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Part 2

Hornswoggle began to tug onto Shawn's pants. Shawn peered down at him briefly.

"Oh is it ready?" Shawn asked in a low tone. Hornswoggle made a quick nod with excitement.

"Hunter," Shawn whispered. "It's ready."

"It is?"

"That's what the little guy says."

Hunter turned to Hornswoggle who nodded to confirm the answer. He smirked.

"Alright then. I'll keep on talking to stall Mr. McMahon while you make the call."

"Okay. Ooh, oh, oh, oh!"


"You just made a rhyme. Stall and call!" Shawn grinned. "Isn't that cool?"

"Shawn this is not the time for poetry!"

"Oh right, gotcha." Shawn unclipped the walkie talkie from the side of his pants. "Be right back."

As Shawn left, Hunter turned back to the crowd. Now for the next part of the plan.

Distract Mr. McMahon.

"Where did Shawn go?" someone asked.

"Oh he has to make a phone call but he'll be back."

"Oh no no no! I want you both out of here!"

Apparently there was someone who was still not happy.

You guessed it.

"But you can't kick us out. Otherwise your party will be boring. Everyone wants DX at their party, don't you guys think so?"

"YES!" The crowd exclaimed.

"I rest my case." Hunter smirked. Shawn appeared back on his side seconds later.

"Everything is all set," Shawn told him in his ear.

"Good. It's time to play the game then."

"Yes," Shawn made a smirk in return. They looked down at Hornswoggle and made a thumbs up for him. Everything was in place.

Now they had to wait for it to be executed.

"Where's my security?!" Vince roared, stomping on the stage. "I wan them out of there NOW!"

"But hold up Vince, hold up. We can't leave without letting someone to give you a surprise present first!"

"Who is it?"

The DX duo smirked before they bend down and lifted up the little man dressed up in green.

He was a leprechaun dressed up as…well, himself.

Vince was in utter disbelief. First it's DX and now it's his illegitimate son! They were supposed to be off his guest list! How did they end up appearing out of nowhere and still ruin everything?

"Dad!" he exclaimed.


"Aw it's Hornswoggle!" said Maria with a giggle. "Isn't he the cutest thing ever?"

"More like the ugliest thing ever." That earned Randy a slap at the back of the head from her. "What? I'm speaking the truth!"

Meanwhile Shawn nodded to confirm the answer. "That's riiiight. I think you forgot to bring him to the party, yes?"

The hundred eyes turned to direct their sight to Vince, who was still speechless. Well, wasn't Hornswoggle supposed to be included too?

"Well…you see..."

"He excluded him from the party if you didn't know!"

The crowd made a huge gasp among themselves. They turned to the new source of the voice.

"Nice going moron," Regal told the Coach before rolling his eyes.

Coach made a nervous laugh. "Well…I mean come on, he's annoying!"

"Well he's not to us!" said Brooke.

"He should be included. We all work together in the same company after all," said Batista.

"That's right!" said Mickie. "If he's not going to be included then…I won't either!"

Kelly turned to her. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that he's out, then I'm out too!"

"Me too!" Someone exclaimed.

Soon a thunderous chant was made. Fists were punching the air in unison.


"Wow, it looks like you're loved, buddy." Hunter told with a chuckle. Hornswoggle grinned.

"Okayyy..." Shawn began. "and they're coming off at five, four, three, two, one..."

Suddenly the lights went off again.

"And they're off," Shawn finished.


The superstars and diva talked among themselves, wondering what was going to happen this time.

Then music began to play in the background. Not the kind that you would dance too but the one that would make you shiver up and down your spine.

The two big doors busted open from the bottom floor and the red mist came flowing to accompany the silhouette of an intruder. He seemed to be holding something long in his left hand and the other was holding a bag.

The divas screamed. Vince had his eyes widen with horror.

"It's him!" said Mickie.

"It's the Boo…it's the Boo…" Layla couldn't get herself to say his name.

"Hold me Spiderman!" Kelly quickly jumped into his arms.

"Alright, if you insist..." was Brian Kendrick's voice behind the mask.

"Gross!" Torrie exclaimed in horror.

The figure slowly weaved his way through the superstars who were quick enough to move out of his way.

Vince thought he had been frozen as he just stood there in the middle of the stage. He couldn't dare to move a muscle.

He hoped that it was just a dream. Unfortunately as the man climbed onto the stage, that was when he knew he wasn't.

There was the man. His face was painted red with black dots over it.

"Hello Vince," he began in a deep voice. "Are ya happy to see me?"

The host was already backing away. "You stay away from me!" He said, pointing a finger at him. "You hear me? Stay away from me!"

"Where are you going? The man asked as he followed him. "Are you scared?"

"No I'm not!"

"Oh but it looks like you are. Let me calm you down…I have a bag full of worms…"

Now his stomach was churning. He felt like he wanted to puke.


Vince dashed down the steps and away from the stage. He pushed the people out of the way.


The two obeyed and ran at a speed rate of a cheetah as they flew out of the door. Vince came out soon after.

"I am not going to stay around here, never!"

"But sir…the guests…" Regal began, trying to catch his breath.

"Screw all of them!" Vince spat. "I'm not going to let myself be humiliated!" He pulled open the door of his limo. "Are you two coming or shall I force you two go back inside."

"We'll come with you," they replied in unison, apparently not even bothering to think twice. They quickly went inside.

"Step on it driver!" Vince commanded.

The wheels screeched with force and then the limousine was driven away.


The loud shrills were still heard from the ball room. Soon the lights came back on again.

"Wow that was fun," said Hunter with a laugh.

"Totally!" said Shawn. "So um…shall we stop the chaos now?"

"Aw but I like to hear the divas scream."


"Alright, alright." Hunter pulled out his walkie talkie and pressed the button to talk. "Lights on."

"Roger that."

And just like that, the lights had returned.

"Wait a minute…" John trailed off with a confused look. "That's not the real Boogie Man."

He was right. The person who remained on stage still had his back toward the crowd. He had his back toward the crowd was much smaller than the Boogie Man…and fairer too.


He twirled his body around and spread his arms out. "TO PARTY DOWN!"

The crowd burst into thunderous laughter. So it wasn't the real Boogie Man like they had thought.

Instead, it was Charlie Haas.

"Oh my god! So it was you the whole time?!" Mickie asked.

"Sure is," Charlie grinned. "It was my idea but then Shawn and Hunter suggested that I should make the special appearance…"

"And what an appearance it was!" Brian laughed. "You scared the pants out of Vince!"

"It was actually fun." Charlie dipped a hand into the bag he was holding and pulled out something that appeared to be a worm...and ate it.

"EWWWWWW!" The superstars and divas began in disgust.

"What?" Charlie asked.

"You're eating a worm!" Layla exclaimed.

"Oh." Charlie laughed. "These are gummy worms to be precise. There's more in the kitchen. I'll bring them out soon."

"Did you see the look on Vince's face?" Shawn laughed.

"Now that was priceless," Hunter agreed and laughed. "Great work Haas. You should be hired as an impersonator."

Charlie grinned. "Thanks guys."

"So who was the one who controlled the lights all this time?" Paul asked.

"Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo…"

The superstars turned to look at the two people.

"That would be us." Shad grinned along with his good buddy JTG.

"So now Vince, Regal and Coach are gone…" Randy began.

"Then that means…" John began.

"That's right John…" Hunter said in a serious tone and folded his arms.

"What does it mean Hunter?" Shawn asked. He turned to Hornswoggle and then back to Hunter with concern.

Hunter's expression melted into an amused one. "It means it's time to PARTYYY!"

"YEAH!" The crowd screamed with excitement. JTG wasted little time to work with the DJ box to start the entertainment as 'Heaven' by DJ Sammy blasted through the speakers. Everyone began to dance.

"Oooh right!" Shawn nodded. "I knew that."

"Sure you did," said Hunter with a roll of the eyes. They then stooped down to meet the little man's height.

"Looks like your dad got quite a scare," Hunter said with a chuckle. "Thanks for helping out planned us out little man."

Hornwoggle grinned and slapped each of the duo's hand in a high five.

I wonder where he is now," Hunter began.

Shawn shrugged and chuckled. "I don't know He could be enjoying his limo ride home."

But a mischievous grin had told them otherwise. He was rubbing his hands gleefully.

"Wait a minute…" Hunter couldn't help but to curl his lips in an amused smile. "You had something else planned, don't ya?"

Hornswoggle didn't answer. He just grinned. Maybe there was something planned?



They huddled together with Vince sitting in the middle. They were shaking like crazy with fear.

The Undertaker was sitting in the front beside the driver. His cold eyes were staring at them.

"Before the night is over, you three will rest…in…peace…."

He ended the statement by rolling his eyes into the back of his head.

"Th-this this car must be stopped!" said Vince.

"I'm afraid he can't do that," said the Undertaker. "But I'm sure he has a few words to say…" He directed his eyes to the driver. "Don't you driver?"

"Yes I do…" he turned around and Kane's face was revealed underneath the driver's hat.

"No…" Coach began.

"It can't be…" Regal said weakly.

Vince made a gulp at another scary sight before him.

"Happy Halloween," said Kane and then began to laugh like a maniac.

As the screams were made inside the limousine, the moon poured down its light onto the neighborhood in meanwhile.

There was one thing for sure.

Halloween had finally arrived indeed.


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