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While Goku was busy in the bathroom Gojyo had gone to fetch Sanzo and Hakkai. Knocking on the door of the room they were both sharing, Gojyo opened it and peered inside.

"Hey wake up you guys, I came in to let you know that Goku's awake."

Gojyo said this in an unusual serious tone and for once wasn't making any cheap remarks.

"That's wonderful news Gojyo! We'll be right there."

"Wait, I dunno if it's anything to worry about but he hasn't said a word since waking up. Then he tried to say something but it was as if he couldn't form the words."

"Hmm that could be a worry, or maybe it's just the shock of what he's gone through, I'll see though if there's anything wrong with his vocal chords just in case."

"C'mon monk, time to go see the chi-!"

Gojyo went to say to Sanzo then realized the monk had already slipped off.

Goku had made his way back to the bed after going to the bathroom, but it'd taken a lot out of him. He could already feel himself starting to drift off to sleep again but he waited knowing that even if he was to fall asleep when Sanzo came back he'd probably get woken up again anyway. Scratching at his bandages and wincing Goku lay back down under the covers and waited for the others to come. His sharp eyes suddenly picked up someone entering the room and at the last moment chickened out and faced away from the doorway.

"Look at me."

Goku trembled slightly but stayed transfixed by the wall.

"Goku. Look. At. Me."

Goku obeyed and turned away from the wall as golden eyes met purple ones. He waited for the blows to come or the insults. But instead Goku got a pleasant surprise. (A/N Well technically it was an insult but he said it a nice way…)

"You stupid monkey."

Sanzo then gave something Goku would never ever forget even if he turned 100 (well make that 600). A small embrace, it was awkward and stiff and lasted for less than 3 seconds, but it was a hug none the less and that was saying something seeing as it was coming from Sanzo, The Sanzo. Goku was frozen and didn't know what to do, he felt tears leaking out the sides of his eyes for the second time that day and a small sob racked his body as he buried his head in Sanzo's chest.

Gojyo and Hakkai watched silently from the door way until Gojyo whispered to Hakkai.

"Do you think we should come back later?"

"Good idea Gojyo, we'll leave them alone of a little bit."

Hakkai shut the door silently and decided to go get the fresh bandages for Goku and medicine to help his injuries heal along the way. Gojyo followed Hakkai and decided to go get some food because knowing Goku he'd sure to be whining his ass off soon and he hoped that everything would be back to normal soon.

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