Well here I am at the final chapter of this story, but if you're actually reading this part I will let you know on a little secret. Come closer, closer. Uh too close…Ok that's better. There will be a SEQUEL. Yeah I knew you'd be happy. Well let it begin…or end.

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Chapter 10

The Wedding from hell…or not.

Sam woke up with a bright smile on her face. 'today's the day' she thought with a smile and got out of bed.

At the same time Danny was also waking up. He changed out of his Pj's and walked down stairs. 'today is the day.' He thought as he entered the kitchen.

"Well look who it is. It's the almost married man." Cried his cousin who was enjoying a piece of toast.

"Yeah me!" said Danny going into the frig and taking out a carton of orange juice. He then took a glass and poured the juice into it.

"Nice" said Danny after taking a drink of the juice and putting the carton away.

"good morning." Said Jazz walking in with there parents behind.

"Good morning." Said there parents.

At Sam's house.

Sam came downstairs to find her entire family already seated eating breakfast.

"Hello." Said Sam.

"Good morning." Said her Dad.

"Good morning." Said her mom.

"Hey kid." Said her grandma. As Sam sat down.

"SO honey what time should we head over to the synagogue?" asked my father.

"About 9:30." Said Sam.

After breakfast Sam went to take a shower. After her shower she went and grabbed her parents grandmother, and her dress and headed over to the synagogue.

At Danny's house.

"Mom, Dad, Danny, Jazz! Lets go we're gonna be late." Yelled Danni from downstairs.

A minute later they came down.

Danny and his father were wearing tuxes. Maddie wore a beautiful top and skirt, and the girls got there designated dresses and headed to the synagogue as well.

Danny and his family arrived first, and split up. Maddie Jazz, and Danni headed towards the girls dressing room. While the Danny and his father headed for the men's.

Later on Sam and her family also arrived and she, her mother, and grandmother headed for the girls dressing room.

Then Tucker and Valerie arrived and headed to there own dressing rooms.

Finally Eric arrived and went to the guys room as well.

Girls dressing room.

After all the brides maids and the maid of honor got dressed they began helping Sam get dressed herself.


We see Sam and Danny and Tucker on there first day of middle school.

"I can't believe where here." said Danny to Tucker.

"Yeah! Hey Danny check it out there's that new girl we heard about." Said Tucker pointing to a black haired purple eyed girl.

"She's pretty." Said Danny

"Who Paulina?"

"No the new girl." Said Danny. Then this new girl came over to them.

"Hi I'm Sam Manson." She said,

"Nice to meet you. I'm D-Danny and this is Tucker." Said Danny, suddenly the black haired girl smiled and they both blushed.

End of Flashback

"Sam are you ok?" asked Jazz as she zipped Sam's dress.

"Oh yeah I'm just happy." Replied the girl.

"If I know her she probably had a flashback of something that happened with Danny" said Danielle.

"Ok let me do your make up sweetie." Said Mrs. Manson, as she began to putt on lip stick.

Flashback. (Sam's P.O.V.)

"Danny open up." I said through a window in Danny's room. He came over and opened it.

"You want me to open up ok. When I was five I really wanted a puppy, but my parents said no…"

I then looked at his bed and noticed a whole bunch of different pictures of me.

"Ok even the part of me that kind of likes the attention is really creped out right now.

"Danny stop you don't really feel that way about me and I don't really feel that way about you." I said Lying I wanted that, but I didn't want to get it through hypnosis. (A/n I'm not sure exactly how that went, but I tried)

End of Flashback. (Sam's P.O.V.)

"Ok I'm all done." Said my mother.

"ok girls her hair is next." Said Mrs. Fenton.

"Mrs. Fenton what do you have in mind?" I asked her.

"Sam please call me Maddie."

"Ok Maddie what exactly do you have planned for my hair?" I asked

"You'll see." She told me as he and Danni began working on my hair.


"Here!" I said and handed him the ring he asked me to hold for him. "It's the ring you were gonna give to Valerie. Something tells me it was really meant for me." I said and flipped the ring over. "Take it so I knot that you'll come back."

"Sam if we make it through this…" said Danny.

"When we make it through this." I corrected him

"When we make it through this there some thing I need to tell you." He said and a ton of questions popped into my head.

"I think I'd be willing to listen." I said and did the unthinkable I kissed him on the cheek. Danny then took my head and gave me the biggest kiss ever. I thought it was just a little goodbye sort of thing like in case the world ends.

"Wow." He said "Remind me to save the world more often." Then my heart flipped. 'He likes me, he really likes me.' I thought

End of flashback.

"Ok all done." Said Maddie and I looked in the mirror to see my hair and my veil

At the same time in the boys dressing room (Danny's P.O.V.)

It was maybe 15 minutes before the start Tucker went to seat everyone so I was left with my Dad, Frostbite who had just arrived and Eric. I was pacing around the room nerves as hell.

"Danny chill out." Said My Dad.

"Oh great one he is right you are worrying to much." Said Frostbite.

I gave them both a smile when Tucker came in.

"All the ghosts are present and accounted for." Announced Tucker and gave me a military solute.

'Thanks Tuck." I said and took a deep breath. Tucker left again.

Back with the girl. Normal P.O.V.

The girls where almost ready when tucker came in with someone behind him.

"Tucker what do you want?" asked Valerie.

"I'm here to deliver the flower girl and the ring barer." Said Tucker and left leaving the girls with Young blood and Boxed Lunch.

Boxed Lunch was wearing that cute little dress they got and had a small basket of flowers.

Young Blood was wearing a tux and had a pillow in his hand with the rings.

"Aren't they adorable." Said Jazz and the rest smiled. The Mr. Manson came in.

With the boys.

After a few more minutes of Pep talks with Danny and his father Tucker came back in.

"It's time." He said. Jack went out first, followed by Eric then Frostbite then Tucker then Danny.

Then They Sam Mr. Manson who gave them a nod and went to the girls room.


"Ok Girls it's time." He announced.

So Pamela, and Maddie went out first. Then Boxed Lunch and Young Blood. Then Danni exited followed by Jazz and Valerie, and Then Sam with her Father.

When Maddie and Pamela came down the ail they saw that Danny, Tucker, Frostbite, and Eric were all standing and ready, as was Rabbi Isaac. The Women took there seats. Then Boxed lunch floated down the ail with Young blood behind her. Then Danni came down the ail in her dress and the flowers in her hand. Then Valerie came down the ail with Jazz right behind. Then the music changed and everyone stood up, and Sam and her father headed down the ail nice and slow.

When they got to the front Mr. Manson pulled back her veil and sat down next to his wife.

"Today I will be performing two different types of ceremonies. A traditional Jewish wedding and a regular all religious one." Said Rabbi Isaac. They then did the Jewish ceremony excluding the I do's and the braking of the glass, he moved on to the second one.

"Before I move on is there anyone who objects to these two getting married speak now or forever hold your piece." Said the Rabbi and looked around. No one bothered and the Rabbi continued.

"Samantha do you take Danny to be your husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health , in rich or poor as long as you both shall live?" asked the Rabbi.

"I do." Said Sam.

"And Danny do you take Sam to be your wife in all that stuff I just said?" asked the Rabbi and after a short laugh he answered. "I do"

" I now pronounce you man and wife." Said the Rabbi After Sam and Danny kissed they exchanged rings and headed out of the church down the street for the reception.

The Party.

"Hello everyone." Announce Ember and her band began playing. After a couple songs Danny and Sam cut the huge cake and shared it with there friends. 4 hours later everyone followed the bride and groom out to the limo.

Sam turned towards the limo and through her flowers back wards. She turned around just in time to see them fall into the hands of Valerie Gray.

"Well I guess that says that." Said Danny.

"Yep and Valerie and Tucker. Don't forget to invite us to your wedding." Said Sam as she and Danny got into the limo and headed of for there honeymoon with there friends waving goodbye.

The end…of this story anyway. Ok I'll let you guys guess what happens in the sequel. If you think you got it send me a message with your guess and I'll let you know if you got it right or not.