Summary: A bruised ego and a PWP make Shuichi a happy boy.

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A/N: Inspired by Tokyopop's current poll 'Shojo Your Mojo'

Well, just like most of my other fics, this was supposed to be a tiny little fic not even a page long…but it turned into a major PWP. Meh, like we need excuses to have Yuki and Shuichi having hot sex! WOOT!


Poor Yuki.

He stared down at the offending magazine article in disbelief.

He could not believe it.

It simply was not possible.

The brat…just…

Oh no! Shuichi…what will he do when Shuichi finds out.

This was simply not fair!

How the hell did this happen?

Hell? Hah! It must have frozen over by now! Yes, that's it! That has to be it!

Or was he losing his touch?

Yuki scoffed. That was impossible!

Or is the world coming to an end? That sounds more reasonable.

Yuki still stared at the page, horrified.

Nothing was functioning any more. Even his eyebrow could not twitch and by Buddha did it want to twitch.

And to think he was planning to have a wild night with his pink haired lunatic. Well not now! He is going to need time to get over this.

His ego had just taken a serious kick in the balls.

Shuichi had beaten him in a popularity poll.


Heheh, Yuki's so cute sometimes!

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