Twisted Present is the sequel to another story I have already completed here on FanFiction called Torn Future. Go to my homepage and read that first or you will have no idea what's going on.

So here we are again, my dear readers. It wasn't too long ago (or maybe it was) that I finished my first real story here on FanFiction, Torn Future, and now the sequel is finally out. What awaits in future chapters? Some new mysteries, definitely, and maybe we'll end up solving some old ones, as well. Of course there'll be humor, for what's a story without at least a tad bit of comedy? And maybe, just maybe, some romance…

I hope I've gotten you all excited. Now, I know it might've been a while since you last read the pages of Torn Future, especially the earlier chapters, so I'll try to do a bit of recap as we go along.

I played with the title a little, didn't I? Can anyone guess which word the next story's title will have in it?

All right, I'm not going to keep you're here any longer, go ahead and read the prologue of the second book of the TIME series: Twisted Present!

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Espeon breathed slowly and deeply, concentrating with all her might. Come on, Espeon! She scolded herself, you've done this before! But her usual cautiousness got in the way. She was still getting used to her psychic powers, shouldn't she check just to make sure that the rocks were actually lifting off the ground? She quickly opened one eye. Sure enough, about a dozen large rocks were floating right in front of her. Yes! She let the objects fall to the ground, reveling in her victory for a moment. She was getting quite good at this now, maybe it was true what they said: practice makes perfect!

"Nice work, boss!" chirped a Pidgey. He stood in the entryway of the cave Espeon had come to call home, if a temporary one, anyway. He was a small, normal looking Pidgey with a red sack on his back that he used for carrying things for place to place, for that was his job. He also delivered messages verbally. Espeon blushed at his comment, self-conscious. She tried to be modest.

"Any psychic pokemon could do the same," Espeon insisted. The Pidgey nodded, but his tone was serious.

"Well, there ain't many of those left, there aren't," he said reasonably, his voice heavy with the Viridian accent everyone native to the area seemed to have, "And we're gonna need all the help we can get."

"I know," agreed Espeon, "And for the last time, Sergeant, stop calling me boss!"

"Sorry," Sergeant shrugged, "Force of habit. Someone's gotta be formal around here, you know?"

"Uh, right," said Espeon, but then she asked, "So why are you here, Sergeant? Do you have a message for me again?"

"Of course!" the little Pidgey's chest swelled with pride, "And straight from the big man himself, too! Captain Lugia requested me specifically to recite this to ya. I just knew he'd realize I was the best one day, I just knew it!"

"Good for you!" exclaimed Espeon, but really she just wanted him to tell her what he needed to tell her, "So, what is it?" she asked eagerly, "Has Suicune returned yet?"

"Um, no," Sergeant said, knowing the disappointment that was sure to come to Espeon's face, "Old Waterlogs- I mean, Agent Suicune hasn't returned yet. Sorry." Espeon tried and pretty much failed to hide her disdain at the news.

Suicune had gone off a couple of months ago to search for Espeon's friends: Danny, Silver, Maddy, Umbreon, and little Growlie. However, he hadn't returned. This was sort of good news; after all, if Suicune couldn't find them, then the police definitely couldn't, as they were wanted for a series of crimes. On the other hand, Espeon really missed her friends.

"Ahem," Sergeant cleared his throat, "Anyway, like I was saying. The Captain wants to see you right away."

"Why?" asked Espeon, and then she realized that her question was a little irrelevant, but Sergeant didn't seem to mind.

"Don't really know," he said, "But whatever the reason, you best haul yourself over there, pronto."

So we have to prologue down.

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