Snow had started to silently fall from the grey sky early that morning. Large snowflakes had quickly covered the mountain like a white blanket: whiteness was everything you could see, and silence was everything you could hear in that day of mourning.

Sensei sighed, watching the sun disappearing behind the mountains as he stepped in the snow. He used to enjoy the peaceful silence that usually surrounded the Yamanouchi school, but today it was different: it was a silence full of unspoken, endless grief. Hardly the enjoyable kind.

His gaze wandered through the whiteness around him.

The white tombstone was barely visible among snow. It probably would have been much more difficult to recognize it if it wasn't for the man knelt in front of the grave, his blank stare fixed on the ground. He had fallen on his knees that morning in front of the tombstone, and he hadn't moved from there since.

It was a bitter cold day, but the man didn't seem to care. He didn't even shudder as another blow of icy wind rushed over him, his gaze never leaving the ground under which she had been buried just the night before.

Sensei remembered when he and Yori had found him, holding Yuki's body close to him as if silently begging her to not leave, even though it was clear her spirit had already left this world. His eyes fixed on her pale face, he had showed no sign to acknowledge their presence as they had approached, nor had he showed any intention to fight back.

But he had indeed given an inhuman cry of rage when one of Sensei's pupils had tried to take Yuki's body away from his grasp, as if he had just snapped from some sort of trance. It had taken five ninjas and some broken limbs to hold him down as they took Yuki away from him, and one quite powerful blow on his head to make him stop trying to kill anyone standing between Yuki and him.

Since he had awakened the night before, he hadn't said a word. He just kept staring at the wall of his cell the whole night, his eyes shallow and devoid of life. He had taken his chance to escape from the cell that morning, when one of the ninjas had come to take care of his wounds… and now there he was, knelt on Yuki's grave, uncaring of his wounds and the cold.

Much to Yori's surprise, Sensei had ordered his ninjas to not bother him. He was somehow sure that the prisoner wasn't going anywhere, and that he needed some time to mourn in peace.

But now time was up. He could not let him stay out there the whole nigh: he was wounded, and needed medical care, and he hadn't eaten in two days.

Sensei silently approached the man. "Quite cold out here, isn't it, Monkey Fist?" he said, stopping a few feet from him.

The monkey man didn't answer. Sensei took a few more steps, stopping just beside him.

"If you stay out here a few hours more, you will die."

Still no answer.

Sensei gazed at the grave too, saying nothing more. He knew it was just a matter of time. He awaited in silence for a few more minutes, the wind still howling around them.

"I killed her" Monkey Fist finally spoke, covering his face with his genetically altered hands. His voice was full of anguish and self-loathing.

"You did?" Sensei asked quietly, looking at the broken man in front of him.

"It was my fault she died. I might as well have plunged a knife into her heart".

"Hmm" Sensei glanced at the darkening sky, wondering how would he have reacted if he had known that Yuki was with child. He shook his head: he didn't need to know, after all "would you care to explain me what really happened?"

"So" Sensei finally said as Monkey Fist finished to speak "is it all?"

"It is."

"I understand" Sensei said softly.

Monkey Fist turned his glance away from him, feeling the lump in his throat growing bigger. "Now please, if I may ask one small favor, go away. Let me meet my destiny alone."

"Your destiny" Sensei repeated "do you actually think this is your destiny? Dying alone in the snow?"

"This is the fate I deserve."

Sensei nodded. "Maybe it's true. Maybe you actually deserve death" he looked down at the grave "but still, I'm not going to disrespect Yuki by letting you die."

Monkey Fist glared at him, confused.


Sensei sighed. "Monkey Fist, I'm not going to lie to you. Her death is partially your fault…"

Monkey Fist cringed at those words. It was the truth, he knew it – but still, hearing them come from another person was devastating.

"…but not completely" Sensei added "Yuki willingly gave up her life to save yours. Life was her ultimate gift for you" he looked Monkey Fist straight in his eyes "do you really want to trow away her gift just for your cowardice?"

"I'm no coward" the monkey man said mechanically, but he didn't seem too sure of his own words.

"Yes, you are and you know it. You are going do make Yuki's death good for nothing just because you can't bear the consequences of you actions. This is cowardice."

"Shut up!" Monkey Fist growled as he finally got up out of rage, giving Sensei a murderous glare. Sensei had expected this. It was a natural reaction to the death of a loved one: first dizziness, then pain, then rage.

Monkey Fist's rage, anyway, seemed to subside as he felt a sharp pain to his side as a large wound reopened. He let out a strangled sound of pain as he collapsed on the ground. He stayed down, unable to stand up, shivering in the snow.

"You're wounded quite badly" Sensei reminded him "that's why you need help."

The monkey man lifted his head and growled again as Sensei stepped closer. "Don't you dare come near me" he threatened, though realizing he was no serious treat in his condition.

"Don't be a fool" Sensei said sternly, looking down at him "you know you are no treat to me…especially not now".

Monkey Fist closed his eyes and leaned his head on the ground, tired of the whole thing. He was also starting to feel terribly cold, now that the night was falling. "Why do you want me to live so badly, Sensei? Letting me die would be much easier."

Sensei crouched next to him and began to check his wounds. "I told you, letting you die would be an insult to Yuki's memory. I have a debt to repay to her."

"A debt?" Monkey Fist asked weakly. It seemed that all the strength he had left had been wasted in his outburst. His vision was getting blurry.

"Yes. I have my part of responsibilities for Yuki's death."

"How…" the monkey man breathed. It was getting difficult even to speak.

"I am the one who chose Yuki to follow you and keep an eye on your actions. Had I chosen someone else, things would have gone in a very different way."

"But…" Monkey Fist struggled to speak, feeling himself slip out of consciousness.

"No buts" Sensei's words were the last thing he heard as he felt himself being dragged away from Yuki's grave "I'm going to repay my debt by saving your life, and you are going to repay yours by living. That's all."

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