I decided to edit this because its pretty horrible the way it is now. But in my excuse, I this was only the second thing, third at most, I'd written and I was only 16 or 17. I don't believe that the plot is going to be changed much, just fix things that I screwed up while writing.

"Another year at this insane asylum we call a school," Ayame Wolfton said to her friend.

"Well it's only for 10 months. And they'll fly bye anyway," Kagura Windleton said to her.

"Yea, for you maybe. You're a senior remember? I'm just a junior. After this you're done and you even get out of school early."

Kagura rolled her eyes. "Hey, don't get mad at me because your parents had you a year later than mine had me." Changing the subject she said, "Where are Kagome and Sango? Weren't they supposed to meet us here?"

"Yea," Ayame said looking around for their friends. Finally she did. "There they are. Come on."

"Hey there you two are." Kagome Hickson said. "Sorry we're late."

"Yea. How is it possible to be late on the first day of school when you have a car?" Sango Michaels said. "I didn't think traffic would be so bad."

Before they could say anything else the bell rang and it was time to go to their homerooms. "I'll see you guys later." Ayame said to her friends. In her homeroom Ayame took the desk in the front row.

Another year, same story. Ayame Wolfton, nerd of Temple Jewel High.

She sighed.

I guess I can't complain though. Kagura, Kagome, and Sango have the same story. Kagura, the antisocial freak, Sango, the tomboy. And Kagome the quiet girl. Even though if you knew her, that would be the last thing you would think of her. I wonder how it possible for all four of us to be the school outcasts all together. Well at least we have each other. Only two more years of this and then-

"See you later Miroku." Kouga Samuels said as he walked into the class. Oh my god. She thought. Why does he have to be in THIS class? There are like five other classes he could have been in. She watched him walked pass from the corner of her eye. It doesn't matter anyway. He doesn't even know I'm alive.

"Alright class quiet down." Ms. Kaede said. "Homeroom doesn't last long as all you know so when I call your name come up and get your schedule."

I wonder if I have any classes with the girls this year.

"Ayame Wolfton," Ms. Kaede said.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.

She got up to get her schedule when she bumped into Kouga.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said trying not to blush. "Don't worry about," he said not looking at her and walked away.

Oh, hi to you too Kouga. No, its fine that you don't know my name. We haven't been going to school together very long. Only since the second grade. She sighed. "Yea different year same story. And don't let me forget unrequited love since the third grade." She mumbled to herself.

The end of fifth hour can't come soon enough, Kagura thought as she looked at the rest of the students in her homeroom.

I'm embarrassed to say that I actually have to graduate with these people.

"Kagura Windleton please come up and get your schedule," Mr. Myoga said. After she got it, she sat back down looking at her schedule she said, "English 4, Advanced Math, Physics, hey wait a minute. When did I sign up for debate class? Oh well doesn't matter any way." She went back to thinking how stupid her classmates were until the door opened and Sesshomaru Adams walked in.

"Mr. Adams you're late," Mr. Myoga said. When Sesshomaru didn't say anything to him as he walked into the room he said, "Here's your schedule and take a seat." When the teacher said that, some of the girls in the class called for him to go sit with by them. He ignored them and sat in an empty desk next to Kagura.

It's pitiful how girls throw themselves over him. It's been that way since freshman year. Even if he is cute I could never throw myself at him like the rest of the school does for him and his friends. I'm so glad Kagome and Sango don't act like that, even though Kagome hates someone she barely knows and Ayame has been obsessed with-

Her train of thought was broken because her cell phone started to vibrate. She looked at her phone and it was a text message.

hey Kagura I can't pick Kanna up from school 2day so ur gonna have 2.

It was from her older brother Naraku. She sighed. "He probably had to work late again tonight," she said to herself. Oh, well, she thought. I need to spend more time with her anyway.

I hope that he's home in time so I can go to work-

"Hey Sesshomaru why don't you come sit over here by me and my friends," Yuka Williams said to him. "I know it must be hard to have to sit by this freak," she said pointing to Kagura.

Kagura rolled her eyes. What some girls won't do for attention.

To say that Yuka and Kagura did not like each other was putting it lightly. Kagura didn't know why Yuka didn't like her so much, but she knew why she didn't like Yuka. She was one of the main people spreading the rumors about her and her little sister. Then she realized that Sesshomaru was looking at her. She tired not to fidget, but she was losing. She turned away from them and stared out the window watching the trees sway in the wind.

"You should hear the ru-"

"I don't care what people say, Yuka. I've never been one for gossip and if you know me as well as you say you do you should know that."

Kagura smirked. The Ice Prince isn't as shallow as I thought. But that doesn't mean that he isn't at all.

Then she heard him say "I don't want to sit with you or your friends. Your shallowness sickens me. Now go away," he told Yuka. Kagura, still facing the window, heard her humph and walk away.

She turned around and saw that Sesshomaru was looking at her again. This time she couldn't take it. "What," she said.

"I was wondering," he said "which rumors are true and which ones aren't."

He is just as shallow as I thought. Can't say I'm really surprised.

"Believe whatever ones you want. I have better things to do than worry about what people I don't like say about me," she said as she got ready to leave for her first period class when she heard the bell ring.

"That isn't like most girls," he told her.

"Well," she said getting up. "I'm nothing like most girls. That's something you should learn."

She got up and started walking away.

"You never know, I just might," he said in a low voice that only she heard.

She kept on walking out of the room showing no expression on her face but her mind was racing. He would want to learn? The Ice Prince of Temple Jewel High wants to learn something about the school's freak?

"He must have been just saying that," she thought aloud. Or if not the world must be ending.

Kagome sat down in her first period class. Class was about to start when Inuyasha Adams walked in. She didn't know why but something about him always aggravated her. They never spoke, but anytime she would hear his voice she would get annoyed.

"O.K. class quiet down. I'm Ms. Kaede and this year in English III we'll be learning about…" As she was talking about what the year was going to be about Kagome tuned her out.

I need to find a job this year. Maybe Kagura has an opening at-

She was brought out from her thinking by a "Psst."

She looked over and it was Inuyasha trying to get her attention. With a quick look to make sure the teacher wasn't looking she said, "What?"

Inuyasha said to her "Isn't your name Kaiami?"

Getting more annoyed by the second she said, "No. It's Kagome. Is there something you want?"

"Whatever wench," he said. "Give me some paper."

Now she was more than annoyed, she was angry. He called her the wrong name, called her a wench, and THEN not ask, but tell, her to give him some paper.

Trying to stay calm she said, "No."

"What do you mean 'no'? Do you know who I-"

He was cut off by Ms. Kaede. "Inuyasha please stop talking or you will get detention."

"But she was talking too," he said pointing at Kagome.

"I don't think so Mr. Adams. You shouldn't try to blame someone else for your own wrong doing." After that she went back to talking.

Kagome had a smirk on her face she was able to hide until the teacher wasn't looking. "Old hag," she heard Inuyasha say. Then he turned to her and said, "I'll get you back for that."

"Don't get mad at me because you got caught and I didn't," she whispered and ignored the evil looks he gave her.

"Now class I'm going to give you a sheet for you to fill out and then your going to pass it around so the class can learn more about you. You may also talk quietly to each other," Ms. Kaede said. Kagome rolled her eyes.

It never fails. At least one class every year the teacher wants to learn more about us.

While she was filling her seat out a group of girls walked up to Inuyasha and started talking to him and giggling like they were on laughing gas.

Whatever they see in him must be his looks and his popularity. Because it sure isn't his personality.

She listened as he said something that wasn't even funny and all the girls laughed.

Yep. It's his looks. What all the girls see in him, Miroku, Sesshomaru, and Kouga I'll never know. I guess that I could ask Ayame what she sees in Kouga. I guess she'll answer me…after she kills me. She gave a little laugh at the thought of that.

The girls with Inuyasha heard it and started whispering to themselves.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who they are talking about. I really wish they would get lives of their own.

"Alright everyone, return to your seats," Ms. Kaede said. All the girls around Inuyasha pouted but still walked to their desks.

"Now," she said "Exchange papers with a person next to you."

Before Kagome even realized it Inuyasha had her paper and was reading it.

Trying not to yell to the entire class she said, "That was rude. Could you please give me back my paper?"

"No," he said. And before she could say anything he said "Your middle name is Abigail huh? I feel sorry for you. Your favorite color is purple. I would have figured you like pink. Hmmm…favorite hobbies. Archery? You, shoot an arrow? I really doubt that one."

She wanted to yell at him but didn't want to get in trouble with the teacher. She took a big breathe and said, "First, I happen to like my middle name. Second, I hate pink. And third, I can shoot an arrow. And I'm very good at it."

"Oh yea," he said. "Prove it."

"If I had a bow and arrow I would shoot you in that big mouth of yours just to shut you up," she said.

"Look at that. The school's very own Carrie has some backbone," he said. "Who knew you could be so mean?"

"If I was Carrie don't you think that you would already be dead? No," she said "I wouldn't kill you. I would pull your tongue and your teeth out your mouth. Maybe that would shut you up. But I doubt it." She pulled his paper off his desk and started reading it.

"And you said Abigail was bad. Malachai? What your mom wants you to be children of the corn leader one day or something?" She started laughing when he snatched that paper from her hand. "Let me guess, you like opera and the ballet? And your favorite sport is tennis?"

"Shut up wench." He said. "Nothing is wrong with my middle name. And no, I don't like opera, ballet, OR tennis."

"My name isn't wench, its Kagome," she said. "But I guess you're too stupid to get something on the first try." Before he could say anything Ms Kaede said that they had to start on something else. She took her paper from off his desk and ignored him again. She looked at her watch and sighed. Thirty more minutes in this class. It's going to be a long year.

Sango stared off in space barely listening to the teacher talk halfway through second period. No work today. I guess that I can go grocery shopping like father has been asking me to.

And then after I can go to the-

"Excuse me, but I can't believe that I haven't met someone as beautiful as you yet," Miroku Daniels said to Sango drawing her out of her thoughts.

She looked at him and rolled her eyes. "Well I know you. Trust me." She went back to not paying attention to the teacher.

"I don't think so," he said. "I would remember a gorgeous face like yours."

This guy just doesn't give up. And the girls actually fall for this crap? "No," she said. "I know so. We've been going to school together since pre-k."

Turning away from him again she started to work on the sheet the teacher passed out.

Sango, getting annoyed by the minute, didn't understand how the biggest womanizer in the school didn't know who she was. Nothing was different about her other than her hair. She had been growing it out since the year before. But she always kept it up in a bun. If this is what happens when I wear my hair down, then I'll just keep it up.

"You aren't lying are you? Because I know every girl in this school. And I think that it's impossible you such a lovely creature like you to go unnoticed," he said.

Sango was angry now. Hey, a little voice in her head said. I tried.

"No, I went 'unnoticed' because you're only worried about who's popular and who's the easiest to get in bed," she said trying hard not to make her voice rise. "Go look back threw the yearbooks. I've been in school with you since elementary. And I've been in four of your classes. Kindergraden, first, third and fourth. I just haven't been following you and your friends around, like some love sick little girl. And that's why you haven't ever seen 'someone as beautiful as me.'"

He was shocked into silence while she was still fuming. NEVER SEEN MY FACE BEFORE? We've only been going to school together our whole lives. Knows all the girls in this school my ass. Only the ones who throw it at him and his friends. She turned back to her paper. But not for long.

"I've offended you," he told her. "Let me make it up to you bye taking you out tonight. And I'm sure that we can jog my memory," he said with a perverted smile.

She sighed. "No. That's o.k. you're not my type."

"Playing hard to get are we? I thought that was out of style with you girls. But I like it when they do."

The pencil Sango was holding snapped in two. "No I am not playing hard to get. I just don't want you. And as shocking as that might be, not everyone in this school wants you and your friends, like I've already told you."

"Just so you know, my name is Sango Michaels." When she saw realization on his face and then him cringing she smirked. "Yeah I thought so. You don't want to ruin your popularity rank now do you? Talking to one of the outcasts in school isn't smiled upon. So just turn around and talk to one to the girls who have been trying to get your attention all period."

"Hey I'm sorry I didn't mean to cringe when you told me your name, it's just-" he tired to say but she cut him off.

"It's not just nothing. You did mean to cringe. It's not like I don't know me and my friends are social pariahs in this school. It just shows how superficial and shallow you are for caring."

She sighed and her voice softened. "You might be cute, but your just another stereotypical popular. It's sad too because you might be a pretty good guy. Somewhere. After some searching. Deep searching."

As she said that the bell rang. Without another word she gathered her things and walked out of the class to leave him staring at her and thanking God that she didn't get mad enough to make a scene in front of the whole class. "There's going to be enough rumors about me and the girls without him adding on to my list," she grumbled as she walked to her third hour.