WARNING: this takes place after PP. So if you haven't seen it please do not read this. Remember you were warned.

Summary: Danny and Sam are 20 and getting married. However how will there parents take the news?

Chapter 1

The engagement

Sam Manson our favorite Goth girl was Goth no more. Well more or less. Though sarcasm was still her best friend. She had been dating Danny Fenton/Phantom ever since the whole deal with the asteroid and everyone knew his secret. They thought things would change, but they didn't now Sam was getting ready for another date with Danny. She was still living at her parents house, and was happy that her grandmother was still there to help her with the fights she had with her parents.

'What should I wear?' wondered Sam as she looked at her closet.

"If I where you I would wear that blue dress." Came a voice from the distance. Sam turned around and saw her grandmother on her scooter.

"Thanks grandma!" said Sam and took out the dress in questioned. It was a spaghetti strap dark blue dress that went down to her knees and had small white sparkles on it. She would where her silver heels that went with it even though she despised them.

"So where is Daniel taking you?" asked the elderly woman

"I don't know he said it was gonna be a surprise." Said Sam

"Well I hope you have fn." Said her grandmother and left the room.

Sam took a shower and did her hair and putt on her dress. She putt on her shoes, grabbed her purse type thing, and jacket and headed downstairs.

Danny was already waiting for her there. He was wearing collar shirt a tie, black pants, and black shoes, and an over coat.

He greeted her and they left the Manson home.

They walked towards Danny's car. He let Sam in first and then sat down in the drivers seat.

They drove past numerous places before arriving at a very fancy very exclusive restaurant.

"Danny how can you afford this?" asked Sam as she got out of the car.

"Well lets just say the owner owed me a favor." Said Danny.

"You saved his life from a ghost blah, blah, blah." Said Sam with a smile

They entered the restaurant and where immediately seated. "So what's the occasion?"

"Well it's about four and a half years today that, you and I shared that kiss in Antarctica." Said Danny.

"Oh my gosh! Your right. I totally forgot about that."

The waiter came and asked for there orders. They ordered there food and went back to there conversation.

"I remember that day very well." Started Sam. "You went off to find all those ghosts to help power Tucker's machine, but then when your plane came out of the portal and crashed. I thought that was the end of you."

"Well it's a good thing it wasn't." said Danny. " Remember how busy our lives became after. With the peace talks and school and being famous, and fighting ghosts. It was a nightmare."

"Oh remember how head over heels Paullina went for you. I still can't believe how you blew her off."

"Oh yeah! Then she charged at you, but you dogged her and she flew strait into the door."

Then there food came and they continued to chat away about old memories.

"You know what I found just a tad freighting?" asked Danny.


"How friendly you acted with Jazz after my dad and I came back from that fishing trip."

"I guess that would be scary to you." She smiled while sipping her water. "What about the time. You told us about when the supposed ghost writer placed us all in some rhyming fiasco."

"Now that was hell." Said Danny with a slight laugh. "remember 4 when Amber attacked?"

"Yeah she made you fall for me and we completely forgot about Tucker's reprogramming and when we found him he was a walking dictionary."

They finished eating. Danny paid the bill and they headed to the park.

The air was chilling. I mean come on it was February.

"Danny! It's freezing why are we here?" asked Sam looking at the giant moon in front of them."

"I just wanted to ask you something." Said Danny as he kneeled on one knee and pulled out a small box.

Sam's eyes grew wide, as did her smile. She had completely forgot about the fact that it was cold. "Sam!" Began Danny. "Will you marry me?" he asked and reveled a gold rimed ring with a beautiful purple stone on it.

"Yes! Yes, and Yes!" She cheered and kissed him. After they broke apart Danny took the ring out of the box and gently placed it on her ring finger.

"I love you." Said Sam

"I love you too." Said Danny. He then quickly changed into Danny Phantom scooped up his new fiancée and flew off into the night.

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