Hunted Secrets

Complete summary:

It is true that everybody has secrets, and sometimes those secrets are bigger than others, specially when you are a well known and respected anthropologist working at the Jeffersonian; but secrets had a very particular characteristic, they come out to light sooner or later. Pairings: Booth and Brennan, Hodgins and Angela, Zach and girlfriend.

One: Opening a scar.

It was a day that seemed like any other at the Jeffersonian, with its usual staff, according to Angela's opinion. Hodgins and Zack were working on a new experiment, Bones was locked up in her office again; she's been doing it very often during the last six months, probably because of her pregnancy. So that left her with no one to talk to and it was really boring.

"Maybe I should check what Tempe's doing," Angela told herself, "that's a good idea and I might even convince her on having a baby shower." She stood up with difficulty and head toward Bones office.

In her office, Dr. Brennan was working on her laptop, completely immerse on her thoughts. She was thinking about the one big secret she had been keeping for so many years from everybody and even her now husband. The very one that it's been hunting her for years and now, ever since she found out she was pregnant, again, her past began to torment her even more. That baby girl that she once gave up to, came back fully to her mind, and since that moment she has been working and doing everything to try and locate her. Although there were so many new ways to track a missing person and technology to help her, she hadn't been able to find her daughter.

"Hey, sweetie!" Angela greeted entering Bones office, "What are you doing locked in this office on such a lovely day..." she was smiling but her frown changed to a concern one "hang on, you don't look pretty well, are you ok?"

"Oh, hi Angela, there's nothing, I'm fine, really, thank you." Bones quickly turned to face Angela while closing her laptop and hidding some notes that were spread on her desk.

"Are you sure? 'Cause, if you want, I can call Booth for you," Angela insisted.

"No it's ok. I absolutely feel fine, don't worry." Bones told her trying to sound calm and pressing assuredness on her tone.

Angela decided to give it up and try on a different moment. "Well, if you insist," then, an idea came to her mind, "What'll you think if the five of us, get out of this cold boring office and pick up something to eat and take a nice walk on the park. I'm sure it'll suit us great." She said grinning and rubbing her belly.

"I'm not sure Ange," Brennan hesitated, "There are so many things I need to do and..."

"Nonsense, you need to get out of here once in a while, get some fresh air," Angela said, "and definitely this little two will enjoy it too." she added rubbing Bones round belly.

They went to a cozy little restaurant and after having a nice meal, went for an ice cream cone and sat on a bench in the park to talk peacefully.

"How is everything going with you and Hodgins?" Bones asked Angela trying to avoid her questionings about the secret research in which she'd spent so much time lately.

"Great, he is so wonderful. Let me tell you something, he even start taking pre natal yoga lessons with me. He looks so cute struggling to do all the postures and everything," Angela was almost laughing and every time somebody asked her about him, a bright spark was visible in her eyes, "you and Booth should try it too. It's a wonderful experience and it'll help you during labour you know? Besides, it's a good way to spend some time with your man doing something different from the ordinary.

"I'll think about it; but anyway, I don't think Booth's going to like it," when she was saying this she was thinking that it was very funny seeing Angela like this, she loved Seeley with all her heart, but she was sure that that sparkling thing doesn't happened to her, she was thinking this when Angela pull her out of her thoughts.

"You know, you have this cute and sweet sparkle in your eyes every time you think of Booth, and when you first found out you were pregnant, it was like if you could almost shine, I think I even hear Booth telling Zack about you glowing." Angela said smiling widely.

"Oh my God, you're kidding me right? I was thinking the same thing about you. That happens to you when you talk about Hodgins," Bones couldn't believe it.

"Really? Am I that obvious? It's just that I really love him," Angela said dreamingly while rubbing her belly "and this little one is another proof of our love."

"I was thinking of the physical and chemical reasons for that and..."

"Sweetie, don't question it or tried to explain it, it's just love," Angela smiled at her but changed her frown to a more serious one and said, "what I was about to ask you was that..."

"Oh my God, look at the time, it's very late. We should go back now." Brennan cut her abruptly, standing up.

"Honey, its ok, what is it?" Angela was now worried.

"Its just that I forgot to leave a note letting them know where we're going and..."

"Whatever you said… we'll talk about what's disturbing you later. You're not getting rid of me that easily Brennan, you know me." Angela warned her.

"I know; that's why we're friends, thank you Ange." Bones thank her, with pure sincerity in her voice and hugged her "Well, let's keep going then; it's been a long time since we left."

When they arrived at the Jeffersonian, Booth and everybody were looking for them desperately, and when he saw the girls entering, he run to them and hugged lovingly her beautiful pregnant wife with relief.

"Oh Tempe where were you? I was so worried, nobody knew where you went or anything, and I tried to call you and it didn't work either." he was visible upset.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't notice that I left my cell phone here," she kissed him "I was with Angela, she took me to a nice restaurant and had a walk in the park after that, I promise it won't happen again."

"You've brought something for us?" she asked him staring at the corpse bag lying in the main lab table.

"Actually yes, this body was found in a cliff near Northcreek, a teenage couple found it when they went to a lonely place to... have a quiet talk; when they start climbing down to a small cave below the cliff, well they've sort of changed their plans," Booth was telling her.

"Have a quiet talk… or you may say to have some fun, wow, I can guess their faces, being all that romantic, with a plan and then..." Zack started making fun of the situation but with a cold stare Dr. Brennan stop him.

"Well I should go and let you guys do your job," Booth was leaving when he turn again to Bones, "I'll come and pick you up at 5:30, ok Bones?"

"But you just brought this to me..." she was about to complain.

"We promised Parker to take him to the movies…" Booth recalled it to her, "I'll bring you back here after that. So you could have some fun with Mr. Doe. I just hope you spent the night with me and not with him… like in many other ocasions, I could getsome jealous some times, you know?" he teased her and then kissed her to leave.

"Fine, don't worry I won't let Mr. Doe bothers you. I'll be waiting then and don't call me Bones," she kissed him back and wave him goodbye.

"See you later hun… have fun you guys!" he pulled his thumps up to the rest of the group, in a sort of way making fun of them.

"Of course we will," the rest of the group waved at him laughing, and Brennan just rolled her eyes and smiled too.

"Ok team, let's get to work," Brennan spoke to everybody in a cheerfull tone, "Zack what we have here?"

"Well Dr. Brennan we have a body found, as you've already been told, in a cliff, it was about a hundred and fifty feet down from the top. Over there's the bag with everything they found near it," he pointed a bag on a nearby table. "There are missing body parts, probably animals spread them and rip them of the body," there was half left leg missing along with three fingers of the right hand, the clothes were in pieces and covered in blood stains "nothing else was found near apart from this," he showed them the evidence bag, it was visible: an earring, a knife and a bottle of whiskey "it didn't had any kind of identification," the body was now fully uncover on the table, it was almost just bones, and it was wearing only blue jeans, a once white t-shirt and no shoes, "no visible violence marks, no gunshots, he definetely had many broken bones," he was pointing at a couple of broken rips, both legs, the right arm "but it's very certain that the cause of death was this masive contusion right here," he pointed at the occipital and parietal bones, where a huge dark red stain was visible, "apart from this crash on the right parietal bone.

"Ok that fits with a regular fell from a cliff," she was watching carefully every bone "ok then we have a man about 50 or 60 years old, over 6 feet tall, it looks like he's been for eight months out there or so, no visible marks or signs of anything else besides the ones from the falling, so we need to find more information… Hodgins start some toxicologic test, and then do your job with the bugs and determine the time he died, and along with Zack collect any left trace, hairs, check his clothes for any fiber or anything and remains under his nails… Zack you know what to do after that, I want them all clean, Angela you can start the reconstruccion of the area to create probable scenarios and check for missing persons with me. Let's see what we find with the current information," she conclude grabbing the evidence bag "or I should say until Seeley comes back to take me to waste valuable time on a boring movie."

When Angela and Dr. Brennan were through some files and checking information on the net, Angela interrupted a very thoughful Bones once again.

"You know sweetie… it's great you're getting all along with Parker. It looks like he really accepts you and its dealing perfecly with the whole situation," Angela stated, it was almost 20 minutes past five, "it's not easy for a little boy to see his father with another woman that it isn't his mother."

"I know, but he is very mature, we talked to him and explained him everything, responded every question, and well, he is very happy with the babies and can't wait to play with them." she said, unconsciously rubbing her seven months pregnant belly.

"And which movie are you going to see?"

"I'm not sure, he was trying to decide between two movies...mmm, I can't remember the names, anyway I just hope he have a great time. Booth's been very busy lately and they need this time together. If it were for me, I rather stay here to keep working on putting a name to that poor man..."

"Absolutely no! You need that time too. It's called bond-stretching and I'm sure you're going to have fun, besides you need to tell me what was the movie about."

At that very moment, Booth appeared on the office, greeting Angela and then kissing his wife.

"It's not five thirty yet," Bones complained, there were still five minutes of "her time", "we haven't even found out the name of that person.

"Don't worry Bones, you'll be back here by nine and still have fun with your squints," Booth added in a teasing tone, "let's go now, Parker is waiting for us."

"I've told you many times to not call me Bones! Oh well, what can I do…? See you later Angela, keep working on the face when Zack finished the cleaning, check for his dental records. I'll come back as soon as I can." she gave a last check on what they already have and left the office next to her husband.

"I'm not going through this all over again. I'm going to drive; it worries me that you can hurt yourself or the babies while driving. You don't have the same control because of the lack of space…" Booth was lecturing her.

"Don't use our pregnancy as an argument to not letting me drive!" she was complaining when all of the sudden start to sob, "I'm well aware that I'm huge and my weight is increasing a lot. I know I look like an elephant but it's not my fault if you haven't notice, it happens to any pregnant woman, you know?" she was almost crying.

"Not the crying thing again, she's been very moody lately," Booth though, "No honey, I didn't mean that…" he quickly tried to enmend what he caused "It's like I told you, it worries me, but if driving makes you happy, then my concerns doesn't matter," he said, achiving on calming her "I'll let you drive this time."

She stopped her cries and muttered in a whisper, "thank you" and immediately she was okay again.

They do have fun, although the many questions Bones was asking Booth about the movie and characters. She didn't see the point or logic in a bunch of pirates with seashells and other things on their bodies, she just keep arguing about how immposible that was and pointing many more cientific facts against the situations occurring in the movie. At the end, after she kinda got into the story, she was totally disappointed, because the two lovers couldn't live together and that it wasn't a real ending, but what made Booth laugh was that strangely she was at the edge of tears, claiming that it wasn't fair.

Parker was very comprenhensive with her; on the past last months he'd learned about her mood swings and just played easy with her, so he started to follow her telling yes to anything.

"Well, I agree with you, but you know, maybe if you watch the other two movies you'll understant it better," he explained her, "and after that you can create a new ending to the story, a happy ending in which you'll feel better with," Parker succeed and she was better.

"I owe you one buddy" his dad thank him in a whisper, "you're brilliant and for that I'll take you anywhere you want or buy anything, well almost anything you ask" Booth told his son, but set some limits.

After the movie, Parker asked to go to a fast food restaurant but Bones said, "I need to go back to work and besides you need "a man time" to have some fun just the two of you", and after arguing about who was going to drive back again, they set she was driving to the Jeffersonian and he was going to drive the rest of the day.

"But Tempe, I want you to come with us…" the boy quickly added with a puppy face.

"I know little one, but there's something I need to do, and besides, if you two go by yourselves, you can go and play games boys play, or go to an arcade and have a talk man to man. I bet you'll enjoy spending time with your dad and to do stuff just the two of you." Bones assured the boy and gave him a hug.

The boy stood there thinking on the posibilities and remembered the time when they used to go to the minigolf court in the nights and talk about everything.

"Ok!" the boy agreed now smiling and turned to his dad to let him know his plans "can we go to play at the minigolf like we used to?"

"Great idea buddy! We just left Tempe back at the Jeffersonian and then it'll be only the two of us."

"On second though," Bones interrupted them, "can we go for an ice cream first, all on my count. I'm craving for a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate one right now" she invited them and both agree.

"I want a chocolate shake and a cookies and cream cone," Parker asked already testing and enjoying the flavors.

"That's too much sugar for you kid, just pick one." Booth warned him foreseeing the boy with all that sugar running through his vains.

"Oh please dad!" and once again he used his puppy face, it always worked to get almost anything "it could be the ice cream now and the shake during our game, please…" now he put his hands together pleading.

"All right, but it'll be a small shake." Booth told him in "that's my last statement" tone.

"Yes sir!" he agreed raising his hand to salute.

Both Temperance and Seeley laughed at the boy's gesture and then headed to the car to buy ice cream.

"Oh my God! This is wonderful! Its delicious!..." Bones was exclaiming at every taste she was giving to her ice cream. Her ice cream consisted on three balls of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, on a base of strawberry mermalade, surounded by banana slices, covered with chocolate syrup and a strawberry on top of a whipped cream mountain, and finally everything sparkle with nut pieces "…oh yes this was exactly what we needed." she said rubbing her belly.

"I'm happy you're enjoing it." Parker was laughing at her, according to his point of view, it was like if it were the first ice cream she'd ever tasted.

"Yes Bones, that's great, I'm sure that's what those two were asking for!" he kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

"Are you sure you don't want some…" Brennan stared at him with annoyence but was soon vanished with another taste of her ice cream and offered him a little taste.

"No it's ok, you keep going. Do you need anything else?"

"No thanks, I'm fine... but now that you mention, maybe we should take some ice cream to the lab so the others can teste this heaven's gift, and I can eat some more later," her cravings started to talk out loud, "and on our way back, we can stop for some pizza. Yes, that'll be good."

-Whatever you want Bones, anything to please you my lady- Booth said it bowing.

She didn't even bother on complaining, she was still delighted with her ice cream so it didn't cause pretty much efect, so he just gave up on it and start to laugh.

After buying three gallons of ice cream, two pizzas, five bags of M&M's and one bag of marshmallows, they finally arrive at the Jeffersonian, to let Temperance go back to work.

"I think I better call Zack or somebody to help you with your supplies Bones, you can't carry that many things by yourself." Booth suggested after she insisted on not borrowing more of their "man time", because it was getting late and they still had a golf game to play.

"What did I...whatever, ok I'll call Zack" she was about to complain for the millonth time, but it was a lost battle, so she didn't. She pulled out her cellphone and asked Zack a hand. Booth made her wait for him inside the car, to which she agree without hesitation, she was feeling a little tired, it wasn't easy anymore to stay too much time on her feet, and her back also hurting her a little.

"Have fun you guys! Parker, make sure you won't let your dad win, ok." Once Zack arrive she climb off the car and turn to wave them goodbye.

"I can see you brought supplies Dr. Brennan…" Zack stared at everything she had bought containing his laughs.

"Just some things I bet everybody will enjoy, especially Angela; well let's go inside so you can put me up on what you found out during my absence." she said while pulling up a bag and started to head towards the lap, not noticing Zack struggles to carry the pizzas and the other bags.

After leaving everything in the kitchen area, they entered into the lab and Zack began to explain what they've found so far.

"Good evening Dr. Brennan," Hodgins stood in front of them to present her his foundings "I noticed you had a good time and came back with supplies, well, straight to the matter of what I found on Mr. Doe's body is that he died eight months ago, we found some skin under his nails and it belonged to another person, we're already looking for it, Zack's working on it along with the earring.

"I also found some skin and blood in the earring, I still don't get the results but I'm almost pretty sure it belongs to the same person of the skin found under the nails." Zack interrupted Hodgins to finish the sentence.

"And what about the blood on the knife? Have you found out the type or to whom it belonged to?

"It's part of the same analysis we ask, but in this case -and its what made us wonder even more- is that it looks like there are three different types, I also checked the clothes and I think I'm right about the three persons involved in the case" Angela completed the information.

They crowd around the body, now completely in bones, to start scanning for something else they hadn't noticed before.

Besides all the fractures, Dr. Brennan immediately found a bruise on the right femur, when Zack looked at it, he checked if the injury matched with the knife they have with the evidence, he pulled it out and put it over the mark. It was a positive match, meaning the bruise was made with the same blade.

"Let's keep going with this on virtual reality. I've done the arrangements to start the re-enactment, I already have the face and now I'm going to add this new info." Angela informed and walked to the respective room.

After everybody was set in their places, Bones ordered to turn the lights off and let Angela begin. They were all around ready to analyse the images, to add information if necessary and even to create hypothesis.

"Ok, here we go…" Angela said, holding her little board with one hand and a marker in the other one. She was pointing and marking things on her board as usual while the image started to form in front of everybody. The whole skeleton appeared and then Angela moved the "image" to focus only on the head and give a face to it.

All of them were watching how the face was being created and finally completed. Suddenly they heard Dr. Brennan murmur, "Oh no, not again!" and fainted after that.

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