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Precious Little Miracle

A Boondock Saints-Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

Set two and a half years after the movie; and two and a half weeks after "Restless" (Season 4, Episode 22). Story will continue throughout Seasons 5-7 (and beyond possibly).


After the battle with Adam and the events afterwards; and still not quite over Riley's unknowing infidelity during the body swap with Faith, Buffy decides to take a time-out from her Slayer duties; and her relationship with Riley, in order to completely come to terms with the whole Riley-Faith sex debacle.

With a (so far) quiet summer looming on the Hellmouth, Buffy convinces Giles that they could use a nice relaxing vacation away from Sunnydale.

Plans on going to stay at the home of Buffy's cousin in New York; everyone looks forward to two weeks of fun and relaxation. With hopes of doing some sight-seeing, a little bit of partying, and plenty of shopping. And if the need arises, some slaying.

And during the course of their vacation, Buffy and company encounter two men, one of which will have a profound impact on Buffy's life in a way no one could have ever anticipated…

Story Timeline:

Late June 2000: Murphy and Buffy meet, sparks fly, and a brief summer fling ensues.

March 3, 2001:

Rowan Nyla Colleen Summers is born to Buffy Anne Summers (and an unknowing Murphy MacManus) at 1:13am at Sunnydale General Hospital.

April 8, 2001: Realizing the severity of the danger Glory poses, Buffy makes a difficult decision.

April 16, 2001:

Secretly weary of her duties as the Slayer, and in a moment of absolute clarity, Buffy decides to sacrifice herself in place of Dawn in order to close the portal, thus saving the world, and allowing Dawn to live.

April 19, 2001:

In accordance with Buffy's last wishes, Giles and Willow take Rowan to New York City, to stay with her father- Murphy MacManus.

September 17, 2001:

Without his Slayer, Giles decides to head back to England to live, completely unaware of the spell that Willow, Xander, Tara, and Anya plan on undertaking to resurrect Buffy from a Hell dimension; though never knowing that they pulled her out of Heaven.

Certificate of Birth

Baby's Name: Summers, Rowan Nyla Colleen

Date of Birth: 3- March-2001

Time of Birth: 1:13am

Length: 18.5 inches

Weight: 7 pounds 4 ounces

Mother's Name: Summers, Buffy Anne

Father's Name: MacManus, Murphy