It must be said that Cavallone Dino is a very patient man. He was Reborn's student for several years, patience was pounded into his head (or sometimes shot into his head, but that's another story) daily. But there was one thing, one person to be honest who was wearing his ever present patience very thin.

That person was Sawada Tsunayoshi, 10th Don Vongola. An adorable, innocent angelic 14-year-old who had absolutely no idea how to take a hint or respond to flirting. That was Dino's big problem.

"Hey Tsuna, what're you doing?" Dino would ask, giving Tsuna his best smile and leaning against the door frame in the way most girls squealed over.

"Oh, hi Dino." Tsuna would smile up at the older mafioso with his eyes half-shut. "Not much."

"Oh." Dino usually smiles and nods and tries to not think about how cute Tsuna looks at the time.

They stay like that for a minute or two, depending on what Tsuna's doing, whether it's homework or paperwork, until Dino breaks the pleasant silence. "So, want to go catch a movie to something Tsuna?"

And Tsuna will give Dino a oblivious smile and say cheerfully, "Sorry Dino, but I'm going to go (insert activity) with (insert name)." Completely unaware of the fact that Dino was planning the death of his partner, be it Gokudera or Haru or even Squalo on one occasion. "Do you want to come?"

Dino would always decline, politely because he doesn't want to be with Tsuna in the company of another person, unless that person is Romario since he would have no chance to woo him.

But today, Dino vows, will be different.

So instead of leaning on the door frame like all the other times, he walks straight into Tsuna's room like he owns it and sits down by Tsuna at the little table in the middle of the bedroom floor. "Hey Tsuna." He smiles and leans over the younger teen's shoulder to look at the sheet of paper in front of him. "Ooh, math huh? I hated the stuff."

Tsuna seems to snap out of his surprise at Dino's intrusion and and nods vigorously. "It's factoring and it's really hard. Could you help me with it?"

"Sure thing," Dino agrees nonchalantly and begins to explain how to factor a trinomial while thanking God that he had Romario stationed outside the bedroom window.

They stay like that until Tsuna finishes his homework and are satisfied that it's been done right. That's when Dino makes his move.

He begins by asking the younger teen, "So are you doing anything tonight?" very loudly so that Romario can hear outside.

"Well, not really. I was just going to go to Yamamoto's sushi shop for a lunch. I get half price for being one of Yamamoto's closest friends." Tsuna laughs adorably and suddenly, his ears perk back a little and his large brown eyes light up. "Do you want to come with me? I'd like the company."

Dino beams at Tsuna. "Sure. Maybe we can go for a movie afterwards?" He proposes, trying not to get up his hopes.

"That sounds great!" Tsuna gushes and leaps to his sock feet excitedly. "There's a really good anime movie playing at the theater, do you want to see it?"

Dino agrees wholeheartedly, and the two set off for the Take-Sushi shop and Dino can't help but think that patience is an important virtue afterall.

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