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Naruto: Puppet King

Hokage's office.

The Sandaime Hokage sat in his office, thinking long and hard. Soon, he would have to leave the village to go on a diplomatic mission to suna. But while he was gone, there was another problem, Uzumaki Naruto.

The last time he had left the village, the villagers took that as an opportunity to try and kill the boy since his only protection was gone. When he returned, he had to fill out 157 death certificates, all belonging to the villagers that were killed by Naruto's ANBU watch as they tried to attack him. The ANBU were a loyal force, who served their Hokage unquestioningly, most of the time. The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, was once an ANBU captain, and had thus earned their respect. The ANBU trusted the yondaime's sealing skills, and knew that Naruto was not a demon, but a child, and they took their body guarding very seriously. Even though there are times when some people do get pass the ANBU guard, they are not gods after all.

Coming to a decision, he finished up his paperwork before paying a visit to Naruto.

Next day, village gates.

Naruto was ecstatic. When the Hokage came and told him that he was going on a vacation to suna, he was happy. So the 4 year old was running circles around the old man and his ANBU escort.

"So, Hokage-jiji, why are we going?" asked an excited Naruto.

The Hokage smiled and said, "Because, I am hoping to form an alliance with suna, bringing peace to both our countries."

Naruto nodded the he asked more questions, such as what was suna like, how long till they got there, etc. the Hokage happily answered all the questions.

When they arrived in suna, they were greeted at the gates by the Kazekage, and his 3 children.

"Ah, welcome to suna hokage-dono, I do hope your journey was not too bad. These deserts can after all, be harsh." Said the Kazekage.

"Not at all Kazekage-dono, it was fine. Allow me to introduce Uzumaki Naruto." Said the Hokage.

The Kazekage nodded his head and introduced his children, "this is my eldest daughter, Temari. The middle child is Kankuro, and the youngest is Gaara."

When all was said and done, the Hokage took Naruto to his hotel and told him this is where he will be staying. He was of course allowed to go exploring.

That night.

Naruto, ever restless, decided to go out and do some more exploring. While looking around, he was amazed at way the buildings were built. He went along the north wall and walked around, wanting to see how big the village was compared to Konoha. When he was walking, he head a creek, he stopped, and looked around, deciding it was safe, since it wasn't Konoha and he was safe here, he continued. Only for the floor to give out.

A small wooden door collapsed when Naruto stepped on it and he fell into a room. Dazed, he looks up to see another door slide into place over the opening, and the lights turn on automatically. He looks around and is surprised to see a large room filled with a variety of wooden parts and scrolls. There was a door on his right, and when he looked in, was filled with glass jars filled with various substances. He went back into the scroll/parts room, and found a large scroll on top of a pile. Curious, he picks it up and opens it.


If you are reading this, then I have most likely died, or left the village. My name is Akasuna no Sasori. I am the greatest puppet master to ever rise from suna. I have left behind in this room my lasting legacy; here you will find parts to make puppets, scrolls detailing on how to make anything from normal combat puppets to human puppets. You will find poisons of all kinds and how to use them; you will learn how to use seals and the infinite wisdom they bestow upon us. This room will teach all I know, and you will either become a puppet master, or die trying.

Naruto was amazed at what he read. Here, in this very room, was the means he could use to become a great ninja. He wouldn't have to fear the villagers anymore. He smiled, this was perfect.

One month later.

The Sandaime was worried. The negations had gone on for a month, with the village council proving to be most bothersome. But at the same time, Naruto had gone missing, and he was worried without a doubt. The Kazekage was most eager to find the lad, seeing as how if the boy died in suna, it could lead to a major diplomatic incident.

The Sandaime had just returned to his room after another long day of searching. He was tired, worn-out, and sad, sad for he had failed to find the boy. There was a knock on his door, and when he got up to answer it, he was greeted with an interesting sight, an ANBU standing with Naruto.

Sarutobi scooped Naruto up into a hug and said, "Naruto, where have you been, I've been so worried. I thought you were dead." Said the aged Hokage.

Naruto had tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry, it's just I was out training. I didn't mean to scare you."

Upon the word training, Sarutobi looked at Naruto, pulled him into the room, did a few hand seals to perform a privacy jutsu, and asked, "What kind of training Naruto?"

So, Naruto told him what he found, all he learned, and how he packed everything into storage scrolls. Naruto did leave some things out, such as human puppet technique. That would be revealed later. To say that Sarutobi was stunned would be like saying that Q of star trek was annoying, a complete understatement.

'But' thought the Sandaime, 'he may finally able to protect himself.'

When Sarutobi informed the Kazekage about Naruto being returned, the Kazekage were curious as to where the boy had gone to. The Sandaime lied and said he was kidnapped by bandits hoping to use him as ransom, but Naruto escaped. He then gave the directions of one of the camps his spies were aware of, so as to throw things off track.

On the way back to Konoha, Sarutobi closely watched Naruto. He could most certainly spot changes. For one, the boy was alert and taking in his surrounding with a keen eye. He had a posture of one ready to fight if need be. All very concerning, but he would worry about it once he returned to the village.

Konoha, one week later, night time.

Sarutobi watched quietly from the roof top of the building he was one, using all his skills in stealth. His target, Naruto. He was informed of a crowd of about 20 people heading to Naruto's place to kill the demon. He watched, ready to interfere and save Naruto if the need arises. But right now, he wanted to see what Naruto had learned in terms of puppetry.

Naruto watched from his window, he knew it was only a matter of time before the stupid villagers tried to attack him again. He unraveled a scroll, and a poof f smoke later, and a puppet was standing next to him. It was his first puppet. Not as strong as what he can make, but it was impressive none the less.

It was the color of wood, brown with a mopped brown hair. It had six arms attacked to it. (Think Kankuros Puppet.) He waited in his bedroom, when people started banging on his door.

"Open up demon, time to die!"

"Were going to finish what the 4th started."

"Tonight's the end for you!"

Were some of the shouts.

Naruto manipulated his strings. For this puppet he had to use both hands, but he was practicing everyday to try and use the puppet with only one finger.

When his door burst open, he was hiding in his closet, the people came running into the room, looking for the blond. What they failed to notice was six arms hiding in the shadows, with a blade extruding from each, but it was already too late. Naruto let loose, and the screams that were followed could be heard by the Sandaime on the roof. Nervous, he jumped down and ran to Naruto's apartment room. When he got there, he was met with a surprising sight. 20 dead civilians, and a smiling Naruto standing above their corpses. When Naruto lifted his head, he said, "next time they'll think twice."

One month later.

Sarutobi sighed, again. he was in the council room, with the council demanding Naruto die, again. This time, they were using the excuse of Naruto killing the 20 civilians last month, and another 6 this month, as a means to an end. Of course, Hyuuga Hiashi, the most neutral person in the village, and chief justice of the court system, reminded them again that it was self defense in Naruto killing those people, and a person defending themselves is not a crime. The council was furious at this news, well except a few people.

The Nara, Akimichi, yamanaka, Hyuuga, and Inuzuka were on Naruto's side.

The Uchiha, Haruno, the thirds former teammates, and the civilians were after Naruto's head.

No wonder he had a headache.

So, when the arguing for Naruto's death was put to an end, simply because the Naruto death squad had no legal options, went to the next agenda. Naruto's use of corpses by turning them into human puppets.

"It's distasteful! Disrespectful to turn a once human being into nothing but an abomination!" yelled the Haruno.

Again, it was Hiashi, who was looking in the Konoha law book, coughed to get attention. He then said, "according to the law, when a person tried to kill another person, and they fail, then the body belongs to killer. It quite clearly says for the fools present who cannot understand that if anyone tries to kill the boy, and the boy kills them, and then their bodies belong to him, no questions asked."

The council once again sighed in anger. Eventually the meeting came to a close when the Sandaime, having enough, said that if the issue is ever brought before the council again without due cause, then he will go to the fire lord and have the council disbanded permanently. Needless to say that shut them up.

When he returned to his office, he sighed a sad sigh.

'Naruto, I am truly sorry for having let the village force you to resort to this. Can you ever forgive me?'

Naruto's apartment.

Naruto has changed since his return to the village. He was no longer the boy he used to be, he was now a cold, distant, uncaring individual. Having killed for the first time made him this way. He had learned, finally, that he would never earn the villages respect, no matter how hard he tried. So he settled for fear. However, that wasn't to say he was completely void of all emotion. He would smile around the Hokage, but that was it. He did experience some moments of happiness, such as his human puppets.

Since returning he had taken his time and put it all into puppetry, he wanted to be the best. His new goal was to become the greatest puppeteer on earth. That made him smile. His human puppets made him smile to, after trying and failing on making human puppets on the corpses of those who tried to kill him, he finally succeed. Of the 26 that tried to kill him, only 16 were puppets, he lost 10 of them due to mistakes, but he can safely say that he now has mastered the art, to some degree. He still had a lot to learn, that he knew, after all, he was only 4; it would take years before he can become a true master.

Right now, he was using a henge, which he had learned from the scrolls, to change his appearance to that of a 20 year old man with brown hair and brown eyes. He had saved his money and was on his way to visit the landlord.

When he arrived at the man's house, he knocked on the door, when it opened he was greeted with a fat man with balding hair.

Yeah, what can I do for ya?" he asked.

"Excuse me sir, but I have a business proposition for you. You see, I am interested in buying one of the buildings you own." Said Naruto in a fake voice.

The fat man straightened and welcomed Naruto in, who took a seat in a chair.

"Ok, what building do you want, and what do you have to offer." Said the landlord.

"I want the demon apartment." Said Naruto.

The man paled, he knew he was talking about Naruto's apartment building; it was a five story tall building with 152 rooms. Naruto was also the only person living in t since no one wanted to live in the same building as the demon.

"Uh, you sure? You don't want something else?" said the man with nerverousness.

"I'm sure, think about it this way. If you give me the building, then people will no longer associate you with the demon, thereby increasing your business elsewhere." Said Naruto.

The man nodded at the logic, then he ran and got the deed, Naruto signed for it under a false name, and it was his. When Naruto returned, he then re-signed the deed with his real name, and then turned it in at the deeds office. Uzumaki Naruto was now the proud owner of a piece of crap apartment building, time to remodel.

2 years later.

The village was a bustling center of commerce and happiness, all except for the one building known as "The Demons Domain."

Naruto had thrown himself into his training; he was making new puppets as well, as well as training himself physically. He remolded his building to make nothing short of a fortress. He skill with traps and seals were fastly becoming unmatched, as his building was nothing short of a death trap. He had applied the most secure security seals he had from Sasori's scrolls on every window, door, every single possible entrance. He had gathered more human puppets, from the villagers that attacked him. A year ago he had learned about the Kyuubi. One of the villagers had let it slip; of course they were executed by a silver haired ANBU, who then took Naruto to the Hokage's office.

Flashback no jutsu.

Naruto sat in front of the Hokage, mouth agape.

"Is it true Oji-san? Am I really the kyuubi?" he asked.

The old man sighed, then said, "No, you're not the Kyuubi. The kyuubi was a demon, you are n o demon. What happened was that when the demon attacked, he could not be killed, after all, it is impossible to kill a biju, so the Yondaime sealed it. But a normal sealing would not do, for the demon could escape. It had to be a living vessel, and a newborn baby. That way the Childs chakra coils could mold with both human and demonic chakra. You are no demon Naruto, you are the jailor, and you're just as human as me. Never forget that."

"How come nobody ever told me?" he asked.

"Because Naruto, I made a law the day you were born. The law says that no one will ever speak of it; I did that in the hopes that you could make friends with your own generation and live a normal life. I failed to take into account the extreme of their hatred and blindness. The penalty for breaking the law was death." Was the reply.

Naruto sat there, in complete shock, the Sandaime lowered his head in shame.

Naruto then got up, walked up to Sarutobi, and gave him a hug.

"I may be cold now, but it's not your fault, it's theirs. They are stupid for not seeing the truth." Said Naruto.

The Sandaime smiled, glad Naruto doesn't blame him.

End flashback.

After that evening, Sarutobi gave Naruto his blessing to kill anyone who breaks the law, and to defend himself. He didn't want to do it, but he felt it was the best way to increase Naruto's chances of survival.

And because of that, Naruto's puppet collection went from 26, to 78. He had made all his human puppets guards of his fortress, so if his traps didn't get you, the puppets surely will. Naruto also managed to perfect creating human puppets with chakra. A team of chuunin tried to sneak into Naruto's home to kill him to avenge their families during the fox attack, and they all fell prey to Naruto's traps. So using their bodies, he was able to perfect creating ninja puppets, he was so happy that day.

But Naruto wasn't just working on human puppets; he was also working on various works of art, normal puppets. His second puppet was a beautiful work of art, and even made the Sandaime whistle in awe.

The puppet was colored a dark blue and red, with 4 angelic wings on its back. The wings each contained 1,000 senbon needles dipped in poison. On the puppets 2 arms, it had a flame thrower that could generate an A-class Katon technique. On its side was a samurai sword. (Think of Wing Zero from Gundam Wing endless waltz.)

It was a truly powerful weapon. His third puppet was a walking death machine, literally. After all, Naruto designed him after the Shinigami. It was dressed in a blood red cloak while wearing dark blue ninja pants and a dark blue shirt, it also had on a chuunin vest in dark, fiery orange. It had long, grey, mane like hair, with two horns coming out of its forehead and it had sharp like teeth. It wielded a long scythe as a weapon. Its teeth were actually a weapon as well; for they were laced with poison and anyone unlucky enough to get bitten by them were in for a nasty surprise. This one actually scared Sarutobi.

Naruto was quickly becoming feared in the village, and he was happy with that. It meant less attacks.

Naruto no longer need an ANBU escort, but they would check on him every once in a while just in case. But only in public, none were stupid enough to try going into his building.

Hokage's mansion.

Sarutobi sat in his study drinking tea, while watching Naruto, who was sitting in front of him. Naruto had his Shinigami puppet behind, as a personal guard. "So, Naruto-kun, what can I do for you?

Naruto replied, "ji-san, I need your help. Can you teach me about advanced seals?"

Sarutobi looked shock, but covered it very quickly. "Advanced seals Naruto? Aren't you a little young for that?"

"But ji-san, I already know seals." Said Naruto.

The old Hokage sighed, and then said, "Ok Naruto, how about you show me everything you know about seals, then I'll make my decision."

Naruto smiled, which brought a smile to the old man. So Naruto spent the past several hours going over everything he knew about seals from Sasori's scrolls. To say Sarutobi was surprised would be an understatement. When all was done, he told Naruto.

"Ok, give me a minute." He got up and went through his scroll library, which was massive. He came back with 2 dozen scrolls under his arms.

"These Naruto, are scrolls all about Fuin jutsu. From what I've seen tonight, you are more than prepared for it."

Naruto smiled, a true smile, which brought a tear to the Hokage's eye.

3 years later.

It had been 3 years since Naruto had started to learn more about Fuin jutsu. He had delved into it like nothing else before. As a matter of fact, he only had time to create one other puppet because he was so busy.

The puppet was one of his better ones. It was tall, about 6ft 4in, with long silvery hair that went down to its lower back and he had green eyes. He was dressed in a leather outfit with a leather cloak and silver shoulder pads. He carried a long samurai sword called Masamune. On his left shoulder was a single black wing. (For those that guessed it was Sepheroth, a bonus point to you.)

Naruto had even made its skin look human, even though it wasn't. It required a complicated series of seals that gave off a permanent illusion of being human. It also happened to have been the first puppet to feature that illusion.

It was currently 12 midnight in Konoha, and we can see Naruto covered completely in black moving across the landscape. He stops in front of a large Crypt. He spies a single ANBU guarding the door. He quickly shoots off a senbon tipped in a sleeping poison. The man would be asleep for several hours and would wake up with a massive headache. Naruto had timed this perfectly, for months he had been watching the rotation schedule. He walked up to the door, and spotted several different types of security seals; he pulled out his brush and inkwell and started to draw the counter seals. These counter seals would temporarily de-activate the security seals, and then when they were done they would break apart and disappear, leaving no trace of forced entry.

With that done, he slowly opens the door and steps inside. He smiles when he sees what he's looking for, the 3 coffins of the Shodaime, Nidaime, and Yondaime Hokage's.

He walks over and places the more advanced counter security seals on the more advanced security seals. He then opens the lids and finds the 3bodies of the Hokage's, all under the most advance of preservation jutsu. He pulls out the bodies and seals all 3 of them into a scroll, then he unseals 3 bodies of dead ninja that had the balls to try and kill him, Sepheroth made quick work of them. He then places advanced illusion seals on the bodies, making them appear like the Hokage's, then he puts the lids back on, steps outside, making sure the coast is clear, closes the door, give's the antidote to the ANBU and leaves. As far as the ANBU guard is concerned, he fell asleep on the job again.

Naruto makes his way back home, then to his secret laboratory hidden underneath his home. He unseals the bodies and gets to work, remembering what Sasori said about ninja corpses.


To my pupil.

One of the most guarded secrets in the ninja world is that when a ninja dies, there body can be used to learn techniques from. That is why the body is always burned on the battlefield. We can apply the same thing here; when you empty the corpse of its necessities, you can then examine them later on to learn the same techniques that they had used while alive. A very useful bit of advice, if the body used seals as a means of performing a jutsu, then you cannot learn the secrets of that jutsu, for the secret is in the seal, not the body. But since there are almost no seal masters in the world anymore, you shouldn't worry. Now, below you will find instructions of how to find out the secrets of said body.

End flashback.

Yes, because of that, Naruto had learned much over the years from the ninja he had killed; he learned the basics of Katon jutsu, Suiton, tsuchi, and Raiton jutsu. Nothing advanced, but it was a start. He also learned how to walk up trees, walk on water, all kinds of basic chakra control exercises, which essential for him to have to use his puppets.

It was a very exhausting 4 days later that Naruto stood triumphant, he had done it, he had the 3 pat Hokage's of Konoha as his puppets. He then wrote a seal on his arm titled 'Kage', and sealed them into his right arm, much safer than a scroll. Now, to write down all the jutsu he learned, he smiled a dark smile, they were virtual treasure trove knowledge.

1 month later.

Sarutobi made his way to Naruto's house, he was angry, yet happy. He had informed the council of his intention to enroll Naruto into the ninja academy, but the council tried to say no, even with the aid of the clans that supported Naruto, it was hopeless, until Hyuuga Hiashi arrived.

After opening his book of law, while smiling, he calmly stated that if any member of the village wanted to become a shinobi, then they were allowed to enroll in the academy. Sarutobi smiled; sometimes he just loved that guy.

So he was knocking on Naruto's door, and after being led in, he was taken to Naruto's living room, and he was told he would join the academy.

Sarutobi smiled as he watched Naruto bounce around the room in joy. Of course, he knew Naruto was already a fine ninja, perhaps high chuunin, low Jounin, but he still had to attend in order to advance. It was at times like these that he really loved his job.

A/N: ok, let me explain a few things so no one gets confused.

1: Naruto's relationship with the Hokage. While in the story Naruto is cold and unforgiving, the Hokage was the first person to acknowledge him for him, so he will let the coldness slip and be his old self around the Hokage. Also, the Hokage will be helping naruto, and for a good reason. After witnessing for so long at the behavior of the village, the Hokage feels disgust and feels naruto has a right to defend himself from any and all threats.

2: the Hokage puppets, yes, Naruto has the 3 kages as his puppets, but there are limitations. For one, while he knows their jutsu, he can't really use them yet because he has no training. Also, Naruto will learn the Rasengan early, but he has a good excuse when he has to explain it. Also, the reason I put the seal thing in the puppets was so Naruto could not learn the Hiraishin. He has not learned it, and I'm not sure he ever will, he's a puppet user after all. The Yondaime cannot use Hiraishin as a puppet.

3: overpowering Naruto: I am not overpowering him, the logic is simple, if Itachi can be made an ANBU at the same age of Naruto, then Naruto can still be strong without being overpowered.

, also, I've decided to have what I call a Puppet corner. If people submit to me their ideas for a puppet, then I will pick the best one and post it here in the author's notes. That's it, if anyone has questions, let me know.