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I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi to me, or even smile, because I know even if just for a second I crossed your mind.

(Sakura's POV)

It was 6:58am.

I sat on my room floor with 5 diffirent boquets of roses. One red, one white,pink,orange,and yellow.

I had ordered them ahead of time so that I could make a corsage for Sasuke on Valentine's Day.

It wasant exactly for him to wear just for him to cherish. I knew a lot of other girls would probly send him chocolates and cards but I wanted to be different from them.

I had no time to work on this project now I had to go to school. I grabbed my backpack and ran outside.

The run took about 3 minutes since school wasn't far from my house. I busted through the door breathlessly.

"Am I late?" I cried.

"You're actually early." Shikimaru said walking past me and plopping down in a chair.

I rolled my eyes and sat in my seat in between Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke had his elbow rested on the desk and his head in his hand. "Um...Sasuke?" I said.

Instead of answering me or turning to look at me he just glared at me from the corner of his eyes.

"What's you favorite color?" I asked.

"As I said before I don't like particularly like anything." he said closing his eyes.

I sighed.

At that moment Iruka Sensei entered the room. And began to give us notes. I took out my pen and began to write.


I was so glad to get out of school that day, It was the weekend and I was free.

I waited outside for Sasuke to exit. Naruto came out right before him.

"Hey Sakura do you ah...wanna-

"Not now Naruto." I said running after Sasuke.

I ran in front of him. "Sasuke ca-

"Not now Sakura." he said nudging me out of the way.

I felt like a thousand thorns had been shot at me. That's how Naruto must have felt. I sighed and turned around.

Naruto had began to walk home already. I ran after him. "Can I walk with you?" I asked.

Naruto's face lit up. "Yeah."

I smiled.

Me and Naruto's walk was short with my house being so close.

I said goodbye to him and ran inside. The roses still laid on the floor in my room.

I picked them up and set them on the dresser.

Why was Sasuke being so distant. I know he was usually quiet but this was too much.

I wondered would he talk to me if I wasn't me? I wasn't sure what that meant.

I had to find out after I took a nap though I was too tired to think. I laid down on my bed and shut my eyes.

"Sakura it's dinner time!" my mother called from downstairs.

I opened my eyes. It was 7:10pm.

"Im coming!" I yelled rushing into the bathroom and washing my face and hands.

I ran downstairs and hoped into my seat.

I wasn't really hungry but I ate a small bit to please my mother.

"Sakura what's wrong with you?" my mom finally asked.

"Nothing." I replied.

"Are you sure?"

I shook my head.

"Then what's wrong?"

I let out a deep breath. "It seems like Sasuke is more distant these past few days and he just keeps ignoring me." I said.

My mother sighed.

"Sasuke again?" Why don't you just leave him alone?"

"Mom!" I cried.

"It's only normal you've done everything to impress this boy what are you going to do next?" Huh? "Get a wig and pretend to be someone else?"

I stared at her for a long time.

"You know what mom that's not such a bad idea." I said leaping up from my seat and running up stairs.

"Sakura I wasn't being serious!" my mother yelled after to me.

But it was too late I had already took it to heart.

Where was I gonna get a wig from? I didn't have anymore money. I had spent it all on the roses.

Think Sakura think.

Just then it hit me. My mother had an old chest in the basement from when she was a teenager maybe there was something in there.

I snuck down to the basement and turned on the light.

There were spider webs everywhere. This place sure needed a cleaning.

I looked around for the chest but I didn't see it anywhere. Just when I was about to give up I heard a crack.

I jumped and looked around and there was the chest. Right in the corner of the basement. I wanted to believe I hadn't looked there but I could have sworn i had looked in that exact spot about 3 times. But who cares the chest was found.

I opened it up. There were lots of old things in it.

When my mom was younger she wanted to be a ninja but she quit after a while because she couldn't keep her head in it.

"There!" I said out loud as I spotted a brown wig. I grabbed it from the chest and threw it under my shoulder.

"What else is in here?" I said digging some more.

The only other thing I found usable for my plan was a pack of beautiful silver metal name tags outlined in red that I could draw names on.

I grabbed them. They could be used for the corsage or something.

I closed the chest and began to leave the basement when I heard another creak. This time it was under my foot.

I had stepped on a board that came up and when it did the wall at the back of the basement turned around.

There on the wall hung a bag.

I walked towards it slowly and poked it. There was nobody in it. Thank god.

I grabbed the bag and ran out of the basement.

I had to tiptoe to my room so my mother wouldn't see me with her things.

When I got to my room I layed everything on my bed.

"I wonder what in this." I said shaking the bag. I was still afraid to open it but I took a deep breath and ripped it open.

To my surprise there was nothing scary in it just a suit.

I guessed it was the one my mom had told me about. The first suit her father had brought her in honor of being a ninja but she had quit school before she could ever wear it.

I hadn't imagined it to be this cool.

I ran to my door and peeked out. The coast was clear so I ran to the bathroom and tried on the suit.

It was a red sleeveless shirt that opened at the top with crisscross white ribbon revealing my chest a bit. It came just below my chest. There were two bests that connected to the shirt they crisscrossed across my waist and around to my back where they crossed again and came to my sides where they

connected to a short red skirt that had crisscross white ribbon at the sides and showed my thighs. There were 3 white belts on the left side of the skirt a small one a medium size on than a big one. They all looped from the back to the front and hung down.

There were white boots that went along with it.

I stared at myself in the mirror.

"Whoa mom!" I said aloud. I so couldn't imagine her ever wearing this. It was so revealing and not mom like.

I rushed back into my room and threw on the wig. It hung down my back. I surprisingly looked better with brown hair.

I had brought some contacts awhile ago but I was too afraid to put them in. I searched through my drawer until i found them.

I didnt remember what color they were or how to put then in so I called Ino.

After she went laughed her heart out and went through a 10 minute explanation I went back to the mirror and put them on.

They turned out to be hazel.

"Now for the final touch." I said putting a white rose in my hair.

"Here I come Sasuke!"

(Sasuke's POV)

I couldn't sleep. Why was I having so many dreams of him. Nightmares!

I glanced at the clock. It read 11:47pm. I got up and stretched. Looking out the window I saw a half moon.

Some fresh air would do me good. I got up and went outside.

I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from my face and began to walk down the street,

It was pretty empty. No one was awake at this time huh?

It was just me like always.

"Sasuke!" I heard a faint voice say.

At first I thought I was imagining things but than I heard it again.


I glanced around. "Who's there?" I cried.

"Over here." the voice said.

I looked up on top of one of a roof there stood a figure.

"Who are you?" I said my fist clinched.

The figure jumped done from the roof and landed kneeling on one knee. Then it stood up.

With the little light I could make out that it was a girl.

The girl laughed.

"I'm your night angel." she said.

"You're my what?"

"You've never heard of a night angel?' she asked laughing.

I crossed my arms. "No because there's no such thing who are you really?"

The girl walked closer to me smiling. I could see her more clearly now. She had brown hair that reached her elbows and she wore a red and white(in my opinion) very revealing suit. She also had a white rose in her hair.

There was something about her that was familiar but I couldn' quite grasp it.

"Like I said before I'm your night angel?" she said.


(Sakura's POV)

What was I thinking? I'm your night angel?

Sasuke was definitely not buying it.

How was I being so bold?

It was the suit when I wasn't me I had so much more confidence because Sasuke didn't know he was talking to me I could do whatever I wanted and say what ever I wanted.

I liked this.

"Get lost!" Sasuke said turning around.

"If I'm lost than so are you." I said crossing my arms.

Sasuke paused and turned around. "If your an angel why can I see you?" he asked.

"I guess tonight's your lucky night you get to see an angel Sasuke." I said giggling.

Sasuke smiled a bit. Wow I made Sasuke smile Go Sakura!

"Can you fly?" he asked.

"Can you fly?" I asked back.

"Stop playing word games!" Sasuke cried.

"Sheesh I was just asking a question." I said.

"I guess since you wont give in I'll play along with your little game." "What exactly is a night angel I mean what do you do?"

"I watch over you at night."

"You watch over me huh?" Sasuke said.


"How exactly do you do that?" he asked.

"In many different ways I can't protect you from everything, just the little things you think don't count I'm still in training ya know."

Wow I came up with that quick! It was so easy to lie in this costume.

"Whatever." Sasuke said. "Cant you go back to being invisible or something?"

"Nope not for a few more nights." I replied.

Sasuke looked at me suspiciously. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Awwww how mean! I know your name and you don't now mines." I said pouting.

"I' not an angel how am I supposed to know."

Just then I heard a ringing noise. Sasuke's watch was ringing.

Sasuke glanced down at it.

"It's almost Twelve." he said aloud.

"It's almost 12:00!" I cried shocked.

I had to get home.

"I have to go." I said backing away from Sasuke.

"Why?" "Not that I care or anything."

I smiled. "I'm your night angel after midnight it will be morning." I said running.

"By the way the name's Natsumi!" I cried.

"Natsumi my Night angel." I heard Sasuke mumble. "Humph." he grunted as he turned around back towards his house.


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