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A sigh of relief escaped my lips as my back came to rest against the supple leather of Edward's or as of recently, our, sofa. Tonight was the night. Not my wedding day or the wedding night or even the day Alice expected the Volturi to arrive. Tonight was the night Edward would change me. The night we could officially be together forever.

As I tried to relax, my mind was reliving my whole life, images flashing before my eyes. Partially this last week. Alice, as promised, planned almost the entire wedding. Sticking to my suggestions and limitations, that is.

As asked, the wedding was quite small, especially for Alice. Although, she begged me till I caved that she could plan a more expensive and bigger wedding after I had recovered from my change.

The day went off without a hitch. I didn't trip going down the aisle. Never stuttered or let my tears stand in my way while reciting my vowels, binding Edward and I together. I wore the dress we had originally chosen and Rosalie and Alice looked beyond stunning in their strapless, golden bridesmaids dresses. My parents, including Phil and the Denali clan were the only ones to attend the wedding. And of course, the rest of the Cullen Family, including Jacob.

And as for the wedding night… well, let's say that Edward kept his promise there too. It was one of the most magical nights of my human life, possibly even the best of all.

Edward promised me that after I had awoken from my change and we had resolved everything with the Volturi, that he would whisk me away for our honeymoon. Now where that would be and what it would include was beyond me. He and Alice were keeping their mouths shut. Even my new found seductive persuasion could not loosen Edward's lips on that secret.

Charlie and I had seemed to bond even further this past week. We spoke often of our relationship after I was changed into a vampire. I told him that as soon as I was under my bloodlust was under control or at least somewhat manageable, we would visit. Until then, Esme offered to bring him cooked meals a few times a week, so he didn't leave off pizza the rest of his life. Emmett and Alice also offered their services by visiting him every week, Alice more often than Emmett.

Everything was going smoothly, or as smoothly as it possibly could with the weight of the world pushing down on us. Even though life was complicated, I wouldn't change it or do anything differently if I got the chance again. I loved Edward and that was all that mattered in the end.

And as if he knew that my mind was centered on him, I felt the familiar cool arms weave themselves around my waist.

"What are you thinking, my love?"

"About you," I murmured.

"Good thoughts I hope."

"Of course. I don't think that there is something that I wrongly about you. You're too perfect. All too perfect," I muttered more to myself than Edward.

"If I haven't told you enough, you're pretty perfect too. Absolutely flawless in my book, actually."

"I will be in a few days anyway. Which reminds me that you still have a promise to fulfill." I turned around in his arms so that I could clearly see his porcelain like face more clearly.

"I thought I did that already. I'm assuming you still recall our wedding night," he grinned down at me as he began covering my face in kisses, working his way down my neck and my collarbone. My v-neck blouse gaining him more access.

I knew that he was trying to steer away the subject that I was attempting to broach. But it was a little hard to deny his procrastinating when he tried to delay what he knew had to be happening, in this way.

"Edward!" I gasped as he nipped at my weak spot that he had recently found on my neck. "Not that I'm not completely enjoying this, but we really must get to the matter at hand. The one that you are trying desperately to ignore ri…." He covered his mouth with mine, running his tongue along my lower lip. I almost lost all my resistance there.

"Edward." What I meant to come out in a strong, reasoning tone was turned into a moan as Edward lips began to travel lower.

"Fine, Fine. I give in. I know you realize I am trying to distract you, but I… I'm just having a hard time believing that it's time to change you. That these are you last human moments. And really, I'm waiting for you to back out right now," he admitted with a shameful tone.

"Edward, you know that I want this. Having you for the rest of eternity is only possible if you change me. I love you, Edward." I kissed him lightly on the lips, savoring the feel.

"I love you too, Bella. With all my heart. And I promise that I will not screw this up, us up. It will all work out in the end. I can feel it."

I nodded, knowing what he meant by his gut feeling.

Pulling my legs up in one hand and holding me closely to his chest with his other, Edward carried me over to our bed, settling me down amongst the pillows. My breathing began to become heavy and I couldn't calm it.

This could be my last necessary breaths. I seemed to suck in more after that thought. Realizing that freaking out or even showing panic at this moment would not help the situation any. Most likely, Edward would try to back out again.

I swallowed heavily and turned to my angel next to me. Edward was running his hands, soothingly through my hair, trying to calm me and at the same time, memorize all of my scent he could.

He kissed up my neck, stopping at me ear. I felt his teeth barely graze my ear lobe. I shivered at the feeling. I could do this, I could, and I would.

Edward would be by me the whole time. He would help me thought the pain of the transformation. I tried to slow my breathing and calm myself, but nothing worked.

"You don't have to do this, Bella. We can find another way; I promise I won't let them hurt you. I won't do this if you are having any regrets." He traced a pattern down my arm.

"No, I have too. Please I want this. I am just scared, a bit. But I get eternity with you, that's all I need to get me through this. Now, come on, we just had this discussion a minute ago."

"Bella…" I cut him off.

"Edward, please just bit me. If you don't, who knows if you ever will. We don't have time to discuss this entire over again. They are arriving in four days exactly and Alice had no way of knowing if they could come a day earlier.

"Please just do it. I will be fine. As long as you are beside me, I can get through this, okay. We both can and will," I whispered frantically, clutching his face in my palm.

He drew in a deep breath. "Okay, are you ready, Bella? Right now?"

"Yes, I love you, Edward. Always remember that, Edward, no matter what happens, I love you," I kissed him deeply, not letting him respond. His tongue traced the line of my lips. He let go and I drew in ragged breaths.

"I love you too, Bella. I won't hurt you, okay? You trust me, right?"

"Of course, you will be fine."


"Yes." My swallow was audible.

He bent down to my neck. I felt his lips trace up and down and nostrils inhaling deeply. He kissed me lightly, and then he was opened his mouth to bite down. His teeth sunk into my flesh and blood pooled around the wound. And just as soon as he bit down, his teeth were pulled out.

My mind began to fade, my eyes becoming hazy with internal fog. Barely aware of what was going on around me, I felt another familiar pinch at my wrists and ankles. And then Edward's silky voice was floating around me. It seemed to bounce around in my head, not registering what he was saying.

Then suddenly, everything went black.

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