To The Never Alone Series by ToManyLetters

First, I would like to thank the many people who stayed with the story through it's four parts, and would especially like to thank those who consistently reviewed. You helped me keep the desire to finish telling this story and have given many others to see it in its fullness.

Second, as this is an addendum, here I will explain many things from the series. Among others, I will explain the names for each of the four parts in the series, various chapter titles, and characters. I'll also take a look at the series' influences and give a full list of the artists I listened to while writing that helped me really get into the feel of the series.

Section I. Series Titles

Never Alone takes its name from a line in the song Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows."You're never alone, no, no!" The title of this part in the series as well as the series itself, is a reference to the fact that, unlike Harry in canon, this Harry realises that he's never alone and that he has friends and his wife, Pansy, to help him through his trials to bring down Voldemort.

Give Yourself Away takes its name from a lesson title in the Latter-day Saint Sunday School manual called "Preparing for Exaltation". (Lesson 35)

Beyond takes its name from the concept of a Great Beyond being the afterlife. As Sirius would have died at this point in canon, and Ginny and Lucius did die, the 'beyond the veil' reference takes light.

Apotheosis takes its name from a synonym for exaltation I first learnt from a science fiction series called Babylon 5. The episode "Falling Toward Apotheosis" - season four, episode four. This title makes a reference to Voldemort's own desire to be supreme ruler of all those who live.

Section II. Chapter Titles

The Malfoy Manner, Never Alone, chapter 17. This title was a pun on the word "manner". The title itself refers to the way in which the Malfoys tend to act. It is this chapter where the group heads to the Malfoy's manor to rescue Pansy.

Forgiveness at Last Breath, Beyond, chapter 36. This title was an allusion to Ginny's rather grim death in that her last action was to save Harry, even though it would essentially mean that she surrendered him to Pansy. Her willingness to do anything for him was noticeable in the series. She truly did love Harry, even if he did not return the feelings.

The Night of Falling Stars, Apotheosis, chapter 21. This title is a reference to both the many people that died in the chapter, but to Libra's death in particular. Libra, in original context, is a constellation made up of many stars. As Libra dies, or is felled, the stars that 'make her up' also fall.

Liberation Day, Apotheosis, epilogue 2. The title of this chapter is a direct reference to the holiday created to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the war against Voldemort. Liberation Day is also called Libra's Day as both an homage to Libra, one of the many who died in the Battle of Hogwarts, and a pun on the word libre, meaning "free".

Section III. Thrown-out Plot Points

Give Yourself Away – There was originally going to be a stressed relationship between Pansy and Harry involving a twisted Harmonian sub plot. Harry would have been pushing for Hermione to back off, but, with her under the Imperius, she would have insisted and further strained their relationship. Harry would not have proposed till after the third task after the big revelation had been made and the wedding would have been in the summer before Apotheosis.

Apotheosis – More of Muriel's predicament was originally going to be shown. We were actually going to see her raise hell at the Ministry. At one point the Defence Association was going to visit her, but this was cut to make for a cleaner, smoother flow.

Section IV. Character Backgrounds

With the publishing of this addendum, the Never Alone series forum will be removed. To chat with the author, take a swing by the Sober Universe forum. These character backgrounds are taken directly from the original spoilers posts at the forum, with some fresh additions.

Pansy Marie Potter
November 11th, 1979 - December 4th, 2086
Died at age 107

Daughter of Genevieve and Walter Parkinson. Married Harry James Potter in 1995 after her father was murdered by convicted Death Eater Lucius Malfoy. In a move that stunned the Wizarding world, Pansy and her husband adopted the daughter of the man that killed her father – Libra Jasmine Malfoy.

Pansy had three children, two daughters and a son – Libra Jasmine Potter, named after her late adopted daughter, Lily Christine Potter, named after her husband's mother, and Sirius James Potter, the middle child, named after Harry's godfather and father respectively.

Pansy died in 2086 at age 107, exactly one week after her husband's passing. Her husband died of old age.

Harry James Potter
July 31, 1980 – November 27, 2086
Died at age 106

Son of James and Lily Potter. Married Pansy Marie Parkinson in 1995. In a shocking and unexpected move, Harry and Pansy adopted the daughter of Death Eater Lucius Malfoy in 1996 – Libra Jasmine Malfoy. When his adopted daughter Libra died saving his wife's life in 1998, Harry vowed to name his first biological daughter after her, and did so. Harry had three children, two daughters and a son. Libra Jasmine Potter (II), Lily Christine Potter, and Sirius James Potter.

Harry died in 2086 at age 106, precisely one week before his wife's passing. Harry died of old age, and Pansy passed of takotsubo cardiomyopathy, broken heart syndrome.

Libra Jasmine Malfoy / Potter
September 3, 1983 – June 6, 1998
Died at age 15

Daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Sister to Draco Malfoy. Adopted in 1996 by Harry and Pansy Potter. Libra died in the Second Battle of Hogwarts – killed by Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange when risking her own life to save the life of her adopted mother. Post mortem, Libra was awarded the Order of Merlin, first class for her bravery and valour throughout the War Against the Dark Lord. The holiday created to celebrate the freedom from Lord Voldemort's downfall, Liberation Day (June 6), is also known as Libra's Day.

Luna Aeriel Longbottom
March 12, 1981 – January 2, 2063
Died at age 82

Daughter of Xenophilus and Estranga Lovegood. Married Neville Longbottom in 1999, shortly after her graduation from Hogwarts, the year after the Great War.

Luna became a celebrated Magizoologist when her work regarding the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks was released in 2010. Discovering them with her work partner, Rolf Scamander, the two were awarded several medals in recognition, and were awarded further glory in 2046 when it was discovered that the horn of the Snorkack can be used in potions as a remedy for werewolfism.

Luna had two daughters, Aeriel Michelle Longbottom and Sierra Marie Longbottom.

Luna died in January of 2063 of natural causes.

Rita Rodham Skeeter
May 2, 1959 – July 2, 1998
Died at age 39

Daughter of Augustus and Malia Skeeter. Worked as a reporter for the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly during both Wizarding Wars. Known best for her libellous articles during 1994 and 1995 attacking the Wizarding world's hero and his friend, Hermione Granger. Skeeter's article writing went on full hiatus for an unknown reason and articles of her own make were not seen past 1995. In 1997, Skeeter published a best-selling book The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore that was received surprisingly well by the public. However, when, on July 1 of 1998, she published her next book, Libra Potter, Death Eater or Naughtier? the public was so disgusted that she was stoned to death during signings of her book at Flourish and Blotts book stores on July second.

Lavender Kayla Brown
January 4, 1980 – June 7, 1998
Died at age 17

Daughter of Jonathan and Kayla Brown. Lavender is best known for her efforts regarding the war whilst the majority of the Defence Association was apparently in hiding. With the help of friend Parvati Patil, Lavender helped reform the on-campus association under the nose of Death Eaters Alecto and Amycus Carrow who taught Dark Arts and Muggle Studies.

Lavender was present at both Battles of Hogwarts, and was knocked unconscious by Death Eater Marcus Rowle. Though the stunning would have done her little harm, she was shortly thereafter assaulted viciously by werewolf Fenrir Greyback.

Lavender was taken to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries by Apparition shortly after the battle ended by long time friend Parvati Patil, where she died of loss of blood only a few hours after arrival.

Hannah Elisabeth Aragon
May 4, 1980 – December 5, 2086
Died at age 106.

Daughter of James and Elisabeth Abbott. Hannah is among the people who aided Harry during his quest to take down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in 1997 and 1998. Throughout her voyages with Harry and his other comrades, Hannah began a slow and steady fall into a deep relationship with Minster for Magic Kent Aragon, who took office shortly after the retirement of Kingsley Shacklebolt in 2017. Hannah married Kent in the fall of 2001 and gave birth to a single son, Harry James Aragon, who she named after the hero of the Wizarding war, Harry.

Hannah died rather unexpectedly of heart-related issues. Most signs report to natural causes, however, many journalists cite the then very recent death of her husband, as well as her close friends, Harry and Pansy Potter, as being plausible reasons for her loss of will to live.

Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Weasley
August 11, 1981 – May 12, 1996
Died at age 14

Daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Ginny Weasley was among the supporters of Harry Potter when he went on his suicide mission into the Department of Mysteries in 1996. Whilst she duelled against Death Eaters Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, Marcus Yaxley threw a killing curse at Harry Potter. In a desperate attempt to save him, Ginny threw herself in the way of the curse and died nearly instantly. The date of her death, May 12, is a national holiday – The Day of the Veil, is observed more than celebrated, as it is a day of reflection.

Though Ginny's soul had, in fact, moved on, the part of Tom Riddle that remained within her kept her body moving and working for the Dark Lord. The "Riddle Ginny" killed Ministry official Centros Alishir shortly after her mysterious return to Grimmauld Place, which shocked every member of the anti-Voldemort organisations that resided there.

Gabrielle "Gabby" Victoire Granger
September 24, 1984 – October 2, 2097
Died at age 113

Daughter of Jean and Apolline Delacour. Gabrielle had a brief, but intensely passionate, same-gender relationship with best friend Nicole Granger, the sister of the man she later married.

Nicole was deeply hurt when Libra died; Nick turned to Gabrielle for support, seeing as Gabrielle instantly sought to make herself available. Nicki accused the friends of cheating on her together. Nicki broke the relationship off, leading Gabrielle to also turn to Nick for comfort. Nick proposed to Gabrielle in 2002, four years later.

Gabrielle had three children, two boys and a girl; Jeanne Apolline Granger, Guillaume Phillipe Granger, and Claude Michel Granger.

Gabrielle spent her career with her husband, assisting him as he headed the newly reorganized Department of Mysteries, pressing an especially strong emphasis on study, development, and control of the Ancient Magics he learnt whilst part of the D.A.

Gabrielle and Nicki eventually made up at Nick and Gabby's wedding, though their friendship never became quite as strong as it had been before Libra's death.

Gabrielle died on October 2 of 2097 of old age at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

Sarah Michelle Weasley
November 27, 1983 – May 12, 2096
Died at age 112

Daughter of Jonathan and Ariel Aragon. Sarah Weasley was among the many who fought alongside Wizarding hero Harry Potter in the Department of Mysteries in the summer of 1996. Sarah was hurt badly, but managed to make it out of the battle alive.

Sarah also accompanied the wizarding hero on his second series of bold and daring quests in the search for dark artefacts known as Horcruxes, used by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to prevent simple death. Sarah was very severely injured in the second battle of Hogwarts and would have died if it weren't for the quick thinking of George Weasley, who sneaked away from the battle to take her to St. Mungo's.

Though little is known about her actual love life, sources report that early in her years, she may have been very selective about her crushes; varying accounts of her years whilst at school consistently name three persons – Harry Potter, George Weasley, whom she later married, and the late Ginny Weasley, in whose memory we observe The Day of the Veil. Rumours concerning her emotional feelings toward Ms. Weasley, however, are nearly baseless, seeing as the only evidence to support this theory is a coincidental incident involving Mrs. Sarah Weasley's death on the 100th celebration of the Day of the Veil, exactly 100 years after the tragic death of Ginny Weasley at the Department of Mysteries.

Sarah married George Weasley in September of 2003 and bore him one son, Fred Ignatius Weasley, named after her husband's twin brother. Ironically, Fred Weasley and his wife, Nicole Weasley, did much the same thing, naming their first child after George.

Sarah passed in her sleep on may 12 of 2096.

Nicole Amber Weasley
July 21, 1983 - May 8, 2066
Died at age 82

Daughter of Thomas and Heather Granger, twin sister to Nikolas Granger.

Nicki had a brief, but extremely passionate same-gender relationship with best friend Gabrielle Delacour who later the became wife of her twin brother. Nicole felt severely betrayed; thinking her girlfriend's actions to be flirting when Gabrielle offered herself as a source of comfort to Nick after his girlfriend, Libra's, death in 1998.

Bitterly, Nicole broke off her relationship with Gabrielle and accused the two, her brother and Gabrielle, of having an affair together leaving her 'out to rot on her own'.

Ironically, Nicole ending her relationship with her lover of nearly a year led to the very thing she accused them of; after several months of consoling one another for their losses, Gabrielle and Nick eventually began to see more of each other.

Nicole eventually made up with her once best friend, Gabrielle Delacour, at her friend's wedding four years later; despite this action, their friendship never returned to full strength and trust issues constantly threatened to tear them apart again - though it is rumoured that they did occasionally engage in lip-to-lip kissing with their husbands' consent. Most people suggest this may have been a last-ditch effort to reignite the friendship, trust, and comfort they had previously felt with one another. There is, of course, no evidence of this ever happening.

Nicole re-met Fred Weasley at her friend's wedding in fall of 2002 and instantly felt a connection with him. After a nearly year and a half of dating, he proposed to her in March of 2004. Nicole bore Fred three sons and a daughter. George Robert Weasley, after her husband's twin brother, Damian Joseph Weasley, Ronald William Weasley, after her eldest and youngest brothers-in-law, and her daughter, Amber Catherine Weasley.

Nicole helped her husband and brother-in-law, George, with their shop on occasion, but focused the vast majority of her career on her position as chaser, and, later, team captain of the Holyhead Harpies.

Nicole died on May 8, 2066 of unknown causes. Most, including her husband and children, suspect foul play. All that is known surrounding her death is that she collapsed and failed to return to consciousness during a motivational speech regarding her efforts in the war against the Dark Lord.

Nikolas Marshall Granger
July 21, 1983 – October 3, 2097
Died at age 113

Son of Thomas and Heather Granger, twin brother to Nicole Granger. Nick spent the majority of his years Hogwarts in a relationship with Libra Malfoy / Potter. Shortly after Libra's death, Nick slipped into a deep depression and attempted suicide at least twice, thwarted each time by his sister's girlfriend, Gabrielle Delacour.

Seeing how broken Nick had become, Gabrielle offered herself as someone to talk to and cry with. Unfortunately, this action was not seen as the simple friendly gesture it was by Gabby's girlfriend. Nicki sourly broke up with Gabrielle accusing her of, 'getting what [she truly wanted now that Libra was out of the way' and that now that she had Nick she was leaving her 'out to rot on her own'.

Strangely enough, Nicole ending the relationship with Gabrielle led to the very thing that she had accused them of. Now, not only was Nick turning to Gabby for comfort in his loss of Libra, Gabby was turning to Nick for comfort in her loss of Nicki. The two became best friends throughout their final years at the Wizarding school (1998-2000) and eventually formed a romantic relationship with one another toward the end of their final year.

Two years after their graduation from Hogwarts, Nick proposed to Gabrielle. They were married in fall of 2002 and had three children, two boys and a girl; Jeanne Apolline Granger, Guillaume Phillipe Granger, and Claude Michel Granger.

Nikolas spent his career with his wife; she assisted him as he headed the newly reorganized Department of Mysteries, pressing an especially strong emphasis on study, development, and control of the Ancient Magics they learnt whilst a part of the Defence Association.

Nick spoke each year at the Ministry of Magic opening ceremony for the Libra's Day holiday broadcast on WWN. Nick was awarded an Order of Merlin, first class for his efforts in the War Against the Dark Lord.

Nick passed in his sleep in the early morning hours on October 3 of 2096 as he lay by his late wife's side.

Kimberly Janus Zabini
November 27, 1983 – November 28, 2080
Died at age 97

Daughter of Jonathan and Arielle Aragon. Twin sister to Sarah Weasley. Kimberly Zabini was among the many who fought alongside Wizarding hero Harry Potter in the Department of Mysteries in the summer of 1996. Kimberly was one of the few people that made it out of the Battle at the Department with only minor injuries.

Kimberly fell gradually in love with her future husband, Blaise Zabini, during her third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Defence Association meetings that occurred an upwards of twice each week.

Kimberly's future relationship was solidified when Blaise sought refuge from his Death Eater father the following summer; he himself fell in love with Kimberly and allowed himself to feel for the first time after Ginevra Weasley's death.

Kimberly accompanied Wizarding hero Harry Potter on his series of dangerous quests in the search to destroy dark and magical artefacts known as Horcruxes.

Kimberly, like all those who were members of the Defence Association and the Order of the Phoenix, was awarded an Order of Merlin, first class for her efforts in the war and most notably, the Battles of Hogwarts, where she saved the lives of Luna and Neville Longbotton.

Kimberly married Blaise Zabini in January of 2002 and bore him two daughters, Amarich Elisabeth Zabini and Guinevere Anne Zabini.

Kimberly died of natural causes on November 28 of 2080.

Kent Gray Aragon
January 19, 1981 – November 27, 2086
Died at age 104.

Son of Jonathan and Arielle Aragon. Older brother to the twins Kimberly and Sarah Aragon (Now Zabini and Weasley respectively). Kent was among the earliest members of the Defence Association, having signed-up for the organisation at its very first and unofficial meeting at the Hogshead Inn in Hogsmeade in 1995. Kent, and his wife, Hannah, were among the people who fought alongside Wizarding hero Harry Potter in the Battle of the Ministry in 1996.

Continuing in his solid loyalty to his friends and future wife, Kent joined alongside the members of the Defence Association that sought to take down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in 1997 and continued to fight faithfully clear through to the wars end in June of 1998.

In his times with Hannah during the war, Kent, though normally incredibly shy, gradually fell in love with Hannah and proposed to her in fall of 2001. Kent had a single son, Harry James Aragon, named after Harry Potter himself. Harry Potter and his wife, Pansy, were asked to be godparents of their child when it was born on September 3, the very day their late adopted daughter was born, of 2003.

After Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt retired from office in early 2017, Kent Aragon was voted in as the next Minister and worked his way diligently through the last of the chaos caused by the war. As Minister, Kent started the Libra's Day Memorial Celebration tradition of tearing down a specially made wall in the Atrium of the Ministry as a symbol for both the destruction of that which kept the Wizarding community apart and the grim symbol for the very thing which took away Libra Jasmine Potter's life. Fragments of the first wall were sold as a collectors item and profits of the sales were given to those who needed financial aide after the gruelling war, most particularly those who had lost their families in the fight for freedom.

Kent Aragon died in his home in Manchester of old age in late 2086.

Draco Lucius Malfoy
June 5, 1980 – June 6, 1998
Died at age 18.

Son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Older brother to Libra Jasmine Malfoy/Potter.

Draco was a rival to Wizarding hero Harry Potter during their years at school together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Nearing the end of November his third year, Draco was falsely, but not unfoundedly, accused of aiding in the kidnapping of then Pansy Parkinson, known widely now as Pansy Potter. Draco has reportedly been known to express feelings of attraction for the wife of the Chosen One.

Late in his sixth year of attendance, Draco was discovered to be part of the Death Eaters, the loyal servants of the Dark Lord. Draco was affiliated with the group that sought out and killed the then Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

During what would have been his seventh year, Draco aided He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in his campaign of terror against the Wizarding world and tried twice to kill his own sister, Libra Malfoy/Potter during the war.

In an ironic twist, Draco was killed by his own sister, Libra, when he tried to take her life during the Second Battle of Hogwarts.

Draco's remains were burned and used as additional fertilizer for the goat's hay fields for the innkeeper, Aberforth Dumbledore, at the Hogshead Inn in Hogsmeade.

Hermione Jean Granger
September 19, 1979 – December 1, 2086
Died at age 107

Daughter of Thomas and Heather Granger, older sister to the twins Nicole and Nikolas Granger. Hermione had a difficult time understanding her feelings during her fourth year at Hogwarts. While in a relationship with the now deceased Ronald Bilius Weasley, attempted to explore her feelings with Wizarding hero Harry Potter, who, at the time, was engaged to his future spouse, Pansy Parkinson. At the Yule Ball, Harry helped Hermione sort out her feelings for Ron. Just before the summer of 1997, Ron proposed to Hermione and she promptly accepted. The two were scheduled to be married immediately following the defeat of the Dark Lord. This, however, proved impossible as her fiancé was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

After a short stay at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, Hermione was asked to live in a Potter Manor by her two friends, Harry and Pansy Potter. She reluctantly accepted, seeing as she preferred her own independent path, but later said she was very glad she accepted their offer because it, 'brought them closer than she had ever hoped.'

Hermione had one child, a daughter named Ginevra, named after Ginevra Weasley who died in the Battle at the Department of Mysteries in 1995. The father of the child is known only to Hermione Granger. Ginny Granger was never told who her father was. Unable to bond with anyone else, Hermione became intensely close with Harry and Pansy and, desirous of a child, asked her two best friends a special favour. Harry is Ginny's father.

Hermione died of takotsubo cardiomyopathy shortly after Harry, her closest male friend, died of natural causes. Shortly afterward, Pansy Potter died of the same condition.

Ronald Bilius Weasley
March 1, 1980 – June 6, 1998
Died at age 18

Son of Arthur and Molly Weasley, youngest male in the family consisting of eight other members – Ginevra and Percy Weasley, who were also killed during the Second Wizarding War, as well as Bill Weasley, Charles "Charlie" Weasley, and twins Fred and George Weasley, owners of the wizarding joke shop that purchased Zonko's in 1999.

Ron spent much of his first two and a half years at Hogwarts pining after Muggleborn Hermione Granger and finally worked up the courage to form a relationship with her in late 1993.

Ron proposed to Hermione Granger just before the summer of 1997 and she promptly accepted.

Ron Weasley was killed by Death Eater Draco Malfoy during the Second Battle of Hogwarts when he attempted rescuing fellow Defence Association member Lavender Brown.

Blaise Zabini
February 13, 1980 – January 6, 2009
Died at age 28

Son of Marco and Dorella Zabini. Blaise Zabini was one of the many who fought alongside Wizarding hero Harry Potter during the Battle at the Department of Mysteries, but was late to join the fight. Having sneaked out after them, Blaise arrived on the scene just as his ex-girlfriend, Ginevra Weasley, was murdered by Death Eater Antonin Dolohov. In a fit of fury, Blaise murdered Dolohov, the first of several murders he would have to commit to survive in the war.

Blaise initially had a very difficult time accepting Ginevra's death and sank to deep depression during much of his sixth year at Hogwarts. Sensing his pain, fellow Slytherin Kimberly Aragon helped him deal with his grief – forming a connection that later became the foundation for their relationship and marriage.

Blaise Zabnini was awarded an Order of Merlin, first class after the war and later went to write for Witch Weekly .

Blaise Zabini married Kimberly Aragon on January 7, 2002. They had two daughters, Amarich Elisabeth Zabini and Guinevere Anne Zabini.

Blaise was killed by a rogue Death Eater at the Leaky Cauldron on the sixth of January in 2009 while trying to conduct and interview. His daughters were four and two respectively.

Section V. List of Anti-Voldemort Organisations and Their Members

The Hogwartian Defence Association
Lavender Brown, Leader
Padma Patil, Assistant
Parvati Patil, Assistant
Terry Boot, Member
Colin Creevey, Member
Dennis Creevey, Member
Seamus Finnegan, Member
Anthony Goldstein, Member
David Jacobsen, Member
Tamara Jacobsen, Member
Dana West, Member
Dean Thomas, Member

The Grimmauldian Defence Association
Harry Potter, Leader
Hermione Granger, Assistant
Pansy Potter, Assistant
Ron Weasley, Assistant
Hannah Abbott, Member
Kent Aragon, Member
Kimberly Aragon, Member
Sarah Aragon, Member
Gabrielle Delacour, Member
Nick Granger, Member
Nicki Granger, Member
Neville Longbottom, Member
Luna Lovegood, Member
Libra Potter, Member
Blaise Zabini, Member

The Alumni of the Defence Association
Katie Bell, Leader
Cho Chang, Member
Amanda Coolidge, Member
Cedric Diggory, Member
Samantha Fawcett, Member
Angelina Johnson, Member
Alicia Spinnet, Member
Jamie Wright, Member

The New Order of the Phoenix
Sirius Black, Leader
John Dawlish, Member
Fleur Delacour, Member
Dedalus Diggle, Member
Elphias Doge, Member
Albus Dumbledore, Member
Arabella Figg, Member
Mundungus Fletcher, Member
Filius Flitwick, Member
Rubeus Hagrid, Member
Hestia Jones, Member
Alice Longbottom, Member
Frank Longbottom, Member
Remus Lupin, Member
Minerva McGonagall, Member
Alastor Moody, Member
Kingsley Shacklebolt, Member
Severus Snape, Member
Pomona Sprout, Member
Nymphadora Tonks, Member
Emmeline Vance, Member
Arthur Weasley, Member
Bill Weasley, Member
Fredrick Weasley, Member
George Weasley, Member
Molly Weasley, Member

The Guardians of the Blue Flame
Olympe Maxime, Leader
Nicolas Arceneau, Member
Séraphie Bessette, Member
Aldine Bonnet, Member
Apolline Delacour, Member
Jean Pier Delacour, Member
Robine Dupuis, Member
Bernard Leroy, Member
Cécile Leroy, Member
Élie Leroy, Member
Gervais Martin, Member
Hyacinthe Martin, Member
Marcelline Martin, Member
Félix Prideux, Member
Osée Richard, Member
Zacharie Richard, Member
Adrienne Rousseau, Member
Jacques Rousseau, Member

The Black Serpent
Charlie Weasley, Leader
Béla Balcescu, Member
Elena Balcescu, Member
Andrea Comaneci, Member
Carmen Mondragon, Member
Horatiu Mondragon, Member
Costela Stolojan, Member
Cristian Vulpes, Member
Daniel Vulpes, Member
Gina Vulpes, Member Section VI. Story Influences

Babylon 5 is the most major influence on this series story-wise. The sci-fi television series is available on DVD through Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. Other influences include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Wonderfalls, and The Pretender.

Section VII. Musical Influences

Musical influences include:Arsenium, ATC, ATeens, Celine Dion, Christopher Franke, Counting Crows, Dan Balan, Eiffel 65, Festigal, Haiducii, John Williams, Juliette Goglia, Minisztár, Natasha St. Pier, Nicholas Hooper, Nicholis Louw, O-Zone, Patrick Doyle, Radu Sirbu, and S Club 7.

These groups and artists are each among the many I listened to whilst 'getting in the mood' for writing Never Alone, Give Yourself Away, Beyond, and Apotheosis.

Section VIII. Miscellaneous

I would, again, like to thank everyone for both reading and, especially, for reviewing this series. I would also like to open up the opportunity for readers of this series to write fan fiction in the Never Alone Harry Potter Universe.

Again, I would like to note that with the posting of this addendum, the Never Alone series forum will be removed. To chat with the author, join in on the Sober Universe forum.