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Goku had once again got himself separated from the group. They had been fighting the usual hordes of bloody thirsty demons Gojyo gave a sudden shout of surprise.

"The damn monkey's gone missing again!"

This was followed by various swearing and a few grunts seeing as a few more demons kicked the bucket.

"Well this sucks, we're gonna hafta spend our time AGAIN looking for that stupid monkey."

Grumbled Gojyo looking pissed off.

"Look I'm sure that Goku's fine and probably isn't very far from here. All we have to do is say the word meat bun and he'll hear us for miles." Hakkai assured Gojyo.

"Well whatever you do I'm not helping. I'll be in the jeep, disturb me and die." Sanzo growled to his two remaining companions.

Sadly the group of three didn't realize just how much trouble Goku was in and how different he would be the next time they saw him.

Goku breathed heavily trying to gather his thoughts as he opened his eyes blearily. His first thought was:

"Wow I'm hungry!"

His second:

"I wonder what's for breakfast?"

And third:

"Where the hell am I?!"

He cast his eyes around the room trying to remember how he got here and then it hit him, he'd been drugged! He thought back to when he was fighting with Sanzo and the others. He had just finished whacking one over the head when he had caught the heavenly scent of meat buns. Wandering off into the forest and following the scent, he soon came to a clearing and there in front of him like an offering to the gods was a plate of freshly cooked meat buns. Drooling he ran and crammed out five meat buns at once into his mouth and swallowed. That was when he had felt a sharp pain in his neck, feeling his neck he had found a dart. By then his surroundings started to grow hazy and he couldn't remember anything after that, only inky darkness. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes Goku tried to stand only to find his legs felt like rubber and so and promptly fell to the floor again. So instead of trying to stand again he took a look at his surroundings and found to his surprise that he was in some kind of basement. His stomach twisted horribly when he saw tools that were only ever made for one purpose, pain. Trying to stand again Goku found to his surprise that this time he was able to walk, just. Staggering he made his way over to a steel staircase which was situated next to what looked like a bed of needles. To his disappointment he wasn't strong enough yet to walk up them, and he'd have to wait a while until he could attempt to. Goku sighed in defeat and leaned back against a steel table that looked like it would be used for operations. Studying it more closely he saw red stains that looked like, blood?! Shuddering in disgust, he slid to the floor and waited for Sanzo to come.

Because Sanzo always came, didn't he?

"This is strange, I wonder where Goku could've run off to?"

"Damn it Hakkai, I bet the monkey's back at the jeep being shot at by Sanzo."

"I suppose so, and if he isn't he'll probably wonder into the inn when he gets too hungry."

And so the companions went back to the jeep and Sanzo, minus one monkey.

Goku jerked awake to the sound of a door creaking open and the echo of footsteps descending on the stairs.

"Whaa? Breakfast time al-"Goku started to yawn then stopped remembering where he was.

Snarling he jumped to his feet to face the one who imprisoned him, but before he could do anything e felt a sharp stab in his left shoulder and collapsed in a gasp of pain.

"So sorry Son Goku but I can't let you escape before I've had a little fun can I?" Whispered Goku's capturer, his black eyes flashing with insane amusement.

This time Goku slowly came to and opened his eyes groggily. He tried to struggle to his feet but found to his dismay that he had been shackled to the operation table he had lent against earlier so that now he was lying upon it and the effects of the drug were still in his system, leaving him weak and in no state to fight. Raising his head slightly to get a better look at where he was, Goku cautiously swept his eyes around the room again. The room was pretty much the same as before except this time the metallic smell of blood was stronger in the air and there were a few more grisly looking torture weapons had been placed here and there. A voice suddenly spoke from the shadows making Goku's stomach clench in fear.

"Ah so the great Son Goku is finally awake?" The voice murmured sounding oily and smooth.

"You bastard!" Goku spat trying to move his head to see where his assailant was hiding.

It was then he got capturer stepped into his line of vision and Goku's eyes widened considerably. It was a demon and not just any run of the mill demon, no it was hideously disfigured. The eyes were a deep coal black filled with insane glee and his hair a sickly green colour coming down to its waist and hanging limply. Its mouth was curved up in a smirk, and as for its nose, let's just say it looked like this demon had lost one of its senses. But the most noticeable thing about the demon (besides its non-existent nose) was that its skin was a deep red, so red in fact that it looked like it had bathed in blood and if you touched his skin your hand would come back sticky.

"Who are you?!"

"Oh let's just say that your friend's have something I want…"

"Riiight, you're the scripture aren't you?"

"That is correct. But getting you was an added bonus."

"Hmph. Y'know that they'll come for me and then they'll kill you."

"My dear Goku! That's exactly what I want."

And then the demon laughed, it was a sound Goku never wanted to hear again.

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