Mercy's Eye's Are Blue

Prologue: One By One All Day


'Mercy's eyes are blue

And when she places them in front of you

Nothing holds a Roman Candle to

The solemn warmth you feel inside.'

- The Shins; 'Saint Simon'

He hurt, all over.

"I need a room, now."

He had been moving, being pushed along.

"Good luck, we're full up."

Now, he had stopped. The change in momentum shifted his body and disturbing his wounds.

"No, seriously. Look who's on this gurney."

"Whoa... Damn... It must be pretty bad out there."

He shouldn't be here, he was too strong. He needed to be out fighting.

"You're telling me, I just came back from the front lines, hollows everywhere."

"Anyway, there's only a couple guys from the Eleventh with broken legs in room two-sixty-three, I'll get Kyoten-san to kick them out. I'll take him there, you tell Unohana-Taicho."

"Why do I have to tell her? I wanna watch Kyoten-san"

"I've got rank and you need to get back out there."

"Ah... pulling rank, ouch. Fine."

"The glories of position, huh, Taicho-san? Now lets see what happened to you... been run through mmm... three times at least. Left arm hanging on by tendons and the right wrist broken. A chunk of thigh almost gone and too many cuts and abrasions to count."

He'd had worse injuries, but then healing had only been a few minutes away, and he hadn't bled for as long as he had this time.

"Damn, I hope you got your affairs in order 'cause you, Kuchiki Byakuya, are one messed up guy."

More movement, and more pain; this time it was too much and he blacked out.

Authors Note: This story occurs during The Arrancar War near the end. This means that it will almost assuredly become AU.