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Chapter 16: Kenjutsu Training, History, And Worry.

Naruto sat down and glanced at his uncle asking "Hey, Uncle-Kyuu, if this Chakra that's messing mine up, yours, why can't you control it and make it stop messing with mine?" Kyuubi looked up from his plate of food and stared at his nephew, he then said "I tried when I checked you, it may be my Chakra but its now Wild Chakra and no one has control over that, not even I have control over it."

Naruto sighed a bit but heard from Toki "Naruto-Kun, why don't you work on Taijutsu training, or even Kenjutsu?" Naruto gave another sigh and said as he ate some food "I already trained with Taijutsu today, and Kenjutsu?… I don't know, I've never tried before…" Tuski smiled and said "You can train with me Naruto-Kun, I know a bit about Kenjutsu…" Naruto smiled and said "Sure Tuski-Chan, lets train."

Toki giggled before saying "Okay, now that, that's settled. Lets eat before you guys train. I will not have you kids train on a empty stomach…" both nodded and started eating again…


"W-Whoa…" Kiba said as him and Akamaru looked wide eyed at the most coolest thing they had ever saw, Shino's glasses fell off his face and his eyes were wide as he saw the same thing Kiba saw, Kurenai looked stunned while Sophia smirked at it.

Hinata smiled and said "Ready, lets go…"


"Come on cousin, you can do better than this!" Tuski said with a giggle as she blocked Naruto's attack who was swinging wildly at her with a black katana. She too had a katana but it was a red one, she smirked and blocked another attack, their swords stayed like that, both trying to push the other back with their blades, Tuski only said to him "Cousin, I think its time to end this!" and then in a quick movement Tuski pushed Naruto's sword back, making him stumble backwards to the ground, the impact made him drop it and Tuski kicked it away from him making it slide across the ground toward Toki and Kyuubi who watched the match.

"I win…" Tuski said with a smile as she pointed the sword's blade at Naruto, Naruto sighed but gave her a smile saying "Yeah you won, help me up?" he held his hand out and Tuski smiled again, she flipped the sword around and used her other hand to help him up. When Naruto got up he then said "Told you I've never tried Kenjutsu before…" Tuski smiled again too and said as she and Naruto walked to Kyuubi and Toki who was stilling watching them "No kidding cousin, you really have no skill in Kenjutsu…"

Toki giggled before saying "His mother didn't ether when she started but over the years she became the top student and a master in Kenjutsu…" Kyuubi nodded and said "Yeah, she even beat me in a lot of our sparing matches…" Naruto grinned at the mention of his mother, Tuski hugged attacked her father for a moment before looking back at Naruto.

Tuski giggled before saying "Hey Naruto, I worked up quite an appetite from that spar, you wanna go get lunch at Ichiraku?" Naruto perked up and said "Heck yeah!" and in a flash both cousins ran out the door leaving a laughing Toki and a sighing Kyuubi before he looked to his wife and said "Wait… How are they going to pay for their food, Naruto's broke and Tuski spent her money last time she went to Ichiraku…"

Toki smirked and said knowing what her daughter and nephew did already without getting caught "Check your wallet…" Kyuubi blinked but reached for his wallet, then he noticed something, it was gone…

"DAMN IT TO HELL! THEY TOOK MY WALLET AGAIN!" Kyuubi yelled in anger…


"Ha-ha!" both cousin happily laughed as they ate their ramen, Teuchi and Ayame smiled from their work place as they watched the two Uzumaki's enjoy their ramen with happiness. Tuski said "I still can't believe pop falls for this every time…" Naruto nodded and said "Yeah, its like he doesn't notice when you take his wallet when you suddenly hug attack him… How do you do it without getting caught?" Tuski smirked and said as she happily waved the wallet around as she winked "It's a kitsune thing cousin, I'm half so it's in my blood…"

Naruto laughed before ordering another bowl, none of them was watching the time as the sun went down…


Gaara silently watched the moon from the rooftops and the leaves flying in the wind to the sky. He rose from his place and thought 'Soon this place will have blood, and soon enough Mother will have that Uzumaki's blood…' he then thought with some worry 'Mother has been acting strange, almost quiet… I wonder why…'

Gaara looked to the streets below before noticing something, two people were talking together, all alone, he watched the red haired girl grin to the blonde, Gaara stopped when he realized the boy she was smiling at.

He watched as the blonde look up to the full moon and as the red head point to it, Gaara knew that face anywhere. It was the Uzumaki he was going to battle, he inwardly smirked. Why wait, when his mother could have the Uzumaki's blood now…


Naruto and Tuski were walking home in the moonlight, both were hyper and happy from the ramen feast they had not to long ago, Naruto laughed as Tuski told him stories of his grandmother and grandfather who Naruto was egger to met. Tuski raised her hands in the air and said "And then, Grandpa Fukai went flying into the air because Grandma Kanna punched him super hard! Granny Kanna may be over Seventy years old but that doesn't stop her from having fun, and Grandpa Fukai should really learn never to take her ramen from her ever again…"

Naruto laughed at the story and looked to the sky, his eyes landed on the moon and he sighed softly at it, Tuski noticed the look and her eyes grew soft, they were both quiet until she spoke up "Long ago, when the Shinobi World was just beginning, two young children lost their entire family on the night of the New Moon… Years went by the two children grew to be adults, both children loved the light that was always casted by the Moon but hated the nights when the Moon was covered and gone. Both saw the world in a different light during the times the Moon was seen, and because of their different connection to the world, they were given a gift one Crescent Moon night, that night our bloodline was given to us and we named it Hikari, after the light from the Moon… Years went by the two learned how to control their unique powers and both had children of their own who also possessed the power, but one of the siblings had gained a power the other did not learn, the power of the light of the sun, so before his death, he told his sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and the others about the lights of the sun and moon, giving one power name the Lunar Hikari, and the other the Solar Hikari…"

Tuski stopped her story and looked at her cousin who seemed lost in both the story and the light of the moon, she watched him before beginning to walk again saying "Come on, lets head back before mom and dad get worried about us…" Naruto snapped out of his thoughts and nodded, as Naruto took his first few steps to Tuski, Tuski froze and she pointed behind him, Naruto was surprised but looked back just in time to see sand spikes being sent at him, in a quick movement Naruto dodged just in the nick of time.

Naruto twisted in the air as he landed next to Tuski and soon enough looked back to where the spikes was sent from, who he saw was Gaara in the empty street with his arms crossed and sand swirling around him, Naruto and Tuski stopped in their tracks…


"Hurry up!" Tuski said as she and Naruto jumped in the woods, Naruto looked at her and said with a growl in his throat "I'm going as fast as I can! But this guy isn't easy to lose!" Tuski glanced back and saw another set of sand spikes being sent "Naruto, move right, I'll go left!" Tuski yelled as she jumped to the left, out of the way of a few sand spikes.

Gaara glared as he saw the two Uzumaki's move out of the way of his sand attacks, his mind thought 'Mother will have their blood…' Gaara watched as the two cousins move back next to each other and look back at him for a second.

Naruto and Tuski kept running in the trees hoping to lose him but he was still coming. 'Damn it… How are we going to lose this guy!' Naruto thought as he jumped off another tree, he glance back again just in time to see a wave of sand being sent by that Gaara guy. Both cousins jumped from the branches they had just landed on and went up to a higher part of the trees to get out of the way of the sand wave.

Tuski looked back and just in time moved out of the way of four sand spikes, Naruto ducked as three were sent at him. 'Damn it, at this rate we'll never reach the house!' suddenly a pain hit his leg and Naruto nearly yelled out in pain but held it in. He looked down and saw a sand spike in his leg.

"Naruto!" Tuski said in surprise as she saw her cousin stop on a branch and look down to his bleeding leg, she stopped and jumped back to fetch her cousin from his mild pain, she looked down and saw the sand spike, she looked up and saw another sand spike heading they're way, she took hold of Naruto and made her body slid back off the tree branch sending them downward, she made a small flip in the air and landed on the ground with her feet.

Naruto made a hiss sound at the pain in his leg and Tuski let him go, making Naruto sink to the ground while trying to get rid of the pain in his leg, Tuski ran over and made some hand signs, her hands glowed a bit of red and blue mixed together, she placed her hands over the sand spike making it disappear and fall to the ground. "This is going to sting a little Naruto…" Tuski said as she placed her hands over the wound making Naruto wince in pain as it healed up with a hissing sound.

Soon enough the wound closed itself, Tuski was about to say something but she pushed Naruto back and she herself jumped back out of the way from seven sand spikes sent by Gaara. Naruto was pushed a bit hard and did a flip on his back before he twist himself around and slid on his feet on the ground, he looked up and saw Gaara standing there watching them both.

"Hey this is against the rules! We're not suppose to fight until the Finals!" Naruto yelled out, Gaara just glanced at him and said coldly "Shut up…" Naruto glared at him before noticing the sand being sent at him as Gaara said "Mother wants your blood Uzumaki…" Naruto jumped out of the way as the sand tried to take a hold on him, he knew what Gaara planned to do, he had seen and remembered what happened to Lee when he got caught by the sand.

"Well guess what, your 'mother' can't have my blood… I kind of need it." Naruto said with a mocking tone, Gaara sneered softly at the Uzumaki and said "Fool, your mocking my mother." Naruto's eyes narrowed a bit but suddenly Tuski said "By your means 'mother', do you mean that demon locked away in you…"

Gaara stopped for a moment and he slowly looked at the girl he had forgotten was there. His eyes watched her and he spoke "How do you know about my demon?" Tuski smirked a little and said "I know quiet a bit about demons, believe me." Gaara's eyes narrowed and he said "You don't know anything about demons, you don't know anything about the one I hold…"

Tuski just let her eyes narrow at Gaara before looking at Naruto, both seemed to know what the other was thinking about by the nods they sent to each other. Then, in a sudden movement, the two cousins jumped up into the trees, hiding very quickly, Gaara's eyes narrowed again before looking around quickly, then suddenly, his sand rose up and blocked a fist, he stared at the Uzumaki girl and said "You think your going to get me with just a punch?"

She smirked and said "Nope, but I think a kick will do the job…" then, out of nowhere, Gaara felt a pain on the back of his head, and he was kicked so hard that he was sent forward a bit, Gaara tumbled across the ground.

Nothing was done nor said for a while, both cousins watched in wonder and fear, waiting for Gaara to do something, Gaara slowly rose from the ground, his face was looking down as he slowly moved up, both cousins hands twitched ready for anything while Gaara was rising from the ground.

When Gaara's head looked up, all they saw was Gaara's demon eye's looking up at them, both flinched as they saw this..


Kyuubi's eyes widened a bit and his breath made a hitch sound, Toki who stood not to far from him stared at him with wonder.

"Kyuubi-Koi, what's the matter-" but her sentence was cut short when she suddenly felt the large demonic Chakra coming from the woods not to far.

Husband and wife looked at each other for a moment as Kyuubi said "That's Ichibi-No-Shukaku Chakra…" then both husband and wife glanced at each other and soon enough both felt two other familiar Chakra around the Shukaku's Chakra, their eyes widened before jumping up from their spots and running to the door, both knew if they didn't reach Naruto and Tuski soon, things would turn out bad.

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