Summary: - Smallville: Clark has a twin sister. Some things on Krypton were different too. Supernatural: Sam meets up with said twin sister. What happens when Dean and Sam head to Smallville to talk to their brother Jason? Currently AU.

The Eight Earth Kryptonians
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Pilot – First Chapter
Somewhere just past the moon...

Above the Earth, a deadly shower of meteors hurtles towards its preordained destination: Smallville, Kansas, United States of America, Earth. Amongst the meteors hides the true reason for the apparently random event – a small spaceship, only just big enough to hold two children in its belly.

Smallville, 1989
Martha Kent stepped out of the flower shop and sighed. If only... but no, she mustn't think about that. I'm so lucky already, she thought. What right do I have to ask for more? But that didn't stop her from wishing. She walked over to the truck and got in. As she stared out the window up at the cloudless blue sky, she whispered, "I wish..."

"Hey," said Jonathan. "I know what you wished for back there."

"It's all I ever wanted," she replied smiling. "A little face, to depend on me..."

Jonathan leaned over and kissed her on the lips gently, but was interrupted by car horns beeping. They both looked out the window. "Looks like the Crows won again," he said as cars decorated in red and yellow with people waving red and yellow pom-poms out the windows and out the back drove past. He smiled at Martha and started the truck.

Just outside the Earth's atmosphere
The meteor shower that would change Smallville forever sped up, having almost reached its destination. The spaceship shuddered as it entered the atmosphere that would nurture its contents into adulthood. The boy and girl inside huddled closer together as the girl said something in a strange language. The boy replied quietly and put his arms around his sister as they hurtled towards Earth.

Back to Smallville
Jonathan drove along the familiar road to the Kent farm. Just a normal day, like any other – until a ball of fire hurtled through the sky towards the town. Martha turned to look back at the town and another meteor struck the ground behind them only a few metres away.

"What's happening Jonathan?" she screamed as the ground shuddered.

She turned back to the front of the truck and screamed again as another meteor skidded across the road a little bit ahead.

Jonathan yanked the wheel to the side as they drove into the cloud of black dust. The next thing he knew, he was upside down in the truck.

His first thought was for his wife and he turned to check on her. When he saw that she was all right, he sighed and turned to look outside at the devastation.

What he saw instead made him blink. I must be hallucinating, he thought, and instinctively called out, "Martha?"

Martha turned to look at her husband, but her eyes were immediately drawn outside to what he had seen.

"Oh my god," she whispered.

Two small, naked children – they can't be more than three, she thought – were crouched down looking into the truck at Jonathan and Martha. The little blonde girl smiled and said something in a strange language, which the dark-haired boy replied to in the same language.

The little boy walked over to Jonathan's door, grabbed hold of the handle and ripped it off as casually as if he had been snapping a twig. Martha gaped at him before she heard a sound on the other side of her. She turned to look out of her own window and saw the little girl outside her window.

Her brain wasn't working at full speed, and it took her a moment to realize that the girl wasn't even touching the door. Instead, it was simply coming off its hinges, which possibly had something to do with the fact that the girl was staring at it intently.

Jonathan still couldn't take it in as he climbed out of the truck and looked down at the boy. He's so small! he thought. He turned around just in time to see Martha climb out and scoop the little girl into her arms.

"Do we have any towels or something Jonathan?" she asked.

"I think so. I'll get them out," he answered, watching her coo to the child in her arms. He knelt down inside the truck, trying to think of how to break it to her. He pulled out two red towels and wrapped one around the boy, picking him up one-armed as he did so.

The child seemed to find this immensely funny and called out to the girl - are they siblings? Jonathan wondered as he threw the other towel to Martha. She wrapped it around the little girl and walked over to Jonathan.

"Sweetheart..." Jonathan began. "You know we can't keep them."

Martha looked at Jonathan but said nothing as they started walking. "I mean, what are we going to tell people? That we found them in a field?"

Martha looked down at the girl in her arms who smiled and laughed at her expression. Martha smiled and said, "We didn't find them, Jonathan. They found us."

Jonathan sighed and said, "Kids don't just fall out of the sky, Martha."

"Well, where did they come from?" she retorted. Martha was determined to keep these kids.

"I don't know. But – I mean, they must have parents," replied Jonathan as they climbed up a small mound. He looked down into the hole in front of them and stared. Inside the crater was – well he didn't know what it was, but it definitely hadn't come from Earth.

"Well if they do, they're definitely not from Kansas," said Martha.

Later on at the Kent farm
There was a knock at the door. "Quickly, Martha," said Jonathan, "Take them upstairs."

Martha nodded and grabbed ahold of the children, pulling them upstairs. Jonathan opened the door.

"Ethan! How are you doing after what happened?" he greeted Ethan Craft, the town sheriff.

"I'm fine Jonathan," said Ethan, "I actually came to check in on you and Martha."

"We're perfectly okay," Jonathan assured him, in a hurry to make him leave. He kept the door open and stood well between Ethan and the inside of the house.

"Well, I'd better get back into town..." Ethan trailed off as he heard the sound of feet pattering down the stairs.

The two children ran in with Martha behind them, "Hey! You two! Get back here!" she exclaimed and stopped when she saw Ethan. They started to giggle as Martha grabbed their shoulders and pulled them towards her.

"What's this Jonathan?" asked Ethan.

"Well... um..." Jonathan was lost for words but fortunately, Martha wasn't.

"We just picked them up from Metropolis today Ethan," she invented. "We were on our way home when the meteors hit."

"Well, it's nice that some good came out of this fiasco," said Ethan, smiling. "Are they twins?" he asked.

"Ummm... yes! Yes, they are," said Martha.

"Oh. And what are their names?" Ethan enquired.

"Ummm..." said Martha, desperately trying to think of a name. "Well, umm..." Suddenly she had a brainwave. "The boy's name is Clark," she said. "'Cause of my maiden name."

"Clark Kent," said Ethan thoughtfully. "Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? And what about the girl?"

Martha was completely stumped until Jonathan stepped up behind Ethan and said, "Her name is Aurora, Ethan. We're gonna call her Rory for short."

"Yes!" exclaimed Martha. "Rory. My mother's middle name." She smiled at her husband.

Ethan smiled and said, "I think it's perfect. Well, I guess I'll see you round then." He left and Jonathan looked at Martha who was smiling happily.

"I guess we have to keep them now!" she said.

Jonathan sighed and shook his head, inwardly somehow grateful.

Smallville, 2000
Clark Kent sat in his room, reading articles on his computer at superspeed when the door burst open. "Clark! Hurry up, or you'll miss the bus!" his twin sister Aurora said to him.

"I'm coming," Clark replied automatically.

"Well, hurry up!" she said.

"Why?" Clark retorted.

"Cause Chloe and Pete have a bet on that you'll miss the bus today, and if you miss it I'm gonna bet them both that even though you missed the bus you're still gonna beat them to school!" Rory replied. "Which, of course, could possibly endanger our entire existence, but what the hell."

Clark shook his head and supersped around his room, cleaning it, got changed and went downstairs. He then grabbed a piece of toast as it popped out of the toaster and ran outside. Rory supersped down the stairs after him and said "Hah! Told you I could move him Mom!"

Martha smiled at her daughter. When she'd realized how much Rory stood out from the people around her, she had had her doubts about Rory fitting in but so far nobody had noticed any of the strange things that sometimes happened when Rory lost her temper.

Rory went back to her seat and finished eating her cereal. "Mom? I think Clark wants to ask you guys something, so try not to be too hard on him okay?" she told Martha.

"Okay Rory, I'll tell your father when he comes in," replied Martha. "You know Clark's taking a very long time with his chores," she said worriedly.

"Oh don't worry, he's probably just talking to Dad," Rory assured her mother.

Seconds later Clark supersped up to the fridge, opened it, took out a juice carton and started drinking straight from the carton.

"Hey! Where did you learn your manners?" said Martha accusingly as she took the carton off Clark.

"On a farm?" he replied jokingly.

Rory rolled her eyes at this early morning ritual and Martha put the carton back in the fridge just as Jonathan came in. "Good morning sleepy-head," he said to Rory.

"Ha! Sleepy-head? I've been awake for ages!" Rory retorted. Clark then rolled his eyes at their early morning ritual... only it wasn't so much early morning as I'm-going-to-miss-the-bus-and-I'm-almost-late morning.

Jonathan went over to the fridge and pulled out the juice carton and... started drinking straight from the carton. Martha glared at him. "What?" said Jonathan.

Rory laughed and said to her parents, "I gotta go or I'll miss the bus," she said, emphasising the last words for Clark.

"I'm getting there," he said, "I just gotta ask them something."

"What's that you got there Clark?" asked Jonathan as Rory grabbed her bag and left.

"It's a form, Dad," said Clark, "I need you to sign it so I can play football."

Jonathan looked at Martha and Clark knew immediately what was coming. It's not fair, he thought. Not fair.

"Clark," Jonathan began, "You know that if you played football you could accidently use your abilities on someone. It's not safe." Sensing that his son was upset, he reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. "I know it's tough son, but you just gotta hang in there," he said.

Clark looked down at the table and said, "I'm tired of hanging in there." Looking up at his father he said, "All I wanna do is go through high school without being a total loser." He grabbed his bag and walked out.

Jonathan looked at Martha and sighed. Raising kids was hard, but it was even harder when they had superpowers. It was especially confusing as Rory could do some things that Clark couldn't. Clark was also stronger than she was and Rory had some kind of defect in her invulnerability.

She could get hurt, even shot and it would only kick in if something really bad happened like an explosion. At least, they hoped it would. Rory was also much faster than Clark.

Clark walked down the driveway with his bag on his back. He stared at the ground as he thought, A part of me knows that they have a point. I mean, what if I'm running and I flash into "Clark mode"? Or what if I was throwing the ball to someone and I accidentally used my superstrength?

Clark was jolted out of his thoughts when he heard the sound of the bus pulling away. He looked up just as it started to drive off. "Damn it!" he cursed as he ran down the drive, slowing to a stop as he realized that someone had just won money on him.

Then suddenly he smiled as he remembered what else Rory had said to him this morning. Well, if someone's gonna be winning money on me, I might as well make it my sister! he thought. He then supersped off into the cornfields towards Smallville High.

A/N I know the TV show said that Clark first used his powers after Jonathan and Martha officially adopted him, but there was a book based on the pilot episode that I read, which I based this chapter and the following four on. So that's the reason for any differences between the TV version and this one.