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Warning: slash, torture, abuse, language, lots and lots of drama, angst and sexual references

Summary: It's been a year since Sam and Dean gave up hunting, now they are living a normal life but how long will it last. The demons may not have a leader at the moment but it doesn't mean they won't. A familiar face from the past causes chaos for Sam and Dean and they soon find themselves in another war. Can they survive or will it be the end for one of them?

Hunters of the Underworld


Chapter 1: When it All falls Apart

A young girl with shoulder length red hair walked down the cold and dark streets of San Francisco. The wind blew through her hair and sending chills down her spine. She zipped her jacket up then folded her arms over her chest. Rounding a corner and she continued to walk along the lonely streets, it was late in the night and she was in a quiet part of the city. The only noise was the roaring wind and the sound of rats scurrying along the pavement.

The wind picked up and blew hard against her skin, a shiver ran through her body and her teeth chatted from the cold. Suddenly she heard strange noise come from behind and she spun around. She saw nothing so she turned back around and kept walking but now at brisk pace. The wind blew harder and the air grew colder.

A loud buzzing noise stopped her in her tracks; she was relived when she saw that it was just her phone. She pulled it from her pocket and answered with a "hello". She listened as her friend rambled about a party that was being held at another friends place, she sighed then answered with a simple no.

"Because I have work tomorrow that's why" she said firmly.

She listened once again as he friend begged her but something had caught her eye and she had stopped paying attention. A black shadow flew through the sky and it was heading right towards her. She took a step back but her body wouldn't move any farther, it was like she was frozen in fear. The black shadow reached her and she a scream of fear escaped her lips.

The black shadow entered her body through her mouth and eyes, her head was thrown back and her phone slipped from her fingers. The black shadow disappeared and she brought her head forwards. Her green eyes flashed black then returned to normal, an evil smile crossed her lips and she turned around to look in the reflection of a window.

"This will do" she stared hard at her reflection "Now lets get down to business" she turned and walked off with her hips swaying from side to side. She walked down an alleyway and disappeared.

Reappearing in the dark hallway of the demons lair; she glanced around the place but was rather annoyed when she saw no one came to see who the intruder was. Suddenly an arm wrapped around her waist and a knife was placed against her throat, she vanished from his hold and the dark haired demon stood surprised.

She reappeared in front of him, walked towards him and stopped a foot from him. She grabbed the knife from him and pointed it at him. "Thought you knew better that this Draco."

"Who are you?" he demanded.

"C'mon don't you remember me?" she asked in a teasing voice.

The demon stared hard at her then a grin came upon his face "Meg" he said "Back from hell… again."

"Yeah and I intend not to go back" she hissed, "Where's Derek?"

"Haven't seen him in a year."

"A year!" she exclaimed, "Its been a year! What about James, did Sam destroy him?"

"Yes" he gave a curt nod "Your plan worked, he killed James."

"And what happened to Sam?"

"Don't know," he said with a shrug.

"What do you mean, you don't know?"

"Well after you were killed we went and attacked the hunters but Derek called us back and told us never to attack them again and to hide until he returned."

"You've been waiting a year for him to return," she yelled throwing her arms up in the air "You idiot!"

"He said he had to go on a quest and told us to wait until he returned with our future plans."

Meg rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips "Well now that I'm back I'm tell you to go and bring me Sam."

"Don't know where he is" Draco replied "all I know is that apparently he had Dean left the hunters headquarters and moved away some time ago."

"Well find him and bring him to me" she shouted "NOW!"

"Yes" he then turned and disappeared into the dark.

Meg took a deep breath to try and calm herself down, they had become a mess without her, and Derek had fooled them into believing that he was one some 'quest' and would return with 'future plans'. She had to take back control and get the demons back on top; she would make her father proud, she would make sure demons took their rightful spot, she was going to take over the world and if she had to, she'd use Sam to do it.

"Why Sam?" came a female voice.

Meg turned to see a dark skinned girl with long black hair "You'll see."

California, Stanford

The bright morning sun seeped through the curtains of small two-bedroom house. The bright orange light was a nice change, the last few days it had rained none stop and beautiful sunny day was what everyone needed. Two green eyes slowly opened and Dean Winchester yawned loudly, he rolled onto his back and stared out the window.

The past year he had been the most relaxed in his entire life. He and Sam had moved to Stanford so Sam could finish college and Dean had gotten a job at a local garage. They had brought a small two-bedroom house and started to live a supernatural free life. For a whole year they had nothing do to with hunting supernatural beings.

They had kept in touch with Bobby, Caleb and Derek. Bobby and Caleb were family friends so they would always be in Dean's life, even if he were no longer a hunter. Derek was Dean's half brother so he was also an important part of his life, and for a year he had done nothing but good deeds for people and Dean believed he was no longer the demon he used to be.

Life was perfect for Sam and Dean; things were going well with their relationship and life was just… well perfect. Everything was going good, even for the hunters. Demon activity was down and they only had to deal with the occasionally angry spirit and the odd werewolf or vampire. But Dean's life no longer revolved around those matters.

He felt Sam move closer towards him and turned his gaze to sleeping figure beside him. He smiled softly then lent over and kissed him lightly on the forehead, Sam's eyes open and stared into Dean's.

"Good morning" Sam murmured as he re-shut his eyes.

"Good morning to you too" Dean then climbed out of bed and headed to the door.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked lifting his head up.

"To make some coffee, I'll be back in a sec" Dean then departed from the room, and returned a few minutes later with two cups of steaming hot coffee. He sat his down on the bedside table and handed Sam his.

Sam sat up and took a sip from his coffee as Dean sat down next to him. He stared up at Dean and gave him a soft smile; Dean returned the smile then pressed his lips to Sam's in a short sweet kiss.

"What should we do to day?" Dean asked softly.

"I have class in an hour" Sam replied with a small smile "Don't worry I should only be about two hours."

"Only two" Dean asked with a feigned sad look "that's an eternity."

"Don't you have work anyway?"

"My day off" he said kissing Sam's lips "Well we still have an hour and I think you could use a shower."

"Do you now?" Sam asked in a teasing voice.

"Oh yes I do."

Sam smiled then got up from the bed and walked to the doorway, he stopped and turned to face Dean who was still sitting on the bed "Well you coming or what?"

Dean grinned slyly then jumped off the bed, Sam smiled then took off down the hallway. He ran into the bathroom and Dean arrived just two seconds later, he grabbed Sam and pushed him up against the wall. Pinning Sam's arm beside him as he kissed him roughly, then led a trail down his jaw and neck returning to his lips a few seconds later.

Sam smiled into the kiss, as he pulled free of Dean's grip, he ripped Dean's shirt off and tossed it to the ground. Dean broke the kiss and gave him his infamous sexy grin before pulling Sam's shirt off, tossing it to the ground with the other pile of clothes. He smiled at Sam then he pressed a quick kiss to Sam's lips before turning around and starting the shower.

He got the water to the right temperature then pulled down his boxers and stepped into the warm shower. Sam stood up from the wall and removed his own boxers then jumped in. He pressed his lips to Dean's as he pushed him up against the shower wall; Sam closed his eyes and became lost in the kiss. Dean kissed back as he raked his fingers through Sam's shaggy hair that was now half wet from the water.

Sam pulled back and stared deep into Dean's eyes "I love you."

"I love you too Sam."


Meg paced along the hall of the demons lair; she was thinking her plan over for the hundredth time. This plan had to be full proof and she had to succeed at it, she wouldn't fail her father again. Demons would rise above all other and she would lead them to victory, the war against hunters and demons would start again soon. But this time they would not win, she and her kind would.

And with Sam's help she would definitely succeed; she knew it would take some time but it could be done. It had been done before by none other than her father and she was just like him; she would do this… she could this.


Meg turned around to face Draco and four other demons "We're ready."

"Then go!" she ordered "and DON'T fail me."


Sam turned to Dean and smiled softly at him before pressing a quick kiss to his check "I won't be long."

Dean grinned then press a smooth kiss to Sam's lips "you better not be."

"I won't."


"I Promise" Sam gave Dean another kiss then he climbed out of the car, he stood three feet from the car until Dean pulled the Impala back onto the road, he gave Sam one last look before driving off.

Sam heaved a sigh then turned and walked off, he climbed up the stairs of Stanford University then swung open the large door and walked in. the hall was empty and all was quiet, too quite. But Sam's sharp hearing picked up the sound of footsteps that were coming from the distance. He moved from his spot and walked towards the noise, he rounded a corner and saw an empty hall.

He heaved a sigh then turned around and walked up the stairs, upon hearing more footsteps he spun around but once again found no one there. He shook his head and told himself that he was just hearing things. He turned back around and nearly bumped into a man with dark hair and greyish blue eyes, Sam gave a quick apology and kept walking.

However the strange man grabbed Sam by the wrist and pulled him backwards. Sam lost his footing and he fell down the stairs, he landed with a thud and his vision quickly faded. In a matter of seconds he had slipped into the darkness. He was unconscious and in serious danger.

The man who had pushed Sam down the stairs walked over to him, he bent down and placed a hand on Sam's back "That was to easy" he said vanishing, taking Sam along with him.

The hall was left empty and there was no sign that Sam and the demon were ever there. In a blink of an eye Sam and Dean's life had changed, a year of peace had been rudely interrupted. Now the fight for survival would begin and there would be only one winner…


Dean sat at the kitchen table staring out the window; in his hand was by his cell. He was deciding whether or not to call Sam, he had promised to be home at three but it was now four. He had told Dean that he needed to go to the library but he had gone there to collect a book, surely that didn't take an hour. Dean tried to tell himself that was just worrying over nothing. Sam was fine; he probably just bumped into a friend or something. But Dean couldn't stop thinking that something might have happen to him

Dean heaved sigh then stood up from the table, he looked around the room and sighed once more. Today was Sam and Dean's one year anniversary, they had met a year ago to this day and they were going to have a good night out and an even better night in. but Dean got the strangest feeling that his plans weren't going to happen, he got a feeling that Sam wasn't just late home.

Dean grabbed the keys and walked through the lounge room and to the front door; he pushed it open and disappeared outside. He slammed the door roughly behind him before he made a beeline to the car. He opened the door and climbed in, the engine roared to life, he usually loved that noise but right now he was too worried to enjoy it.

Dean reversed out of the driveway then tore off down the street, he would check the library first then the school and if Sam wasn't there… then he'd start to panic. Even though he was already panicking, his heart was racing so fast it felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. Yet he told himself that Sam was safe, it was just the hunter within him that was telling him that something was wrong. Everything was fine, Sam was fine and soon they'd be enjoying a nice meal and toasting to their anniversary.

Dean pulled into the library car park with a screech of the tyres. He shut off the engine then raced towards the foot doors, he jogged up the stairs and pushed open the door. He stood and looked around, he saw isle of books and few people sitting on some chairs, each buried in their books. Dean moved from the door and walked off to the section he thought Sam might be in. he found the section dedicated to law students, but Sam was nowhere to be seen.

Dean spun around and nearly bumped into a pretty blonde haired girl, he looked down at her and was about to apologise when he saw who it was "Beck!" he exclaimed "Have you seen Sam anywhere?"

"No Dean I haven't" she replied softly "Why? Is something wrong?"

"Well he promised to be home at three but he hasn't come home and I'm probably just overreacting" Dean took a deep breath to try and calm himself down.

"Well Zack's over there" she pointed to her dark haired brother "He should be able to tell you where Sam is, they had class together."

"Ok thanks" Dean then made his way to Zack. He stopped beside him and Zack looked up and grinned at Dean.

"Hey man, how are you?"

"Zack have you seen Sam?" Dean asked ignoring the question.

"No I haven't" he replied "he didn't show up to class today either, thought he might be sick, do you need some help to find him?"

"No, I'll be fine "Dean said taking a few steps back "thanks for the offer though" he said as a passing thought.

Dean turned and made ran back to the car, he opened the door and jumped in. Starting the engine he tore off out of the parking lot. His heart racing. He knew now for certain that something was wrong and he needed help to find Sam and there was only one person who could help Dean. He pulled his cell from his pocket and dialled in Bobby's number.

"Hello" came a gruff voice from the other end

"Bobby, it's Dean" Dean said trying to sound calm but it wasn't working "Sam's missing and…and I need your help to find him. God Bobby I'm freaking out here! Sam was s'pose to turn up at class but he never did. I'm afraid that someone's taken him!"

"Are you afraid someone or something's taken him?"

"God Bobby I don't know" Dean had to do his best to keep the tears at bay "I have this really bad feeling, something's happen to Sam and I need to find him now!"

"Listen Dean, we'll find him but you need to calm down."

Dean took a deep breath then suddenly a truck pulled out in front of him, Dean quickly swerved to avoid the truck but the truck clipped the back of the Impala causing it to spin a 360° before rolling over an embankment. The car rolled down the hill until it smashed into a large old tree.

"Dean are you there" Bobby yelled through the phone "Dean what happen? DEAN! Dean answer me!"


Sam's eyes slowly open but the only thing he got was a blinding headache, he screwed his eyes shut then tried to reopen them again. This time he succeeded, but now that his eyes were opened he wished they weren't. Sam was stuck in a dark cave, the walls were made of stone and the floor was nothing but dirt. Sam's head nearly touched the ceiling, which was also rock.

The room was dark except for a stream of light that came through a metal door. Sam moved towards the metal door and peeked through the small whole that was in it. He saw a dark hall and that was it, Sam was stuck somewhere far from civilisation, Sam's heart ached painfully and tears pricked his eyes. This wasn't how Sam was supposed to be spending his evening.

He and Dean were supposed to go out and have a nice meal and celebrate their anniversary, but yet he was stuck in some cave. Sam sat himself down on the ground and stared blankly at the opposite rock wall. He shut his eye and tried to imagine Dean was right beside him, he loved being cuddled up to Dean and right now he wanted Dean more then ever.

Sam was afraid and confused. Why was he here? Where was he? And who had brought him here? So many questions floated through Sam's mind. He needed to get out of this place and he needed to get out to today, he couldn't miss his and Dean's first anniversary he wouldn't. Sam looked around the room, then he stood up and turned to face the door.

He started to pound on the door but it didn't budge, he tried and tried until his anger over took him. He felt the beast within him boil to the surface and he let it take control. Although Sam knew what he was doing in this form, his alter ego had a tendency to take over and force Sam deep within his mind, making Sam a prisoner in his own body.

Sam pounded at the door so hard that his knuckles started to bleed but his rapid healing quickly fixed that. But Sam hadn't feed on blood in awhile and he was quickly becoming weak. Sam returned to his human form and collapsed onto the hard dirty ground underneath him; he rested his head on the door and let tears leak from his hazel eyes down his pale face.

"I'm sorry Dean" Sam cried softly, "I'm so sorry…"

To Be Continued

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