Phantom Phases

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Chapter One: A New Moon.

Parisian moonlight fell softly upon Christine Daae, glittering on the engagement ring she had received from Raoul de Changy, as if, along with almost everyone she knew, the moon wanted to gaze upon the pristine ring as well. But she had another ring as well. Its giver had bid her keep it. She remembered the first time she had heard the voice of the ring's giver. It was like a new moon, a voice without a face. Something that she knew was there, but could not see; a voice that held power, reason, and love.

Erik crept through the halls of the ruined Opera House, unfortunately finding that in his final desperate attempt to win his love's heart, he had ruined his favorite catwalks. He would just have to find another stroll. Something caught his eye, a faint trickle of moonlight, something he, The Phantom of the Opera, had never seen before. What does she think of me now? I think myself a horrid person, one who could never be loved, but Christine… she taught me something.

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