Author's Note: Hey there, everyone! I'm back to add a little extra to this fic with a couple epilogues. I'm calling these epilogues as they aren't really tied into any of the main storylines or character development; they're basically just bonus fluff and smut. Of course, that's a worthwhile goal in and of itself, so I hope you enjoy this treat!

Also, much love to my beta, yuri-hime, who is unfortunately out ill right now so couldn't help with this chapter. Let me know if you spot any mistakes I left in.

Japanese Note: Suki = love (one of the many words for it. Shizuru just uses this one for the wordplay with "Natsuki")


Title: Perchance to Dream

Rating: M

Epilogue 1: Being in Love


"So soft..." Shizuru said, letting out a purr. The simple sound of Shizuru's bliss sent a wave of pleasure through Natsuki, and she couldn't help smiling.

Natsuki paused her game and looked over at her girlfriend's face, which she had snuggled into a pillow and blanket on the couch. Her eyes were closed, and she had a content smile on her face. "You certainly are easy to please," Natsuki said. "You sure you're fine just watching me play? As much watching as you can do with your eyes closed, that is?"

"I've got my Suki, I'm good," Shizuru said. She nuzzled into the blanket a bit more and said, "Natsuki keeps such soft things around. She must look so cute cuddling with this..."

Natsuki was torn. Part of her wanted to yell out "Oi!" and go into blush-mode, while another part of her was entranced with just how cute Shizuru looked cuddling with that blanket. Eventually, her adoration for Shizuru won out, but just barely. She turned back to her game, trying to avoid looking at Shizuru as she grumbled out, "I like to imagine it's your hair... it's just as soft."

"Ara!" Shizuru said with a gleeful squeal. She adjusted herself on the couch so she could lean against Natsuki. She placed the blanket on her girlfriend's shoulder and rested her head on it while she snuggled her body up against Natsuki's. "Then as thanks for Natsuki being so adorable, she's free to rest her head in my hair as much as she wants now."

It took Natsuki a moment to process what Shizuru was saying, paralyzed as she was by the rush from feeling her girlfriend so close to her. The feeling of Shizuru's body pressed up against hers was not just soft and cuddly, it was arousing as hell. There was an aching need building in her chest that she had trouble ignoring, and her whole body felt like it was heating up. What was wrong with her? She should have been fine with just cuddling with Shizuru; it was what she wanted to spent the afternoon doing, after all, and Shizuru was gladly obliging her.

In hopes that focusing on something else would help calm her down, Natsuki unpaused her game and resumed playing. After a moment, she allowed her head to come to a rest on Shizuru's, letting out a sigh from the feeling of her girlfriend's soft hair against her cheek. Shizuru let out a contended purr and rubbed her head into Natsuki's face and neck.

Natsuki was able to calm down a bit as she focused more on her game, though this only worked for a couple of minutes. Shizuru adjusted herself again, allowing her head to come to a rest on the couch just behind Natsuki, which had the unfortunately arousing side-effect of letting Shizuru's breath blow right into Natsuki's ear. Natsuki tried to adjust herself a bit so it wouldn't be so bothersome, but somehow she just ended up with Shizuru's breath hitting her more directly. She couldn't tell if it was her subconscious betraying her or Shizuru playing games with her. Both possibilities seemed a bit too likely.

Shaking her head to try and clear, Natsuki went back to her game, if only so she could get to a save point. Her playing slowed down as more and more of her mind focused on Shizuru's breathing. When she'd focused on that as much as possible, she started thinking about all the points of contact between Shizuru's body and her own, and then even thinking about just how all this was making her feel.

"Puppy..." Shizuru whispered. All Natsuki could do was let out a whimper in reply. "Mmm... you were right. This is a very nice way to spend the afternoon..."

Damn it! I can't lose control now. I made this suggestion, so I can't just abandon it as soon as Shizuru's started to enjoy it. Natsuki took a few deep breaths to steady herself, and then refocused on trying to rush to a save point in her game. If Shizuru noticed this, she made no comment on it. Natsuki was at last able to make it, so she saved her game shut of the television. She could just focus on cuddling with Shizuru now, and she put up with her arousal for Shizuru's sake.

"Mmm, Natsuki-suki..." Shizuru said, turning towards her girlfriend and wrapping her arms around her to pull her against her body. "You don't have to do that for me. I was having fun watching you play..."

"It's... it's alright," Natsuki said, trying to get her mind off of the fact that Shizuru's breasts were now pressed up against her side. Damn, they're so soft...

"Ara..." Shizuru nuzzled into the side of Natsuki's head for a moment. After her nose passed by Natsuki's ear, Shizuru whispered into it, "Natsuki's such a cute little cuddle-puppy, isn't she..."

"Uh... yeah..." Natsuki managed to get out. She instinctively moved closer to Shizuru, trying to go into her puppy mode for her girlfriend. That was a lot safer. She wasn't at risk of exploding from repressed arousal that way. Not to mention, she did kind of enjoy being Shizuru's cuddle-puppy.

It was just Natsuki's bad luck that Shizuru chose that moment to start nibbling on her girlfriend's earlobe. "Ara, what do we have here...?" Shizuru said in a brief break between nibbling on Natsuki's earlobe and kissing it.

"Mm... my ear..." Natsuki said. Her voice came out almost as a squeak, and this realization only made the blush on her cheeks worse. There was no way Shizuru hadn't noticed it by now. Knowing her, she probably had a mental catalog of all of Natsuki's blushes. She had to be doing this on purpose, having identified Natsuki's "aroused" blush.

"Hmm, I don't think so..." Shizuru said softly. She reached her tongue out to gently lick the inside of Natsuki's ear, causing the girl to nearly jump from the sensation. "If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is my ear..."

"Uh..." Natsuki wasn't able to think of an appropriate reply to that, but it didn't really matter at this point. Shizuru slowly licked her tongue around inside Natsuki's ear, her touch just light enough to tickle and send shivers through Natsuki's body.

"Ooh, and this would be my hair as well!" Shizuru said, her tongue disappearing from Natsuki's ear as she buried herself in her girlfriend's mane of hair. "Ah, so silky and soft... I wish it had occurred to me to get a blanket to remind myself of Natsuki's hair when she wasn't around. I guess it's never too late, though..."

"Yeah," Natsuki said. Her mind was starting to clear up a bit, but she couldn't have that now. She hadn't needed to say anything to get her needs across to Shizuru, and as long as her girlfriend was having fun with it, everything was alright. No reason to let herself be paralyzed when she could enjoy the moment along with Shizuru. "We can go out tomorrow and pick something up if you want," she said as she turned around on the couch so she could face Shizuru. She made an extra bit of effort to flip her hair over her shoulder so that Shizuru would still have access to it.

Shizuru smiled at her lover. "Natsuki is too sweet," she said. She leaned in to give Natsuki a kiss, but she swerved off at the last moment and grabbed a lock of Natsuki's hair to kiss instead. She looked over at her lover, whose lips were still pursed expectantly, and gave a wink. "You know, I used to steal kisses of Natsuki's hair all the time while she was hard at work. I hope Natsuki doesn't mind, but I'm not sorry that I did it. At this point, I only regret that I wasn't bolder back then, as I could have had Natsuki even sooner if I were."

Natsuki let out a chuckle at this. She'd been completely oblivious to that fact, along with every other possible clue that Shizuru had been interested in her, but it didn't surprise her coming from Shizuru. She looked into her love's eyes and said, "It's alright, Shizuru. I'm with you now, and you can play with my hair as much as you wish. Or rather, your hair, if you insist."

"Ara!" Shizuru said, her eyes sparkling as she looked at Natsuki. "My Natsuki is truly too sweet. I think she deserves a proper reward. Now what could that be...?" Shizuru struck a thinking pose, though not without a smile gracing her face.

"Take a wild guess," Natsuki said, narrowing her eyes at Shizuru. She could feel her cheeks start to warm up in anticipation, and all the arousal built up from before was still coursing through her. She didn't know if she'd be able to take much more of Shizuru making her wait.

"Hmm... mayonnaise?"

"Better than mayo," Natsuki said. Shizuru was doing this on purpose she knew, being frustrating to build her up, but unfortunately, knowing this didn't help Natsuki avoid its effects. Or perhaps that was fortunate. It was always hard to tell when it came to Shizuru.

"Ara... I think I know," Shizuru said. A mischievous glint appeared in her eyes, which inexplicably sent a rush of excitement through Natsuki. She had to be going crazy under Shizuru's influence here. "But Natsuki's going to have to earn that. I want to hear her ask me. All Natsuki will ever need to do is ask, and I will be unable to refuse her."

Damn it. You're evil, woman. Shizuru must have sensed that Natsuki's frustration was growing a bit too much, so she gave her best puppy-dog eyes to Natsuki. The sight caused Natsuki to immediately melt. She couldn't help it, she was too entranced with Shizuru. With a rapidly growing blush, Natsuki said, "Please, Shizuru... I want to... I want you to... make love to me...."

Natsuki caught only the sound of a brief whimper from Shizuru before her world was consumed with the fact that Shizuru was kissing her. It was incredibly soft and tender. Each stroke of Shizuru's lips across her own sent waves of fire through Natsuki's body. Letting out a whimper of her own, she wrapped her arms around Shizuru and pulled herself onto her lover's lap. Her brief burst of passion was soon subsumed by Shizuru's gentle love, and Natsuki slowly melted under Shizuru's kiss.

When Natsuki was at last too weak to resist, Shizuru withdrew herself from the kiss and Natsuki's embrace. She stood up in front of the couch, keeping a finger to Natsuki's chest so that her girlfriend would remain seated. To Natsuki's surprise, she was able to make out a hint of a blush on Shizuru's cheeks.

"Natsuki deserves an extra-special treat for such a sweet request," Shizuru said. Her voice seemed to vibrate at the perfect frequency to make Natsuki tremble. "But I'll need Natsuki's cooperation for that. If Natsuki will agree to let me be in charge now, I can give her a treat." Natsuki knew Shizuru to well to go without a brief worry that this might be some sort of trick, but Shizuru quickly put those fears to rest. She saw Natsuki's flash of worry and leaned forward to give her girlfriend another kiss. "Don't worry, Natsuki. I would never abuse your trust. I'll simply use it for both of our benefit. Besides, right now I just need you to wait on me a couple minutes while I prepare."

Hmm, she's probably telling the truth. Of course, I can always get my revenge later if necessary. Though that may be just what she's counting on... Natsuki narrowed her eyes at Shizuru just briefly and said, "Alright, but I reserve the right to call it off at any time. And I still plan to get my full revenge on tonight, as I promised, so don't think you need to provoke me any further."

Shizuru let out a chuckle at this. "Ara, thank you, Natsuki. Don't worry, I wasn't planning on doing anything to provoke during this." Shizuru started walking off to Natsuki's bedroom, giving her girlfriend a motion to wait patiently. "While I'm getting ready, why don't you think up a good fantasy for this evening? That should help keep you in the mood. And don't worry, I'll be quite ready to provoke you later on to make sure you're in the mood to properly molest me."

With a final wink, Shizuru vanished into Natsuki's room, just barely missing out on Natsuki's cry of "Shizuru!"


Perfect. That should let me get appropriate revenge on her. And she should end up enjoying it quite a bit, too... Gah! That woman! It's just not sane to want her to enjoy my revenge. Even so... Natsuki rested her head back against her Shizuru blanket, letting out a sigh. She couldn't help but smile any longer. I might not be able to explain it, but I love it. I guess that's all that matters.

"Natsuki~" Shizuru called out from the bedroom with a lilt to her voice. "Close your eyes, puppy."

Natsuki instinctively obeyed Shizuru's command. She waited patiently, the thought slowly dawning on her how much like Shizuru's puppy she was acting. If I had a tail, I know it would be wagging right now... Damn it, she was right when she called it "puppy mode." She's always right... Ah well, I guess I couldn't ask for a better master than Shizuru.

As Natsuki was bemoaning her status, she could hear Shizuru approach from the bedroom. Shizuru stopped in front of Natsuki, pushing the table back to make herself some room. "Alright, Natsuki. Sit tight and let me take care of all your needs. You may now open your eyes."

Natsuki opened up her eyes, only to have her breath catch in her throat. Shizuru was wearing the biker leathers she'd bought earlier that week. She was facing away from Natsuki at the moment, allowing her to gaze at how Shizuru's leather pants seemed molded to her ass. Natsuki stared at that perfectly-formed butt with her mouth agape for several long moments, before some motion from above caught her attention.

Natsuki's gaze snapped up to Shizuru's head, which she only now realized was wearing her helmet. As Natsuki watched, Shizuru pulled the helmet off of her head and shook her hair free. Shizuru's chestnut locks cascaded down beautifully as they were freed from the helmet. Shizuru must have worn the helmet for just this effect, and it was well worth it, given how hot Natsuki was starting to feel. It was an effort not to leap from the couch and pounce on her hot biker girlfriend.

It was at this point that her hot girlfriend looked over her shoulder to catch Natsuki's lustful gaze. Watching Natsuki's eyes intently, Shizuru slid her glove-clad hands down her sides. When her hands slipped around to cup her ass, Natsuki had to tear her own eyes away from Shizuru's to gaze at them. Slowly, Shizuru's hands squeezed down, and she threw her arched her back in pleasure. Natsuki nearly jumped off the couch at this, trying to reach out to Shizuru's hands to join her girlfriend in feeling up the beautiful rump, but Shizuru's orders were still barely able to keep her glued down to the couch.

It was too much to take. Natsuki let out a whimper, pleading with Shizuru to show her some mercy before she broke and had to pounce. Fortunately for her, Shizuru was quite in tune with her needs. Hearing Natsuki's need, she turned her body fully around and took a couple steps towards her girlfriend, only barely out of reach now. "Have just a little patience, Natsuki," she said, her voice low and sultry. "You can have free reign to feel whatever you wish in just one minute. Prove to me that I can trust you to hold back until then."

Natsuki let out a small whimper, but she obeyed, forcing herself to sit back in the couch and wait. She was sure that Shizuru knew quite well what she was doing here, forcing Natsuki to hold herself back while she made that as hard as humanly possible. It was a tease – Natsuki knew that for sure – but it was a type Shizuru hadn't used on her before. It was certainly effective, though, as Natsuki was made to torment herself by holding back from touching that body she loved so much which was so close, and now moving so sexily...

Natsuki watched, entranced, as Shizuru's hands moved slowly across her body. Natsuki tried to imagine that they were her own hands, and she could almost feel Shizuru's body as those hands coursed over her sides, across her stomach, and downwards between her legs. Shizuru's right hand stopped in her crotch, gripping herself through the leather. Her middle finger pressed in, and she slid it slowly upwards, letting out a soft moan of pleasure.

Shizuru's hand kept rising after it left her crotch, finally reaching her mouth where Shizuru licked the fingers, as if cleaning them of her juices. Her eyes soon rose from her hand to capture Natsuki's gaze, and she gave her girlfriend a wicked gaze. "Mmm... time enough for that later, I think. But for now..." Shizuru trailer her hands down her chest, allowing them to come to a rest cupping her breasts. Natsuki let out a gasp at this, and she could feel her face filling with a blush as she ached to touch those mounds herself. "I was going to ask what Natsuki thought of this, but I think I have my answer," Shizuru said with a smirk.

Natsuki's blush deepened at Shizuru's words. She was far past the point where there was any use in denying how aroused she was. All she could do was watch, frozen, as Shizuru squeezed her breasts and let out a sigh. Shizuru's eyes rolled back into her head for a moment as she let herself experience this pleasure, and the lids slowly closed.

With a final moan, Shizuru opened her eyes so she could look at Natsuki once more. She took another step towards her girlfriend as she held her hands up in front of her face, loosening up the fingers of first one, then the other glove. She brought her hand to Natsuki's face and slowly dragged her fingers down the girl's cheek, until the index finger landed in Natsuki's open mouth. Natsuki was still too enthralled to figure out what Shizuru intended, so Shizuru had to whisper out to her, "Bite, puppy."

Finally figuring out what Shizuru intended, Natsuki bit down to grab the glove between her teeth. This allowed Shizuru to pull her hand back, sliding it out of the glove. She then took the glove from Natsuki's mouth and tossed it off to the side, before repeating the process with her other hand. She took a moment to use the bared fingers of her right hand to stroke Natsuki's cheek, sending shivers through the girl's body at the light touch.

Natsuki could barely keep herself contained. Her entire body was aching for Shizuru, and it took every ounce of her willpower not to reach out to her. But she'd promised Shizuru she'd obey her for her now, and she trusted her girlfriend to make it worth her while. Even so, Shizuru seemed to be making it as difficult as possible to resist. Perhaps that was just her natural charm, though it was still quite likely she was doing it on purpose to tease Natsuki. She might have even been actively trying to break Natsuki's control, which would mean that she wouldn't be so mad when Natsuki finally snapped. On the other hand, she might have been planning for it, but still planning to "punish" Natsuki for losing control... No. I have to resist! Resist... sexy... Oh fuck...

When Shizuru brought her fingers up to the zipper of her top and started playing with it, Natsuki had no choice but to shove her hands under her butt and sit on them if she wished to remain obedient. This prompted Shizuru to break out into laughter. "Natsuki is too cute!" she said. Clearing her throat, she quickly composed herself. "But she's been such a good girl that I'll free her soon, right after I show her one more little thing..."

Natsuki looked up at Shizuru hopefully, and she watched as her girlfriend started to slowly pull the zipper downwards. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears as more flesh was revealed, inch by inch. It didn't make sense that she'd be this excited over a small slit of flesh – she'd seen Shizuru completely naked before, multiple times – but she didn't particularly care. She just took it as a good sign that this wasn't going to get old anytime soon.

The best sign, however, was when the zipper passed the halfway point and Natsuki failed to see a bra strap revealed beneath it. Her eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and excitement of this. If Shizuru in leathers was hot, Shizuru naked underneath leathers was the sexiest thing Natsuki could possibly imagine. She didn't even need to take her clothes off at this point; she was already as sexy as she could possibly get.

Shizuru let go of the zipper once it was well below the swell of her breasts – though still high enough to keep her well-covered – and looked up at Natsuki once more. "Time for Round Two, my love," she said as she took a step forward and then climbed onto the couch, straddling Natsuki. She brought a hand up to rest against Natsuki's cheek and said, slowly and with a voice that made Natsuki quiver, "You've been such an obedient puppy, so it's now time for your reward. No more commands while I give it to you. Touch me however you please. Strip me however you please. You can be sure that I will do all the same to you."

Natsuki was able to wait for Shizuru to stop talking, but not a second longer. She pulled her hands out from underneath her and wrapped them around the back of Shizuru's head, pulling her gorgeous girlfriend in for a deep kiss. It was simply impossible for her to get enough of Shizuru, but Natsuki was intent on trying. She pressed her lips firmly against Shizuru's, trying to dominate the kiss at first, before she realized that Shizuru was just as driven as she was.

She might not have been able to beat Shizuru at the moment, but she could certainly match her. As Natsuki was hungrily trying to devour her lover's lips, she pushed her tongue forwards into Shizuru's mouth to try to dig out her girlfriend's tongue. Fortunately, Shizuru was more than willing to provide it for Natsuki, and she proceeded to start playing games with her lover's tongue. Natsuki wrapped her own tongue around Shizuru's, pulling it into her mouth so she could suck on it with her lips, stroked along it with her own tongue, and every other trick she could think of to try and make Shizuru melt.

When Natsuki finally had to pull back to catch her breath, she was pleased to see that she was indeed having an effect on Shizuru. She might not have melted, but she did have an adorable blush gracing her cheeks and a giddy smile splitting her face. Her eyes burned with desire, and just looking into them Natsuki could feel the fire spreading throughout her body. Natsuki knew she had to act quickly and seize the moment, as it could well be her last chance to get in a coherent word, so she brought her hand up to cup Shizuru's chin, held her gaze, and said, "Take me, Shizuru. Fuck me however you want, as long as those leathers stay on."

"Ara, now how could I refuse such a request?" Shizuru said with a small chuckle. She looked ready to devour Natsuki as she turned the two of them so that she could push Natsuki down onto her back on the couch.

Natsuki took the opportunity to finally bring her hands up to Shizuru's chest so she could feel up her breasts through the leather shirt. It was such an amazing feeling. Her girlfriend's breasts were some of the softest things she'd ever felt, but they were currently covered with the solid leather of her shirt, providing quite the contrast. Natsuki also found that she could have quite the fun time squeezing them as much as she wanted – the shirt helped hold her back just enough that she wouldn't accidentally overdo it and hurt Shizuru.

"Mmm, that's nice, but I think Natsuki deserves her turn," Shizuru said, smiling at her lover. "Though I for one would much prefer her out of her clothes first. Much sexier that way, though I may have to look into some fun outfits for her to wear later..." Natsuki gave Shizuru a cautious look at this, though she quickly said, "Fun for Natsuki too, I promise! And if it does embarrass her, I'll work doubly hard to make it fun. But enough distractions, I think..."

Natsuki barely had time to smile before Shizuru was on her. Shizuru pressed her hands against Natsuki's stomach, just under her shirt and pushed them upwards. Natsuki couldn't help but let out a giggle at the feeling of Shizuru's fingers as they passed over her ribs. She could swear that Shizuru was squeezing in a few tickles to get revenge for earlier, but it was subtle enough for her to deny it. Of course, knowing Shizuru, that meant she'd definitely done it on purpose. But Natsuki certainly didn't mind; she even found it quite pleasurable the way Shizuru did it. She was sure she'd end up regretting that sooner or later, but that was a worry for another day.

As soon as Natsuki's shirt was off, Shizuru went to work on Natsuki's bra. She sneaked in a few tickles here as well, but she didn't waste too much time before getting it off so she could have unfettered access to her girlfriend's bare breasts. Natsuki couldn't help but remark on how it got easier to expose herself like this to Shizuru every time. She hadn't felt any embarrassment the last time Shizuru had stripped her, and this time she was even starting to feel pride in how Shizuru seemed to admire her body. She might not have been dressed up for her lover like Shizuru was, but she could always provide her own innate sex appeal. Judging by how Shizuru seemed to be nearly drooling at the sight, it was easily enough.

"Ara, I think Shizuru's found something she likes..." Natsuki said, imitating Shizuru's teasing tone.

The tease earned Natsuki a small blush from Shizuru. She looked up to meet Natsuki's gaze and said, "Indeed." While she held her love's gaze, one of her hands found its way to Natsuki's stomach and started working its way upwards. It quickly found her breast and cupped it, Shizuru's fingers finding their way to Natsuki's nipple and...

"Aie!" Natsuki squeaked out in an embarrassingly girlish tone as Shizuru gave her nipple a firm pinch. Before she could fully realize what was happening, Shizuru's other hand found its way to her other breast and her fingers wrapped around it. Fortunately she didn't pinch it as well, so Natsuki had a chance to demand, "What was that for?"

Shizuru met this demand with an expression Natsuki knew well. It was her "lovingly teasing" expression, and it stirred up the same mix of frustration and affection it always did in Natsuki. "Ara, doesn't Natsuki know? This is a good way to make the nipples extra-sensitive, and a good revenge tease besides. Watch..." Natsuki was afraid that Shizuru was going to pinch her again, but instead she brought her head down so she could give the previously-pinched nipple a soft lick with her tongue.

"Ahh..." Natsuki hated to admit it, but Shizuru was right. It felt like her nipple was on fire as Shizuru licked it. It was a weird mix of pain and pleasure, but the pain wasn't really that bad. It was even good, in a strange way. Kind of like Shizuru's teasing. As she got back into the mood, Natsuki found herself wrapping her arms around Shizuru's back so that her hands could cup the gorgeous leather-clad ass she'd admired earlier. After she took a deep breath, but before her mind could waste time with distracting thoughts, she closed her eyes and said, "The other one too, please...."

No pain was immediately forthcoming, so Natsuki took the chance to open her eyes and peer at Shizuru. She was just in time to see an expression of pleasant surprise on her face shift into a lustful grin, and then Shizuru struck. She surprised Natsuki too, by pinching both nipples at once now. A sharp pain hit them, but Natsuki was prepared this time. She'd placed her hands on Shizuru's ass for a reason: so she could squeeze it in response to the pain. It certainly helped there. She barely minded the pain at all, and it soon dissolved into a sweet, fiery pleasure once Shizuru let go of her nipples and started tending to them with her mouth.

Natsuki breathed deeply as Shizuru's mouth moved between her breasts, keeping both of them alive with pleasure. As all the pain finally faded into pleasure, Shizuru took a chance to take a break with her mouth and started working on both of Natsuki's breasts with her hands. "How does that feel, Natsuki?" Shizuru asked, a trace of concern entering her voice. "I'm really sorry for the pain, but I hope it feels good enough now to make it worth your while."

"Ohhh..." Natsuki wasn't able to get out much of a coherent response to this. She hoped at least her pleasured moan would get the message across to Shizuru. She'd have to try to remember to let Shizuru know later that she wasn't mad or anything. Right now though, all she could think of doing was to lie back and drown in the pleasure that Shizuru was giving her breasts. She didn't know how much the pinching really helped out, but she was beyond caring. Damn... those hands can work miracles...

Natsuki's mind fogged over as she fell further into a haze of pleasure. She could dimly hear a series of moans coming out of her mouth, and all she could think was that she hoped Shizuru found it cute. It was the least she could do in return for the girl that could manipulate her breasts so skillfully. Shizuru probably didn't even need to go any further than this; if she kept her motions up for even a couple more minutes, it could easily push Natsuki over the edge.

"Natsuki." Shizuru's whisper pierced through the fog in Natsuki's mind. With a little effort, Natsuki was able to focus on the girl above her so she could listen. "I want to try something, but I'll have to take off my own clothes for it. Is that alright?"

Naked Shizuru... Now there was a tempting thought. Why hadn't she started stripping Shizuru already? Oh, right... the leathers. Natsuki was able to gain a little focus so she could look Shizuru over now. She didn't really have a good view of Shizuru's legs now, but damn, that leather shirt definitely looked sexy on her. Maybe she could deal with it unzipped a bit more, or even all the way, if Shizuru wanted to free her own breasts.

Focusing as much as she could, Natsuki held Shizuru's gaze and said through heavy breaths, "Alright, just... can you keep the shirt... unzipped... love?"

Natsuki request was met with a gracious smile, though she soon lost sight of Shizuru's face as her love's hands started moving again and Natsuki's eyes rolled into the back of her head from the pleasure. She was just able to make out Shizuru saying, "For such a cute girl? Of course!"

"Mmm..." Natsuki felt a brief pang of disappointment as Shizuru's hands left her breasts, but she knew it was necessary. Plus, she got to feel Shizuru's hands drifting down her stomach, finding the waistband of her pants. Of course, it figured that Shizuru would still wish to strip her first. Natsuki let out a small chuckle and patted Shizuru's head as she was removing her pants. Shizuru looked up at her quizzically for a moment, but Natsuki just said, "Love you."

Shizuru blushed at this comment. It was nice to know that Natsuki still had that power over her, even when Shizuru was in charge. "Love you too, Natsuki-suki," Shizuru said. She then leaned down to give Natsuki a kiss, right after pulling her panties away and exposing the set of lips she wished to kiss.

"Ah! Shizuru!" Natsuki said as her face filled with a blush of her own. Her victories really tended to be short-lived with Shizuru. She'd have to remember to try to get something a bit longer lasting later that evening. Of course, with Shizuru nuzzling her slit now, making a mental note of anything was something of an effort.

"Mmm... My Suki has such nice lips..." Natsuki's blush deepened as Shizuru worked at "kissing" her lower set of lips.

"Oi!... Uhh... didn't you have something else you wanted to do?" Natsuki asked through the distracting bursts of pleasure that Shizuru was causing her. Though as soon as Shizuru stopped her kisses, Natsuki had to wonder just why she'd asked that. Less than a second without her touch and she was already missing it. Natsuki glared at Shizuru, knowing she must have been quite the sight with her cheeks as red as they were. "Strip. Then don't you dare stop touching me again," she said.

Shizuru tilted her head and grinned at Natsuki. "Ara, anything you say, Natsuki-sama." With this, Shizuru reached a hand up to the zipper of her shirt and pulled it down the rest of the way. She slowly pulled the sides of the shirt apart, revealing more and more of her stomach and chest, until she stopped just before she revealed her nipples and let go of the shirt.

Natsuki growled at Shizuru for this tease, but she stopped short when Shizuru turned around and started to pull down her pants. Her butt was slowly revealed in all its glory, and Natsuki couldn't stop herself from sitting up to bring herself closer to it. Shizuru was within reach of her now, and she had promised to let Natsuki touch her however she wished, so Natsuki decided to take full advantage of that. She reached out her hands to cup the exposed flesh of Shizuru's ass, earning herself a surprised gasp from her lover.

"You told me I could touch as I pleased," Natsuki reminded her. Shizuru remained frozen for a moment, so Natsuki took the chance to slide her hands down so that she could cup all of Shizuru's butt. Once she held it all in her hands, she gave her love a good squeeze, eliciting a sweet sigh and an utterance of "Suki..." from Shizuru.

Shizuru seemed to have gone soft very quickly once Natsuki took the initiative in touching her. Just how aroused is she? Natsuki wondered. Pushing the pants down and out of her way, she decided to find out for herself. She slipped a finger in between Shizuru's cheeks and downwards until she found a source of wetness and earned herself a sharp inhalation of breath from Shizuru. Soaked. She's loving this as much as I am.

Shizuru gave a shudder as Natsuki pulled her finger out. As soon as she got ahold of herself, she pushed her pants all the way off and turned around. Natsuki looked up at Shizuru, but she was quickly pushed back down to the couch as Shizuru pounced on her and pinned her down. The red in Shizuru's eyes helped make them look they were aflame with her passion now, and the fires threatened to consume Natsuki. When Shizuru came down to capture in a kiss, Natsuki couldn't help but surrender to her.

Natsuki was so enraptured by Shizuru's kiss that she couldn't put up any resistance when Shizuru's hand grabbed her leg and started to pull it upwards, confused as she was by the action. She gave Shizuru a quizzical look once her girlfriend pulled away from their kiss. "I'd thought I'd like to kiss Natsuki," Shizuru said in explanation.

"Er, but weren't we just...?" Natsuki started to ask, though she cut off when Shizuru slipped her leg in under Natsuki and pushed herself up against Natsuki. The sudden contact sent a burst of warmth through Natsuki, and so it took her a second before she could piece together Shizuru's logic. Okay, she's touching me... her slit, er, her lips... to my lips. A kiss. "Oh."

"Mmm, good puppy," Shizuru said, smiling down at Natsuki. Now that she was positioned, her hands were free to start trailing up Natsuki's stomach again, giving her gentle tickles the whole way. When her hands finally met Natsuki's breasts, Shizuru seemed to finally lose control of herself. She started moving herself against Natsuki as she groped her love's breasts, quickly driving herself into a frenzy.

Natsuki was torn. The sight of Shizuru going wild so quickly was stunning, and yet the sensations Shizuru was causing in her body were hard to ignore. She wanted to let herself surrender to them, but she also wanted to just watch and absorb the sight of Shizuru turning into an animal before her. Shizuru grinded up and down against Natsuki ferociously, and as enthralling as the sight was, Natsuki just couldn't resist succumbing to the glorious pleasure radiating from her clit and breasts.

All that Natsuki could think about at this point was to at least try and return some pleasure to Shizuru. The sight of her barely-opened leather shirt was tempting her, and Natsuki made an effort to reach her arms in under Shizuru's so she could pull the shirt apart a bit more. Shizuru didn't even seem to notice as Natsuki did this, at least until Natsuki's hands found their way up to her breasts. She let out a gasp at this act, and Natsuki could see a blush had filled her love's face and was starting to work its way down her neck.

Natsuki was sure she was blushing too, probably about ten times as badly as Shizuru. She could feel heat throughout her whole body now. It probably looked bright red to Shizuru. At least she'd probably find that cute or sexy. Natsuki smiled at that thought. A nice burst of warmth rose within her at the thought that she could please Shizuru like this, though it was quickly overwhelmed by a jolt of pleasure as Shizuru's clit passed over hers.

Even if Natsuki was bright red, Shizuru was now starting to turn a glistening red as she worked herself into a sweat. She looked so sexy that Natsuki found herself groping Shizuru's breasts madly and grinding her pelvis against her love's. Shizuru started to let out a soft, adorable moan with every thrust of her hips. She was probably getting close now, and Natsuki could think of nothing other than wanting to push Shizuru over the edge.

"Haa! Shizuru..." Natsuki called out in response to a particularly strong wave of pleasure. She tried to focus through it so she could help out Shizuru, kneading her love's breasts in her hands in time with Shizuru's motions. Soon enough, Shizuru's movements started to become shaky and unstable. It was time for Natsuki to help finish her love off.

Natsuki wrapped an arm around Shizuru so she could hold her steady, and she brought her other hand to squeeze in between herself and Shizuru. Shizuru let out a cry as Natsuki started rubbing her clit as ferociously as she could manage. Her hands weakened in their grasp of Natsuki's breasts, going limp as Shizuru surrendered herself to the pleasure.

Just as Shizuru appeared ready to peak, Natsuki pushed her head up towards her love and kissed her on the neck, gently at first, then kissing hard and nibbling lightly on the flesh of Shizuru's neck. She could hear Shizuru let out a whimper at this, her body weakening into putty in Natsuki's hold. For the final push, Natsuki pushed her hand down and slipped two of her fingers inside Shizuru. She pressed the palm of her hand into Shizuru's clit and squeezed down on it to finally push her love into heaven.

Shizuru tensed up, letting out a strangled cry. After a long moment of frozen bliss, her expression started to slowly soften and her cheeks filled with a blush. Her eyes focused on Natsuki and a smile split across her face. "Mmm... Thank you, puppy." Shizuru leaned forward to give Natsuki a kiss, but she ducked below her girlfriend's lips at the last moment and kissed her neck. She lingered on this spot for a while, kissing and licking it until Natsuki couldn't help but let out a moan. At this, Shizuru gave a final kiss to Natsuki's neck and lifted her face up to say, "Natsuki's turn."

With this, Shizuru's hands went back to work on Natsuki's breasts. The waves of pleasure from this quickly suppressed anything Natsuki might have wanted to say in return, so Shizuru was free to kiss her way down Natsuki's chest and stomach until she found her goal. A single lick of her tongue over Natsuki's clit was all it took to make the girl cry out from the sharp jolt of pleasure. Shizuru didn't let this stop her, though – if anything, it spurred her on to do more, giving Natsuki a series of kisses and licks that resulted in a nearly constant wave of pleasure shooting through Natsuki's body.

Natsuki could feel that all the tension and arousal that Shizuru had built up in her was getting ready to burst out of her, and all she could do was hold on for the ride. She brought her hands to hold onto the back of Shizuru's head, enjoying the feel of her soft locks of hair even as her body was filled with sensations from Shizuru's ministrations. Tension built up within her, as if invisible cords were trying to pull her body apart and collapse her inwards at the same time.

A strong heat started to build up around Natsuki's clit, and she could feel herself getting ready to explode from it. But just as she was preparing herself for it, Shizuru's tongue started to let up. Natsuki let out a cry of abandonment. How could Shizuru be so cruel to tease her right now? But no, Shizuru wasn't letting up completely. Her hands started working on her breasts even harder, building up the tension in Natsuki's upper body until it matched what had built up below.

At last, Shizuru's mouth met Natsuki's clit once more. It was all Natsuki needed. Shizuru had been building her up for so long that she couldn't take anymore, and her entire body exploded in ecstasy. All she could do to handle it was to open her mouth and scream. It was nearly too much for her to take; only Shizuru's presence with her helped make this intensity of sensation manageable. In fact, it made it perfect. It was absolutely as much as she could take. She couldn't ask for any more than to experience this with Shizuru. Even as the high left her, it was replaced by the simple bliss of being with her love.

"I love you too, Natsuki," Shizuru whispered into her ear. Natsuki couldn't even recall if she'd said anything first, or how Shizuru's face had gotten so close to hers, but she murmured back some more words of love just in case. She wrapped her arms around Shizuru, barely noticing that she seemed softer than she should have. When the softness hit her side, she recognized it as her Shizuru blanket, which Shizuru had now wrapped around the two of them.

"Thank you... Zuru..." Natsuki said. As her vision started to clear, she found her way to Shizuru's neck so she could nuzzle into it while she recovered. Shizuru's leather shirt seemed to have disappeared as well, but Natsuki didn't mind. It was better for cuddling this way.

"Ara... I think I should be the one thanking Natsuki for letting me try that out," Shizuru said, giving Natsuki a kiss on the top of her head. "That was quite fun."

"Heh... Think I got the better end of that deal," Natsuki said. "If you promise it'll be like that all the time, I'll do any fantasy you want to try..."

"Ara ara... such a sweet puppy I have!"