Title: Pureblood Princess Diaries
Author: 2booklover4
Language: English
Form: W/ Chapters
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Ship: Draco/Hermione
Summary: The war had ended and new leaders were appointed, King Troy and Queen Helen Gardner. Hermione Granger, a typical 7th year student, is doing what a teenager normally does. But what if one big confession of her parents completely changed her life? Dramione..

Pureblood Princess Diaries

Chapter 1: The New Leaders

The war had finally ended. The Dark Lord was defeated by the famous Harry Potter for three consecutive months. The Wizarding World rejoiced for their most anticipated freedom from the cruel Lord Voldemort. They'd finally achieved it. Everyone thanked the Boy-Who-Lived for being their hero.

Far away from the Wizarding World, Hermione Granger, a 16-year-old teenage girl was reading a news article from the Daily Prophet about the new leaders of the Wizarding World. The news article, written by Rita Skeeter says:


The war had finally been put into an end. The Chosen One had finally defeated the Dark Lord. But who would lead the Wizarding World right now? I, Rita Skeeter, would tell you all.

King Troy Gardner, a very noble and respectable man, was voted as the new King of this world, together with his lovely wife, Queen Helen Gardner. The Wizarding World had agreed to appoint these new leaders, who promise to serve honestly with all their hearts, minds, and souls. But, even if there is a new King and Queen, the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, would continue to be on his position, although, he would follow all the King and Queen's order. King Troy said that… (continue on p.12)

Hermione folded the news article and kept it in her trunk. She was happy that there was a new leader for the Wizarding World, but she was a bit curious. She had scrutinized the picture of the happy couple and she can't help but to think that she had seen both of them before but not knowing when and where.

Her mind averted from the article to a letter beside it, she can't deny that she was awfully happy. A shining, red badge with a big, capital "H" was placed beside the letter. The letter was from Professor Minerva MacGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, saying that she was appointed as the new Head Girl of the upcoming school-year. Hermione wasn't surprised, actually. She really has a great feeling she would be chosen. She had written a letter to her best friends, telling them the good news she had received.

'I wonder who would be the new Head Boy,' the brunette mused as she thoughtfully played with her badge. 'I hope he's someone decent and responsible, unlike the Slytherins.'

"Hermione! It's time to eat dinner now!" Mrs. Jane Granger called from below. Hermione smiled at the voice of her beloved mother. Her parents, Mrs. Granger and Mr. Harold Granger, were always very kind to the brunette that's why all her hard works and achievements were dedicated to both of them.

With these thoughts running in her mind, Hermione turned off the light and went down for dinner.

Dear Diary,

Oh my dear friend, I have so many things to tell you! You very well know that the war finally ended and now, we have new leaders. King Troy Gardner and his very gorgeous wife, Queen Helen Gardner, was the appointed ones. I can't explain this feeling though. When I first saw their faces on the Daily Prophet, a feeling was telling me I had seen them before. I just can't determine how, when and where.

Anyway, enough of this thing. I have much better news to tell you. I'm Head Girl! Oh yes, I am! I certainly hoped that this would come true and now, it did happen. I'm glad Professor Dumbledore entrusted me with this position. I would really do my best in doing this responsibility.

I'm feeling nervous, excited and curious to whom Professor Dumbledore gave the position of Head Boy. I'm nervous because I would dread it, I truly swear, that if a Slytherin, oh and especially Draco Malfoy, that I would, I would… I don't know! (Oh please Merlin! Let it not be Draco Malfoy!)

Grr… now that I've thought about it, my mood suddenly changed. I know that Professor Dumbledore is sensible enough to not to choose an evil student having a position so great. What if he abuses his power, especially those poor first year students? But I just can't help but to think that Prof. Dumbledore will REALLY choose a Slytherin because of his inter-house project. Oh I hope not!

Guide me Merlin to help me to forget these terrible things.

My dear diary, I envy you for you are just listening to my ranting without complaining and you aren't having any problems with your life. Oh, you are so lucky.

Goodnight, my friend.



Hermione closed her diary and stretched her arms. 'There'll always be a tomorrow,' she thought before lying down on her bed and falling asleep.