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Kagura sat on her back porch with Ayame, Sango, and Kagome as they watched their husbands play with their children. She laughed when she heard Ayame say, "Can we please go inside? It's so hot out here." Rolling her eyes, Kagome asked "Did we complain this much when we were pregnant?"

Throwing a ice cube at her, Ayame continued to fan herself. They were all used to Ayame complaining about how hot it was, they wouldn't expect anything else from a eight month pregnant woman. Turning to Kagura, Sango said "How's Kanna?" Smiling, Kagura said "She can't stop talking about Shippou. She told me that they're going to Homecoming."

"But the school year didn't start yet." Ayame said, taking a breaking from complaining. "Tell that to Shippou." Kagome said. "I can't even count the number of times that he's called to see if Kanna said anything about him. What has Kohaku been up to?" She said the last looking at Sango.

"I can answer that question." Kagura said dryly. "He's dating Rin and is terrified of Sesshomaru. He says she's too young to date, even though she's in college" Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she looked out onto the yard. "I wouldn't do that so much if I were you." She called to Sesshomaru, as they watched him toss their three year old daughter, Victoria, in the air and catch her. "She just ate and might throw up on you."

They heard the others laugh, as Sesshomaru put the little girl down. They talked more about their siblings until two year old little girl ran up on the porch. Running to Kagome, she said, "Mommy, they was teasing me." "Were. And who was teasing you?" She asked her daughter. "Zachary and Matthew. They was-were pulling my hair and said I couldn't play with them because I'm too young and a girl."

Struggling to stand, Ayame said, "I'll talk to Zachary-" She stopped as Sango waved her away. "Next time they tell you that you can't do something because you're a girl, just tell them that they're jealous because they aren't." "What about when they pull my hair?" The little girl asked woefully.

Sitting the little girl in her lap, Kagome said, "You know what Victoria does when boys tease her?" She watched her little girl's eyes grow wide. "But you said not to do that." "I know, but I think now you can." "Thank you Mommy." The little girl said. Giving her mother a quick kiss, she jumped off of her lap. Saying a quick good-bye to her aunts, she started to run down the steps.

"Tabitha." Her mother said quickly. "Yes, Mommy?" "Only do it if they pull your hair, o.k?" Giving her a grin that matched her father's perfectly, and scared her mother to death every time she saw it, she said "O.k." They watched the little girl run to the others and try to play with them. They saw three and a half year old Matthew say something to her and pull her hair.

Tabby gave another grin as she balled up her fist and punched Matthew in the nose as hard as her two year old body could. Matthew landed on his butt and looked at the little girl. A few seconds later, he burst into tears, as the women on the porch laughed. Inuyasha gave a quick glance to the women and shook his head. He picked up his daughter and walked over to the porch, the other three following with their children.

"I'm guessing that you had something to do with this." He said to his sister in law. "I have no clue what you're talking about." She told him innocently. "Yeah sure Kagura. Everyone knows that Victoria has the exact same right hook." "I didn't teach her that, Sesshomaru did." She said defensively. "She should know how to defend herself." Sesshomaru said blandly.

Rolling her eyes, Kagura said "If you have anything to do with it, no boy will be allowed close enough to her for her to protect herself." "I wonder when you're going to stop the boys from playing with her." Sango said as she took her sniffling son from Miroku and put him on her hip. They all knew that Sesshomaru was just as protective of his wife and daughter as he was his sister.

"Probably when their five." Inuyasha she dryly as he. "I don't see why." Miroku said. "I was just telling Matthew that females shouldn't be teased. They should be wooed and-" He was cut short as Sango's free hand covered his mouth. "Hopefully the legacy of lechers will end with you." She told him.

Putting his four year old son down, Kouga went to his wife and helped her up. "Have you been complaining about how hot it is?" He asked her jokingly. Giving him a glare, she said "It's your fault anyway. I'll just complain to you from now on." Smirking he rubbed her enlarged stomach. "I don't remember you complaining when it happened."

Turning red, she opened her mouth to reply, but he beat her to it. "I think that Sesshomaru said that they had some ice cream in the freezer. Do you want some?" Forgetting her anger at her husband almost immediately, she told him yes. He and the others left to the kitchen taking the children with them, leaving the four alone on the porch again.

Turning to Kagome, Sango told her friend "Thank you." Looking at her confused, she answered "For what? I didn't do anything." "For pissing off Inuyasha that day." Still confused Kagome asked "What day? It seems like we piss each other off everyday."

"Oh." Kagura said understanding. "She means the first day of school my senior year." As realization dawned to her, Ayame said "I think that was the best thing that happened to us." "Me too." Kagome said. "It didn't seem like it at the time, but I'm glad it happened. But you never know, maybe things would have turned out this way without the bet."

"I doubt that." Kagura said standing up. "Other than Ayame being obsessed with Kouga and you hating Inuyasha, we barely had anything to do with them. I'm glad that it's this way." "Ditto." Sango said. They barely spoke of the bet anymore simply because it didn't matter. They were all in silent agreement that, ever though the short term effects of the bet were horrible, the long term ones were worth it.

"I think that bets are the best thing in the world." Ayame said as she waddled to the door. When they were inside, they saw all four children running towards the bathroom. They stopped short when hey saw their mothers. "And where are the four of you going?" Sango asked them.

"Daddy said we couldn't have any ice cream until we washed our hands." Zachary said. "And we bet each other who would get their first." They ran off unaware of the sense of déjà vu that their mothers and fathers, who heard what the little boy had said, felt.

Glancing at his four friends, Miroku asked, "Should we be worried?" "No, not yet at least." His wife answered him. "Oh Lord, another generation of betters." Kagome said. "Not that the last one didn't turn out wonderful." She said quickly to her husband. They were all silent until Ayame said "Oh well, no use in crying over un-spilled milk. Now where the ice cream? I'm hungry."

The rest of the group laughed as she waddled to the counter that held the ice cream.

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