The Dumbest Smart Person

"Ow ow ow! You don't have any idea what you're doing, do you?"

"You're one to talk."

"I may never have done this before, but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to feel like this."

Spooner rolled his eyes. He moved upward again and Calvin gritted her teeth, grabbing a fistful of the covers. She hissed and he winced a bit, mumbling an apology.

Calvin leaned her head back and groaned, letting her breath out long and slow. "Why did I even agree to this? I have people back at USR who are paid to do this."

Spooner arched an eyebrow at her. "I thought you people only fool around with robots?"

She shot him a glare. "Are you done yet?"

"We have got to work on your people skills." He stood and shuffled off to the kitchen. Calvin sat forward and examined her injured ankle, wincing as she noticed the nasty pink color it had turned. She hoped to God it wasn't broken. A broken ankle was not going to work well with all the walking that was involved at her job. Though admittedly, since the whole fiasco with Sonny and V.I.K.I, she'd been thinking about leaving more and more as the days passed. There had been thousands of lawsuits and riots ever since and it was all beginning to fatigue her.

Spooner returned with a rather old looking roll of bandages in his large hand, scooting his chair closer and sitting in front of her wordlessly. Calvin observed him for a moment. Their relationship had become a little more cordial as of late, but it was virtually the same. They still managed to get into arguments at every encounter, but she understood him better now that she knew about Sarah and the car accident. He, however, seemed to show no change in regards to her. The sessions his superior, John, had insisted that he take with her did not resolve their completely opposite views.

Spooner picked her leg back up and shifted her ankle around while she clenched her teeth and bit back another sarcastic remark. Once it became aligned again, he started wrapping the bandages around her leg. At least that didn't hurt.

"Your hands are cold."

"Sorry. Bad circulation." Spooner muttered, concentrating. Calvin squirmed with the effort not to fill the silence and found herself wondering why she had the urge. Usually, it was vice versa. He was always trying to joke or poke fun at her just so he could argue. What had changed?

"Speaking of which, are you still in contact with Sonny?" he asked, not looking up. It surprised her, but she answered quickly.

"Yes. He's doing well. I'm glad the authorities aren't pressing charges."

Spoon grinned, glancing up at her for a moment. "I'll just bet you are."

She frowned at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

The smile melted into a smirk, a bit of amusement creeping into his baritone voice. "Not a damn thing."

Calvin resisted the needling urge to kick him. "Don't tell me: you're insisting that I have some kind of romantic attachment to him, right?"

Spooner tore off the end of the bandage and tucked it inside the wrapped part, scooting back and standing up. "Great job, Doc. Admitting the problem means you're halfway there."

She growled at him and lowered her leg while he chuckled, gathering her arms underneath her to push herself to her feet. To her surprise, he held out his hand to help her. Scowling, Calvin took and let go as soon as possible, hating how awkward it would be to stalk off with a limp. She straightened her dark grey jacket and set her shoulders, lifting her chin in defiance.

"Thank you. I'd get someone to fix that crack in the stairs sometime soon before an innocent person ends up breaking their neck."

He had that damned smirk on his face again. "I'll look into it. Just don't sue me."

She made an effort to stare around at his apartment in disdain. "Believe me, I won't."

Spoon shook his head. "Beat it. There's only so much abuse I can take from a beautiful woman. Reminds me too much of my ex-wife."

Calvin pursed her lips together to keep from smiling and headed for the door. He followed her to the doorway, leaning against the doorjamb. She had just passed through it when he spoke again.

"So what did you come by for again?"

Calvin froze in mid-step, her pulse skyrocketing. She had actually…forgotten. She whirled, gesturing to him wildly and trying to keep from stumbling over her words.

"I…I came to update you on Sonny's situation. He and the other NS-5s have been sent to a facility in the Pacific Islands for reprogramming."

Spoon lifted an eyebrow again, regarding her with disbelief in his voice. "Is that so? You know we get updates down at the precinct, right? Try again."

Calvin closed her eyes in annoyance for a moment, mentally cursing herself before continuing. "I'm a psychiatrist, Detective Spooner, I'msupposed to check up on my patients."

"That one made more sense, but you were rushing it. Just admit that you like me a little bit and I'll let you go on your way," he grinned smugly, crossing his arms across his broad chest. Calvin mouthed soundlessly in anger for a moment before letting out a frustrated shriek.

"You areunbelievable! Don't think for a second that I have any interest in you whatsoever other than the assignment I was give by your superior! I am not attracted to paranoid, arrogant, self-righteous pigs whose ideas of seducing a woman is by insulting her intelligence and implying that she is in love with a robot!"

Fuming, she turned on her heel and got two steps before he grabbed her wrist.

"You are still the dumbest smart person I have ever met."

Before she could reply, he jerked her around and laid a firm kiss on her lips. Calvin was too shocked to reply, let alone yell and scream at him like she wanted to only seconds earlier. On the contrary…she actually liked it. A little.

He pulled away first and smiled softly before heading back inside his apartment.

"See ya tomorrow, Calvin."

He shut the door in her astonished face. Her voice came out breathy and weak.



A/N: I AM SO WEIRD FOR WRITING THIS. It just came to me one day after I'd watched the movie and I realized I actually do ship them in my head. Please review and tell me what you think since this is my first attempt at an I, Robot fanfic. Thanks for reading!