Ch. 6

Gold-Eye, with his frills down, mouth open in a horrible smile, and his wings stretched out to his full wingspan of 38 feet. He was a sight to behold, and to remember in death. The Triceratops, so scared he was of this creature of nightmare, emptied his bladder and whimpered.He had fought what he thought was the king of dinosaurs, only to find out that the t-rex was a cheap shot. Only now did he face the real tyrant king.

(He is right to be so scared, and a fool. He shouldn't have strayed. I will very much enjoy this) Gold-Eye thinks to his sisters. His unusual eye color separated him from his red-eyed sisters.

(Yes, he will sustain us for the duration of our journey) Grey replied. She was named that way on account of her grey tinged scales. She is the largest of the females and the calmest. She was Gold's favorite.

(Yaaayyy! May I kill him Gold? May I? Plllleeeeaaaassssse! I am so hungry. Besides, you haven't let me kill anything yet! I am not a hatchling anymore!) His youngest and most excited sister, Breeze, thought loudly.

(Shut up you! You need to control yourself if you are to live another day without me taking your wings off!) Fury, his always annoyed female pack-mate, thought angrily.

She did have reason to be so annoyed at everything. As and adolescent, she had liked to piss off all the other raptors. There father got tired of it and picked her up by the tail and shook her. She fell to the ground, with the tip of her tail missing. She shrieked and ran outside of the nest and didn't return for two days. When she did, the wound was dirty and infected and so she had to bite it off and clean it. She was not happy about it.

When the wound finally closed, she had only five eighths of her tail remaining and she was never the same again.

(Hey, I don't yell at you! You need to control your attitude. It wasn't me who went and got the tip of her tail bitten off!)

(Take that back! Take it baaack, you insolent little excuse for a raptor!)

(ENOUGH!!!!) Gold-Eye roared, his idiotic sisters silencing immediately.

(Small-tail) Breeze mutters.

(What did you say?!) Fury says dangerously.

(Oh, nothing) Breeze giggles.

All this time the triceratops just stared. Not comprehending what was going on between his to-be killers.

Gold-Eye turned back to the Triceratops and began to advance. The Triceratops backed up, but is stopped by Grey and Breeze. Fury roared and leapt into the air, extending her 3 foot long toe claws. She gains altitude, then drops and slashes the three-horn on the back. The Triceratops bellowed in pain. Gold darts forward and grabs the Triceratops by the horns with his four fingered hands. All the while, Fury was beginning to dive, heading toward the herbivore's back again. The triceratops pushes forward and Gold pretends to back up, and then strikes the Triceratops with his spiked tail. The Triceratops throws Gold off balance and then gores him across the chest. Gold roars and then with the strength of a bulldozer, rippes the triceratops's horns off at the root. The triceratops screamed in such pain, even Gold winced. The blood poured out of the holes above his eyes and then into them, effectively blinding him. Fury slammed into the three horn's back, toe claws sinking in a foot of muscle and reaching the bone. She then dug her muzzle behind the triceratops head and bit down on the neck. Fury, done with her part, jumped 60 feet into the air and onto the ground and licked the blood off her face.

This is the end, the herbivore thought as the great three horned titan fell. He never thought it would end like this. He felt so warm and comfortable, and thenā€¦darkness.