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"Beep, beep, beep!" Sakura's alarm clock began to beep loudly in her ear. Groggily, she got up and hit the snooze button. She got out of bed and stretched and checked the calendar. Thursday, February 14th, 2008: Valentine's Day, it read.

Sakura groaned. Valentine's Day had now become her most hated holiday ever since the events of what took place at the Ball, last year December, two months ago. With a sigh Sakura began to get ready for school…


"Hey Sakura." Tenten said to Sakura as she jumped into the backseat of Neji's car. Every morning Tenten and her boyfriend would come and pick Sakura up for school.

"Morning." She grumbled to the both of them.

"Look at what Neji got me!" Tenten squealed to Sakura from the front seat as she showed Sakura her wrist. There was a diamond encrusted, silver bracelet on it.

"Nice." Sakura replied grumpily.

"I know!" She gushed. "And look what was carrying it!" Tenten showed Sakura a big White Teddy Bear that was holding a long red, velvet box.

"Cute." Sakura said tonelessly.

"Uh-huh. He also got me chocolates and a bouquet of red roses!" Tenten continued on talking, not noticing the sour mood her friend was in. "Isn't he just great!?" Tenten said as she turned and kissed Neji on the cheek, who was busy concentrating on driving.

"The greatest." Sakura said as she took out her iPod and stuck the head phones in her ears to avoid having to talk to Tenten about Neji and all that annoyingly sick mushy-gushy crap.

She closed her eyes and randomly picked a song. The music came on and Sakura immediately regretted the choice. "Valentine's Day" by Linkin Park started playing.

My insides all turn to ash…

So slow…

And the weight inside collapsed…

So cold…

A black wind took them away…

From sight…

And now the darkness over day…

That night…

Sakura immediately hit pause. She couldn't bear to listen to a song about losing your loved one. What she wanted to listen to was something loud, stupid, and not related to love in any way. Something like "Institutionalized" by Senses Fail or "Let's Have a War" by From Autumn To Ashes would have done it for her. Sakura went back to songs and once again randomly selected another song, hoping for "Institutionalized"."Wherever You Will Go" by Camino Palmero was what she got instead. Sakura couldn't stand listening to this song either and randomly selected another song. All right! This time I'll get a good song. "Come Home" by One Republic began to play.

"Argh!" Sakura groaned. Frustrated, she yanked out her ear buds, turned off her iPod and stuffed it in her backpack.

Sakura arrived at school in a really bad mood which only got worse as the day progressed. Everywhere she turned, she saw happy couples together enjoying each other's company. It made Sakura sick. Why should they all get to be happy? Why do I always have to be miserable? Huh God? Why!? Do you hate me? Why'd you make Sasuke do that to me? I loved him…I still do! Before Sakura could stop it, tears began streaming down her face. She hastily wiped them away, but Tenten had already seen them.

"You okay?" Tenten asked.

Sakura nodded. "It's just all these…couples are driving me mad!"

Tenten looked concerned. "You're thinking about him aren't you?" Tenten asked quietly.

Sakura forced herself to laugh. "Don't be silly Ten. I just really hate Valent-"

Sakura froze mid-word. Sasuke had just come into view, looking as unconcerned as ever.

"I…I have to go." Sakura said as she walked away from Tenten.

Tenten had already figured out who Sakura had seen, and there he was a few feet away from her across the hall, with Naruto trying to cheer him up, it seemed. "Right." Tenten said under her breath. "Time to fix this."


"Please just do it for me Sakura!" Tenten said as she pushed her friend into the computer lab and sat her down at one of the computers during their free period.

"Can't it wait until next week when I reply to the other letters?" Sakura whined as she stubbornly logged onto the school's site.

"No it can't." Tenten said firmly. "Naruto really needed advice pronto."

"So why do I have to go to all this trouble of logging on, when he can just tell me in person?"

"You forget Sakura that I am the only one besides your employer that knows you are Ms. Notorious. Naruto thinks that's who he's writing to, not you." Tenten explained.

"But even if I reply to his letter now I doubt he's going to go check the site for the answer that I posted before the newspaper was printed out."

"Don't worry I tell him to check Sakura. Just log in." Tenten pushed.

Sakura sighed in defeat. "Whatever." She clicked on the School Newspaper link and went to the staff section and logged on there.

1 New Message, Ms Notorious, her inbox read. Sakura clicked on the link and then on the message.

Dear Sakura,

"What the…?" Sakura said as she stared at the screen. "I thought Naruto didn't-" Sakura turned around to find that Tenten had gone. Sakura sat back down confused and scrolled down.

I know you probably don't want to talk to me, not after what happened at the Ball back in December.

Sakura scrunched her nose up in confusion. What is he talking about?, Sakura wondered. She had already forgiven Naruto about his part in the bet and had been talking to him ever since school had resumed in January.

But I want to talk to you. Very badly. You see there was a misunderstanding then. The bet Naruto and I made wasn't about you per say, but me.

Sakura's confusion ended there. It wasn't Naruto's letter she was reading, but Sasuke's. She tricked me. Sakura thought. But how did Sasuke know I was-WOW. I'm stupid. Tenten told him obviously. Probably told Naruto too. They'd better not tell anyone!

Sakura went back to reading the letter.

You see, Naruto was convinced that I was in love with you. Back then I thought I wasn't so I took the bet on the terms that if by the end of last year I realized I was in love with you and I said so, I would have to walk around the school wearing Naruto's stupid boxers with hearts on them around school for a week, without 

any pants on. If Naruto lost then he'd be the one who had to wear the boxers. Naruto made it hard on me by saying I had to become friends with you and that I had to ask Ino out. By being you're friend I really got to know you and that's when I realized that I really liked you, back in November. When I had to ask Ino out, it was to see if I could stand being away from you with someone I hated. I couldn't. I tried to talk to you but you ignored me. I figured you were mad about Ino, since Naruto told me that you had a crush on me as well. So on the night of the Ball I saw you standing there by the gym doors. The sight of you took my breath away. I knew I couldn't stand Ino anymore, so I broke up with her. Then I asked you to dance thinking that if I did I'd get over you but eventually I forgot all about the bet. It wasn't until you kissed me that I knew I loved you. And I said so. Unfortunately Naruto decided that very moment to drop in and mention the bet. You misunderstood and said you hated me. I was devastated.

I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about what happened. I still love you and I wanted you to know that before I left. And I'd understand if you still don't want to talk to me.



Happy Valentine's Day.

Sakura stared at the computer screen for a minute after reading the letter, contemplating what to do. She quietly logged off and left the computer lab. Tenten was waiting outside the lab but Sakura walked right past her. She was looking for someone and had to find him fast before he left to go do whatever it was he had to do. After walking around the whole school, Sakura finally found him by his locker, putting books into his backpack while Naruto talked to him.

Sakura silently walked up to them, not wanting to be heard. She paused for a minute thinking of what to say. She finally decided. "So where are these boxers I've been hearing so much about?"

Sasuke turned around as did Naruto. Sakura stared at Sasuke with a smile waiting for him to answer. "I'm gonna go." Naruto said quietly as he left the two of them alone to go find Tenten.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"I said, where are the boxers? I thought you loved me." Sakura said with a silly grin on.

Sasuke smiled and said, "Naruto and I are cutting class to go and buy them now."

"Ah. I see." Sakura said as she took a step closer to Sasuke.

Sasuke also took one step closer to Sakura. "You got my letter then?"

Sakura took a step, "I did."

Sasuke took a step and nodded.

Sakura took a step "I wanted to say that I'm sorry about the whole-"

Sasuke cut her off and closed the gap between the two of them. "Shhh. I know."

"You do?"

Sasuke chuckled remembering that this was the same exact conversation they had at the Ball but in reverse, "I do." And with that Sasuke leaned in and kissed Sakura.

"Awww!" Tenten squealed.

Sasuke and Sakura broke apart. Naruto had come back with Tenten to find them making out.

"I take it you two are alright now?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." Sakura said.

"Good. Now come on Sasuke! The store closes soon and it'll take longer to walk since you don't want me to drive!" Naruto said as he grabbed Sasuke's arm and dragged him out of the school with him….


Sasuke got many strange looks and sniggers as he walked around school the next week with his fuchsia boxers with an assortment of bright blue hearts on them. But Sasuke didn't care. He and Sakura were back on speaking terms and were now actually going out. Although when the principal came out of his office, Wednesday afternoon and reprimanded Sasuke for not wearing any pants for three days straight, Sasuke felt a little relieved at not having to wear the obnoxious boxers much longer as the principle would have suspended Sasuke if he didn't put some pants on.

"Nice boxers today." Sakura said with a laugh coming up behind her boyfriend that afternoon in the parking lot.

"Why thank you." He said sarcastically.

"You're welcome. Are you coming over tonight for poker and whatever game is on?"

Sasuke smiled and gave Sakura a quick kiss on the lips. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

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