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Chapter 3-Shopping and Boyfriends?What Next?!

As Sakura,Hinata,Tenten and Ino walked to the mall they ran into Temari. Temari had become good friends with Sakura,Ino,Hinata and Tenten since she moved to Konoha with Kankuro and Gaara.So when Temari saw Sakura looking so down and Ino embracing her, she just had to talk to the group. But she didn't like what she found out. As the group finished filling her in Temari noticed Sasuke out of the corner of her eye and glared at him without anyone noticing to much.

"And so Sasuke expects Sakura to just love him again" Ino said sympatheticly hugging Sakura again.

"Thats despicable!Sasuke should just crawl up a hole and die!" Temari said loudly(so that Sasuke would hear)

"Yea!But right now were taking Sakura shopping so that it takes her mind off of what just happened" Hinata said without stuttering(she only stutters when naruto's around)

"Cool!Can I come with you?I need to get a dress for the upcoming CherryBlossom Festival" Temari said reminding the other four girls of the upcoming festival.

"Dammit so do we!" Ino,Hinata and Tenten said aggitated with the fact that they easily forgot the most important festival of Konoha.

"Same here" Sakura said quietly.

"Oh and Sakura?Gaara wants to take you to the CherryBlossom Festival" Temari told Sakura as squeals were heard all throughout the group.

"Really?" Sakura said with a somewhat happy voice.

"Yea...he asked me to ask you if you would go with him as you kow...his date?" Temari asked seeing Sakura's face go from glum to cheerful.

"Ok!Im totally going with Gaara this year" Sakura said cheering up.

"Great!Now its time for shopping!" Ino said as they all walked to the mall.

A few stores later

As the girls went into about their fourth store Sakura found the one dress that she would wear to the CherryBlossom Festival. She loved it. It was a light pink strapless dress with a slit in the side up to about mid thigh and the kimono style sleeves that were with it(the sleeves are seperate from the dress) were perfect. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. Her friends were amazed as the dress made Sakura look even more pretty then she already was with her hair cut short. The dress fit all of Sakura's curves and even made her butt look smaller then it already did and it made her forehead seem smaller. Ino was simply amazed.

"Wow Sakura...Thats simply amazing on you" Ino said breathlessly.

"You really think so?" Sakura said twirling around.

"Yeah!" Ino said regaining her breath.

"Think Gaara'll like it Temari?" Sakura asked the now spaced out Temari.

"Temari?" Sakura asked looking where Temari was staring. It was Shikamaru, Temari's crush.

"Hey!Shika-san!" she said calling Shikamaru over.

"Women are so troublesome" Shikamaru quoted as he walked over to the girls.

"Temari here," Sakura said elbowing Temari snapping her out of the trance, "wanted to talk to you"

"Hey Shika-kun" Temari said blushing a little bit.

"Hey Tem-chan...I've been meaning to ask you something" Shikamaru said looking away,blushing slightly.

"Yes?" Temari said breathlessly.

"Will you...go to the CherryBlossom Festival with me...you know...as my date?" Shikamaru asked Temari blushing like mad now.

"Totally!Ill totally go with you Shika-" Temari started but before she could finish, Shikamaru promptly kissed her on the lips.

"Good...and Tem-chan?" Shikamaru asked Temari who was blushing bright pink.

"Yes Shika-kun?" Temari asked looking into Shikamaru's eyes.

"I...I really like you...so will you be mine?As you know my...girlfriend?" Shikamaru asked Temari.

"Yes Shika-kun...I wouldn't want it any other way" Temari said breathlessly, hugging her new boyfriend.

"Hey...Sakura!Look over there!" Tenten whispered to Sakura, pointing to the food court(they were in a store close to the food court).

"Gaara-kun" Sakura whispered ducking into a changing room.

"And Naruto-Kun" Hinata said looking at the ground.

Sakura came out of the changing room with the dress draped over her arm. As Sakura went to the checkout line Naruto spotted her and told Gaara. Soon Sakura was wondering why Gaara just happened to be at the food court while they were in the store closest to the food court...and why he was sitting at a table where he had a fulll view of the entire store. As soon as Sakura was was finished in the checkout line and out of the store, her friends joined her.

"Hey why dont we go and see Naruto-san and Gaara-san?" Ino suggested knowing full well that Hinata liked Naruto.

"Sure!" said Sakura,happy on the outside, but on the inside,she was freaking out.They all walked over to the table where Naruto and Gaara were sitting.

"Hey Sakura...Did Temari-chan tell you...?" Gaara asked slowly.

"Yes she did...and I will go with you!" Sakura said hugging Gaara.

"H-hey N-Naruto-kun" Hinata said looking at the ground.

"Hey Hinata-chan" Naruto said looking at Hinata.

"Um...Hinata?" he said looking at the ground now too. Hinata looked up and saw what looked like a blush creeping onto Naruto's face.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata stuttered not believing that Naruto was blushing.

"Hinata...w-would you like to go to the CherryBlossom Festival...with me I mean?" Naruto asked blushing harder.

"Y-yes...I would love t-to go with you Naruto-kun" Hinata said hardly stuttering.

"Thanx Hinata...Oh and Hinata?" Naruto said.

"Yes Naruto-kun?" Hinata said with a sudden boost of confidence.

"I-I really really like you...so will you go out with me?" Naruto asked blushing bright pink.

"Yes Naruto-kun!I will!" Hinata cried hugging Naruto.