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A Fairy Tale For You

"Life's a bitch, and then you die", Nas (Nasir Jones)

Bella Swan had forgotten her bridegroom's name.

"I, Isabella, take thee..."

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth. It didn't seems real. It had only been several days ago that her father introduced them. That terrible morning when they had gotten the wedding licenses, it was the first time she heard his name. After, the man had disappeared and she hadn't seen him again until a few minutes ago, when she walked down the grand staircase of her father's luxurious mansion in Paris, France that belonged to her great great great grandfather the Duke of La Blue.

Her father stood behind her. She could feel the eerie feeling of death and disapproval flowing over to her from her father. His disapproval was nothing new, she had faced it from the moment she was old enough to understand. Her father had hated her before she was even born, she was a bastard child, an irresponsible act.

She sneaked a peek at her bridegroom, her father's money had done him justice. He was tall, lean, petite in a male way, with the slight sexiness of over whelming sex. Her father's money had bought her a cold hearted man. A very scary cold hearted man, with eerie emerald eyes and piercing lips that looked like they were hiding fangs behind them. Her mother would have loved him.

Renee Corbett had died in a car crash last year. The sex goddess was a playboy and always would be- there was no doubting that Bella didn't take after her mother at all. Bella may be crazy and wild, but she knew her limit, where as her mother slept with every man from the ages of 20- 33. Bella was finally able to think about her mother without pain, without the feeling of losing the only human who loved her...or at least she thought she knew.

She bridegroom looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, Renee would usually draw the line at twenty-nine. His hair was a beautiful cooper bronze, his features made him look too pulchritudinous, if it wasn't for his strong jaw and deathly scowl. Men with inhuman looks had appealed to Renee, but Bella preferred older, wiser, more intelligent and breathtaking men.

She was nervous, but she reminded herself that she wasn't going to have to spend more than a few hours in her new husband's company. As soon as this was over, she was going to tell her new husband her plan...but this meant breaking a sacred vow in which she didn't eagerly want.

She started again.

"I, Isabella, take thee...". Once again she trailed off.

Her bridegroom's didn't spare her the glance, let alone help her. He stared straight ahead, as if she was invisible, not caring for a women she was. He had spoken his vows, so he must of mention his name, and knowing hers fully well.

"Edward", her father spat out from behind her, and Bella could tell from the tone of his voice that he was resisting strangling her. For a man with high value in the society, he certainly didn't have patience.

She took a deep breath, cursing to herself, reminding her that she had no choice. "I, Isabella...", she inhaled. "...take thee, Edward", once more she found herself struggling against her death wish. "...to be my awful wedded husband..."

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