Blood Rose

'A pink haired medic kunoichi jumped in front of an injured raven haired boy. A sound ninja was approaching fast and the girl didn't have time to heal the boy. She fell to the ground and started sobbing into her hands. She couldn't do anything to help save this boy now that her own life was coming to an end. When the girl looked up from her hands, the sound ninja was just about to stike a sword through this girls heart...'

Sakura sat up in bed, drenched with sweat and screaming. She had that dream again. Lately Sakura had been having the same dream over and over again. She looked at the table beside her bed and picked up her old team's photo. Ever since Sasuke had left thing hadn't been the same. And it was around the time Sasuke left that her dream's started up.

"It was just a coincedence..." Sakura told herself like many times before.

She layed back thinking about Sasuke. She wondered how he was doing. How she would act if he ever came back to the village. She soon fell asleep.

When Sakura woke up that morning, it was to a loud knocking at her door and one of her friends calling her name. It was Naruto saying something about Sasuke. She couldn't understand a word he was saying. So when she got out of bed and stumbled to the front door, she had to shout over whatever he was saying.

"Naruto!Be quiet and I'll get dressed and meet you out there kay?" she shouted.

"Okay" Naruto said shutting up.

Sakura walked back to her bedroom in her 2 bedroom apartment. Up until a few months ago her mother was living with her. But then she died. Sakura kept the roomy apartment even though everyone figured she should move out and sell it. As she dressed slowly she looked out the window and thought she saw Sasuke sitting at Ichiraku Ramen. She looked around her room and finished getting dressed. When she left her apartment Naruto started shouting at her.

"Naruto shut up will you? Im not very happy right now cause I just thought I saw Sasuke sitting at Ichiraku Ramen but it was only a hallucination!" Sakura said.

"Thats just it! Sasuke's really here! He woke me up and bought me Ramen and asked to see you!" Naruto shouted.

"No he isn't Naruto!" Sakura argued.

"Fine I'll take you to him!" Naruto argued back pulling Sakura by the hand to Ichiraku Ramen.

Sakura gasped when she saw Sasuke, her old crush, just sitting there like he hadn't been gone for 3 years. She had an urge to run up to him and hug him but she was determined to act grown up about this. When Sasuke turned his head towards Sakura, she gasped. His face was everything she remembered and more, but something was wrong. She was suddenly upset and mad. Sasuke walked up to her.

"Hello Sakura-chan" he spoke slowly.

"..." Sakura said nothing as she put her head down and let a few tears free. Suddenely she slapped his face.

"Why did you dissapear for 3 years?! Why? Did you not care that it hurt me inside?!Well guess what! I dont care anymore!Not about you, not about your past, not that you an avenger, not even if you die!" Sakura shouted punching him and sending him flying.

Something came out of his pocket. A single rose that said "For my only love, SAKURA; From SASUKE". She caught it and dropped it instantly. She had noticed Garra at the village gates and ran towards him. She flew into his arms and cried on his shoulder. Sasuke looked at Naruto questioningly.

"Their really close. Garra's like Sakura's older brother...but he's closer to her then that. She tells him whenever she's upset and he's there for her. He lets her cry on his shoulder like that" Naruto explained.

"When did this happen?" Sasuke asked.

"Shortly after you left" Naruto said.

Garra walked up to Naruto and Sasuke. He smiled at Naruto but glared at Sasuke. This boy to him was a waste of time. Sasuke to Garra was like enemy ninja's. If Garra could he'd kill Sasuke right now, but he didn't because of Sakura.

"Well Uchiha...I see your back..." Garra said coldly spitting at Sasuke.