Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Birthday Present

The dim hallway grew hazy with smoke as the diminutive blond alchemist, Edward Elric, walked its length. He could discern a dark figure up ahead. The alcohol in his system was making itself known in his gate, a little lopsided and tipsy-turvy. It was his birthday after all and his eighteenth at that. The men and women he'd spent the last few years of his life with were all in attendance, all waiting for him to return from his brief foray into the restroom. He had yet to find a way to get his brother's body back or his arm and leg, but tonight none of that mattered. He was finally a man, if only by age.

The figure loomed closer in his vision. Dark hair and eyes became visible. It was Colonel Roy Mustang, dapper as usual in his dark civilian suit, leaning up against the wall on his left. A faint smile played on Edward's face when he realized who it was. "What? You waiting for me?" Sarcasm rang in his voice. He would normally have had a more witty comment, but his mind was not as quick as it should be.

The Colonel was watching him with brazen intent.

As he passed, a strong hand grasped Ed's left arm, spinning him around. Head reeling, he was pinned against the wall. Hard lips crushed his own. He tasted a trace of smoky scotch and smelled the Colonel's familiar cologne. A flood of memories from the previous week rushed his dizzy head.


"So, here is where the planned attack was, right?" Ed was pointing at a makeshift map on Mustang's desk. He could feel the Colonel's breath on the back of his neck, sending shivers up his spine, as the Colonel leaned in close to see the position of his hand. It made him uncomfortable, knowing Mustang was so close behind him and alone in his office - uncomfortable, because the sensation was too pleasant for his liking. Abruptly, Ed straightened, knocking the Colonel backwards.

Mustang groped for Edward, wrapping his arms around him, seizing him against his chest.

Ed's nerves were blasted with adrenaline when the momentary embrace lasted a little too long. He hadn't said anything. To say something would have meant admitting that it had happened.

Over the next few days, Ed had noticed the Colonel standing, sitting, and leaning, so close to him in every possible situation, he'd literally felt their bodies touch through their clothes. Ed made every possible effort to remove himself from these situations, never saying a word, not even in jest. For to say something would mean having to admit he'd noticed.

And yesterday, Ed was in Roy Mustangs office for a meeting. The other officers were all in attendance. When it was over, Ed had planned on being the first one out the door. But he'd caught himself lingering far longer than anyone else, though, not quite sure why. He told himself he must have been too focused on the Colonel's words. Just as he went to leave, a gloved hand slapped his behind, making him jump in surprise. Again, he remained quiet as he exited the office. Because speaking up meant there might be more to it than he'd like to admit.


Ed remembered the slap. It wasn't rough, more like playful. Sort of like the kiss the Colonel sustained on his lips. Kiss. Eyes whipping open, Ed shoved the Colonel away. "What the fuck?" His words slurred as his wits caught up with his body.

The Colonel thrust Ed back against the wall with ease, positioning his face threateningly close to the young man.

"Happy birthday, Fullmetal," Roy whispered with a husky timbre, brushing his lips close to Ed's ear.

A slight wind caught tiny hairs and tickled Ed in just the right place. Shivering in response, he fought to clear his head. As he felt the Colonel's muscular body press against him, he was horrified to become aware of swelling between his legs, his own body betraying him. He was speechless, like before. This couldn't be happening, wasn't happening.

Roy noticed Ed's gaze avoiding him. The young man's head turned sideways. But the trembling and hardening against the Colonel's thigh told him everything he needed to know. "I had a feeling you'd like this," he whispered, positioning his mouth barely beyond the soft skin of Ed's neck. He restrained the birthday boy's arms to the wall with a tight grip, watching in fascination, as his prey appeared to surrender. "All these years, you've never once had a girlfriend, Fullmetal. Why is that, I wonder?" His lips curled up to his signature smirk.

Ed heard the words spoken to him, but what exactly was the Colonel trying to say? His discomfort with the situation was off the charts, making him squirm. Suddenly, he twisted his head to face the Colonel, glaring. "Damn-it, Mustang, that is none of your business."

"Oh, but I think I've made it my business. I think I have a responsibility to make sure my men are happy. And right about now at least one part of you is happy." Reaching down, Roy shoved his hand under the top of Ed's pants, bypassing his belt. He watched Ed's face, fascinated, while his expert hand stroked Ed's erection.

As the Colonel's hand rushed pleasure into him, Ed melted into the wall. There was no point in resistance. The precise pressure and speed poured searing heat into Ed's core. He knew this feeling, but had never experienced it coming from someone else's hand. Something about it was different, more intense. He bit his lip, stifling a moan. Feeling helpless, the delicious sensation threatened to engulf him.

Roy's palm was relentless in its pursuit, causing Ed's hips to thrust forward.

Ed gasped. He couldn't control himself and soon he didn't want to. Surrendering to the Colonel's insistent kisses on his neck, he allowed himself to enjoy the lips sucking and teeth nipping at his tender skin. He'd submit to the Colonel, just this once, he thought. He was drunk, wasn't he? It didn't really mean anything. It was his birthday, after all. The raw tingling of his climax surfaced suddenly, pushing him over the edge, making delicious contractions rack his body. He felt something cover his mouth as he let out a sharp cry into the hallway. Then it was over. He slumped against the Colonel's chest.

Roy thoroughly enjoyed the look on Ed's face while he released himself. But, damn, he was a loud bastard. He'd had to cover Fullmetal's mouth before the whole pub was alerted to the questionable activities in the dark hallway. Thankfully, not many patrons used this bathroom, which is precisely why Roy had steered Ed to it. He hadn't meant for things to escalate the way they did, it just sort of happened.

Ed leaned against the Colonel, panting.

Roy pushed him back up against the wall and held him with a forearm across his chest while he wiped his hand with a hanky. He leaned in close. "Ed, Ed, snap out of it." He watched as Edward slowly raised his head and gazed up at him, still dazed.

Ed did his best to straighten. His face was flushed with embarrassment and the effects of what the Colonel had done to him.

Ed wasn't sure what to think or say. Suddenly, the hallway spun out of control. Maybe he'd had too much to drink, he told himself. Maybe he just couldn't deal with what had just happened. Did it really happen? The cold wet spot in his boxers said definitely, yes. In any case, he was feeling a bit off.

When the Colonel backed away from him, Ed stumbled forward, clutching the larger man around the waist. How could he have done this? he asked himself. How could he have let himself get into this situation? How could he have liked it? He drew himself in close to the Colonel again, leaning his head forward on his strong chest.

"Ed, are you OK?" Mustang's voice was unusually tender. He was ready for any reaction but the one he was getting.

Ed rubbed his cheek on Mustang's shirt.

How much liquor had the young alchemist consumed, Roy wondered? It had to be the beer, or maybe the numerous shots. Ed would never embrace him like this, he mused. What happened was just a bit of pent up frustration, nothing more. He had to get him home, back to his brother. Al would take care of him. He always did. Roy positioned Ed so he could help him walk back out into the bar.

As the pair appeared from the darkness of the hallway, Riza Hawkeye was the first to see them. It was a sight to see, the older man holding up the younger one, arms entwined.

Roy gazed with pleading eyes at the female blonde assistant as she made her way towards them.

She smiled as she came closer. "Someone's had too much to drink, huh?"

Roy heard Ed mumble something incoherent. "Yeah, I think we'd better get him home." He watched Riza unwrap one of Ed's arms from around his midsection and positioned it around her own so she could help carry him outside.

Once they were outside, Riza held up the young man while Roy went to get his car.

"Wh-where is Roy? I want Roy," Ed mumbled into Riza's shoulder.

She held him up as he swayed in the light of the street lamp directly overhead. "You must be drunk. I've never heard you call the Colonel, Roy, before." She chuckled. "He'll be right back. He's taking you home." She was surprised at the sinful smile that spread across Ed's lips as the information seemed to register in his foggy head. Why would he be so eager for the Colonel's company all of a sudden, she wondered? Didn't they basically hate each other? Her train of thought was interrupted as Roy's car came into view and pulled up in front of them.

Roy's driver got out, opened the door for Riza, and helped her slide Ed into the back seat beside Mustang.

She watched as they drove off down the empty street.

Ed's head fell squarely into Roy's lap, making him flinch. He held his hands up for a moment before placing them back down, one on Ed's side. Concerned, he slid the glass barrier between the front and back seat shut.

"Roy, what did you do to me?" Ed's words stumbled out of this mouth, barely understandable.

The Colonel thought for a minute, distracted by the favorable position of the young alchemist's head and the burgeoning arousal it brought forth. "Obviously Ed, I did nothing you didn't want." A smirk hung on his stunning face.

"But, but, it felt good. Didn't it?" Ed forced his alcohol-drenched mind to make some sense of the night's experience. He attempted to make himself believe it was okay, normal even. In the end, he was completely at the older man's disposal.

Roy saw the dorms just outside the window of the car and felt the car stop. "Yes, Ed, it was supposed to feel good," he said quickly, before the driver opened his door. Roy slid out from under Ed and placed his hands under the young man's armpits to drag him out. With an arm wrapped around Ed's waist, he helped the young man up the stairs and through the dorm building's door.

Ed was trying as best he could to focus on the position of his feet. They didn't seem to be cooperating. He leaned in close to the Colonel, enjoying the feel of the strong arms supporting him. When they strode through the dorm's hallways and to his door, he found himself not wanting to separate himself from the Colonel.

Mustang tried to free himself from the young man, but Ed's grip around his waist tightened. "Come on, Ed, your brother can take over from here. Let go of me." He tugged at Ed's arms.

"No, stay, stay with me, please. I don't want him." Lifting his head, Ed gazed into Roy's eyes. Suddenly, he lunged forward, planting a sloppy kiss on the Colonel's lips.

"Good God, I've created a monster, " Roy said, under his breath. Yanking away from Ed, he spun him around until Ed's back was against his chest. He held Ed up with one hand and knocked firmly on the door with the other.

It only took a few seconds for Al to answer, his metal body shining under the hall lamps. He seemed stunned by the condition of his sibling, standing against Roy, swaying, and not saying a word.

"Here. He had too good a time. Make sure he doesn't throw up on anything." Mustang's voice held authority. He shoved Ed forward into his brother.

"Ah, okay. Thanks, Colonel." Al grabbed and steadied his older brother.

Mustang lingered a moment longer, watching Al take his brother into their dorm room. The door creaked as it shut behind them.