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Returning to the Villa

"Shoot! I'm late," the red-haired girl said, panicked, as she ran towards the station.

"Ah! Kaho-chan," Hihara called for her, waving his hands as he saw rushing up the stairs.

"Gomen, gomen!" She smiled as she gasped for air. "I'm late again, eh?"

"The train is here… Shall we go?" asked a sleepy voice. Kahoko, Tsukimori, Hihara, Fuyuumi, Kanayan, Yunoki, Shimizu, Amou and Tsuchiura entered the train.

"Why did I come here again?" Tsukimori sighed as he asked the question.

"Can't we have fun, Tsukimori-kun? Its summer holidays after all…" Kahoko smiled.

"She's right, Tsukimori!" Hihara said cheerfully. "You must enjoy summer holidays!"

"Well, put that aside," Kanayan said, "We're entering now.

They were now at the front of the enormous villa. It was going to be a week before they returned home. Tsukimori took a glance at Kanayan, who, was snickering. Tsukimori narrowed his eyes on Kanayan.




"Oi! Tsukimori! Everyone is going to the Fuyuumi villa tomorrow. Why don't you come?" Kanayan offered.

"Why should I?" he replied, icily. "I've got to practise my violin so I can improve. I'd be wasting my time if I went."

"Ah, I see," Kanayan said sarcastically. "So that's what Tsuchiura meant when you didn't have any time for—"

"Shut up!" Tsukimori was pissed. "Ano yarou… I'll kill him…" Tsukimori cursed under his breath. Tsukimori then agreed, annoyed and angry.




"Tsukimori-kun? Tsukimori-kun?" Kaho's voice was calling him. "Are you alright?"

"Ah… Yeah…" Tsukimori replied.

"That's good." The crimson-colored hair girl smiled as she went after Fuyuumi. She was in front of him—in fact everyone was already inside.

"Kanazawa sensei, have you arranged our rooms yet?" Kaho asked. "We need to unpack by tonight so can you decide faster?"

"In fact, I've arranged it already. But you all have agreed—promised to listen to my rules, at least this one," he replied. "Eto… Amou and Fuyuumi, room 1, Yunoki, Shimizu and Hihara in room 2…" "Sensei will be in room 3, and…" He looked cautiously at their faces before he announced the next pairing.

"In room 4, the pairing will be Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Hino."

Silence filled the room. No one moved. The person to disturb the silence was Hino Kahoko. "Eh?"

"Rejected!" Tsuchiura and Tsukimori shouted, annoyed.

"Who would want to be in the same room as this anti-social idiot?!" Tsuchiura argued as he pointed to Tsukimori. The argument caused the silence to be completely broken. Tsukimori and Tsuchiura were arguing yet again.

Kanayan sighed, knowing this would happen. He was always interested if they had liked Hino enough to accept the pairing. Knowing Hihara liked her, he instantly changed the pairing. "Okay, okay, the pairing will change," he said, slyly.

"Hihara and Tsuchiura will exchange rooms."

Tsuchiura and Tsukimori stopped arguing as they scowled to the floor.

"Kanazawa sensei, can we unpack so we won't have to worry about unpacking when we return?" Fuyuumi pleaded with her shy, soft voice.

"I guess so," he replied. "All of you unpack!"

Kaho had gotten nervous by the fact she was sleeping in the same room as two guys, but there wasn't any other choice, because she didn't want to make a fuss and get everyone troubled. She unpacked silently in the same room as Tsukimori and Hihara.

They'd all unpacked, gotten cleaned, and were ready to go to the lake not far from Fuyuumi's villa. Fuyuumi had suggested it to Kaho, so Kaho decided to invite everyone as well. Not being able reject the crimson-haired girl, they all agreed to go. Kanayan would always go whenever there was 'fun' to be mentioned.

It wasn't a far walk to the lake. It took roughly 15 minutes to get there by walk. The three girls were laughing together joyfully, while the guys were walking in silence. Kaho and Tsukimori had brought their violins, Fuyuumi brought two baskets of food for a picnic and Kanayan had brought his ego.

Knowing that the place was a good place to swim, the girls had brought their swimsuits along with them. Kaho wore hers under her clothes, because there would be guys there, and no place to change.

"Hino-san?" Tsukimori called for her. Finally realizing she'd been standing in the same position for a few moments, she flushed, nodded, and moved towards the lake.

Kaho looked around and realized that only Hihara, Tsukimori and she were there. "Ara? Sensei and everyone—"

"They went to the other side of the lake because Fuyuumi and Amou wanted to see the flower field," Tsukimori explained. "They said it might take a while so we can just roam around."

There was a lake, with grass all around. Beyond the other side of the lake, there was a green field, and, further up, tiny colorful things were seen; flowers. The flowers were quite far away. Thus, it would take a while.

"Kaho-chan!" Hihara called her eagerly. "Look, stepping stones," he said as he pointed at man-made stepping stones leading to the other side of the lake. The stepping stones were made, from the ground that was underwater to the surface, a cement substance that led towards the other side.

One, two, three, four, five—Kaho was counting the amount of stepping stones, yet, soon lost count, because of the distance. "It's pretty, ne, Tsukimori-kun?" Kaho's gaze was focused on the glittery lake.

"Mm…" he mumbled to show he agreed.

"Hihara-senpai, don't you think so too?" she smiled gently.

"H-H-Ha-Hai!" he stuttered nervously at her sweet, gentle smile—he even blushed. (Hai means 'yes', for your information!)

Kaho looked at the stepping stones. They seem a bit slippery…

Hihara, thinking Kaho wanted to hop on the stepping stones, asked, "Kaho-chan, shall we go to the other side of the lake using these stepping stones?"

"Eh? Umm…" Not wanting to hurt his feelings, she agreed. "Hai."

Hihara went in front, Kaho behind him, and Tsukimori behind her.

"Umm…Hihara-senpai, why'd you suddenly ask me to the lake?" Kaho asked curiously.

"Eh? Ermm… Uhh…" Hihara looked away silently, nervous. His face flushed a bright red, and he hopped quickly to the other side, rushing towards the flower garden, and shouting, "I'm going to get some flowers! Wait there!!!!"

(The way he runs is shown in La Corda d' Oro episode 7 when he mentions to Kahoko that he spilt her tea)

"Hihara-senpai!" she called out, as she took a step forward. Her foot slipped as she started falling sideways. "Ah!"

"Hino!" Tsukimori reached for her hand as she was falling.

Kaho looked at Tsukimori as she fell. "Tsuki-mori-kun?" she whispered to herself. She turned her head to face the way she was falling, and realized she was about to hit a rock. Her eyes opened widely, as she hit her head and lost consciousness.

Tsukimori managed to grab her hand as he tugged her towards him. Unable to catch her, they both fell the other way, falling into the water. When they fell into the water, he let go of her hand, not knowing she was unconscious. He swam to the surface of the water to get some air.

"Hino?" he called, searching for her, as he floated. When he realized she wasn't coming to the surface of the water, he dived into the water to search for her. There were a lot of fish swimming underwater, but no crimson-haired girl. Finally, he saw her body; sinking. He dived deeper and got her. He held her tightly to his chest as her swam to the surface, then, to land.