Yeah a NaruHina fic!

Story name: Bloodline


(Please go to chapter 4 to know what the bloodline does! -7/15/2008/)

Hinata asked Naruto out a few months before the exams, as they hang out Naruto slowly starts to lose his crush on Sakura and starts to like Hinata a little more, when they go to Naruto favorite screat place they get attacked! But during the fight, strange this begin to happen! What's this Naruto has a bloodline?! He has a clan! Kyuubi is really good! My head is spinning!!

Strong and smart Naruto, brave and powerful Hinata.

Good and caring Gaara later on, a small bit of Sakura bashing!

I do not own Naruto

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Beginning

-Naruto's POV-

'I can't believe it, all I did was ask if she would go out with me and what did she do? Sakura freaking hit me so hard I fell into the river, and to make matters worse Ino was there laughing at me. Now their going to tell everyone.' I took my wet jacket off before ringing it and letting the water out of it, I gave a deep sigh and thought to myself 'Why do I even try? Sakura hates me, Sasuke thinks I'm a idiot, Kakashi-Sensei ignores me…So why do I even try?' I watched the small river go by and I listened to the sound of the water. I felt at peace right there, I heard someone say "N-Naruto-Kun …A-Are you okay?" I turned and saw white, no lavander eyes looking at me with care in them.

-Hinata's POV-

I saw it all, how Naruto just asked her one question and yet Sakura punched him so hard he fell into the water, I was so mad! But what can I do? Nothing… I sighed from the tree I was in, but I gave a sigh of relief when I saw Naruto pop out of the water, Ino and Sakura were fighting over Sasuke again when Naruto asked and she punched him, when they saw him they both laughed at him. I saw Naruto watch them leave and he sighed as he got out of the water and sat at the edge of the riverbed, he then took off his jacket, I felt a small blush come up but I pushed it back.

Today was going to be the day, the day I was going to ask him if he wants to go get some ramen with me but I don't think he would want to now. I jumped down and started to walk by but something in my head yelled at me.

'Do it! Ask him!' I was planning to ignore that voice like I always did but then I heard it say 'Fine if you won't do something then I will!' my body suddenly began to move on its own and I started to walk over to him. It was like I had no control, like my inner voice was walking me over to him. When I got close to him I asked him with my stutter "N-Naruto-Kun …A-Are you okay?" just then I had control of what I was doing, I saw Naruto looked up to me with his blue eyes I felt a huge blush coming up and I gulped.

-Normal POV-

Naruto saw Hinata blushing, he started to wonder why "Hey your... Hinata right?" he asked, Hinata's eyes went wide as she got a deeper shade of red on her face 'He remembers my name!' she thought as she nodded and her inner-self did a happy dance "So, what are you doing here Hinata?" Naruto asked her. "I-I… W-Was woundering…" 'Come on say it!' her inner-voice yelled, Naruto blinked in confusion as he saw Hinata try to say the words "I-If… Y-You want … T-To go get… S-Some ramen… With me… T-Tomorrow… After t-training? I-I mean... I-If you have t-training..." Naruto blinked while he thought 'Is, is she asking me out?… Naw, she can't be… But what if she…Should I say yes?… I mean I was planning to ask Sakura tomorrow… But since she's being mean lately… Maybe I should…'

"Umm… Okay Hinata… Sure why not… after training right?" He said, Hinata blinked a few times and blushed with a smile as her inner-self yelled 'He said YES!'

"O-Okay… After training… H-How about… Around Eight?" she said only this time not stuttering that much which Naruto noticed

'She sounds nice without stuttering so much, she should do that more often…' he thought "Okay sure… See you tomorrow." Naruto said as he got up and started to walk away but before he left he stopped and said "Bye…Hinata-Chan…"

He walked more and left a bright red blushing Hinata. She stopped blushing and ran back home thinking about tomorrow. When she got home she was looking at different outfits wondering what to wear the next day, she stopped and gave a big smile for a second, she placed her back to her wall and slid down with a blissful smile.

As for Naruto when he got home he went to his desk and started picking things out for the next day, for some odd reason he smiled a soft smile as he thought about Hinata.


When they were done they fell asleep on their own beds dreaming about the next day…

Both Naruto and Hinata woke up, late, it was around six in the afternoon! They rushed around their own house looking for their stuff.

When they were done they ran to their team meeting spots.


Naruto got to his a hour late but thankfully Kakashi wasn't there yet. Naruto saw Sakura look at him with a 'Oh god it's him…' face as Sasuke's face said 'Great the idiot is here' Naruto knew their faces said that just by looking at them. He always had that skill… To tell what the person is thinking just by reading their face.

But for some reason Naruto didn't care what they thought today, he was busy thinking about Hinata and their meeting after training.

Naruto hummed a nice song as he walked by a about ready to punch him in the face Sakura, when he got to the railing of the bridge he sat on it, looked to the sky and he was still humming the song.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at each other wondering 'What the heck?' Naruto was still humming and when Kakashi got there, he noticed no one had yelled at him yet. He saw Sakura and Sasuke looking at a humming, smiling, quiet, Naruto. Naruto looked at Kakashi and asked "Hey do we have any missions or training today Kakashi-Sensei?" Kakashi looked and said "No actually, I was planing on letting you guys have the day off today…" Naruto perked up at this and said with a smile "That's great!"

They all stared at him for a long time, normally Naruto would say "Aw man…" but he was happy there was no mission today?

Sasuke asked "Why are you so happy Dobe?" Naruto looked at him and said "Because I have something to do today, Teme." Kakashi asked "Oh really? With who?" Naruto looked at him and blinked before blushing and mumbling a few words, Kakashi eye made a upside down 'U' shape before he said "I can't hear you Naruto, speak up." Naruto blushed deeper and still mumbled "Huh?" Kakashi asked with a mask smile Naruto took a deep breath and let out the words "A girl……"

Kakashi blinked as he saw Sakura and Sasuke stare at Naruto too. "So Sakura said yes to a date huh?" Kakashi asked as Sakura twitch at her teacher, while Sasuke was hoping it Sakura so she could leave him alone today. Naruto looked up and yelled out as he remembered what happened yesterday "What? Hell no! There is no way in hell she is ever going to say yes to me, I mean it's not like I like her right now!"

They all blinked at him. Sakura's eye twitched and her inner self was yelling 'What did he just say!' Kakashi then asked, because he really wanted to know "Then who Naruto?" Naruto looked down again and then looked back up before asking quickly "Kakashi-Sensei what time is it?" Kakashi blinked for a moment from the question "Huh? It's about Seven Forty-Five why do you ask?..." Kakashi said "Oh carp I'm going to be late! I hope she isn't going to be mad!" Naruto yelled as he started to run off

"Bye guys see you tomorrow!" Naruto yelled out as he ran all the way home and got ready for his meeting with Hinata. Kakashi and the others looked at each other and decided to follow him today.


Meanwhile with Hinata, she got to her team a hour late too, she knew it was already seven and she knew she only had a hour to get ready.

When she got there Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Kurenai-Sensei were already waiting for her. "Hey Hinata where you been?" Kiba asked as he walked over to her and Akamaru barked "S-Sorry…I got h-home late… Y-Yesterday…" she said this time almost not stuttering so much.

Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai noticed this and they blinked in surpise 'She wasn't like this yesterday I wonder what happened?' Kurenai thought but she heard Hinata ask "U-Umm…K-Kurenai-Sensei do w-we have a…M-Mission or t-training today?" Kurenai blinked before saying "No… Why do you ask Hinata?" Hinata smiled brightly for a moment "O-Oh no reason… U-Umm if you all excuse me… I-I have to g-get ready for s-something t-today." she said as she began to walk back home to get ready but then she stopped and said with a smile that none of them had ever seen before "S-See... You all t-tomorrow!" and with that she ran off.

Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, and Kurenai looked at each other and blinked at each other. "Was that really Hinata?" Kiba asked out to the others who didn't know what to say but they knew something was up so they planed to follow her today

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