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Naruto opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Ino's face as she leaned over him. Ino gave Naruto a soft smile and said, "So you decided to wake up Naruto." She then flicked Naruto in between the eyes with her right hand and said very loudly, "Don't ever do that again Naruto!" When Naruto looked at Ino again a second after she had practically yelled at him he saw her standing next to him with her arms folded across her chest. In a much softer and loving tone Ino said as Naruto looked at her, "Do you know how scared I was when I saw Kiba come into town carrying your unconscious body? How scared that sight of you like that made all of us feel?"

The mention of 'all of us' caused Naruto to look around the room he was in. It was then that Naruto realized that he was lying on a hospital bed with Ino, Makoto, Ami, and to Naruto's surprise Temari standing in the room looking at him. Ino, Makoto, and Ami were all standing around his bed while Temari was leaning against the wall off to the side a bit. Naruto took a second to collect his thoughts and then he said, "How long have I been out?"

Ami who was standing across the bed from Ino decided to speak up. "You've been out ever since your team returned from the mission. That was almost five hours ago Naruto. According to the doctors you were suffering from a serious case of chakra exhaustion. In fact, most of the doctors were expecting you to wake up until morning at the very earliest."

Naruto gave a small sigh and then said in a surprisingly somber tone, "Sorry for worrying you girls. I didn't want to cause any of you to worry about me. It's just, that I couldn't allow my comrades to be killed if I could stop it." After pausing for a moment to let what he said sink in Naruto continued on, "I can't promise that I won't do something in the future that will cause you to worry about. However, I can promise that I won't use my royal form in battle until I ether master it or I have no other option but to use it. You are all precious to me and I don't want to see any of you hurt."

For a moment Ino, Ami, and Makoto just looked at Naruto with serious looks on their faces showing that they were thinking about what Naruto had just said. Then one by one all three girls gave Naruto a kiss and then left the room after saying goodbye. Once Ami who was the last of the trio left the room Temari silently turned to leave as well. However, Naruto noticed Temari's movement and called out. "Temari, wait a minute."

Temari stopped in her tracks and slowly turned to face Naruto. In a neutral yet still friendly tone she said, "Yes Naruto. What do you want to say to me?" It was taking every ounce of willpower that Temari had keep from bursting into tears. She had been hanging out with Ami when the news about Naruto had reached her. Despite her mind telling her that it would be a bad idea, Temari had followed her heart and had accompanied Ami to Naruto's hospital room. Right now Temari was wishing that she had listened to her mind instead of her heart. It was just so painful to her to see Naruto looking on Ami, Ino, and Makoto with love in his eyes and not see something like that for her.

At the same time, Naruto was dealing with an inner struggle of his own. When Naruto had spotted Temari in the hospital room he had been reminded of Queen Serenity's words: Your queens… all four of them. The first three 'queens' that Queen Serenity had mention had been easy for Naruto. But now, as Naruto looked at Temari he realized that she was his fourth queen. In that moment Naruto realized that part of the reason why he had been asking Ino, Makoto, and Ami about whether they felt he was being fair to them so often was because he had been excluding Temari.

His subconscious had been trying to give all the women that he loved their fair share of his time, but it had been blocked by his conscious mind which until recently had only recognized three girls. This realization hurt Naruto because he realized that he had been the cause of Temari's pain. Not knowing what he could say that could make up for what he had done Naruto simply looked into Temari's eyes and softly spoke. "When I said 'you are all precious to me', I meant you just as much as the others."

Those simple heartfelt words of Naruto's broke the wall that Temari had been trying to place around her heart. First the tears started to build in Temari's eyes. Next her face softened and her lips started to quiver. Finally Temari couldn't hold in anymore and she ran over to Naruto's bed practically throwing herself into Naruto's arms. In that moment Temari's pride and dignity didn't matter to her. All that mattered to her was how she felt about Naruto and the fact that he reciprocated those feelings.

As G'Kar was walking down the streets of Konoha he noticed the solemn mood that many of the villagers were in. This confused G'Kar because when he had last been in Konoha after the Sand/Sound invasion the villagers had been very determined. What could have caused them to become so depressed after being so resolute in the face of a failed invasion? G'Kar made a mental note to ask about whatever had caused this during is upcoming meeting with the Hokage.

Once G'Kar reached the Hokage tower he nodded to the two guards on duty and firmly said, "My name is G'Kar Narn. I am here to speak with the Hokage on a matter concerning both Konoha and my clan." Both guards recognized G'Kar and knew that he had help defend the village during the invasion. One of the guards went inside to check with internal security while the other guard struck up a friendly conversation with G'Kar. When the first guard came back outside he politely told G'Kar that G'Kar was allowed to go see the Hokage.

It took G'Kar about five minutes to reach Sarutobi's office, but when he did reach the office he was immediately called in by Sarutobi. Once inside G'Kar clasped his hands together and said in his charming diplomatic voice, "It's good to see you again Lord Sarutobi. I hope you haven't had to beat the women off of you too hard these days?"

This obvious joke caused Sarutobi to snort and say in a good humored way, "Sadly the women of Konoha haven't realized what their missing out on." The two leaders then let out a hardy laugh for a minute. After the laughter subsided Sarutobi said in a much more business like manner, "Okay G'Kar. What does the Narn Clan want with Konoha?"

G'Kar made his way to the open seat that was facing Sarutobi and then spoke once he sat down. "As you know Lord Sarutobi, the Narn Clan has traditionally been a rather isolationist clan. While the clan is on relatively friendly relations with all of the major ninja villages, we have stayed away from interacting too closely with any particular village. However, due to the reports that the clan has been getting for the past few months from our spy rings, the clan's high council has made an unprecedented decision. I am here to discuss possible terms for the Narn Clan's incorporation into Konoha."

Sarutobi's eyes widened when he heard what G'Kar had just said. After mentally making sure that his hearing wasn't going out due to his old age Sarutobi smiled. Having the Narn Clan join Konoha would defiantly boost the village's mood. Sasuke's defection from the village had been a major blow to village moral do to the fact that so many of the villagers had pinned their hopes and expectations on Sasuke. Personally Sarutobi had thought that those villagers had been slightly premature to put that much emphasis on one still green genin, but he couldn't deny that it had happened or the effects that had occurred as a result of Sasuke's leaving.

Quickly remembering that he hadn't said anything to G'Kar, Sarutobi quickly stated his thoughts on G'Kar's proposal. "I certainly don't see any reason why the Narn Clan can't move to Konoha. Now I can't give you exact details on everything relating to the integration of your clan into the village at the moment as I am sure you are aware. However, I can promise you this: if the Narn Clan does join Konoha it will receive adequate land for all of its members to build their homes and that no member of your clan will be discriminated against when it comes to mission assignments."

This was pretty much what G'Kar had expected out of Sarutobi for this meeting. Obviously, exact terms wouldn't be decided until after the bureaucrats got to do their little song and dance. Today's meeting was just to get the ball rolling for the whole process. Personally G'Kar couldn't wait for the whole show to be over and the clan firmly established within Konoha. The sooner they were within the eye of the storm, the safer they would be in the future.

Setsuna was walking down the street when her eye caught sight of something that caused her to stop. From her spot in the sidewalk Setsuna could see the slumped form of Kakashi sitting on a barstool. This sight surprised Setsuna because she knew that her not quite boyfriend was not one to visit bars. Porn, not booze, was Kakashi's vice of choice after all.

Wanting to know what was going on with Kakashi; Setsuna just shrugged her shoulders and went into the bar. Once she was in the bar Setsuna calmly walked over and sat down on the stool to Kakashi's right. She then said very calmly, "Why you here Kakashi?"

In a semi-sober manner Kakashi said, "I'm a failure. So many people in the village are depressed because I was such a poor teacher. If only I had handled Sasuke better, forced him to see the path that he was walking down, come down harder on him, or something then that brat wouldn't have left the village. It seems that no matter how hard I try, no matter how many missions I complete successfully, I am cursed to fail when it really matters for other people."

This slightly slurred speech of Kakashi's struck a cord in Setsuna's heart. It wasn't that long ago that Setsuna could remember Kakashi having to pull her out of a depression fit. A depression fit, Setsuna was very much aware of, that was almost exactly like what Kakashi was currently going through. Setsuna knew that she wanted to help Kakashi get out of his depression. It was the least she could do after what he had done for her and Setsuna honestly didn't want to see Kakashi in this state. She much preferred Kakashi to be in his usual laid back and friendly manner over the state that he was in now.

While taking a deep breath, Setsuna thought about what she should say and then she spoke. "Look Kakashi, you've done nothing that merits the anguish your putting yourself in. The Uchiha traitor left because he wanted to and would likely have left no matter what you or anyone else could have done. He had blackened his heart so much over his desire for revenge that even Usagi would have had a difficult time trying to reach him. No offence Kakashi, but compared to Usagi when it comes to reaching other people you are a rock."

"As for the villagers," her Setsuna paused to snort, "They were extremely foolish to put so much emphasis on the brat. I mean, they were singing his praises and treating him like a decorated war hero when he was an academy student who had only survived a massacre because the boy's brother didn't seem to think that it was worth his time to kill Sasuke. You would think that people living in a place like Konoha would realize that people are only worthy of praise when they work on their own merits. Now get your head out of that bottle Kakashi."

Kakashi seemed to immediately sober up completely when Setsuna told him to get his head out of the bottle. Although he might never admit it out loud, Kakashi cared a great deal about what Setsuna had to say when she talked to him. After give the bottle one last glace, Kakashi immediately tossed the bottle out of the bar where it promptly smashed into the street. He then turned to Setsuna and said, "Thanks Setsuna helping me get my head back on strait."

Setsuna then gave Kakashi a small smile and said, "Your welcome Kakashi and don't let me catch you getting drunk again. Otherwise you'll see what happens when I use my Time Staff for 1,000 years of pain." Naturally Kakashi shivered in fear for a few seconds at Setsuna's threat. This caused Setsuna to chuckle humorously, "Don't worry Kakashi. I doubt that I'll ever have you do that to you don't you think so?"

With that Setsuna left the bar and Kakashi just sighed as he paid his bill. Setsuna was a puzzle surrounded by an enigma wrapped up in a mystery to Kakashi and she was, to borrow a classic Nara phrase, 'troublesome'. And yet, Kakashi just couldn't help but want to spend time with Setsuna. As he walked out the bar Kakashi quietly wished that he could talk to his old sensei. If anyone could really help him out where Setsuna was involved Kakashi was sure that Minato would have been that person.

Temari was walking to the Tsukino Clan house and she was wondering why Naruto had called her over. It had been about a month since she and Naruto had confessed their feelings about each other. At first Temari had been afraid that she would have to face a lot of hostility from Naruto's other three girlfriends. However, to Temari's surprise Ami, Makoto, and Ino all welcomed her into the harem with minimal fuss. Apparently those three had already been aware of Temari's and Naruto's feelings for each other and those three had actually been planning to get Temari and Naruto together.

Of course, that didn't mean that the four girls didn't occasionally get into arguments. This was real life after all and not one of Jiraiya's Icha Icha books. However, those squabbles were relatively minor and didn't result in any hard feelings between the four girls or Naruto. All for girls did care for each other and they didn't want to see each other hurt. The concern that each of the four girls felt for each other was strictly that of a good friend or possibly that of a sister. It did NOT in any way translate into 'girl on girl action' as some of more perverted people had the nerve to suggest. Luckily the worst offenders wouldn't have to worry about contaminating the gene pool anymore.

As Temari turned the corner and started walking down the sidewalk to the gate of the Tsukino house she noticed Ino walking towards her. The two girls met at the door and quickly said hello. They then headed inside and once inside they headed to Naruto's office. When Temari and Ino opened the door to Naruto's office they noticed that Ami and Makoto were sitting on the couch inside. Naruto was sitting behind his desk and was apparently looking at a document that was on his desk.

Less then a second after Ino and Temari opened the door Naruto looked up from his desk and smiled at the girls. He then said, "Good day Ino and Temari. If you wouldn't mind could you go sit down by Makoto and Ami?" Once Temari and Ino sat down Naruto folded his hands together and looked at his four loves. He then said in a slightly nervous manner, "I know that meeting in this manner is very unusual for us. However, something has happened that will affect all of us and I think that all of you girls need to know about it."

Instantly all four girls were giving Naruto a 100 of their attention. They knew from Naruto's tone that what he was going to tell them wouldn't hurt them. However, they all were curious as to what could affect all of them.

Naruto cleared he throat and then calmly said, "The other day after the High Council session that I attended I was pulled over to the side by your father Ino. Don't worry Ino he wasn't trying to do an angry protective father routine on me. Actually, he wanted to talk to me about a personal alliance between the Tsukino Clan and the Yamanaka Clan. This document on my desk was given to me by Ino's father. It is a bethrothal contract between Ino and me stating that we will be married by the end of October of this year when I am legally allowed to wed."

After looking each of his girlfriends in the eye to judge their reactions to his news Naruto continued on. "This is a matter that concerns all of us and I wouldn't feel right making a decision about it without talking to all of you. Ino, do you want us to get married before your brother is born or do you want to hold off on marriage to a latter date? Makoto, Ami, and Temari, how would you three feel if Ino and I got married? Would any of you three like me to draw up marriage contracts as well or would you feel more comfortable with holding off on that?"

The four girls immediately started to glance at each other and then they huddled together. Naruto couldn't make out what the girls were saying to each other, but he could tell that they were rapidly talking to each other. After a few minutes the girls ended their huddle and Ino started to speak. "We've talked it over Naruto and here is what we have decided. You and I will marry a few days after your birthday like my father stated in his marriage proposal. Then a few days after our honeymoon is over you'll marry Makoto, Ami, or Temari. We then repeat this until all four of us have married you. To save you any grief Ami, Temari, and Makoto will decide among themselves in what order you will marry them."

While he tried not to show it, Naruto was relieved when he heard what his girls had decided. All of his girlfriends were wonderful and very understanding people; however, Inoichi Yamanaka's little proposal could have definitely set off some fireworks among the girls. Naruto then got up and walked over to the girls. He gave the girls a smile that made them weak in the knees and then he said, "If that is how you girl's want it. Who am I to deny the whishes of my princesses?"

Anko walked into the Hokage's office wondering why she had been summoned. When she got in Sarutobi politely motioned for her to sit down and then he said. "Good afternoon Anko. I was just reading your report on your last solo mission and I must say that I'm impressed. There aren't that many ninjas that I know about who can take down 10 A Rank missing ninjas and 20 B Rank missing ninjas by themselves at once. Before you say anything I know that you took out about two thirds of those ninjas by poisoning their food. However, that just shows that you know how to think about a situation and press your advantage."

There was a faint hint of a blush on Anko's cheeks as she listened to Sarutobi's praise. With Team Maelstrom temporally disbanded so that Ino could join Team 7 for the Chunin Exams Anko had found herself with a lot of time on her hands. So to keep busy, Anko had been regularly taking various missions. The mission that Sarutobi was referring to had simply been a wrongly marked mission that Anko hadn't been able to call for reinforcements in time.

Still, Anko couldn't help but and her own opinion of the mission. "Sir," she began, "The mission was a near disaster. Yes I did take out the Yonjimbo Corps and I miraculously made it out with just a few scraps and a serious case of chakra exhaustion. But, it's just that: a miracle. By all accounts I should have died in that mission."

Sarutobi then calmly said, "At times Anko having a miracle is what matters." To Anko's surprise Sarutobi then got up, started to walk out of the room, and quietly motioned for her to follow. Anko quietly followed the old leader as he lead her down the halls even though she was confused about why he wanted her to follow him. The two of them walked practically side by side in silence as Sarutobi slowly led Anko up to the roof platform of the Hokage Tower.

For a moment the two of them just stood on the roof looking at Konoha in silence. Sarutobi then said in a voice that showed his age, "Beautiful view is it not? I often like to come up here and look out on the village when the paperwork starts to get to me. It helps to remind me why I took up the mantle of Hokage all those years ago."

Anko turned her head to look at Sarutobi and with a confused look on her face she said, "That's great sir. But why are you telling this to me? I seriously doubt that you tell every ninja under your command about this."

A small sigh escaped Sarutobi's lips and he said, "You're right Anko. I don't usually tell this to the various ninjas under my command." Sarutobi's voice then got sadder and more tired sounding as he continued to talk to Anko. "I am old Anko. My Chakra reserves have degraded to the point where the weaker jonin in the village has as much chakra as I do. Konoha needs a new and vibrate energy that I can't provide; Konoha needs a new Hokage."

Sarutobi then turned to face Anko and he said, "My time as ruler has passed. As an advisor I can continue to help the village, but I cannot remain Hokage for much longer if Konoha is to continue to prosper. Originally I had hoped that either Jiraiya or Tsunade would agree to become my successor, but that was not to be. Ever since both of my students rejected my offer I have been carefully examining the ninjas of Konoha trying to find someone worthy of being the Gondaime. Anko, I want you to become the Gondaime Hokage."

Upon seeing the look of utter surprise and shock on Anko's face Sarutobi pressed onward. "Anko out of the Jonin of this village only you, Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, and to a lesser extent Kurenai have developed a reputation among the other nations that a Kage uses to help shield the village during hard times. However, only you Anko show all of the requirements needed to be a successful Hokage."

"I don't want to put any pressure on you Anko, but you are the last real alternative that I have to be my successor. Gai and Kurenai are unable to command the respect that a leader needs. Also they don't have the will that a ruler needs to reassure a worried populous during tough times. Asuma might have been the leader of the 12 Guardians, but he doesn't have the head for the intrigue that accompanies the office of Hokage. Finally Kakashi just doesn't have the mental strength to deal with the pain that the title of Hokage brings with it. He also has trouble in thinking of things in the long term instead of just till the mission ends."

As Anko listened to Sarutobi talk about the failings that her comrades had she started to feel like a scared little girl. In an almost Hinata-like stutter Anko said, "You can't be serious Sir. I don't have those skills or abilities that you've been talking about. Hell I'm worse at them then all the others!"

Sarutobi gently placed his hand on Anko's shoulders and then said in his wise grandfather voice, "Don't sell yourself so short Anko. You have all of these skills and more in great abundance. I know that you are worthy to be the Hokage and that Konoha would flourish under your reign."

Anko was still quite shocked to hear that Sarutobi considered her worthy of being the Gondaime even though his words had started to have their effect. She realized that Sarutobi wouldn't have suggested this unless what he claimed to see in her actually existed. He had been right on many occasions and most importantly of all to Anko, he had always trusted her. How could she honestly stay worthy of Sarutobi's trust if she didn't trust him in return? Anko looked Sarutobi in the eye and firmly said, "I accept your offer to become the Gondaime Hokage."

Madara stood alone in a deep cavern under Amegakure and smiled. In front of him was a giant black statue made out of demonic stone. The statue was almost completed except for the fact that it was missing the head of the statue. For over 100 years Madara and his two fellow agents had been working to complete this King of Hell Statue. It had been slow going because demonic stone was not native to this world and had to be sporadically shipped over from hell in the tiny temporary fissures that occasionally opened up.

With a sinister chuckle Madara started to talk to himself, "After a century of work we're almost done. Sai reported that he has collect the last bit of demonic stone that we need to finish fashioning this statue. Kabuto says that it will take him and Sai about three years to fully prepare and carve the stone so that I can attach it to the rest of the statue. In three years, I can truly begin my task for Lord Astaroth."

After so many years of working, Madara could hardly believe that his work was almost finished. Once the King of Hell Statue was completed, then his little puppet group the Akatsuki could start capturing the rebels. With those traitors' power harnessed by the statue Madara and his fellow agents would be able to open a gateway to Hell itself so that the Armies of Lord Astaroth could ravage this world. In three years, Armageddon would occur…

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