Six: Returns.

Camille Saroyan never imagined how fast the world can turn in her absence and she was about to find it out, just a few minutes after her return from holydays.

"Good morning everybody," Cam greeted loudly, crossing the lab's gate, "it's great to be back. If I had known it was going to be so beautiful and peaceful I wouldn't have taken that much time to do that trip," now talking directly to Zack and his girlfriend Desireé, "You two must visit Palau; it's an amazing experience, unforgettable." Then she stopped and turned to look everything and everybody around and she asked, "so how is everybody doing over here?... Where's everybody by the way? Dr. Brennan hadn't gone on maternity leave yet, right? Because I thought I was supposed to come back a week before her leaving."

"Good morning, Dr. Saroyan. Welcome back," Zack and Desireé welcomed Cam.

"A lot of things had happened. I think the rest of the team should be here in any minute, and you're right, Dr. Brennan leaves until next week. She's already on her office by the way." Zack spoke in the same fast way as Cam.

"I should be going now. I don't want to be late." Zack's girlfriend excused herself. "It's good to see you back Dr. Saroyan," stepping closer and grabbing Zack's hand, Desireé added, "So, we'll meet at 7 for dinner?"

"Yes. See you later," Zack farewell the girl hesitating and a little apprehensively; a very uncomfortable situation for him.

Cam stared the scene amused. Once it was just the two of them, she cleared her throat to attract Zack's attention again. "When the others arrive, let them know that I called for a meeting in an hour, I'll be in my office." But before going to her office, she stopped by another office to see Brennan's first.

"All right Dr Saroyan." Zack was left alone with his notes and thinking of that

evening's dinner.

Bones was typing frantically when Cam knocked, "Hello there Dr. Brennan."

"Oh, hi Cam," Bones raised her eyes to greet her coworker, "welcome back," and motion herself to stand up to hug her, but Cam stopped her.

"It's ok, don't move," Cam said stepping in and walked to where Bones was "oh my God, look at you! You're so…." She said after they separate from the hug and taking a better look of Bones.

"I know… I'm huge," Brennan said and tried to cover her belly with her arms embarrassed.

"Not at all, you look just great. How far along you are?"

"Thirty five weeks," and unconsciously started rubbing small circles on the right side of her abdomen with her hand.

"So, are you ready to leave?

"To be honest… not really. We have so many things around here and…"

"They'll never end. You must seize this time, because you're not going to be able to relax or have some time for yourself after the babies' arrival."

"I'm well aware of that, but there's this case…"

"It's ok, I'm here and I'll handle everything from now on. So I'll see you in my office in one hour. I called for a meeting." She left no room for Bones to comply. "I must go now. I have lots of stuff to catch up before the meeting." And right before she turned to leave, placed her hands on Bones' belly and said, "Bye babies, it's great to see you again, and remember to be nice to your mommy."

Bones just smiled, Cam's odd behavior was still strange for her, but was in a sort of way used to it. It all began when Bones announced her pregnancy but more specifically, once she started showing a noticeable bump. She asked her if it was ok for her to feel it, Bones just couldn't say no. And since that day it turned into a small routine, at the beginning and end of the day, talking to the babies and touching her pregnant belly. Sometimes it was really amusing for Brennan to hear the things she said, or simply just watching her bend to be leveled with her abdomen.

Hodgins and Angela arrived ten minutes later, and greeted Zack and the rest of the crew. Hodgins was a little behind Angela waving and greeting at everybody very cheerfully.

"Hey Zack," Angela messed his hair in a motherly way, "how are you today?"

"Good morning Angela. I'm busy with all these cases and a bit nervous of having dinner with Desireé tonight, thank you for asking." Zack answered with just one breath.

Angela laughed at his honesty and spontaneous answer.

"What's wrong with Hodgins? It's still about the baby?" staring at Hodgins questioned about his over enthusiastic behavior.

"Ever since we found out we're having a boy; he's been acting way too happily…" Angela smiled and stared at her husband lovingly.

"Good morning Zack! You look great today man," Hodgins was grinning, almost beaming.

Zack greeted back feeling once again uncomfortable, "Good morning Hodgins, it's good to see you too."

Hodgins reached Angela and round her with his arms and said, "Isn't she the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world?" he asked poor Zack, and kissed Angela, tightening the hug.

"Umm… yes…" Zack answered, wanting to get out of the awkward situation.

"Hodgins quit it out, leave him alone," Angela, seeing Zack's torment, intervened. "Cam returns today right?" she asked to help Zack change the subject.

"Yes. She's already in her office and scheduled a meeting at nine." Zack thanked Angela with his eyes.

"Okie dokie then. Let's get to our business, cuz' she's going to want to catch up on everything she missed during her absence." Angela added to give a complete exit to the matter.

Cam started the meeting with a very warm welcoming; then the first thing on the agenda was to move the meeting to the resting area, so it'll be more comfy and can have breakfast all together. After her recent holidays to a very peaceful place, she had attached to a stress-free philosophy, and planned on sharing it with the rest of her team. So after breakfast, they stayed gathered around the table talking about their lives and other banalities.

Cam started going through folders and flipping pages, Bones wasn't really looking forward to talk about the Almarel case with her just yet.

"Well, the last case I worked with was the one about the body found in the zoo; what was the real story?"

Zack hurried and gave the info, "it turned out to be the night keeper. While doing his round, saw something on the wolves' cage, step in to check it and one of them attacked him and hid him. It was until the cage was emptied to deep cleansing that they found the body. They though he had just decided to leave his job, that's why nobody look for him."

"Great, another case solved." Cam continued wearing a wide and pleased smile and then grabbed The Almarel case folder and inquire about it. "What about this one," and read the tag, "…The Almarel case."

"Oh, we're still working on that one." Bones added quickly seeing the folder on Cam's hand.

"So…" Cam was puzzled, waiting for her to explain the case.

"We're in a standstill right now, so let's skip to the next one," once again Bones spoke before anybody could say anything.

Cam noticed her odd behavior but dismissed the thought, luckily for Bones, and focused on the massive car accident.

They were now talking about three victims of a bus involved in the accident when somebody interrupted them, it was Booth.

"Sorry I'm intruding," was the very first thing he said, "Hi Cam, welcome back. Guys, it's great to see you all again too." He greeted the rest, and walked to where his wife was seated, and standing behind her grabbed her shoulders and talked directly to Cam. "I need to take this lady with me. We found Wood and Richardson," somehow he assumed she knew what he was talking about.

"Who?" asked a clueless Cam, "which case are they from? We haven't talked about it yet, right?" she asked Angela who was next to Zack.

"No, we haven't," she answered and then looked at Brennan with a worried stare.

"Fine, we'll catch on that case later." Cam told mostly to the couple than to the rest of the group.

Bones stood up with difficulty helped by her husband, and both left the room.

"This is getting more difficult every day…" Bones said holding her back and rubbing her belly.

"What is it, honey?" Booth asked.

"Everything, walk, sitting and standing up, get in or out the car and even sleep," she had been having trouble to sleep mostly because of her back and sometimes suffocation, which according to the doctor was very common during the last part of pregnancy and the fact that she was caring twins, increased the pressure on the body.

"I'm sorry hun. I wish I could do something to help you or to ease it. It'll be just for a few more weeks and then it'll be all over.

"Yeah right…" Bones responded not quit sure about it, "so where are we going exactly?"

"Apparently, Wood and Richardson were located in a small town of Galax; they're on their way here now. We must interrogate them and confirm their true identities." Booth said while driving.

They drove for about 25 minutes, on which Booth could notice Bones increasing tension. So he started to talk about different things trying to clear her mind of the case. He was perfectly aware of what the founding of those kids meant for her and the whole case. He knew it was very distressing for her and was worried about it, she wasn't supposed to get involve or shouldn't get through that much stress due her high-risk condition.

"I promised not to tell a word to you about it. Parker prepared a surprise for you and the babies…" Booth turned to see her reaction.

"Really?... that's very sweet of him." Bones said feeling a warm wave of joy and tenderness towards the kid.

"But he asked me something and I couldn't help him…" Booth continued, glad that he managed to divert her current thoughts.

"What was it?" Bones was intrigued.

"He asked me the babies' names." Now her mind was definitely going to think on something else than the Almarel case or dead bodies at all.


Booth decided to bring up the subject and not let her change it, "I've already though of some. But of course I'm up to any suggestion or what you have though."

Bones realized it was a good moment to speak her thoughts out of her mind, she'd already decide on one name too, "Well… I thought on naming the girl after my mother, if that's ok with you… and so far I don't have anything for the boy"

"That's fine for me. I would like the boy's name begin with a 'P'. I have a list of names that I like, but hadn't decided on any yet… what do you think if tonight, the two of us make a list and decide together the names so I can call Parker tomorrow and let him know the names?" Booth said, he was very happy with the achievement of picking at least one name and lowering Bones' tension a little.

"Done, we have a date." Bones said more cheerful.

When they arrived at their destination, Booth helped Bones out the car and offered her his arm. They entered the building and headed straight to one of the interrogation rooms. Luckily the suspects weren't there yet, so this gave Brennan enough time to settle, drink some water and find a comfortable chair.

Booth found her already seated on a coach in the corner of the room with the glass wall, the other side of the interrogation area. She was staring at the now empty seats, soon to be occupied by two teenagers, whom she considered to be innocents. She was thinking about this when Booth's voice reached her ears.

"Hey, you're already here Bones. I'd just received the DNA warrant. We must confirm their identities and match them with what you've collected before." He walked next to her, and reading her body language, sat at her side and grabbed her hand entwining it with his.

Bones turned and looked at their hands, and with a sigh responded, "As soon as we have them I'll send them back to the lab to be analyzed. I think we should do that first, that way we'll get the results within hours." She spoke not moving her eyes from their entwined hands.

"Tempe…" with his other hand Booth caressed her chin and pulled her to face him, he looked at her deeply and said, "Baby, I'm right here just for you. Always remember that. I love you." After this he kissed her tenderly.

Once they broke apart, Booth round her with one arm and she rest her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat and remain like that a few minutes, until Booth's cell phone went off to let him know of the teen's arrival.

"They're here…" Booth said pulling away the device.

"This is it…" Bones said releasing his hand. "I'm going to stay here if you're ok with it, unless you need me…" She added as she saw him stood up and headed the door.

"Don't worry, I can handle it. You stay here and make your own notes. Watch everything, you might find something by seeing from the distance. " Booth reassured her, and then left the room.

A couple of minutes later, Bones saw Booth and both teenagers entered the room and sat on the chairs at one side of the table. Both of them stared at Booth, the girl scared and the boy apprehensively; while Booth sat as well in front of them.

She knew her husband perfectly and noticed he was starting to 'read' them as soon as he saw them. She trusted that he was going to find anything they need to know.

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