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Ms. Notorious is the name and giving advice is my game. If you've got a problem just give me a shout and I'll help you out. So check the school's newspaper every Thursday to see what it's all about!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dear Ms. Notorious,

OMG!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!! My parent's were away for the weekend and I threw a HE-UGE party at mi casa (Spanish for my house) even though my mom said I couldn'tAlmost the whole school was there (maybe even you!?) and the place was like totally thrashed. After everyone left I was too tired to clean up the place so I was all like, "I'll wait till tomorrow to do it." Except I didn't have tomorrow! My parents came home unexpectedly the next day. And of course the place was a total pig-sty so my parents grounded me until New Years Day unless I came up with a really good explanation why I threw the party.

So what should I do? If I tell the truth and they ground me for like forever, then I'll become a social outcast! ( in case you haven't noticed, I'm 1 of the social elite.) BUT! If I lie and say that it wasn't a party, then technically, I'm off the hook, but then I'll feel bad for lying and I hate guilt. So what should I do?? Personally, I wouldn't mind living with the guilt, but you're the expert……

--Queen B of the S.E.

Sakura sighed. Queen B was one of her usual readers who asked for always needed advice. When will she ever learn? Sakura thought to herself, as she shook her head sadly and began to type Ms. Notorious's response.

Dear Queen B,

To you, this may seem like a humongoso problem, but to me, this is a no brainer: TELL THE TRUTH!!! It's always better than lying. Just explain to your 'rents that you really needed to throw this party to get to know everyone in the school better or something like that. You said before that you're parent's could be super cool when they want to be, well just hope that this time, is one of them. Also if I were you, apologizing usually works. If it doesn't and you really don't want to get grounded and you're THAT desperate, begging and pleading could get you a break. If not then hey, look on the bright side: January 1st 2008, is only 2 months away.  ;) Stay sweet peeps and if you need to talk, you know where to hit me at, but if you forgot, it's Ms. N Webster's Konoha Later!

Sakura finished typing and hit the 'send' button. The she closed her pink dell laptop and put it on top of her desk.

In case you didn't get it yet, Sakura is the notoriously secret Ms. Notorious of the advice column of her school's newspaper. She's 15 and a sophomore of Webster's Konoha High School. Sakura didn't know why she was so good at giving advice, but she was. Probably cause mom was. Sakura would always say. Her mom had died 12 years earlier and Sakura had grown up without a mother, so she wasn't exactly the girliest girl in the world. Instead, her father had totally turned her into "One of the guys". But Sakura didn't mind.

When Sakura had started high school, Kurenai sensei ( the teacher who helped run the school newspaper ), noticed that Sakura was very good with giving advice. And since their former Ms. Notorious had just graduated, the newspaper needed a new Ms. Notorious badly, before people stopped reading the paper ( the advice column was the main reason why people read the "Webster Wildcat Times" anymore). Sakura agreed to do it, and the rest is well, history!

"Sakura!" her dad called from the kitchen.

"Yeah!?" She yelled back, as she put her short, pink tresses up in a pony tail.

"The guys are coming over in 10 minutes to watch the game and play poker! You in?"

Sakura smiled to herself. How could I forget? Wednesday night is always "poker and whatever game is on" night.

The guys were a bunch of Mr. Haruno's buddies who seemed to hang around the house a lot.

Sakura was basically one of them, 'one of the guys' and was always included in what they did.

"Of course I'm in!" Sakura yelled back as she got off her bed and went downstairs……

Sooooooo??????????? What'd ya think? Sorry the rhyme at the beginning is pretty gay, but I wanted it to rhyme but I kinda suck at rhyming. Anyways, I think that I should also mention that Sakura's school, Webster's Konoha High school, theres only the name "webster's" in it cause I wanted it to be a different school than the 1 in my last story. Just soo you know. So read and review peeps! Ciao!

PS., don't expect another chapter till like next week Saturday or something..

PPS., I forgot to mention that in the story, the heading of the newspaper says that it's Thursday November 1st, but at the end I say that it's Wednesday night ( might I add that it's also Halloween night), well it is in fact Wednesday October 31st. It just says Nov. 1st cause that's when the new issue of the newspaper will be printed out.