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What she commands, he'd follow. Whatever her wish, he'd grant it. What she says, he'd definitely do. It was his fate, a ninja bounded by a duty. Her life was his to protect, yet she feared that her heart was the price to pay.

CHAPTER 1: Shattered Solitude

Flashback eight years ago…

A majestic castle, atop the highest mountain of Konoha, camouflaged by the surrounding greenery…He has finally reached his destination at last.

Upon reaching the gates, four masked ninja halted his steps.

"ANBU…as expected…" A low husky voice came from underneath the dark cloak.

The men stepped back, there was something about the lone figure that gave chills down their spines.

He was tall and lean, they couldn't make out his features for they were hidden beneath the cloak. Still, protocol was protocol.

"W-who are you and state your business." One man dared to ask.

"Uchiha." Was the man's monotone reply.

Yet the name alone seemed to suffice, the men retreated and their initial hostility faded.

"Forgive us Uchiha-san, this way, I believe our lord is expecting you."


"So you were the one sent by Orochimaru. Uchiha Sasuke. The genius of the Uchiha Clan, youngest yet strongest subordinate of my dear friend. How old are you? Ah I believe Orochimaru said you're 20. Good, good." Came a cheery voice.

"Hai, as a peace offering from Sound, I am here to aid you in any way I can, Jiraiya-sama."

"Good! Good! That snake maniac did something good for once. Oh please excuse my language, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell my wife about it." His guffaw filled every silent corner of the room.

Sasuke wanted to roll his eyes, he wasn't expecting this kind of attitude from the most powerful man in Konoha. Well at least it was a change from the suffocating surrounding back in Sound.

Just then the shoji doors opened, revealing a beautiful lady with blonde hair and a curvaceous body. 'Ah…the wife' Sasuke was about to comment on how serene she looked when a screech momentarily paralyzed his ears.


Suddenly, the woman was standing in front of the Hokage, lifting him up by his ear.

"Darling! Ahahaha! I-I was only joking! This young man right here needs a bit of a laugh! Sasuke! Meet my beautiful wife!"

Sasuke sat up straight. 'Great, now I'm being brought into this? What a bunch of wackos.' The woman looked at him in the eye, and he fought the urge to swallow.

"A pleasure to meet you my lady." He said instead. His face devoid of any emotions.

"Oh so you're the one. Then I am grateful you are here. You may call me Tsunade."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

"You don't listen very well do you, just Tsunade."

"I was trained never to call my superiors anything but their respectful names."

Tsunade raised her brows and chuckled at what he said.

"Was Orochimaru planning to make a robot out of you? Well anyway it's none of my business. Oi you disgusting pervert, have you told him what he's doing here?" she turned to her husband.

"I was going to, but you suddenly came barging in."

"Fine, fine, tell him while I go get Sakura."

'Sakura?' Jiraiya seemed to have read his mind and told him the details.

"She's our only daughter. The reason we asked for your assistance. You are to protect her, guard her, and risk your own life for her."

"I am here to play bodyguard?" he didn't mean to sound rude, but the task at hand seemed too easy and boring to be put in his hands. He was after all, the best of the best.

But again the Hokage seemed to have figured out the workings of his brain.

"It is not so simple, my daughter is special, she has the ability to heal, give life to one who is at the brink of death, many wishes for her power. Including your master, but since he's my friend, albeit a strange one, he has given me his word he wouldn't harm my daughter."

Sasuke thought he saw pain flash through the Hokage's eyes, but it was gone as oon as it came. He then continued.

"Thrice, she was almost killed. She was abducted twice and almost everyday there has been an attempt to capture her. As the leader of this country, I am ordering you to protect a very important asset…but as a father, I am asking you to please, please keep my daughter safe. Will you accept this mission, Uchiha Sasuke?"

At that moment Tsunade entered the room again, this time a little girl was behind her, looking at him with a faint blush on her cheeks, and he stared at her with vague interest in his eyes.

He didn't know if it was because of the fatherly way Jiraiya said it.

Or the way he remembered his childhood because of the royal family of Konoha…

Or the little girl's emerald orbs filled with so much emotion it actually reached his blackened heart…

But he found himself saying…

"It would be an honor, Hokage-sama."


Up to this day, two years later, he still didn't know what made him say those words. Or why he took the mission. He didn't know what he was signing up for until he was given his charge.

She was at the academy today with her father so his services weren't that needed. So on the rare occasions that he was alone, he went to the palace's indoor garden to meditate. Not even a second passed by when his spirited little ward came to his mind.

She was a menace with deceptive green innocent eyes, back then he would never have guessed she was a hellcat. She always found way s to annoy him and made his life a living hell. He didn't care if she loved playing hide and seek, it drove him crazy because he rarely finds her. Aside from the blow to his pride, what if at that moment the enemy tracks her.

She would throw tantrums when he doesn't do what she wants. She really was a major pain and never grateful for his efforts for keeping her safe. Of course that included keeping her locked in her room and not allowing her to play with her friends.

A faint sound coming from the bushes behind him came to his ears, though he was sprawled on the grass and his eyes were closed, he was more than ready for action.

Though there was no need for it when he heard the footsteps. SHE was tiptoeing towards him. Quite familiar with her antics, he spoke without opening his eyes.

"If you're trying to sneak up on me, you failed. You're too noisy."

"Mou! You're so mean Sasuke-kun!" she flopped down his belly. Each hand on both of his shoulders.

He gave a soft 'oof' then opened an eye, he found her peering at him with a pout on her lips.

"What is it?" with her looking like that, he can't help but soften up a little. He was always complaining but he cannot deny that he was fond of her after all.

"Ne..Sasuke-kun? Do you think I'm pretty?"

He was caught of guard by her question, one look at her face and he knew she wasn't kidding. He realized that she was growing up, based on the experience he had back in sound, adolescent girls are very conscious of their looks.

Sakura was already 12, so it wasn't really a surprise she was asking. It's just that she was asking the wrong person. Not knowing what else to say, he said what came up to mind.

"Hai. Now go bother someone else." He expected her too punch him or to hear something colorful from her mouth.

And so he was surprised for the second time that day when he heard her sniffing.

"H-hey, what's wrong? I just said yes right?"

"Demo..y-you were only saying it so that I would leave you alone. I d-din't know you were so mean S-sasuke-k-kun. You're j-just like those kids who love to make fun of me! They say I h-have a b-big f-forehead." Her sobs turned to wails.

He wanted to kick himself along with whoever those kids are, he was being insensitive and it caused the girl pain. Trusting his instincts, he enveloped her in his arms.

"I'm sorry hime, I was being insensitive. But really, you are beautiful. I wouldn't say yes if I didn't mean it."

Sakura blushed. But her smile, if Sasuke could see it, would probably brighten up his dark world. She returned Sasuke's embrace.

"Thank you, I really, really love you Sasuke-kun! You would wait for me right? When I grow up we're gonna get married!"

She suddenly released him and looked at him straight in the eye, much like the way her mother did a few years ago.

"Do you promise?"

She looked so adorable that he didn't have a heart to say no.

"Hai Sakura-hime. I promise."

He just didn't know how much trouble that would give him in the years to come.

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