She sat in the car, the engine idling beneath her body as her hands tightened on the steering wheel until the skin turned white. Blue eyes scanning the four way stop light as the cars zoomed by waiting for her turn to move. It was silent in the car most like her house now a days, used to the quietness that left her to think of all that had happened to her in these few years. Tapping her free foot to the sound of her own beating heart, grocery bags piled in the back of her SUV.

The red light blinking its red hue into the darkness of the night, casting an eerie glow upon her pale features, she missed the sun light and the feeling of warmth spread across her flesh. Blinking her eyes she felt the wetness there, the tears falling on to her cheeks and shirt below. A shaky sigh escaped her trembling lips as her hands twisted tighter on the steering wheel. To the grocery store and back, those were her orders as he sat on the couch with his buddies watching the basketball game drinking the last of the beer. So late at night when she wanted to be in bed asleep she was sitting at a stop light in complete stillness.

A train whistle blew a few yards away, the sound able to blast through all the rolled up windows. Making something in her snap, she couldn't tell you what it was that made her think of this way out. Could have been the bruise residing along her ribs or the burn marks on her thighs or the feeling of his hands crawling over her skin from top to bottom or the small fact that when she got home he'd make her clean up his mess while he went upstairs to sleep. What ever it was that set the thought off didn't matter to her as her azure eyes which were secluded in rain drops darted from street light to street light the tires began to rotate bringing the car to a rolling motion.

Her car rolled into the intersection. Staring straight ahead afraid to see the oncoming car and with a small smile plastered on her face as a horn blared to her left signaling a crash about to happen she prayed for forgiveness. Metal upon metal echoed loud with in the car, more tears flowed down her cheeks as she clamped her eyes shut. The car flipped over into the sky, spinning before landing a foot away. Her body smashed, thrown and squashed between the steering wheel and seat as darkness over took her.

She awoke to sirens and yelling, broken glass lay all around her fragile beaten body but she felt nothing, the door flew open and strong arms yanked her out of the car causing a surge of pain to shoot from her now more broken ribs. A soft painful moan escaped her lips as she was laid upon the ground, blood pouring from several places on her body.

"My names Rob and I'm a paramedic can you hear me?" Rob leaned into her blurry view; he had straight red hair and gentle blue eyes. His skin was soft as he caressed her cheek, a smile wanting to grace her cut up face as she thought about it being the first time in a long time that a man had touched her sweetly and that her husband would freak out if he ever knew, "What's your name?" he spoke again trying to keep the woman's eyes from closing but it was no use, she had given up on life so she chose not to fight.


"What do we have here?" Doctor Louise Manson asked the incoming paramedics.

"Twenty two year old female, multiply abrasions, possible cracked ribs, suffered a head wound." Rob shouted off as the doctors took the stretcher from him and proceeded to check out the patient.

"She's failing, I need her in OR stat...Sarah have a room prepped and ready to go, she's lost a lot of blood so we need several pints." Dr. Manson yelled as her and her team rushed the young woman upstairs for surgery.

"Doctor her heart rate is falling," a nurse spoke while pumping air into the woman's lungs.

"Increase the medication, damn it is my room ready?" she called out while shinning a light in the woman's eyes, "Non responsive..." a nurse near by wrote it down on a clip board before rushing off.


Blue eyes flickered open as she stared up into a blinding white light, groggy and disoriented she tried to move but her body felt like a thousand pound weight had been secured upon every limb. Without moving her head she glanced around, several doctors stood around her, moving her eyes downward she saw her chest spread open wide, the white of her ribs showing thru the red muscle and blood.

"She's awake, shit where is the anesthesiologist..."

"Here I' am,"

"God damn it man put her back under she doesn't need to see this..." the anesthesiologist cranked up the machine and put the mask over her nose causing the room to drop back into darkness.


Once again she opened her eyes but this time there wasn't a blinding light. She was in a hospital room that was clear. Itching blankets upon her frail body but again she could hardly move. Wanting to cry out but the tube in her throat put a stop at that, pain racked her entire body as she realized at last that she had made it out alive, the thought of having to go back to him made tears escape her already swollen eyes allowing more pain to wash over her.

The door creaked open as a nurse came in to check on her, "Your awake..." she smiled kindly, "Don't try to speak," she hushed the crying woman, "We have a breathing tube in your throat. Just try to relax, are feeling any pain?" The woman nodded, "Okay I'm going to have someone come in and give you something for it..." and than she was left alone again.


A couple days passed and soon the tube was taken out and the pain had lessened but he never came much to her surprise.

"Take small breaths," the doctor told her as the tube was pulled from her throat. Once out she felt how sore the inside of her throat was, "Here drink this," Dr. Manson held the cup of water to her mouth helping the woman drink slowly, once she was done the doctor set it aside, "Can you tell me your name?"

"Spencer...Spencer Carlin," she gasped out using her maiden name in hopes that they wouldn't call her husband...