Ashley strolled into her office, tossing her keys on the desk while rubbing the tired sleep from her eyes. Sitting down she saw the file for Spencer on the top of all her papers just as she reached for it her phone started going off, sighing she set it down and picked the phone up, "Ashley Davies speaking how can I help you?"

"Hey Ash what's up?" the small voice echoed through her ear drum.

"Kyla...Oh my god I haven't heard from you in forever!" Ashley sat up a bit straighter, excitement resounding through every word she spoke.

"I know, I know...I'm sorry. Ares and I just got back from the West Indies, he finished shooting his last set for the month so we decided to come back home for a while,"

Kyla Davies, half sister to Ashley who didn't even know she had a sister until her last year in high school when her father died and Kyla showed up due to the fact her mother was with him and died as well in the car accident. Raife's will gave Christine, his first wife and Ashley's mother custody of Kyla who was a few months younger than Ashley and so both graduated from King High at the same time. Through the years a lot had happened but it only brought them closer in the end. Kyla married Ares Turner, photographer genius, the two travel a lot but always keep in touch.

Ashley leaned back in her chair throwing her legs up on the desk, smirking, "So how much of the Indies did you really see?"

"Ash," Kyla whined, her sister was always bringing up sex, it was like she was addicted to making everyone uncomfortable with the subject since she was so comfortable with it.

"Joking," Ashley chuckled picturing the deep blush growing on her sister's tanned skin. A good thing about being a Davies' is the dark complexion that helped hide their embarrassment.

"Yeah, yeah sure you were...anyway, the Indies were wonderful and very romantic. Ares took me on this cruise, wonderful food," Kyla ranted on and on about her wonderful husband and how much fun the whole trip was, for the most part Ashley listened, tuning out every once and while, her hazel orbs staring daggers at the file on her desk, the light brown folder with it's infinite information pertaining to her case, " how is she?"

This brought her back into the conversation, "How's who?' she asked completely caught of guard.

"You know who Ash," Kyla's voice took on a more stern tone.

Just then it clicked, her sister was talking about Spencer but the only way she could have known was if... "You've been talking to Aiden haven't you?"

Kyla and Aiden had dated briefly after high school, with everything that Aiden had gone through he went through a three month I'm-not-gay-at-all phase and Kyla was his girlfriend of choice, things ended on an awkward note seeing as the small brunette had found him in bed with another guy but the two stayed friends in the end.

"Well I did call the house first, today was suppose to be your day off remember. I can't help it that when he picked up the first thing out of his mouth was that Spencer Carlin is your new patient."

"Yeah well I can't talk about it," Ashley sighed deeply she hated how everyone wanted to know about her patients and no matter how many times she said she couldn't talk about it they still asked.

"I know,'s just wow, we haven't seen her since what the day before graduation." Kyla spoke quietly unsure of the topic as the blonde always seemed to set Ashley off in some way.

"She didn't even show up to get her diploma," Ashley remembered looking around for the blonde hoping the girl and her followers didn't try and ruin this special day for her and Aiden.

"Wasn't there a rumor that she didn't want to share the stage with you and Aiden because she didn't want to catch the gayness or something?" Ashley rolled her eyes at her sister.

"How do you even remember a rumor like that from high school?"

"Same reason you remember all the pain, some things just stick out...when I heard it I thought how stupid you can't catch it, it's not a disease...for some reason that just stuck with me I guess," shouting could be heard in the back ground.


"Who else, we're getting out of the cab now...why don't we have lunch tomorrow?"

"Totally, can't wait to see you," Ashley smiled, she missed her sister at times, "Oh are you and Ares coming to Thanksgiving dinner?"

"Yep, Christine bugged me for a full month and than when I still refused went behind my back and talked to Ares and you know how much he things she's sweet," Ashley could hear the bitter sarcasm dripping from her sister's mouth. Christine had a way of making people think she was nice and a great mother but she was far from it.

"Than Aiden and I will see you there but we can talk more about it tomorrow at lunch,"

"Great see you soon, bye Ash,"

"Bye you..."

"Love you too sis," Ashley hung up her phone and glanced down at the folder.

Grabbing it she opened it to the front page and scanned all the information, eyes bugging out, mouth drying up and a lump formed in her throat...

Total of:

Thirty Broken Bones

Five Concussions

One Fractured Wrist

Cuts and Bruises from several 'accidents'

Even the reports from doctors had come up with abuse but somehow it got swept under the rug several times, there was what felt like a million reports of Spencer ending up in the hospital after graduation. Than it happened, the date jumped out at her and she flipped straight to it and felt tears well up in her eyes, she knew the real reason Spencer didn't show up for graduation...

Patient suffered from a broken femur where the perpetrator violently forced himself on her, she has deep gashes on her stomach and forearms as well as a severe concussion, nurses will watch for signs that the concussion can produce. A black eye as well as a split lip, along with a questionable tattoo etched into her skin just above her pubic region.

Ashley stared at the words trying to figure out what the hell happened to put the girl in such a condition besides the rape and what the symbol carved into her meant.