By the time they had gotten back to the camp it was well past midnight and everyone was well asleep. Much stirred a little and opened his eyes a fraction giving them a disapproving look before turning over and pulling his worn blanket tighter around him.

Luke was sound asleep in Djaq's bed; Will and he would be starting off for Scarborough to stay with his aunt, at sunrise. Djaq closed off the entrance again behind Will and tied it off with uncharacteristic slowness. She started to step towards where he was sitting on the edge of his 'bed' but stopped a couple of paces behind him and leant against on of the camp's supports.

Will didn't even notice her behind him because, ironically, he was immersed in his own thoughts of the beautiful Saracen. When the sun would first creep through the trees the next morning he would wake Luke and they would begin their journey to Scarborough. The question on his mind, that haunted him, was whether to stay with his family or return to his friends.

Djaq herself was watching him nervously. He was going to leave Nottingham, leave her and she had no worthy argument against it. Apart from the fact that she loved him. But she couldn't say that, couldn't admit it; she had know idea what his feelings were and she wasn't willing to ruin a friendship so selfishly.


"I don't know yet…" he replied before she had even asked his intentions, surprising both the Saracen and himself. He turned to face her and she sat down next to him, "I mean, I know I should go with Luke and stay with him in Scarborough. I just… can't face leaving…" he turned slightly and blinked slowly "…Sherwood."

Will woke Luke up as the sun filtered through the leaves, pressing a cool finger to his lips. Luke stumbled up from the ground, discarding Djaq's blanket.

"Aren't we going to say goodbye?" whispered Luke to his brother who was packing up a few supplies. Will merely replied with a silence and ushered the younger Scarlett out into the forest whilst desperately refusing himself a look back towards the camp.

"How long did you say it took to get to Scarborough and back?" asked Much as the outlaws sat gathered in their secret camp eating. They'd had a difficult day, avoiding the Sheriff's men and everyone else was silently eating; Djaq's expression the same since the Scarletts' disappearance. "I mean, it can't take longer than a week, even in bad weather. That is unless Will just decided to up and leave without so much as a goodbye… Scarborough's probably really nice but with not so much as a… and we're one man down now! Another day like today and…"

"Shut up, Much!" interrupted Robin, he had seen beyond Djaq's sullen exterior. "Will may be staying with his family for a few days or it might be longer… it is not ours to interfere with a grieving…"


Djaq had leapt from her place next to Little John towards the edge of their clearly where a clearly exhausted Will was almost caught off balance by Djaq's sudden embrace. But she suddenly let him go and backed off, letting him step into the clearing.

"You came back."

"Yes, and I could hear Much's whining half the forest away," he proffered a weak smile and accepted the chunk of bread that Robin held to him.

"Welcome back… and the other Scarletts?" Will sat down.

"They're… good."

The group relaxed back into their usual state of banter as if the last few weeks had never happened and Djaq's rather uncharacteristic welcome had already been forgotten by most of the outlaws. Although when she looked up from her plate her eyes met with two other beautifully dark eyes.