by heart. Naruto could with a glance at the heavens and tell where he was to within a second or two of his actual position. When Iruka had found out about that skill he had told Naruto that it would help Naruto on long distance missions.

Naruto spent a few hours just looking at the moon and forgetting his worries and troubles. Whenever he was feeling nervous or troubled, Naruto had found a quick glance at the moon calmed him down. Once he had told this fact to Luna and said that it was quite funny as his name meant 'Maelstrom of the Moon'. For a moment Naruto swore he saw shock on Luna's face, but when he looked again she was smiling and agreeing that it was quite funny. Slowly Naruto's eyelids closed as the young ball of energy went off into dreamland.

"Where on Earth am I?!" Naruto yelled into the air around him. The last thing that he could remember was falling asleep on the roof of the cottage, which definitely wasn't where he was now. Looking around him all Naruto saw was the fallen ruins of some grand marble building, and that he was apparently in the courtyard of the building. Naruto closed his eyes and said to himself, "Okay first things first; I'll figure out where I am and then I'll plan from there." Naruto opened his eyes facing the heavens to see… the Earth?!

Naruto started to freak for a second before he got control of himself and smirked. Going over the situation in his mind Naruto almost laughed, "Interesting Genjutsu. I half to admit that it had me going for a second, but that Earth is just a dead give away." Naruto then proceeded to try the release method for dispelling the 'genjutsu'. Seeing that the sight around him was the same Naruto started to grumble, "Okay someone knows what their doing when they created this illusion. However, there's more than one way to break an illusion." Naruto then grabbed a sharp rock that was lying on the ground and proceeded to cut his arm.

"I would advise you to stop trying to undo this as it's not an illusion." A soft gentle voice from behind Naruto said just as Naruto's cut was rapidly healing. Naruto spun around to face the owner of the voice and demand that she explain herself. However, Naruto's plans stopped when he gazed on the image of the woman in front of her. She was unearthly beautiful with long purple hair styled in ox horns with streamers. On her head rested a delicate diamond crown while her face was gentle and caring with a crescent moon birthmark on her forehead. Her dress was simple and pure white.

The woman smiled at Naruto and said softly, "My name is Queen Serenity and I mean you no harm Naruto. If fact, I have been waiting a long while to meet you." Naruto lowered his guard; for some reason his instincts were telling him to trust this queen in front of him. Still, where were they and why was a queen waiting to meet him? These two questions gnawed at the back of Naruto's mind demanded to be answered.

As if she saw his inner struggle Queen Serenity calmly said, "I'm sure you want to know where we are and why I want to meet you." Serenity then sat down on a fallen marble pillar and motioned for Naruto to sit next to her. Trusting in his instincts, Naruto quietly complied with her request. "Now then Naruto, we are currently in an area between the world of the living and the afterlife where our souls can meet and talk. You see, I die long ago when the kingdom whose ruins are shown around you was destroyed. Now for the second question that is likely on your mind, 'Why does she want to meet with me,' requires a back story to understand."

A sad look crossed Serenity's eyes and a tear fell as she remembered those days. However unpleasant these memories were for the late queen, Serenity was determined to not let them get the better of her and so continued her tale. "You see Naruto; the universe is like a great tree with many branches. These branches or dimensions represent different chains of events that result in different things happening. I come from a different dimension then the one you live in.

"A long time ago, in my dimension, there was a large empire spanning across the entire solar system and I was its queen. But my empire was destroyed when a woman, who desired my daughter's boyfriend, made a pact with an entity of pure evil and together destroyed my empire. I had managed in the end to seal this entity along with the woman into another dimension. Seeing my world literally dying in front of my eyes, I used the last of my strength to send the soul of my daughter, her love, her friends, and the few surviving people of my kingdom to be reborn on the planet Earth.

My daughter Serenity was reborn on earth as Usagi Tuskino. When she was 14 she meet my advisor Luna and gained the ability to use a portion of her royal power. She, along with her love and friends, fought against several evils that were threatening the people around her. During her last battle with a powerful creature known as Pharaoh 90, Usagi was caught in the aftershocks of the creature's death and sent to your dimension. She then met your father and later had you just before she died. So see Naruto, I'm your grandmother."

Naruto just sat there for a minute trying to process what this lady, his grandmother, was telling him. Hesitantly Naruto asked "So I'm really your grandson and a prince?" Serenity just smiled and nodded her head towards her grandson before she pulled him into a hug. Naruto couldn't be happier that he had found out about his family. All that Luna would tell him when he asked was that his father was a high ranking ninja and that she couldn't tell him more until certain conditions were meet to assure his safety.

Serenity then pulled Naruto back and had him face her before she seriously said, "Naruto, I don't have a lot of time left to talk to you so I'll be brief. Shortly after you were born Naruto, the Kyuubi was sealed inside of you. Ask Luna or that kind old Hokage to tell you the full story. The point of me telling you this is that having the Kyuubi within you jump started your lunar royal powers. As a member of the lunar royal family you have immense power naturally and power that you draw from the Moon. Your powers have been active since that beast was sealed within you constantly fighting against it.

"As a result of this constant usage, along with the purifying nature of our lunar energy, the Kyuubi has been killed. However this great peace of news has left you with a very serious problem. Your body, on its own and by drawing from the Moon, naturally generates the power of 12 Kages all the time. However, your body at its current state can't withstand the strain. Even with your healing ability that you took from the Kyuubi, your body will soon destroy itself due to its young age and not fully matured Chakra network."

"But don't worry about it my handsome grandson; I've been able to create a solution for your problem. Thanks your excess power and my limited abilities, I was able to alter how you naturally generated your energy. You now have three 'states' grandson. These states are in order of weakest to strongest: civilian, senshi, and royal. Your civilian form is limited to only the energy that your body naturally generates on its own. With the senshi state you gain control of about 1/10 of the energy you draw from the Moon, in addition to your natural strength. The final state, royal state, grants you full access to the powers of the Moon that you currently can call upon."

"As long as you don't go for days on end at your current training level, your senshi form will not cause your body harm. Your senshi form also grants you an armored outfit along with some powerful attacks that you will instinctively know. Moving on you half to know about your royal state; it is incredibly powerful, but you can at your level of training only hand its power of at most 30 minutes before it harms your body. If you are EVER forced to use it in a fight, end it as QUICK as possible. In order to reach these states you have to say the transformation words for them. Don't worry yourself about the transformation phrase, when you wake up you will know them. Also, as these powers are going to be transmitted to your descendents, I want you to know that they will all learn on their own what their transformation phrase. Even if their transformation phrase is the same as another person's and they utter the phrase, they won't be able to transform until they learn from within themselves what the phrase is."

Knowing that their time was almost up Serenity pulled Naruto into a hug again and whispered softly in his ear, "I love you grandson. Your parents are very proud of you and how you've grown. Don't cry dear one, this isn't the last time that we will met each other. I'll pop in from time to time just to visit or when you really and honestly need me." The landscape around Naruto started to get foggy like a mist was rolling in. Just before he felt his grandmother's arms stop hugging him Naruto whispered, "I love you grandma."

Naruto woke up with the morning sun to find himself on the roof of his house. Pulling himself up into a sitting position Naruto briefly wonder aloud, "What that all just a dream?" He immediately shook his head, knowing in his mind that what had happened had not been a dream but something more. While Naruto wanted to find out more about why he had carried the Kyuubi, he wanted to try out his new abilities a lot more.

Naruto hopped off the roof and down to the ground before he took off running towards the meadow where he liked to practice. Stopping in the middle of the meadow, Naruto hurriedly looked around to make sure that no one was by chance near him. He then calmed down and remembered what his grandma had told him about accessing his powers. Naruto closed his eyes and began trying to meditate to find out his transformation phrase.

It took a few minutes, but Naruto succeeded and found his senshi release phrase. Naruto was a little confused about the phrase and with a questioning tone said, "Moon Crystal Armor, Energize?" As soon as the last word was uttered from Naruto's lips, a bright flash of silver light hid him from view. When the light ended only a second latter, Naruto could feel the large surge in his power level and the sharpening of his senses.

Wanting to know what he now looked like in his senshi form, Naruto quickly walked over to the edge of the meadow where there was a small stream. Looking back a Naruto from the water was a young boy dressed in a silvery white outfit that looked liked something from the 1001 Nights that Luna sometimes read to him. The cape of the outfit was pinned with a small silver crescent moon. Due to the hood of the cape and the face mask of the outfit, one could only see Naruto's startling blue eyes. At Naruto's right side was a small curved silver dagger; while at his right side was an ornate but functional katana.

For a moment or two Naruto just admired his new outfit, then he began to wonder at what special abilities it granted him. As soon as Naruto asked that question in his mind, knowledge of his abilities' began downloading into his mind. The dagger at his side had an attack called 'Selene Shield Shatter.' This attack would, depending on the amount of energy he put in it, destroy any barriers that a person created via a jutsu or magic. The sword at his right, besides having an incredibly sharp edge, had a mid-range attack called 'Serenity Slash'. Finally, Naruto's longest range and most precise attack was summoning a magic bow and unleashing an 'Artemis Arrow.'

Naruto was thinking about trying out one of his attacks, but then he heard a noise coming from behind him. While pulling out his sword, Naruto turned to face the cause of the noise. Suddenly a sent that Naruto unconsciously recognized floated by his now extremely sensitive noise. His brain putting a face to that scent, Naruto suddenly let out a cry of surprise, "LUNA?? Luna, if that's you can you please come out now to where I can see you?"

From behind a small bush, out walked Naruto's feline aunt. Luna, with a look of surprise on her face, sat down on her hind feet in front of Naruto and uttered out, "How did you-" At this point, Luna lost all ability to speak and just pointed to Naruto's new outfit silently. Naruto was confused for a second but then realized what she was referring to that had left her speechless. Within his mind Naruto debated whither or not to tease her.

However Naruto decided that he didn't want to be so mean to Luna, especially since it looked like she was about to have a heart attack. "I fell asleep last night looking at the Moon. I then found myself in some marble ruins that looked like they were on the Moon. There I meet the spirit of the last queen of a Lunar Kingdom who claimed to be my grandmother. She then says that I have had the Kyuubi placed in me, but that because of my 'royal heritage' my body destroyed the Kyuubi. She told me that I would be able to transform into this 'senshi' form as she called it and also a 'royal' form, but that the 'royal' form would be too dangerous for me for now."

For a minute after Naruto stopped his explanation, both he and Luna stood in the field silently. Then Luna clapped her hands together in a little prayer and said, "Thank the Goddess, I always was afraid that the Kyuubi would prevent you from showing your full heritage." Luna's face then turned serious as she looked Naruto directly in the eyes and continued to speak. "Naruto, de-transform immediately and speak of this and your heritage to no one. Today, while you're taking your genin exam, I will speak with the Hokage about this."

Seeing that Naruto was about to complain Luna said, "Naruto this is very serious. Some people may take your new power as something given by that demon even though its not. Also, your mother was known for her royal abilities even if she just claimed that they were a bloodline limit. While your mother was quite we loved, she also had enemies who were jealous of her. Those enemies of hers plus the enemies of your father, if they put two and two together, if they see your royal abilities will come after you to terminate you."

Luna was now sporting a tear in her eye as she continued to speak to the now worried Naruto. "Please Naruto; I lost your grandmother and then your mother. I would die now if I lost you as well. I know that you have craved to be accepted by the village as a whole, but is that acceptance you so crave worth dying so soon after you gain it? Soon you will be strong enough to protect yourself and all those that you hold dear from those who seek to harm you and them. Then you will have that acceptance you so crave, but you have to wait for that point."

Naruto thought about what his aunt had to say. He quickly decided that having the respect of the villagers wasn't worth putting his life and the lives of his few precious people on the line. Naruto then closed his eyes and focused on de-transforming. After a minute, Naruto found the mental 'switch' to flip so that he could return to his civilian form. A brief flash of light latter and Naruto was standing in front of Luna.

Naruto then reached down and gave Luna a big hug while he was happy saying, "Thanks for the advice Auntie Luna. I love you." At this Luna smiled before replying that she loved him as well. This family bonding moment was broken when Naruto suddenly realized something that he yelled out, "I have to be at the Academy in 10 minutes and I'm not ready!!"

Luna suddenly found herself floating in the air as Naruto ran for the house to quickly pack what he needed for the test. She quickly back flipped in order to land on her feet and then turned to look at Naruto's dust trail. Suddenly Luna remembered an earlier time when she would watch a different blond run about trying to get to class on time. Even though Usagi's death still hurt the black cat, thinking about her and how she could be found in her lovable son brought a tear to Luna's eye. Quietly Luna whispered, "You would be proud of him, my beloved princess. He's everything you said you wanted in a child, and I promise that I'll always help him reach his full potential."

Author's Notes: So what do you think for the start of the story. I know that the Moonlight Knight was Mamoru in the Anime, but that was Anime only and that outfit is SO much cooler than the Tux and those are the only two male hero fighting uniforms shown in the series besides 'Prince Endymion'. Question- just out of curiosity, do you guys want me to pair Naruto up with a Sailor Scout (brought to Konoha by a as yet undetermined method), A Naruto girl (and keep them two within like 3 or 4 years of Naruto's age, Setsuna Meiou exempted) , a harem of Naruto girls, a harem of Sailor Scouts, or a mixed harem? Note- the harem will, if I go that route, have a MAX of 4 girls. Feedback is appreciated and will help me make my decision; I retain the ultimate say on Naruto's love life for this story. Please note that any votes for Tsunade or Chibi-Usa will be ignored.


Gai: Don't worry Naruto, I shall teach you how to perform the youthful poses that your mother was famous for.

Luna pulls out a Smith and Wesson Model 29 and points it at Gai.

Luna: What was that Gai? Did you say something?

Gai: Damn you Kakashi for teaching the cat your hip ways!