Name: A Sign of the Times

Rating: T

State: Chapter 01: A Cry of Loss

Concerned series: .hack//Sign, .hack//Quarantine

Concerned Characters: Currently Kite, Aura...

Pairing: No pairings as of yet.

Universe: Alternate Universe from the last phase battle of Quarantine, Alternate Timeline of Sign.

Summary: Avoiding any impact from Corbenik's Drain Heart attack, Kite rushed in on it and delivered a desperate blow. Aura was too late to stop him however; she couldn't help him avoid the horrible consequences...

Disclaimer: Every character appearing in this story is the property of Bandai, and Project .hack along with all the other people whose names I never bothered to remember. I am not using any of their names to make a profit and have no other goal than entertain myself (and hopefully others of course:) )

A/N: Second posted fanfic. This one will be one heck of a job! I'm not even sure if I can finish it. But since I'm inspired right now it'll have to do. This might be the first "chapter", but this is more like a prologue considering it's so short. The others will be longer.

Anyway, this is a .hack//Sign / .hack//Quarantine x-over. Because of this, there will be an 'alternate universe' or timeline and Kite will mostly be the center of the story. I'm not sure about pairings or anything, but if there are any, they will not be yaoi or yuri unless it's cannon.(Yeah I'm a pushover, well...) Requests are welcomed otherwise I guess...well I'll try anyway...

Chapter 01: A Cry of Loss

Kite could only stare helplessly as all of his companions were struck by the unavoidable rays of green and red arrows of light. Balmung, without any time to duck, resigned himself. BlackRose was petrified, wide-eyed as the arrows pierced her, shattering her character into pieces. Kite did not see the ones that appeared before him coming, threatening him with the same fate as his party. If not for a certain young Wavemaster's sacrifice, that would have been the case. Elk tried to look through his pained stare at Kite, expressing his remorse of his last betrayal.

Lost in the eternal flow of white, disturbed only by the presence of the Phase, Kite was no longer conscious of his real self holding the controller. It was only him, Kite, against the destroyer of The World. There was nobody to back him up now. His grip on his blades tightened; he thought of how all of them had fought until the end. Even as it became harder, they kept trying, without renouncing their task.

"No," he finally decided as the arrows came at him once again. "I'M NOT GIVING UP!" was his battle cry as he ran down on the colorless floor toward the golden eye, the last form of Corbenik, and the last of Morganna's malevolent will.

The arrows were flying toward him, missing by mere inches as he continued his hopeless attack. BlackRose's voice resonated in his head, "We'll lose if we give up!" For everyone's sake, he would not give up. His friend Orca, BlackRose and her brother, Balmung, Elk, everyone who tried their best to defend The World; all of them were counting on him.

He jumped, spinning around and bracing himself for the impact. His blades were now right on the target. Not too far from him, he heard a noise, a voice like a plea. He paid it no mind as the blades planted themselves right in the middle of the eye's pupil, piercing it.

Suddenly it seemed as if a roar of pain from The World itself was echoing in the blank void, stunning Kite. A crumbling sound could be heard. He could scarcely believe it. Did he do it? Was it over?

But his hopes did not last long. Black tears were now appearing in some parts of the previously blank field. The destruction was imminent. "So," he thought, "It was an impossible win?" The horrible, agonizing sound made him want to close his ears fast. The unblinking eye was right in front of him, piercing him and his mind. No one else was there; every player on the server had been rendered unconscious -comatose? - only he would now suffer whatever wrath the program would unleash upon him.


The voice was clear but faint. Kite saw through his visor two thin hands encircling his waist. He turned his head and saw the sorrowful and worried look of a lavender-haired girl with sad blue eyes. Aura, the little AI who started it all, had arrived.

Before he could utter a single word however, he felt a strange sensation in his stomach. He looked down and saw that a green arrow of the Drain Heart attack had pierced him from behind. It was all over then. In the end, it was all for nothing and he would join them... he had failed them...

A whimper came from the little figure that held him, and he realized that Aura, 'The Child of Light' as Harold had called her, in a desperate effort to save him from the fate promised by the Data Drain, had tried to push him out of the way. But instead, she had been impaled too; pressed tightly against his back, restraining herself from crying out from the pain.

A jolt traveled down the arrow, shooting through the both of them. Kite felt a pain like nothing he had ever experienced before. Nothing could protect him against the horrible feeling which passed through his ears, his head and then through every part of his real body. He did not realize he was screaming; he barely registered anything that happened around him.

The black expanse of nothingness was spreading everywhere; and the eye itself was crumbling slowly, becoming less and less realistic. A strange sign was now appearing in the middle of it. Kite caught a glimpse of it, but did not have any straight thoughts. If he had, he would have seen Aura's hand slowly and spasmodically move toward the eye. He would have heard her whispering some tearful words. Suddenly, as she finished speaking, a blinding flash shot through the sign, engulfing everything in white.

Kite was not too hurt not to feel the light blinding him. As the pain diminished, another feeling sprang through him - a tearing. He somehow felt as if he was loosing a limb or perhaps something more vital. But he had no more control over his mind; his consciousness diminishing under the force of the pain. Soon, everything around him was like the tight darkness he had just left.

The sorrowful cry of Aura was heard no more.

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